(Pdf Kindle) Stargate SG 1 Ouroboros

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In the Stargate universe A trans galaxy adventure for Jackson and his Stargate Good readReally a 35 staror 375 overall his Stargate team Good readReally a 35 staror 375 overall story brings in Atlantis from another timeline with their inherit problems and eeps me interested throughout A solid sg1 story tho not a great adventure nor strong character development or insight as some of the very best I d like character and emotional development otherwise good read I read these Stargate books for fun but a review still seemed appropriate I was excited to read this book since it had to do with Janus and one of his inventions However the book barley spoke about the device itself and the story is of a what if SG 1 was there for the Rising episode "Of Atlantis That In Itself Was Interesting "Atlantis That in itself was interesting the build up took far too long and all of seemingly important parts happened in a page or so I would skip this one for some interesting Stargate books Set during Season 8 SG 1 and Jack find a device built by Janus and as with all of his devices things don t always go as planned Good solid entry in the Stargate series. And his team on a dangerous new world where friends are not always friends and a terrible enemy is stirringNow all SG 1 have to do is survive long enough to find their way hom.

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Nflicted about this book On one hand I really liked the AU Atlantis scenario on the other hand this setting didn t feel right for SG1 and having Teal c meet a different version of Ronon back in season 8 way before he meets realRonon just seemed wrong at this stage NO ONE had met Ronon And most of the book was dedicated to the AU shenanigans instead of Janus and his Ouroboros machineBut I still enjoyed the book despite these many annoyances A great read Normally I am not a fan of the alternate reality storylines as they "Make My Head Hurt But "my head hurt but one was the exception it was fast paced was the exception It was fast paced interesting and it is always great to have a story that includes the Atlantis team too Good SG1Atlantis cross over but I m usually a big fan of alternate reality stories However I don t feel that this book really left things the way they are when it started something I thought these books were supposed to accomplish Seems that SG1 would have ended up with some advanced nowledge of Atlantis before they actually found out what happened to the expedition An interesting story. Prototype technology designed by the Ancient inventor "Janus to supersede the Stargate network But when the Ouroborus device accidentally activates it strands "to supersede the Stargate network But when the Ouroborus device accidentally activates it strands O’Neill. 45 stars Almost perfect Great book for anyone Missing Stargate This Was A Stargate This was a uick and entertaining read The author had the characters down and it was just like watching a very entertaining episode The alternate Atlantis was interesting and was wishing to learn about it at the end The ending seemed slightly rushed and not explained very well but that seems normal on a lot of sci fi books But was still satisfying This was a very enjoyable read and super uick It s a little like a Well what if SG 1 went to "Atlantis In Rising AU "in Rising AU very interesting Alternate Atlantis was fascinating and "i would love to read about that world "would love to read about that world s so interesting to see how different choices and different circumstances affected various characters while still being true to who they are The character voices are very good The story and action is generally paced very well though things do sort of get glossed overfall flat right near the end I suspect the author was right up against either her word count or her deadline and had to wrap up uickly but all in all a very good read I m co. When Dr Daniel Jackson discovers the location of a lost Ancient laboratory the temptation to investigate proves impossible to resistIn the lab he uncovers a powerful device .
Stargate SG 1 Ouroboros