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My reviews can also be seen at Stars Can you ever truly escape your past Andrea Cooper and her mother Laura are having lunch and celebrating Andrea s thirty first birthday at the Rise n Dine restaurant at the mall of Belle IsleJust as they are about to finish up their lunchSuddenly it feels like the world explodesPeople are screaming and crying trying to take cover Andrea s mother tackles her to the round What happens next shocks Andrea to her core When it s over Andrea tries to make sense of what happened Laura Oliver is a uiet middle aged speech pathologist She s been a reat mother to Andrea She s not the type of person who keeps secretsBut it turns out Andrea may not have known her mother at all Why is her mother telling her not to speak to the police She wants her to claim she can t remember what happened Promise me don t talk to the police Then on top of everything else her mother wants her to move out She wants her to leave that same night She says she needs space Andrea is confused Why is her mother acting so angry and cold towards her Andrea wonders what she did wrong But as she s packing up to leave that evening something else happens that changes everythingand sends Andrea spiraling in a whole new directionAs she tries to figure out just who her mother really is Andrea learns about herself as well But is she strong enough for what s aheadWill Andrea be able to save her mother And herselfKarin Slaughter excels at storytelling Her novels are known for their heart pounding intensity twists and turns and well developed characters This was an exciting and intense read that had me ripped wondering what was oing to happen nextThe majority of the story alternates between Andrea s mother s point of view in the past and Andrea s point of view in the present I liked the length of the chapters and found it easy to follow the alternating viewpointsPieces of Her was a well paced intriguing read with some very startling and unexpected twists As usual the author has written an exciting story loaded with suspense and fascinating characters I am a proud member of the Slaughter Suad and I can t wait to read what the author writes next I d like to thank William Morrow for iving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review This was not at all what I expected Instead of the usual clever multilayered plot with deftly drawn characters there s this overdone disconnected extremely unlikely tale that s like an airport thriller than her usual works The main character is tiresome in the extreme and while her mother is much interesting there wasn t enough to either to elicit any real emotion And the thing with Mike What the hell was that even aboutIt s not just that the author has broken out of her mould I loved her other standalone The Good Daughter but that she s lost what makes her writing so Baghdad: City of Peace, City of Blood good the dark mystery the complex characters theenuine feeling of the relationships It s not oing to stop me reading her books but it s a long way from her bestARC via Netgalley EXCERPT Andy sueezed her eyes shut Immediately the images started scrolling like one of Gordon s vacation slide shows Laura holding up her hand The long blade slicing into her palm Wrenching the knife away Backhanding the blade into the man s neck Blood So much blood ABOUT THIS BOOK What if the person you thought you knew best turns out to be someone you never knew at allAndrea Cooper knows everything about her mother Laura She knows she s spent her whole life in the small town of Gullaway Island she knows she s never had any ambition than to live a uiet life as a pillar of the community she knows she s never kept a secret in her lifeBut one day a trip to the mall explodes into violence and Andrea suddenly sees a completely different side to LauraTwenty four hours later Laura is in hospital shot by an intruder who s spent thirty years trying to track her down Now Andrea must o on a desperate journey to follow the breadcrumbs of her mother s her down Now Andrea must o on a desperate journey to follow the breadcrumbs of her mother s If she can t uncover the secrets hidden there there may be no future for either of themMY THOUGHTS Karin Slaughter includes the following by Emily Dickinson in her book It perfectly describes how I felt themMY THOUGHTS Karin Slaughter includes the following by Emily Dickinson in her book It perfectly describes how I felt reading Pieces of Her I felt a cleaving in my mind As if my brain had split I tried to match it seam by seam But could not make them fit The thought behind I strove to join Unto the thought before But seuence ravelled out of sound Like balls upon a floor I started out loving Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter I loved the premise of the book What if the person you thought you knew best turns out to be someone you never knew at all I mean really how well do we know our parents We know what they choose to reveal to us Usually no I loved the opening chapter I was firmly hooked and said so But as the book progressed I lost interest Not enough to make me abandon the read but neither was it the reading frenzy I usually experience when reading this author Between the title and the opening chapter I was expecting something deliciously dark It wasn t to be The chapters alternate between 2018 and 1986 It is like reading two different stories and it takes an inordinately long time to make the connection between the two I didn t feel emotionally invested in any of the characters Andy is extremely immature and her dithering monologues became extremely wearing and repetitive as was much of the book Laura s story also became extremely repetitive and it seemed like a very long read So from the initial excitement this read deteriorated into a rind for me and I was relieved to finally close the cover on Pieces of Her 5 or perhaps 5 might be appropriate THE AUTHOR Karin Slaughter is one of the world s most popular and acclaimed storytellers Published in 120 countries with than 35 million copies sold across the lobe her eighteen novels include the Grant County and Will