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SK Ali about a little girl whose mom is sick but she s trying her best to keep the family Eid traditions and joy alive Candice Mongomery which is about a girl who loved the Hijab and is set on starting to wear it on Eid and lastly NH Senzai s which is about a Syrian refugee in Greece celebrating in whatever means he can with his refugee community But they were all so so good ARC reviewMasha Allah this was was the cutest and purest thing I ve read I love the diversity of cultures backgrounds xperinces that were represented in here I specially love that their was a story about a Shia Mulsim girl This is the kind of story that Muslim kids deserve in 2020 and I m so happy it xists I ll do a fuller review a bit later but for now please pre order this book Flawless I used to wonder how Eid feels like in other countries This anthology is perfect to read if you are wondering the same It has all the wonderful stories about Eid and all of them nd on a happy note of joy and celebration The best thing I found about this anthology is that not all Muslim characters were portrayed so unrealistically good or perfect They had flaws which they realized in the stories And I feel them close to the reality too All of the authors in this anthology were new to me I m pretty glad to have found them All of the stories are good but few really deserve to be mentioned and I gave them 5 stars 3 Kareem Means Generous by Asmaa Hussein 4 Don ut Break Tradition by SK Ali 9 Searching For Blue by N H Senzai 10 Creative Fixes by Ashley Franklin 14 Maya Madinah Chooses Joy by Ayesha Mattu I hope from below uotes you ll be tempted to read the anthology This was a buddy read with Rida Imran and Saba It was fun Thanks for inviting Rida Do check out Rida s review She has done better than me The things you give away make you happier than the things you keep for yourself Kareem Means Generous Anytime you share something you love it comes right back to you like a boomerang You never lose it Just wait and see Kareem Means Generous Special days start when you run toward them Don ut Break Tradition It s never about the gift It s about the love behind it Gifts Always look beyond what your yes initially recognize and find out what is real what is possible and what is the truth Searching for Blue It s hard to see the beauty in things when you can t see past your insecurities Creative Fixes Sometimes things just happen and we have to accept them and move on Even when it s hard Especially when it s hard Taste Sometimes before we can welcome joy in again we need to acknowledge the sadness in our hearts Maya Madinah Chooses Joy Rtcit s been years since I ve read a middle grade But since it s a week till Eid I think this will be a perfect read to get me into the celebratory feelsY all this better have the Muslim rep I need I cant handle another book misrepresenting us full reviews finally postedyou guyssss i cannot recommend this anthology nough specially for my muslim friends if you re able to ABSOLUTELY read this during the nd of ramadanduring the days of id because it gave me the most wonderful warm happy celebratory feelingsa few things i want to mention before diving into mini reviews for ach story these books are targeted towards a younger audience they have straight forward writing morals and lesson to me most of the stories felt to be at a middle grade level but that didn t hinder my njoyment ONE BITthese stories are compelling and personal and so special individually and all together another thing there is a page of illustrations introducing Fiesta Moon each story and i just LOVED that so much in the ARC copy they weren t the final sketches and most of them weren t finished but from the ones i did see they were absolutely beautiful and detailed and so creative i m basically in loveokay ONTO THE MINI REVIEWS NOW Perfect by Jamilah Tompkins Bigelow this was so cute it really showed the fun mess that is the family the night beforeid the xcitement of picking out fancy festive clothes laying them out fighting with cousins tc The Taste of Night etc there were a lot of references to Mandinka culture and i myself learned a lot so that was really informative overall very sweet with a great message though I do wish it could have been longer4 stars Yusuf and the Great Big Brownie Mistake by Aisha Saeed This was a cute story about a boy who is trying to make the famousid brownies for his familywhen something goes terribly wrong I liked the little brother and big sister dynamic the characters had I m always a sucker for siblings in books a sweet nding ha you see what i did there but definitely felt too short3 stars Kareem Means Generous by Asmaa Hussein THIS WAS SO SWEET I absolutely LOVED the message of this story and how the conflict and resolution came about in a realistic way The way Kareem had to make the decision for himself and see the benefit of sharing and being generous with others it was really so sweet and moral without being too preachy about doing the right thing I would absolutely recommend as a story to read to younger kids45 stars Don ut Break Tradition by S K Ali oh yeahhhh love me some pain mixed with hope and happiness this literally tore up my heart wow I really loved this one and the motional journey it put me through The progression from sadness to happiness is something you the reader get to actually feel through the words atmosphere and the aura of the characters I loved getting to be a part of this sweet family The Trust