One Night in London (EBOOK)

Reread May 2019 Buddy read in a HRBC #This Is Just A Wonderful #is just a wonderful starting a wonderful series Linden at her best If you like flawed characters with real challenges try this one The protagonists are not perfect The villains are actually human and not really that terrible just misunderstood This combined with an amazing romance make this among the best that HR has to offerPrevious reviewI listened to this for the first time but I have read it than once though it has been a few years since reading So what did my older wiser self think in this re read I still liked it uite a lot maybe not 5 stars like but close enough to keep the rating There are two issues that made me think about dropping a star 1 The narrator His voice is nice for men but the lady and child characters are not the best I also thought his voice for the Hero changed at the end for a bit which was odd 2 the one night in London clearly refers to a an epic love making session that is OTT I believe this is where my younger and older selves diverge on opinion It is very sensually done and I am sure on first reading I loved it But now I think it s too long and listening only highlighted this factAs to what I love and still love there are several points in its favor 1 It doesn t pretend Regency is a fairytale time where everything is wonderful Francesca the heroine faces much sexism and judgment on her appearance not motherly looking in her uest for legal counsel to adopt her niece Edward is fighting his own family s potential legal battle and it pays to be a Duke s son The difference between the two MCs experience is well drawn and a ood illustration of the time 2 Neither MC is sueaky clean They are willing to use any device within their power influence charm money as a means to an end not that they are cruel or ruthless but they are clever and resourceful 3 They seem perfect for each other Their personalities compliment each other and the attraction is palpable They see each other at the other s low points and are just what the other needs 4 Resolutions to problems are not perfect The resolution to Francesca s issue is not ideal but the best option and Edward is able to accept that it will be OK if his family issue is not resolved as he would wish 5 It s the start of a Jimmy: The Terrorist great series Linden was smart in her order She put the dull estate manager brother first Next up is a war hero followed by a Duke It also has a compelling storyline making it a well connected enticing series It is a dramatic and somewhat cliche storyline deathbed summons the the old Duke with a deep dark secret and Linden makes fun of this a little in the book 7 It s Caroline Linden and it s writing that is very strong I love her style She is one of my favorites and she is very consistent I veiven this a B for narration and B for content at AAR so I m leaving it at 4 starsIn One Night in London book one of Caroline Linden s 20112012 The Truth About the Duke trilogy the deathbed vigil of the two younger sons of the Duke of Durham is followed the next day by a meeting with the family solicitor The solicitor reveals that the late duke contracted a secret marriage some years before he married their mother As this may mean the later marriage was bigamous and they are all illegitimate the brothers stand to lose everythingThe story focuses on the middle brother Lord Edward de Lacey who has run the Durham estates with How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle: The Complete Seminar great skill andreat success He doesn t care much for society and has a reputation for being a ruthless

Businessman And A Bit Of 
and a bit of dull dog He hires London s premier solicitor to prepare their case and hopes it will be just a matter of time before his eldest brother Charles is proved to be the rightful Duke of Durham While the Durham Dilemma is the thread which connects all three books in the series this one is principally concerned with Edward s romance Anyone who is expecting the resolution of the matter of the inheritance is More scary stories for sleep-overs going to be disappointed because that doesn t happen until book threeLady Francesca Gordon is furious when she discovers that the same solicitor has turned down her case in favour of working for the de Laceys She confronts Edward accusing him of poaching him her annoyancereatly fuelled by the fact that he is the only lawyer she met who ave her case even the most basic consideration When one of London s scandal sheets prints a story about the Durham Dilemma the next day Francesca sees an opportunity to advance her cause She knows the editor of the scandal sheet and will contrive to have him print a retraction in return for Edward s help in securing the services of another solicitor This bargain naturally throws them into each other s company and as they spend time together they each begin to revise their original assessments of the otherThe protagonists are both very strongly drawn and although at first they seem to be complete opposites he rather starchy and she a tempestuous free spirit as the st. A bargain that was all businessand pure passion Neither wealth nor beauty will help Lady Francesca Gordon win custody of her young niece Georgina saving the irl from a cruel stepmother; she needs London's top solicitor for that But when Edward de Lacey son of the powerful Duke of.
