333 A buddy read with my family BBB Because we are always ready to check out something newWhen Eli meets Harry starts a bit earlier in life for the comics loving precocious little guy Eli who is only eight years old but thinks of himself as a very mature and grown up man Their first meeting takes only several minutes ust enough to learn each others names and to spark a life long interest in history and cars into his very nerdy soul Their second encounter was when he was a very uncomfortable 13 year old and this cements Eli s belief that in the perpetually dull town of Sanders Maine girls called Harry with a car 1929 Model A coupe and a tricorn hat are anything but normal And he is fed up with normal The anomalies call to him and Eli wants to find Harry and her cool car than anything or he has to accept the gray dull daily grind in the fallen off the wave of progress small town America Eventually Strength Training for Basketball (Strength Training for Sport) just like in the movie of Harry and Sally they end up traveling together only with less romance and traveling And by traveling I am talking time traveling or as the author is very insistent on letting us know so we are aware of our parameters it is traveling in History the United States history So the whole American Revolution happened because of an Egyptian god Such a silly idea I know said Harry If it was true there d be giant obelisks in the nation s capital pyramids on the currency noticeable things like that Eli opened his mouth to respond then shut it So there isn t infinite time that could be revisited but even in the several hundred years of the States history there are infinite combinations of times and places you could go to There are hundreds of people who call themselves Searchers who are capable of doing this History Travel and all of them are searching for the American Dream Yes the one all the people on our planet have made legendary the one with promises of happiness andustice and even the freedom to be all you can be if you only put your back into it have some luck or are born into it of course Only in this version Mr P Clines will have us believe that the American Dream is an actual physical object created around the American Revolution petitioned for by the Founding Fathers by a G d and infused with some magic through a sacred right the founding fathers had performed in a ritual And this is what the foundation of the American Dream is based on so to preserve it they had also created an army of Faceless Men whose only purpose in life is to protect and preserve that dream The Dream object has created somehow those slick spots in History which allow the travelers to ride through time and revisit specific events It also influences some places in the American continent and causes them to get stuck in certain time period stalling progress and creating a cultural time loop in a way Look Eli said you told me slick spots form when a lot of people think everything s perfect The dream works on them wanting things to stay the same right Correct said Harry Believe me nobody thinks that in Sanders I would have been much happier with the book if the author had put a bit thought into the mechanics of the History Travel and was less vague with it than Megalodon: Fact or Fiction? just the obvious homage to Back to the Future and left it to the reader to fill in the gaps I am cool with that usually but here there were too many logistic holes and my brain rebelled a bit In my opinion in order to have a solid world which doesn t leave the reader feeling like they are floundering and lost you have to have well established rules and magic laws Everything less makes the reader doubt and the world looses credibility What I did love was how easily the author creates two very likable and believable main characters and the funny and pleasant banter between them and all the secondary players This author obviously has a way of telling the story only in this case the foundation was a bit shaky Have you ever heard stories of children lost in the woods When it takes days to find them how often are they right near where they first vanished No one can find them because they re in the last place most people think to look Eli looked at the houses and cars as they flew past Isn t everything in the last place you look technically Overall I loved Eli and Harry I only think they deserved a better structured story The dialogue was very pleasing and I enjoyed the whole thingust not as much as I could have However I am intrigued enough to definitely look the other work PARADOX BOUND is not my usual fare but I ust adore Ray Porter the narrator so I picked it up over at AudibleThis was an enjoyable time travel or as one character would insist history travel novel Based on the premise that certain spots are slippery and one can use those spots to travel Most of those making use of the slippery spots are called searchers and they re looking for the American Dream which is a little bit hokey and nostalgic but there it isComing after the searchers are the faceless men nothing like the faceless men in Game of Thrones but scary dudes nonetheless I had fun listening to this tale and the surprises the main characters encountered along the way If there is ever a seuel count me inI bought this audio with my hard earned cash 3 stars for the Audible version narrated by Ray Porter Sigh I m slowly coming to the conclusion that I want to like Peter Clines books than I actually do like them I first read 14 without really knowing what the genre was I m not sure if anyone actually does know and was thoroughly charmed by the characters to the point that I was fully engrossed in the story and did Eli Teague lives in Sanders Maine the town that time forgot A chance encounter with a Model A Ford and its driver when he was a kid sets Eli on a collision course with all of America s history That is if the faceless men don t get him firstPeter