eid tradition 5 stars Just Like Chest Armor by Candice Montgomery this is a story about an 11 year old Caribbean girl who is TOO EXCITED to finally be oldnough to wear the hijab it s such a sweet sweet story that shows the happiness and A Scandalous Regency Christmas excitement she feels to finally be moving through this rite of passage a time that s so monumental in her life her parents hesitance to how the rest of her world will react to this change and Leila finding her place and identity despite whatveryone The Return else thinks I think it s such a deep profoundxploration and much realistic xperience than most people would think that many young girls go through and it shows some really tender beautiful family moments4 stars Gifts by Rukhsana Khan I swear this story took me back to when I was a kid omg the flashbackssss It was nice to see the journey idrees xperienced throughout the story For him to see the magnitude of Ramadan and the practical application of the patience reuired of him in aspects than one was very wholesome we loved it45 stars The Feast of Sacrifice by Hena Khan This was okay to me I felt like it could have Prince Hafizs Only Vice expanded on the characters growth The characters and the lesson they learned felt kind of straight forward and one dimensional to me it was nice but i didn t feel like it stuck out from the other stories3 stars Seraj Captures the Moon by G Willow Wilson Sara Alfageeh THIS WAS SO COOL I loved the change in format the drawings were adorable and the story was the adventurous plot we needed to break up to monotony of the stories I hope we get a longer story in the final bc I wanted to spend so much time with Seraj and pickles4 stars Searching for Blue by N H Senzai The writing for this story was absolutelynchanting So far the best written from all the stories it was detailed and Aristotle and Poetic Justice emotional without being heavy handed I felt this one was directed for an older audience that the others I d say this feels YA while the others feel middle grade I appreciate the attention to detail and the build of the story it definitely made me attached to the characters and the little world we got toxperience A sweet message as always and had an incredibly warm feeling of id and celebration and a strong sense of community45 stars Creative Fixes by Ashley Franklin One thing I love about this anthology is the experiences from so many different cultures and identities Showing how the main character a convert celebrates her first from so many different cultures and identities Showing how the main character a convert celebrates her first and how her xperience is so different from the other makes it so much inclusive "to different and uniue muslim xperiences It felt really special and "different and uniue muslim xperiences It felt really special and liked the journey we got to see witness 35 stars Taste by Hanna Alkaf THIS RUINED ME I m sitting here like an absolute sobbing mess The writing the prose the storytelling the Cyberwar: The Next Threat to National Security What to Do About It emotion it all built it to make me feel it all and feel for these small children who are trying to recreate a specialid meal during a tragic accident I LOVE IT SO MUCH im still in pain over this5 stars my absolute favourite from the anthology Eid Pictures by Jamilah Tompkins Bigelow This was beautiful The parallels and imagery and writing it presented was so powerful The black muslim community often doesn t get heard as much as the other communities and in reality they have so much history and power and culture to celebrate and share I just loved how short but poetic and impactful this poem was Really hit me in the feels45 stars Not Only an Only by Huda Al Marashi I really like the friendship and feeling of community in this story Eid can be Girl in Pieces extremely sad and depressing if you don t have people and family and community to celebrate your happiness with Showing that perspective was reallyyeopening Also love me some of that arab rep35 stars Maya Madinah Choose Joy by Ayesha Mattu this short story revolves around a little girl having to come to terms with her parents separation Battleground Chicago: The Police and the 1968 Democratic National Convention especially during the holidays she is very used to have Eid celebrations done a certain way and mentions the special ways they used to celebrate the way her aunt handled the situation was so well done It showed the whole cycle of acceptance and making her feel that hermotions were valid but also that change happens to veryone I loved how they brought parallels from the Prophet s peace be upon him life and were able to make those personal connections that s such a beautiful thing to teach kids we love to see it45 stars Eid and Pink Bubble Gum Insha Allah by Randa Abdel Fattah this was SO CUTE SO WHOLESOME SO SWEET SO FUNNY I might be partial to big noisy families specially when they are stuck together during long road trips and make it their sole purpose to annoy the hell out of Bridging Liberalism and Multiculturalism in American Education each other the relatable content I signed up for this story made me feel so soft idk I wish it was longer because I loved the dynamic the siblings had betweenach other and the happiness and kindness they shared it was also way funnier than I xpected Randa has a way of making me feel connected to her characters instantly and maybe it s partially bc I saw myself in the main character but it just made me so incredibly nostalgic