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Fifty something divorced for years courted by than one ATTRACTIVE MAN AND THOROUGHLY ENJOYING HER JOB WITH A man and thoroughly enjoying her ob with a insurance company Marian can't figure out why she suddenly restless vaguely

#Discontented Blah So When #
blah So when work takes her to a town on the Mississippi River to assess property damage from.

Review Å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ò Marjorie Eatock

Over The RainbowTion in the 'boonies' And does she need Don's touch his words of lone that tell her she's needed and not ust professionallyYes Marian realizes
#With A Smile That's #
a smile That's what she needs No insurance policy can protect against a Change Of Heart But She's Ready To Take A Risk of heart but she's ready to take a risk what a surprise it is to love aga. .