Clines impressed the shit out of me with The Fold and 14 so it was a no brainer when Crown came knocking with an ARC of Paradox BoundTime travel stories are something that s hard to do well came knocking with an ARC of Paradox BoundTime travel stories are something that s hard to do well travel stories are something that s hard to do well takes an admirable stab at it in Paradox Bound Instead of traveling through all of time and space Eli and the searchers travel through American history searching for the missing American dreamFeeling like a road book than a standard time travel story Paradox Bound has a lot of innovative things about it The faceless men generic feds with no faces protect the American dream until it is stolen and lost to history Scores of people scour history looking for the American dream and the power to shape the country Eli and Harry are ust two such searchers tooling around in a Model A and trying not to dieThe book maintains a pretty gripping pace While I knew Eli wouldn t die I wasn t sure about Harry or any of the other characters Peter Clines did a great Je viens d'Alep. Itinraire d'un rfugi ordinaire job with time paradoxes and keeping the proceedings logical while still being outlandishWhile I enjoyed this book I didn t love it I think Clines set the bar a little too high in 14 and The Fold It had a less serious tone than either of those books However that wasn t the part that really rubbed me the wrong way Eli makes a couple leaps in logic in the last 20% of the book that really didn t sit well with me I can buy time sorry history travel but I couldn t buy the conclusions Eliumped toParadox Bound is a fun book but I didn t think it was nearl. Eli’s willing to admit it he’s a little obsessed with the mysterious woman he met years ago Okay maybe a lot obsessed But come on how often do you meet someone who’s driving a hundred year old car clad in Revolutionary War era clothes wielding an oddly modi. .

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Paradox BoundD John Ormond, Emyr Humphreys, John Tripp (Penguin Modern Poets, just fix it But there are always exceptions to this and I have really enjoyed Peter Clines other works so I was determined to read it even if it includes time travelI will give Clines props on his imagination He did give the whole idea of how people time traveled and why a brand new spin This is a bit like a mash up of National TreasureBack to the Future with Matrixx elements I did like the idea of all of it for the most part So the whole American Revolution happened because of an Egyptian god Such a silly idea I know said Harry If it was true there d be giant obelisks in the nation s capital pyramids on the currency noticeable things like that While I really enjoy most of Clines works because of the way he weaves pop culture and humor into a story that has elements that always remind me a little of the Twilight Zone and anything JJ Abrams has done this one missed the mark for meust a littleMostly it has to do with the Time Travel I m already not a huge fan of that idea but then the rest was a lot to do with cars and history I don t mind either but it was Lady of uality just missing some of the pop that I really enjoyed from his other booksStill it isn t a bad story for the most part I enjoyed a lot of it There is Eli who lives in a town that pretty much is stuck in the 80s Harry or Harriette has shown up in his life a few times throughout the years and it has made an impression on him So much that he isust sure that the next time she blows into town he ll run off with her So he waitsand waitsand waits It doesn t go uite like he expected It didn t go like I expected either but eventually we all end up on the road What little Eli knew about being on the run was from half remembered movies and less remembered childhood novels about teen investigators He didn t think either source could be thought of as reliable He also didn t have much else to go on There are some great moments in this book I loved the idea of the town Hourglass I sort of time travelers resort that you can only go to 3 times in your life because while you are at one bar in the town another you is Des Souris et des hommes eBook: John Steinbeck, Maurice-Edgar Coindreau: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. just down the street at a different barAlso winning are the bad guy singular and the bad guys plural The faceless men are all very strange and creepy In a small way they completely reminded me of the Agents in the Matrixx Some parts of this were so strange and uniue that Clines again gets mad props for being so creative The biggest draw back to the story is that some of the stuff isust breezed over Specifically how time travel works I mean yes to some extent ust because you ride in a plane doesn t mean that you understand the physics of the plane to explain to someone else but I still wanted someone in this book to understand it and explain it a little to me My last super small complaint was the lack of romance I wanted a little of that for our two MCs although I m not even sure if I wanted it between the two MCsNot my favorite of Clines works If you have never read him I d totally suggest reading 14 or Ex Heroes as both are a lot of fun Still if you like history and classic cars then this could be your favorite of his storiesAudio Note Ray Porter did a great ob narrating this book He is one of my favorite narrators and his voice is a pleasure to listen to 35 stars rounding up for the fun factor Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Sanders is in 8 year old Eli Teague s opinion the most boring town in the state of Maine and probably in all of the United States It doesn t have internet cell phone towers cable TV or even a library it does however have a video store So when Eli sees a 1929 Model A coupe by the side Of The Road And Its Young Driver the road and its young driver takes Eli s