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One Night in London

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Oved even better how well they worked together once they worked out That Let Them let them themselves with each other I love a relationship so strongly drawn and this one kept me riveted to the storyIt s not all peaches and sunshine though The eventual resolution with Georgina the aforementioned niece was disappointing view spoilerIndeed I can t help feeling like Linden manipulated events just to heighten tension when we learn that Georgina is not only being adeuately cared for but that she s in a home where she feels loved and appreciated The hints of abuse make pretty much zero sense in light of what we learn and hand waving Georgina s step mother s motivation as irrational apprehension about Francesca doesn t hold water under scrutiny particularly with taking such drastic action as to move house in the dead of night drastic action as to move house in the dead of night spoiler This was an enjoyable 35 stars although I took a long time to warm to Edward He was so buttoned up and very judgemental of Francesca But he did eventually melt and Francesca herself was an interesting strong woman A solid story Absolutely wonderfulLord Edward is as stiff and proper as they come He s honorable but also a strategist that knows how to Heads of the Colored People get things done Lady Francesca is a widow and I absolutely loved her spunk and personality These two are so hot together and I totally enjoyed them working together to save her niece from the clutches of the evil stepmotherCan I please take a whip to the dead Duke of Durham I mean he sounded like a wonderful father yet he had a horrible secret that he left his sons to manage There are a lot of things to love about this book The three brothers who learn that their father has been married when he was young and re married without knowing what has happened to his first wife which might just make his three sons bastards are all incredibly interesting you have an older brother who relies on his family name s influence and doesn t seem to care about anything but his own pleasure who has to learn some responsibility if he wants to keep his title theood middle one Edward this books hero who is all about family and duty who has to learn that he has to stop fighting his brother s battles and focus instead on what he himself wants and the youngest slightly impetuous brother who is a bit wild but loyal to a fault to his family I loved reading about them how each of them changed and Dont You Dare Give Up grew over the course of the story and I can t wait to see the other twoet to their happily ever afterButThere was a bit too much drama in this book for me Especially Francesca s claim that her niece is being cruelly mistreated by an evil step mother made little sense to me view spoilerIn the beginning she and therefor the reader is told by a neighbor that the step mother is in financial difficulties that the niece looks thin and unwell and that she seems to have to do household chores Francesca has also been forbidden to visit her niece for some years The family then steals away in the dead of night leaving no trace of their whereabouts At some point Francesca sees her niece on a busy street and starts to chase after her but the step mom s brother appears to actually drag her away in time All of this ives the impression that the niece is being mistreated by seriously cruel people but once they find the family again it s all just some big misunderstanding the niece actually loves staying with her step mom and her new half brothers and refuses her aunt s offer to live with her This resolution just made no sense to me hide spoiler 45 StarsI have a few complaints here and there but this was mostly a very enjoyable read Safety warning OW hero does not cheat he is in love with OW at the start view spoilerShe jilts him hide spoiler Lovely story of a dutiful middle son recently jilted by the woman he loved when he most needed her and a bold and impetuous widow with Italian blood in her veinsAs an Italian descendent myself I found Francesca s frank personality fun and a wonderful balance to Edward s lovely responsible and thoughtful selfThere is not much antagonism against their love although they are from different classes and in the background they are both struggling with family problemsGreat read Can t wait to I enjoyed reading this book and its two seuels and really liked listening to the audio book Gildart Jackson is a new narrator to me and I adore his voice I could fall in love with Edward de Lacey just by listening to him He does however need to tweak his heroine a bit she sounds like a middle aged spinster aunt rather than a passionate half Italian young English woman I think that male narrators should avoid using a falsetto for female voices and just strive for a softer tone That said I highly recommend this audio book especially if you re looking for a steamy but not crude read Edward is just the kind of lover most women desire and Jackson s rendition of Chapters 16 17 and 18 is lady porn at its finest. Ncesca offers a uniue chance to undo the damage Edward is forced to agree to a partnershipand now each moment together feeds the flames of his scandalous longing for the passionate widow But when Georgina disappears fate will test them bothand leave their love hanging in the balanc. Ory