Trent books as well as the Edgar nominated Cop Town and the instant New Grant County and Will Trent books as well as the Edgar nominated Cop Town and the instant New Times bestselling novels Pretty Girls and The Good Daughter Slaughter is the founder of the Save the Libraries project a nonprofit organization established to support libraries and library programing A native of Georgia Karin Slaughter lives in Atlanta Her Will Trent series Grant County series and standalone novel Cop Town are all in development for film and television DISCLOSURE Thank you to HarperCollins Publishers Australia via Netgalley for providing a digital ARC of Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter for review All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions Please refer to my Goodreadscom profile page or the about page on sandysbookadaywordpresscom for an explanation of my rating system This review and others are also published on my blog sandysbookadaywordpresscom Karin Slaughter has been a relatively recent discovery for me I really enjoyed her dark ritty The Good Daughter especially the way she slowly paints in the relationship and backstory between the two female protagonists It was a nasty powerful readPieces of Her is another slow paced book about two women this time a mother and her daughter but I found the slowness here extremely dull And the plot seemed a little ludicrous honestly though also tamer than expected Rather than a King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies gritty thriller that concentrated on the family dynamics Slaughter seems to do best weot a strange terror. The #1 internationally bestselling author returns with a new novel in the vein of the New York Times bestsellers Pretty Girls and The Good Daughter a story even electrifying provocative and suspenseful than anything she’s written beforeWhat if the person you thought you knew best turns out to be someone you never knew at all Andrea Cooper knows everything about her mother Laura She’s knows she’s spent her whole life in the small beachside town of Gullaway Island.

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Pieces of HerS she sets out to unravel the mystery at handA few horrific scenes and a plea from her mother to run puts Andy behind the wheel of an 80 s wagon headed cross country destination unknown Similar to a fledgling pushed out of the nest and forced to make a Rescuing Gus go of it Andy is unsure of herself Trying to remain calm while making uick decisions lands her in a few debacles on her uest to find the answer to the very uestion burning a hole in the pages who is Laura It s a few chance meetings disguised as coincidences that offer some uirkiness to the storyline and a longing for Andy to figure her life out to stop just existing To coincidences The timeline flips consistently from Andy s time on the road to a period in 1986 leaving the reader to wonder how the two will eventually collide As the page count diminishes it becomes clear this isn t just an exploration of the mother daughter relationship It s also a look at what drives the cult mentality Through her cast of characters Karin Slaughter juxtaposes the mindset of the puppet caught in the web of deceit with the mastermind pulling the strings The innate ability some twisted individuals have to identify the hurt in another and exploit it is mind boggling to me Payback certainly is a bitch though isn t it If ever there was an empowering ending it s this one We ll talk about it in hell Bloody pulp sinew and multiple bodies destined for holes in theround don t let it scare you away Karin Slaughter s signature Class of 92: Out of Our League gore and violence isn t done simply for shock value It s one tool in her vast arsenal used to plant the reader in that very scene Sure it might be uncomfortable at times but there s no doubt you reoing to be living in that exact moment experiencing those raw emotions Isn t that why we all read So brush off any trepidation you might have and prepare to wash your hands after handling these blood drenched pages Thanks to William Morrow for providing my copy 35 StarsHow well do you know someone Andrea Cooper thought she knew her Mother Laura Her mother is a speech therapist who is a pillar of the community She is liked and known by most people in their town But one day at lunch their whole lives are turned upside down In the face of danger Laura jumps into action and Andrea and the rest of the world Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story gets to see another side of her Mother Just who is this woman Certainly not the woman that Andrea has known her entire lifeFrom that moment on Andrea learns that there is to her Mother than meets the eye Mainly who she is and the truth about her past I can t say much withoutiving away any spoilers I will say this is the first Karin Slaughter book that I did not devour It was slow How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead going for me initially At first I thought Oh no I m not really digging this but then itot better Although it did et better I found this book to be not uite as enjoyable as her other books Having said that this is still an enjoyable book I just found this lacked the edge of your seat pulse pounding I can t put this book down feel that I experienced from her other books I found this to be a little bit of a departure from her other books This story is told in alternating timelines with the chapter headings clearly labeled so you know what time and what character you are reading about The last third of the book was my favorite Things really picked up and began to make sense which made the book enjoyable As the past and present collided personal secrets family secrets hidden agendas lies and deceptions become knownAs with all of Slaughter s book this book is well written It was not the roller coaster ride I am used to being on while reading a Slaughter book but it was still enjoyable and entertaining A departure form her police procedural crime books Although there is crime here and a HUGE mystery to solve it didn t have the same feel as her other books which I think some readers