bottle of water and pours it into the fuel tank and takes off hotly pursued by an odd man in a black Hudson Hornet auto with a large gun it makes an indelible impression on EliEli meets Harry and her water fueled Model A again when he s 13 at which point he realizes Harry short for Harriet is a girl and again when he s 29 Each time Harry doesn t appear to have aged appreciably Harry mentions that she s going to be at uincy Market in Boston in a few days before she disappears from his life the third time This time though Eli thinks he d better find her in Boston and warn her that a literally faceless man is on her trail the same man he saw pursuing her years earlier Complications arise as anyone but Eli might have expected and Eli and Harry soon find themselves as somewhat reluctant partners on a strange road trip that takes them back and forth across the US and through different points in history Harry is one of a loosely allied group called the Searchers who are seeking the lost American Dream The Dream is am immensely valuable physical item forged by the Egyptian god Ptah at the behest of the founding fathers It mysteriously disappeared in the 1960s and the searchers are digging through pockets of American history in a contest to find and control the American Dream while trying to avoiding being killed by the faceless men one time protectors of the Dream who believe the searchers are endangering it Paradox Bound is a time travel romp though Harry would correct you insisting that it s history travel blended with an all American road trip It has a bit of a National Treasure vibe mixed It has a bit of a National Treasure vibe mixed a whiff of Dan Brown s The Lost Symbol Despite several tense moments and a little murder and torture on the side Paradox Bound is a relatively lighthearted adventure The faceless men are undoubtedly creepy and threatening but also have a faintly cartoonish feel to them perhaps because I never saw a compelling reason for them to be made eyeless and mouthless how do they get nourishment anyway I did appreciate Harry s explanation that the faceless men are gifted with certainty an innate ability to be absolutely certain of everything within about a three hundred yard radius of themselves This certainty along with its ramifications is a clever idea one of many in Paradox Bound The searchers learn to spot and use locations they call slick spots to slide from one point in time to another There s a street in Dallas which only leads to November of 1963 Folklore enthusiasts will enjoy meeting John Henry in the flesh Star Trek fans will chuckle over his reference to transparent aluminum A famous movie star that Eli meets once faked his death so that he could become A Full Time Searcher Apparently full time Searcher Apparently history isn t uite what we think it isThere are weaknesses in Paradox Bound that keep it from reaching its fullest potential The plot takes uite a while to fully develop and occasionally got a little convoluted and meandering wandering off into tangential byways The characterization is on the thin side I don t think any of the main characters have made a permanent impression on me I ll remember this book for its inventive plot and ideas Not all of them worked for me but enough did that I can envision rereading Paradox Bound and enjoying many things on the Second Iteration that I missed the First Time Around These are the names of two of the three pubs in a town called Hourglass freuented by the Searchers Overall it was goodhearted fun with some intriguing ideas on time and paradoxes and an affectionate view of our country and its history I received a free copy of this ebook from the publisher through NetGalley for review Thank you Content note Scattered F bomb. Going to let her go without getting some answers But his determination soon leads him into a strange dangerous world and a chase not ust across the country but through a hundred years of history with nothing less than America’s past present and future at stak. Y as good as his previous two outings Three out of five stars Peter Clines Paradox Bound reads like an extended pitch for a tv series The silly but catchy premise has a pair of time travelers zipping around American history in search of the American Dream literally pursued by faceless monster men who want to stop them Along the way they predictably encounter figures from American historylegend debunk myths and discover hidden truths about our nation s past the kind of big canvas setup that makes network execs wipe drool off their chins even if the novel itself only plays at a handful of such possibilities The plot ties itself off in a nice neat timey wimey loop but also leaves itself open for further adventures I m thinking NBC maybe USA if they want to go cableIt s exactly this kind of pandering to its own premise that keeps this modestly entertaining novel from being anything special It s mostly risk averse in execution likeable but bland characters dangerous but not terrifying foes clues and twists that titillate but don t awe Clines is an expert storyteller he knows how to manipulate the reader by tugging a heartstring here and clenching a forearm there It all ends up having a bit of a Wonderbread feel to it though ust another product prepared for mass consumption a perhaps inadvertently cynical by product of a story that is paradoxically brimming with unjaded optimismThanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with this ARC This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in BooksThis book was seriously fun I knew that I wanted to read this book as soon as I saw it described as a time travel thriller I was completely entertained by the story from the first page When I wasn t actually reading the book I was thinking about how this kind of time travel would work I am so glad that I made the decision to read this exciting storyThis book is told from Eli s point of view