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Five fags a day yPecially howoung Sydney looks in comparison to some of the other men The final letter and illustration combination hits hard I also liked the information given about the real Sydney at the end of the book though it was a shame that I couldn t get the link to work This book could open up wonderful historical discussions in the classroom A good activity would be to have the children write their own letters I have seen this done in schools before and even had one written for me by my little sister Drama activities such as hot seating could deepens children s

Thoughts And Understandings Of 
and understandings of s motivations and behaviour This book would provide a great opportunity to look at real letters sent home and other experiences like Sydney s It could also be good to look at memorials in the local area we have one in my town centre that would be nice to take a trip and look at especially as many children and adults walk past it everyday without stopping to think about it s meaning and why it is there A boy lies about his age to fight in WWII thought the basic story was good but the ending could have been harderReading time around thirty minutes I it for an assignment It s a really tragic story And I Think It I think it how the affects people and makes everyone so misereble in a really simple wa. S optimistic letters home and his journal this is his honest portrayal of the disillusionment and degradation of life and death in the trenches of World War Work to fight the war This book touches on sensitive concepts but the pictures help to soften it for Wicked Affairs p 2 younger readers This book would be an excellent text to use to look at misconceptions of war Sydney thought the war was almost an adventure to take on for pride but by the end his views change to longing to go home How did his perceptions change and why How canou tell his perceptions are changing throughout the Text It Would Be A It would be a follow up to have the students read other oung adults accounts of the war and compare and contrast how their feelings change as the war continues What can we learn from their accounts Good for ks2 but be careful about the children in the class and how ou go about talking about it Wow This book would be perfect for teaching WW1 It shows how dangerous the war was from propaganda glory that convinced underage boys like Sydney to join the front lines to the hard times experienced on the battle field and in the trenches I liked the letters he sent back to his mum and the little snippets of writing directed to her at the bottom of the pages The writing style and choices are beautiful but heartbreaking especially the final note sent from Sydney s dad These thoughtful words combined with the beauty of the illustrations perfectly highlights Sydney s experiences es. Usiasm he runs away to join up but soon finds himself a long way from home in a frontline Trench Where Reality And where reality and rats begin to bite Told through Sydney'. Suggested Grade Levels 5th Grade Middle SchoolGenre Historical FictionThemes Self Discovery Growing Up Understanding War and DeathOften times there is a misconception of what war really is Many think that it is a brave and exemplary experience but once in the harsh realities of it think otherwise One Boy s War is the tale of Sydney a sixteen ear old boy from France and his desperation to join the fight in WWI When Sydney hears of his father leaving to fight he feels he wants to join the fight as well He ends up faking his age and joining the army without his mother s consent The book is told from Sydney s perspective and starts with a very patriotic view of joining the war but as Sydney becomes and a part of the war battles his perceptions of the war and being there change The illustrations are another part of the story They are still hand drawn with water color which gives the book a softer still hand drawn with water color which gives the book a softer This is appropriate because it is meant for a ounger audience but deals with a difficult concept The illustrations also provide to the story where the words stop They show of what the harsh realities look like when in the trenches of the war but also the realities of home In one illustration The Proposal you see Sydney s mother reading his letter while standing in a war machinery factory Even the women had to. Sixteenear old Sydney is overwhelmed by the excitement of the 1914 recruitment campaigns and the bravado of men leaving for the Great War Bursting with enth. ,

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One Boys War