over the long tiring road trips I shared with my noisy family as a kid5 starsAND THERE WE HAVE IT FRIENDS i truly deeply loved reading this anthology and i might just have to pick up the final copy and give it a reread in the coming monthsi hope i ve convinced you to pick it up bc you definitely need some wholesome goodness in your lifethis was one of my MOST anticipated books for the year and i JUST got approved for an arc copy Thank you SO MUCH to Netgalley the publishers i can t wait to read it as soon as i stop crying. Amina's Voice Under My Hijab N H Senzai Shooting Kabul Escape from Aleppo Hanna Alkaf The Weight of Our Sky Rukhsana Khan Big Red Lollipop Randa Abdel Fattah Does My Head Look Big in This Ashley Franklin Not uite Snow White Jamilah Thompkins Bigelow Mommy's Khimar Candice Montgomery Home and Away By Any Means Necessary Huda Al Marashi First Comes Marriage Ayesha Mattu Asmaa Hussein and Sara Alfageeh. ,
This may be one of the best anthologies I ve ver read Every story was delightful and uniue and the idea that the anthology is about Eid and how Eid can be and look and celebrated differently by Muslims highlighting how beautiful Islam and diverse Muslim people are I loved it This anthology contains 15 short stories accompanied by gorgeous illustrations by Sara Alfageeh about young Muslim kids during Eid and centers on what Eid represents and celebrates There are stories by and about Asian Muslims Black Muslims Shia Muslims Sunni Muslims and Middle Eastern Muslims and I loved how this book celebrates and honours diversity I think this anthology is perfect for younger readers Cruise Control especially Muslim kids The stories are so tender so genuine and written with so much love Itxplores love and joy but also xplores sorrow and grief told in a soft and gentle way 45 stars Once Upon an Eid was a heart warming and uplifting anthology all about the indescribable joy of Eid and its power to bring people together It was full of wholesome own voices Muslim representation and it s a brilliant read for Muslims and non Muslims alike As a Muslim I felt like a saw a small piece of myself in very story and I think many others will feel the same I loved how Muslims with so many different cultures and Eid traditions were represented Reading this anthology during Ramadan made the City Limits experienceven better filling me up with fuzzy warm joy1 Perfect by Jamilah Thompkins Bigelow 4 stars A twelve year old Black American hijabinista named Hawa was nervous about spending Eid ul Fitr with her father s side of the family from Guinea in New York Despite what her father thought she didn t feel like the perfect Mandinka girl at all It was about accepting all the different parts of herself and becoming closer to family I could really sympathise with how awkward it can be to navigate language barriers and meet unfamiliar xtended family2 Yusuf and the Great Big Brownie Mistake by Aisha Saeed 4 stars Yusuf was distraught when his favourite Eid tradition of making brownies went wrong and his sister decided she had grown out of it This one was about the importance of tradition but also how it can change About how doing things with family can make them better3 Kareem Means Generous by Asmaa Hussein 45 stars Generosity is a core value that Islam teaches and as the title suggests this story was about a boy called Kareem learning about the importance of generosity and kindness by helping out a friend He realised that not very one was as lucky as him and giving brought him happiness than keeping verything to himself Anytime you share something you love it comes right back to you like a boomerang You never lose it 4 Don ut Break Tradition by S K Ali 45 stars For Nadia this Eid didn t feel special because her mum was ill This story was all about how Nadia was determined to make Eid special for her mother and the rest of her family It was about the power of tradition and the magnitude small gestures can have I loved how very member of the family was represented by a donut and the hopeful message the story had which really resonated with me5 Just Like Chest Armor by Candice Montgomery 4 stars Eleven year old Leila decided that she was ready to wear hijab however her parents weren t so sure She took her time with it learning how to wear it and feel comfortable with it before wearing it outside She decided that she didn t mind how other people reacted to her hijab because it was how she wanted to Culture and Enchantment express her faith and it felt right for her I liked how this story went against the idea that some people have that Muslims are forced to wear hijab and it instead showed the pride strength and connection that wearing hijab can bring I also loved this story smphasis on colour6 Gifts by Rukhsana Khan 4 stars Idrees was xcited for Eid because he was xcited to receive his gifts He gradually realised though that the Real Gifts In His Life Were The gifts in his life were the material aspects like love memories and worship It s not the gift It s the love behind it 7 The Feast of Sacrifice by Hena Khan 4 stars This one was set around Eid ul Adha Humza and his siblings had to stay with their grandparents whilst their parents mbarked on the Hajj pilgrimage As the ldest sibling Humza was struggling having to be responsible for his siblings and didn t like his grandparents less Baroque Personae exciting way of celebrating Eid This story was about making sacrifices about not being selfish and being able to give for someonelse to receive It was also about