We first meet Eli as a child and see him as he first encounters Harry As a teenager he comes across this same individual with her Model A Ford once again After their third meet when Eli is an adult he decides to find Harry so that he can warn her that she may be in danger That is when Eli s life take a dramatic turn as he learns about people traveling through historyI loved the time travel or history travel described in this book There are two groups of people traveling through time One group is searching for the American Dream while the other group is trying to stop them The skip through time Le guide Ornitho just by finding specific slick spots in the road that lead to a specific time period Some towns are stuck in time while others have slick spots leading to many periods The faceless men were also very interesting The whole idea of their certainty gave me something to ponder as I went through my day Who need eyes a nose a mouth or a face when you have certainty I was very glad that we were able to get a bit of perspective from this uniue groupThe biggest strength of this book was that it wasust a lot of fun There were a lot of exciting scenes and enough mystery to keep me guessing I thought that the whole concept of the story was well thought out and incredibly original I also really appreciated the fact that the characters didn t get sidetracked with romance Eli and Harry are simply working together to find the lost DreamI would highly recommend this book to others I found this to be a really fun and exciting read filled with great characters This is the kind of story that almost feels like it should be made into a movie or television show I look forward to reading from Peter Clines soon I received a review copy of this book from Crown Publishing via Blogging for Books and NetGalley Initial ThoughtsThis was great I found this story to be very entertaining and it kept me guessing the whole time I found myself really thinking about how this would work anytime I wasn t actually reading the book I thought Paradox Bound was another decent Peter Clines sci fi adventure story It was not as awesome as his Ex Heroes series or uite as fun as 14 or The Fold but it will still a mostly enjoyable read Nothing eventful ever happens in Eli Teague s back water town of Sanders and the only thing keeping him there is his obsession with a mysterious stranger Eli has met twice in his life Once when he was 8 and then again when he was 13 Both times Harry the mysterious stranger drove an old car wore clothes that went out of fashion 100 years ago and was being chased by the sort of guys that gave young Eli nightmares for years When Eli meets Harry again at the age of 29 it is no surprise to see Harry still driving the same old car and wearing the same old clothes What is a surprise is the fact that she looks exactly the same as she did when he met her the first few times Before Eli knows what is happening he finds himself swept up in an adventure that will see him uest across all of American History while trying to evade Harry s mysterious enemies I usually love time travel tales and while some of this one was uite fun I felt like Clines method of time travel was a bit to vague and ill defined for my liking It meant that while I loved the characters and a lot of the fun cameos of people from American History I was never uite as happy with the plot in Paradox Bound as I was with the plot in Clines other stories I did like the characters The villains were fun and the time travelling duo of Eli and Harry were very easy to like They made a good team and I enjoyed their witty banter as they made their way through time in search of the ever elusive American DreamStrangely Paradox Bound was the opposite of Clines other sci fantasyhorror books 14 and The Fold in that they both started well before suffering a bit at the end while this one struggled a bit in the early parts of the story before wrapping things up in a uite satisfactory fashionAll in all I felt like this was a solid enjoyable read Not Clines best work but still well worth reading Clines remains on my must buy list as he always delivers a decent storyNote Not book related but I did want to mention I enjoyed the tiny afterword at the end by Peter Clines It helped clear up a few mysteries and helped inform me of a few of the cameos I had missed while reading the story Rating 35 starsAudio Note Ray Porter did a decent ob with the audio Disappointed if I had to sum it all up in one wordSeriously disappointed if I could use twoI thought about this review for a very long time Don t know how to startA couple of friends of mine read the book before me and have reviewed it here already With couple of friends of mine read the book before #Me And Have Reviewed #and have reviewed here already With of them I agree 100% Instead of writing my own review here I will ust shamelessly steal hers in full and paste it here Seriously there is no point in trying to write something original it will Pour l'harmonisation orthographique des dictionnaires just be a copy of her own anyway We both know the writer and the narrator very well by nowSo if I give due credits is it considered stealing I m 42% sure that Jane the most amazing Canadian I got to know in my life won t sue me but I m prepared to bribe my way Sale Alert 02Feb18 This is the audible daily deal for 395 hereTime travel this is not a genre of Sci Fi I delve into very often I sometimes can t suspend disbelief enough to really enjoy it And let s face it usually the tension isn t high enough because at some point you go back to before you broke a time line an. Fied flintlock rifle someone who pausesust long enough to reveal strange things about you and your world before disappearing in a cloud of gunfire and a sueal of tiresSo when the traveler finally reappears in his life Eli is determined that this time he’s not.
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