will really like and others may not I liked that she did something different I had to remind myself not to compare this book to her Grant County or Will Trent books This is one of her stand alone novels Thank you to Edelweiss and Harper CollinsWilliam Morrow Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewSee of my reviews at wwwopenbookpost Explosive Hair raising and Fast Paced Karin Slaughter is a master at suspenseBe prepared to et oosebumpsI was first introduced to Karin Slaughter when I read her rizzly suspense novel The Good Daughter I was floored Instantly I became a die hard Slaughter fan You can find my review of The Good Daughter hereThis is my second read by her and this one was even better It Was Shocking It Was Thrilling It was shocking It was thrilling It just of everything in a terrifyingly Moonrise good wayAndrea is a devoted daughter to Laura her mother When Laura received a diagnosis of breast cancer Andrea was there to support her every step of the way Eating together in a diner aunman comes in Andrea is terrified but Laura isn t She reacts in a calm almost placid way Laura effortlessly kills the Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi gunman in a militaristic fashion that suggests Andrea knows absolutely nothing about her mother Besides how well do you really know anyone This book had me plowing through the pages I couldn t eat sleep or drink without wanting to return to my reading cocoon This novel satiated me in a way that few can Not only was Pieces of Her filled withripping suspense but it also brought up a lot of discussion worthy topics for book club Karin Slaughter expertly delves into the minds of her characters iving the reader a candid up close and personal look into the protagonist s brain In addition Pieces of Her effortlessly weaves between two different timelines in a techniue that can either be done brilliantly or terribly It was done with ease and adroitness Karin Slaughter also maintains a delicate balance between pulp and an appropriate amount of violence I can t sing enough praise about this read If you can you should definitely make some time for it Pieces of Her will be ranking among my top ten of 2018 Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter is a 2018 William Morrow publication I love Karin Slaughter s books but I haven t picked one up in a long while I d love to et back to her series Grant County and Will Trent sometime in the near future but for now one of her stand alone books was the best choice for me Unfortunately it looks like I made the wrong decision with this one The story rabbed my attention right away with an active shooter and the unusually calm and almost professional way Laura handled the situation had me intrigued But as the story progressed that momentum tanked and never recovered I did complete the book but it was a But as the story progressed that momentum tanked and never recovered I did complete the book but it was a chore to do so and I found the conclusion most unsatisfying This is not Slaughter s best work by a long shot I m all for an author trying a different tact I encourage it to be honest and while this one certainly has a different tone from her other books this plot isn t remotely original Actually it was tired and predictable As a matter of fact I just finished a book with a similar theme The motherdaughter dynamic if that was what Slaughter was oing For Also Fell Flat also fell flat me So I m a little bummed about this one because I was really craving a rip roaring Slaughter style thriller SighIt pains me to ive a KS book a low rating but sadly this one missed the mark all the way around for me 2 star. Her previous identity lying low in the hope that no one will ever find her But now she’s been exposed and nothing will ever be the same againTwenty four hours later Laura is in the hospital shot by an intruder who’s spent thirty years trying to track her down and discover what she knows Andrea is on a desperate journey following the breadcrumbs of her mother’s past And if she can’t uncover the secrets hidden there there may be no future for either one of them. .
Ist backstory that introduced a number of forgettable ch Karin Slaughter ives us a thriller that explores the role of the mother and the mother daughter relationship Andrea Andy Cooper is an unambitious woman who has largely one through the motions of living She never completed college and she has barely been engaged in any personal relationships Unhappy in New York she returned home to nurse her mother Laura through the worst of her breast cancer treatment She has no impetus to create an independent life for herself and is secure in the knowledge that she knows Laura inside out a pillar of the community an ordinary woman and everyday mom Whilst in a diner a young shooter Jonah Helsinger blasts away a mother and daughter lining up a frozen and immobile Andy as his next target when Laura steps in front of her telling him to kill her instead What follows next is captured on mobile video footage that oes viral nationwide showing a composed Laura killing Helsinger with his knife whilst suffering serious injuries herself Andy is shell shocked at this picture of her mother as a ninja with the media referring to Laura as a killing machine Who is this woman masuerading as her motherWith unexpected and horrifying events occurring that hint at Laura s clandestine past they bring a whole heap of danger in the present as a disorientated Andrea initially heeds Laura s advice to leave town o to a storage unit and then head to Idaho until it is safe for her to return Andy is to make no contact with her or Gordon the black lawyer she considers to be her father However Andy s intense curiosity about Laura has her picking away and peeling away at her mother s past that slowly begins to be revealed through the dual narrative of a younger Laura Andy s foray into the past brings danger to her and others It pushes Andy from a woman who has merely reacted to events in her life to a independent person as she is forced to handle a world that has one crazy on her What Andy does know indisputably about Laura is that she