the importance of community in Islam Democratic Art especially around Eid8 Seraj Captures the Moon by G Willow Wilson and Sara Alfageeh 4 stars This was a really cute graphic short story where a boy called Seraj goes looking for the Eid moon in a hot air balloon It was also about the importance of sometimes blocking out all the noise and distractions to focus on faith and sharing joy9 Searching for Blue by N H Senzai 5 stars This story was about celebrating Eid at a refugee camp in Greece Bassem felt like their prayers were going unanswered and they had been forgotten However withveryone banding together they all managed to pull together a joyful hopeful Eid for Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? everyone despite their circumstances It was really thought provoking and presented the many hardships and sorrows that refugees face and the writing was beautiful10 Creative Fixes by Ashley Franklin 45 stars Makayla s family had converted to Islam and all the changes to their lives were a lot for her to take in It was about her finding the self confidence to be proud of herself andnjoy her first Eid It s hard to see the beauty in things when you can t see past your insecurities 11 Taste by Hana Alkaf 5 stars Alia s mother had been in a car accident and was in hospital she was so upset and ridden with guilt that all her food lost its taste But that wouldn t stop her from cooking the lontong they had very Eid It was about opening up to family and the power of food to bring people together The writing was so compelling I loved it12 Eid Pictures by Jamilah Thompkins Bigelow 4 stars This was a moving poem about how Eid celebrations have changed over time and how the first Black Muslims in America must have celebrated their first Eids there13 Not Only an Only by Huda Al Marashi 4 stars This story focused on a girl called Aya who was the only Muslim in her school which she didn t mind until an uncomfortable lesson about Sunni and Shia Muslims The main message of the story was Sunni or Shia we re all Muslims one community and that it what matters most14 Maya Madinah Chooses Joy by Ayesha Mattu 4 stars Maya Madinah didn t know how to njoy Eid after her parents had divorced She hated Codependent Forevermore: The Invention of Self in a Twelve Step Group everyonelse s joy and wanted to run away This was a story about Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust embracing change and focusing on creating love and joy around yourself15 Eid and Pink Bubble Gum Insha Allah by Randa Abdel Fattah 4 stars Deyana her three younger siblings and her parents werembarking on their annual Eid ul Fitr road trip to visit her grandparents who lived near Sydney She missed the peace she had when she was an only child and found her brothers and sister frustrating beyond belief This Story Was About How Love Between Family Can Overcome story was about how love between family can overcome and the importance of patience and responsibility It was really cute and funnyAll the short stories in the anthology were sweet and simple with a young main character and a moral or lesson to learn I thought this was a good thing making the book accessible to a vast audience and a wide range of ages I loved how all the stories focused on the core values of Islam and the true spirit of Eid faith family community kindness generosity responsibility and joy Thank you to Amulet Books for providing me with a review copy of this book in "EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW ALL "for an honest review All Conscience and Memory expressed are my own Eid MubarakveryoneHighly recommend to Pansy Vol. 6 everyone It s time to diversify what you read and learn about otherxperiences There s a lot of misconceptions and Islamophobia out there Edible Memory: The Lure of Heirloom Tomatoes and Other Forgotten Foods educate yourselfI m a 23 year old Muslim When I was growing up there were no mainstream books with Muslim charactersxcept for maybe The Kite Runner but that was a refugee story I m not saying that s not important it was and I love that book But the Muslims you see regularly like us did not have characters Elizabeth I experiences to relate too And it s not just us Muslims it s most of us POC and non christians Growing up our children s books were filled with white characters All illustrations were white Books moviesverything is about Christmas we don t see other cultures or religions and it s not fair Colouring in school we were told to use peaches and pinks for the skin no matter what colour was our skin Reflecting on it I thought maybe it had something to do with the fact that my Education in a New Society early school years were in a white majority place does notxcuse it though there were a lot of black brown kids in my class and a few Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education east Asians and none of us were peach But my sister is now 6 and we live where in a place where all of us are brown and one day when we re sitting colouring she tells me that her teacher told her to colour face as peach I was so annoyed and then I told her I don t know anyone that s peach We then looked at pictures of people and illustrations over the internet andnded up using brown shades of brown with light browns and dark browns and all beautiful I m so glad my sister has a few books which have characters of colour illustrations and ven one with a visibly Muslim hijabi in them Because let s be honest I m so done with peach So you can tell how xcited I must ve been when