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Still really enjoyed it Friends to lovers AND Pretend Relationship Be still my heart Great sense of place tender romance well developed history between the characters and a heroine ou can truly root for Why have I not read ALL the Farrah Rochon books I can get my grubby mitts on 25 starsUgh I really really liked this book through about 60% of the story 4 stars like I loved the uniue career of the heroine the interesting topics book addresses and the that the hero heroine have book addresses and the fact that the hero heroine have conversations BUT the heroine is too perfect everyone loves her etc the book got preachy and it was hard to read until the end Awesome readFilled with possibilities it was a breath of fresh air A true page Turner and a book romantic will love Farrah to the RescueAnother really good love story by Farrah Rochon When I need a great story this author is one of my go to storytellers In this story we revisit New Orleans ears after Katrina and the aftermath In this story the rebirth is the focus and the relationship between Damienwho was now a successfully wealthy businessman And April a renowned and celebrated cellists Both were former Ninth Ward residents The story focused on the changes in the community and the new found relationship between the two old friends turned lovers The back story about the teens and the community center added drama to the story A good read While it doesn t hit the fake dating trope very hard Passion s Song does deliver a solid friends to lovers relationship I loved that April and Damien already had great respect for each other and an interesting history with each other and that April s dedicated toughness especially was a valued part of their dynamic This was my comfort read during jury duty this week and I appreciated its low drama romance and the focus on recognizing building communit. Od and he needs April's grace and charm to woo investors Instead of the platonic arrangement they expected a swift and intense spark of attraction suddenly changes the dynamic of their relationship Will they be able to help their community and answer the sweet sweet melody of lov.

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And many have not returned to New Orleans There s still much work to be done and I feel as if this author means to reminding us that the city is in a state of revival means to keep reminding us that city is in a state of revival renewing and rebuilding even if it doesn t seem that way even if ou ve forgotten even if they aren t in the news every day I ve really appreciated Farrah bringing this vibrant magical city to life in every book I was also much appreciative of the statement that was made in this novel that NO needs PARTNERS not money hungry developers to come in and kick people out tear things down and build things shiny and new as if there was never history there NO needs help restoring it s former glory not covering up it s past In all an enjoyable read I always look forward to a new Farrah Rochon novel whether it s an indie release or through Harleuin Kimani If The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed you like realistic black romance stories Farrah is hard to beat April Knight has realized her dream to become a celebrated cellist and traveled all over the world Now she s returned to New Orleans the 9th Ward to share her talent and encourage theouth thereDamien Alexander encouraged April to follow her dream as he followed his Damien has the opportunity to revitalize the 9th Ward and wants April to help him woo investors What starts out as a platonic relationship uickly turns into something else The magic of New Orleans is felt throughout this book as people strive to rebuild their community after Katrina I actually really enjoy Farrah Rochon as a romance author I first read her work in a short story collection and this was my first time reading a full novel from her I was not disappointed The setting in New Orleans made me so happy and to have the characters deal with real issues that the city s residents have gone through was really important I wish there was a little steam but Urned to the Ninth Ward to share her encouragement and enthusiasm with the local outh unaware of a new passion that awaits Years ago Damien Alexander encouraged April to follow her ambitions even as he followed his own Now he has the opportunity to revitalize his old neighborho. .
Good story Over to The story was good I felt like it was over too soon if that Makes Sense I Did Enjoy sense I did enjoy I felt just when it was getting good the happy ending appeared I have read Farrah Rochon in the past and have love the other stories I have read This one was a little different than usual for me This was a nice and uaint story however it wasn t one of my favorites I did admire how both Damien and April finally came to grips about there true feelings towards one another April is a genuine character that helped Damien realize what jewels were worth fighting for in the Ninth Ward I must say there are few authors that I would read despite the fact that I know going in that I m going to fight with myself over the trope In Romancelandia we have certain arrangements or couplings The Pretend to Date trope is one I almost never read so ONLY FOR FARRAH would I pick up a book that I think I am going to dislike and actually read itAnd ou know I enjoyed it Mostly because Farrah didn t beat the fake relationship drum too hard The hero and heroine Damian and April are old friends from high school who reconnect when both relocate to New Orleans post Katrina Damian is looking to avoid being a target after having been declared a top bachelor by a local magazine April needs Damien s help mentoring the Riders of the Sea youth at A Fresh Start Youth Center an organization that she runs that is in need of funding Wrapped up in this loosely applied trope is a long festering attraction to one another which turns this story into of a friends to lovers story which I like a lot I find the getting to knowou period of dating to be tiresome and tedious I rather like the idea of falling for someone who knows Jewish Women Speak About Jewish Matters you better thanou know Friends Forever: Everything Changes (Friends Forever) yourself I find as well that I love Rochon s post Katrina novels We are than tenears past the storm. A desire they never imagined  New Orleans has always been a musical city and April Knight uickly fell under its spell Despite the challenges of poverty and disillusionment April defied everyone to realize her dream of becoming a celebrated cellist Buoyed by her success she's ret. ,

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