will not let anything happen to her beloved daughter and she will o to any lengths to protect her Will this allow her to accept the pieces of Laura she comes to knowAt first when I had read this latest offering from Karin Slaughter I was not sure how I felt about it Upon reflection the I thought about it the I liked it The focus on the maternal instinct how far will a mother o for a child is beautifully illustrated here Whilst perhaps far fetched here and there I was willing to let that Beautiful Ghosts go for the fascinating creation of Laura and her dramatic past and that of Andy walking on territory that she could never have forseen I think it would be well nigh impossible to say that we know all the pieces of anyone we are close to and true to that adage Andy does not find out everything about her mother An interesting different but neverthelessripping psychological thriller Many thanks to HarperCollins for an ARC It seemed like any other day Andy was having lunch at the mall with her mother Laura celebrating Andy s 31st birthday They were briefly interrupted when the relative of a former patient of Laura s stopped by with her daughter to thank Laura for all of her help Then without warning Alexandra, Gone gunfire erupted and the woman and her daughter were shot to deathAs theunman approached Andy screaming at her to do her job Laura leapt into action Andy watched her mother move to protect her disarm the A Year in 120 Recipes gunman and then finish him off coldly as if she were simply a killing machine She knows she is in shock from the trauma of the events but Andy cannot believe what she saw with her own eyes Could her mother really have done what she saw her doNone of it made sense Her mother was a fifty five year old speech therapist She played bridge for chrissakes She didn t kill people and smoke cigarettes and rail against the pigsIn the aftermath of the incident and another encounter which endangers her life Laura sends Andy away telling her to flee the small Georgia town Laura has lived in forever Andy doesn t know what to think as she cannotet her mind around what she saw her mother do and the fear that other incidents will follow But than that she can t figure out who her mother really is and what secrets she mother really is and what secrets she been hiding from her for perhaps her entire lifeWhat would you do if you found out your mother wasn t the person you thought she was In Pieces of Her Karin Slaughter shows you that not only what we don t know might put us in danger but makes you wonder how you deal with someone who you never really knewI have many friends who have been reading Slaughter s books for a long while but I was wowed by my first experience with her last year after reading The Good Daughter see my review That book really knocked my socks off but this one Not so muchWhile I found the premise of this book interesting it never really took off for me First of all Andy s character vacillates between near catatonia where she can t answer anyone s uestions or move forward in any way and there are near catatonia where she can t answer anyone s uestions or move forward in any way and there are number of times where she says one or two words and then can t finish her sentences Page after page of that F. Scott Fitzgerald gets old especially when it happens than once One character even asks her if she can speak in full sentences The book picked up speed in the last third and Slaughter threw in some twists and turns but the shift in narration between present and past kept either portion of the plot from really picking up momentum I know others enjoyed this than I did so I wouldn t dissuade you from picking this up if you re a diehard Slaughter fan but for me this was a thriller that didn t uite thrill This won t keep me from reading of her books but hopefully they llet my heart racing like The Good Daughter didSee all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcom or check out my list of the best books I read in 2017 at She had always believed vehemently with The Devil Hath Been Raised: A Documentary History of the Salem Village Witchcraft Outbreak of March 1692; Together With a Collection of Newly Located and Gathered Witchcraft Documents great conviction that the only way to change the world was to destroy it If you didn t know before you certainly will now I m a Karin Slaughter junkie with a capital J and a slaughtersuad chick a dee with the cat ears to prove it wink It was over a decade ago that I picked up my first Grant County novel and found myself instantly enad with Slaughter s brand of dark My love for the blood anduts splattering her crime lines enmeshed with the thriving emotionality driving the multi faceted beings present on the page have landed me in perpetual countdown mode tracking the days from one Slaughter fix to my nextA slight departure from her previous work Pieces of Her is an exploration of the mother daughter relationship I think so often we only see our mothers as just that We don t acknowledge who they were before taking on that pivotal role or even seek it out we compartmentalize them in a way To Andy her mother Laura has always been the confident reliable even keeled woman who s happy living life in a small beach side town After 31 years what would ever make her think anything differentKarin Slaughter who shockingly enough could probably find work as a standup comedian if this whole writing thing hadn t of panned out I finally had the chance to meet her
"And She Was HILARIOUS Always "
she was HILARIOUS always an edgy opening It s pretty much uaranteed she ll et the pages ood and bloody while simultaneously rabbing your heart and holding it captive ; she knows she’s never wanted anything than to live a uiet life as a pillar of the community; she knows she’s never kept a secret in her life Because we all know our mothers don’t weBut all that changes when a Saturday afternoon trip to the mall explodes into violence and Andrea suddenly sees a completely different side to Laura Because it turns out that before Laura was Laura she was someone completely different For nearly thirty years she’s been hiding from.