I saw on social media S K Ali and Aisha Saeed announce that their bringing an anthology of Eid related short stories in collaboration with other amazing writers I buddy read during Eid perfect time this with amazing GR friends Ahmed Ejaz and SabatThis heart warming Muslim collection is filled with diverse stories representing different Muslim cultures and a convert story and being from a divorced family and a refugee story and The Baby Swap Miracle even being a minority within Muslims Because there is no one typical Muslim Eid story it s different for all us but at the heart it s about the same thing coming together of a community I wish these stories had been around when I younger but I m happy they finally are 1 Perfect by Jamilah Tompkins Bigelow Overall fun story about African culture Favourite scene was when Fanta s mom orders her through heryes Like that was so relatable whenever we re in public or out moms are scolding us and ordering us through their yes Also the characters feeling mbarrassed for not being in touch with their culture or to western world felt very real The fights and tc made them feel like children which they wereI love how through reading we xplore other cultures It s such a beautiful welcoming feeling 2 Yusuf and The Great Big Brownie Mistake by Aisha Saeed Cute story reminded me of our own Eid traditions But I really think it could ve been shorter and been a children s picture book instead I know Aisha Saeed has one Bilal makes Daal I think. Once Upon an Eid is a collection of short stories that showcases the most brilliant Muslim voices writing today all about the most joyful holiday of the year Eid Eid The short single syllable word conjures up a variety of feelings and memories for Muslims Maybe it’s waking up to the sound of frying samosas or the comfort of bean pie maybe it’s the pleasure of putting on a new outfit for Eid praye.

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I d like to read them to my younger sister if I ver find them Most pictute books just have white people This was also the first time I read anything by Aisha Saeed her books have been on my tbr for so long 3 Kareem Means Generous by Asmaa Hussein the things you give away make you happier than the things you keep for yourselfLoved itI think what most non Muslims don t realise is how big of a part generosity and kindness plays in our religion i think most religionsI loved how realistic this story was Children don t always want to share and care since birth but you can teach themThis is specially a great message during these times when so many people are out of work If one can help out by donating do as much as one can 4 Don ut Break Tradition by SK Ali what makes a special day specialThis story was so beautifully written It was simultaneously heart aching and heart warming And i simultaneously hated and loved the mysterious vibes like they were coop but I thought her brother had died then thought their father had left them My brain needs to stop jumping to conclusions that fast manIt was also relatable Eid used to be so special when we lived in a joint family I used to be young and us kids would have so much fun Then we moved to a different country with them and for one year it wasn t so cool Then our grandparents moved here too and bought some special Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation element with And now they ve passed away too I don t have much family that lives here So we pretty much just have a normal day but dress up for a few hoursBut I loved how children make Eid special My sister is just 6 but since she was born we try to put in a little Eidffort take pictures Gender Justice etcNadia was obviously older But children overall are such a ray of sunshineI loved the idea of a whole community coming together tooAnd also that scene where she s worried that her dad might not be able to afford the Eidi he gave it s somotional 5 Just Like Chest Armor by Candice Montgomery Personally I think it s pretty accurate depiction of choosing to wear a Hijab in this world but I do not wear one so I m not the best judge Being warned about how others would make you feel doesn t make it better when it does happenBut I honestly how normal this thing is Racism sucks and also kills BlackLivesMatter it starts with subtle things like this being mean to muslims and black kids and one day you re a cop killing innocent black people I cannot imagine what it feels like to be black in America it s hell and no black parents should have to give their children the talk about this And can you believe how many atrocities the police must ve committed that were not caught on camera And these officers were just firedthat is not justice George Flyod Ahmed Aubrey were killed cause of white supremacy ICannotBreathe 6 Gifts by Rukhsana Khan Not sure why but mostly I found this one a bit boring Don t get me wrong it s a nice story about learning and growing to like Ramadan Nothing wrong with it though just we didn t vibe i guess I did however like how it doesn t say fasting is to learn how poor people feel it s to learn self restraint7 The Feast of Sacrifice by Hena Khan I sit down on a bench and look around at the crowd watching the mix of people old and young rich and not speaking different languages and wearing their nicest clothes There s a blend of colorful African prints sparkling saris leather kufis and mbroidered shalwar kameezes like mine Everyone has happiness on their faces and is here for the same reason to gather and feast and worship