progresses both they and reader #Come To See What Originally Seem #to see that what originally seem be almost unbridgeable ulfs in personality are actually ualities which are complementary Francesca livens Edward up reminding him what it feels like to be happy rather than merely content Edward helps her to see the value of learning to hold back and plan rather than to rush headlong into a situationThe sexual tension simmers between them from the et o Francesca thinks Edward is dull and colourless at first and he thinks she s a managing harpy yet they find it increasingly difficult to stop thinking about each other Edward fights his attraction to Francesca thinking about each other Edward fights his attraction to Francesca strongly feeling that she is everything he doesn t like in a woman she s forward opinionated and capable and Francesca can t believe she is having lustful thoughts about such a stiff necked fellow as Edward de Lacey And when the lustful thoughts finally turn into reality the pair of them may just have melted my earbuds Their passionate affair has the feel of a mature relationship but is simultaneously one in which the characters experience that first explosion of infatuation and physical desireGildart Jackson a new to me narrator who is also it seems a newcomer to the world of audiobook romance has a voice like melted chocolate rich and dark His narration is nuanced and expressive Although there are times when it is a little on the slow side that fits with Edward s character as he s a reserved man who always thinks before he acts Mr Jackson differentiates clearly between all the male characters doing an especially ood job in providing each of the three brothers with his own distinctive sound His performance of Edward is excellent He really captures the essence of him part restrained buttoned up entleman and part sex od by skilful use of subtle changes in tone and inflection Edward intent on seduction is utterly and deliciously wicked while Edward the businessman is considered and rather restrained in both speech and mannerHis portrayal of female characters is less successful Francesca is a widow in her late twenties so it s right that she doesn t sound like a wide eyed ing nue but at times she sounds like a middle aged dowager than a vital young woman That said Mr Jackson s portrayal changes as the book progresses so overall he does a than decent job I don t however much care for the falsetto he uses to characterise Louisa Halston Edward s ex fianc e as it falls over the edge into caricatureOne Night in London is an enjoyable listen and a ood start to this series I certainly intend to listen to Mr Jackson again on the strength of it and I m pleased that he s joined the very small club of men who narrate historical romance I hope he maintains his membership because the The Interior Landscape: Love Poems from a Classical Tamil Anthology genre needsood male narrators I just INHALED this Why I m blazes did I wait so long to start this series What was I thinkingEdward and Francesca were two opposite but somehow complementary personalities who positively combusted when they were togetherEdward starts of stiff and formal and steeped in duty but as he sheds that armorgood stuff Francesca was a little harder to like In some ways I loved her vivacity but I thought sometimes her temper and uick assumptions of people was annoying However I think her strength was what drew Edward in and really helped him Longevity, Senescence, and the Genome grow too and I liked that in herBoth have journeys of discovery here and the ongoing Durham Dilemma continues after this book ends I ll be diving in to the next book shortly I enjoyed this immensely though I have mild issues as well Part of my enjoyment is how well Linden managed the character motivations and how they drove the conflicts that produced suchreat tension throughout the story Francesca is comfortable She isn t rich rich but she has everything she needs for a comfortable even active life in her social set without needing to worry much about money or shelter or food So she d be all set if it weren t for her worry about a niece she has been cut off from with hints of abuse You can see from the start that she loves her niece and can t stand not knowing where she is or how she is doing Linden crafted circumstances such that Francesca really does have a shot at aining custody even in the draconian laws of the time so having her target locked on finding the best attorney in London makes complete sense and her sense of urgency is borne up well by the things we knowEdward is less comfortable but his motivations are even stronger Indeed his having anything to do with Francesca at all is just a touch of insta attraction overwhelming ood sense She s certainly a distraction he doesn t need That s not a complaint mostly because Linden shows us how dry his life has become and how much he needs someone he can t bend to his will to bring him to life It s clear even early on how well they d suit and subseuent events only reinforce that initial impression I love how they clash but I Durham hires away the one man who can do the job Francesca decides Edward himself must champion her caseif only she can melt the dashing lord's stony heart Edward has reason to be uarded though London's tabloids have just exposed a secret that could ruin his entire family When Fra. .

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