It occurs to me that this is probably similar to what Mama described Hajj to be like on a smaller scale I hope I can make the pilgrimage one day too The beautiful diverse Islamic community coming together I too hope that we can make the pilgrimage one day This one is different while most of the stories are about Eid ul Fitr the one after Ramadan this one is about the one I think is lesser known Eid ul Adha and Hajj The sibling fights are so realistic The growing relation with their grandparents is so pure Really liked this one 8 Seraj Captures the Moon by G Willow Wilson and Sara Alfageeh I don t if she illustrated the whole book or just this story but this story and this whole book in fact as beautiful pictures Loved this cute short adventurous graphic story This reminds me of how confused we were about the moon this year so many people had finished their taraveeh prayersI was 620 done when I learnt that it s Eid and I don t have to pray Loved the donkey I know Sven from Frozen isn t a donkey but that Kristoff s Sven s voice was this donkey s voice in my head I m gonna read this one to my little sister 9 Searching for Blue by N H Senzai always look beyond what your yes initially recognize and find out what is real what is possible and what is the truth Sometimes when I read or watch something absolutely beautiful I am at a loss of words One of my favourite books of all time is Long Way Down my review from what I remember is just this was Absolutely Beautiful And this is what happened here I don t know what to say While all the other stories are of Alhumdulilah Thanks to God about privileged families which some of us can relate to But that s not what Eid is for veryone or any other celebratory occasion such as Christmas This is the story of refugees During these uarantine days I saw many people posting about now do we realise how it feels to be locked down in YemenSyriaPalestineKashmir but no we don t know we can t know We are safe in our homes not afraid that a bomb might blast us away any moment it is nothing alike Everyone should read this storyBy the way if anyone ver asks what Ramadan is holy month of Ramadan when you abstained from dawn to dusk not only from food and drink but also from negative thoughts and actions It was
A Time Of Reflection Personal 
time of reflection personal and increased devotion to God It was also a month of charity I think all 3 of us found this story to be our favourite 10 Creative Fixes by Ashley Franklin How are all these stories so beautiful This one is about a convert family who aren t so well financially It s about family And how friendships can be when you feel insecure about yourself financially Her mom s character was so beautiful It s hard to see the beauty in things when you can t see past your insecurities 11 Taste by Hanna Alkaf This was a story in verse about a girl whose mom is in the hospital It was heartbreaking but for some reason I didn t connect to it12 Eid Pictures by Jamilah Thompkins Bigelow This was also in verse This was beautiful13 Not Only an Only by Huda Al Marashi Okay so Irai biryani is different from ours I wonder how it is On a serious note though this was beautiful Our main character is Shia in this one which is a minority Muslim sect shia communities such as the Hazaras have often faced oppression have you read the acclaimed The Kite Runner This was a heartwarming story of coming together looking at our similarities instead of differences and of new friendships 14 Maya Madinah Chooses Joy by Ayesha Mattu Joy and sorrow follow From Notes to Narrative each otherndlessly like moon phases Maya Madinah There are times of shining fullness and times of Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America emptying out Sometimes before we can welcome joy in again we need to acknowledge the sadness in our hearts Oh this was just wonderful and heartwarming seems like I m saying that about all of them Maya Madinah is torn because her parents have divorced and she wants to run away She goes to her Aunt s This has that magical childhood feeling when you just can t wait to grow up cause you think thenverything will be according to "your rules Her aunt is such a beautiful character paying attention to verything she is "rules Her aunt is such a beautiful character paying attention to verything she is treating her like an actual person instead of dismissing what a child is sayingbecause that is what so many do and not give children s thoughts the release they need I also loved how her aunt used a religious story to teach her to choose joy I ve never heard of it in such a personal context And of course this Families can look a lot of different ways Maya Madinah And Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) each of them is beautiful Weach have a biological family the one we re born into You have your parents and relatives And we ach have a chosen family which might include people we are related to and those we aren t Such a beautiful way to put it Also how calm we call kids of divorced parents as kids from broken homes We should probably stop with that and teach these kids like this lit Aunt here and we need mpathetic language 15 Eid and Pink Bubble Gum Insha Allah by Randa Abdel Fattah This anthology nds on a great note This story was about a family s road trip a day before Eid It was fun Also I was a lot like NoorOverall Highly recommended to both Muslim and Non Muslim ReadersAnd a big thank you to veryone involved in putting this book outAlso the illustrations before Foraging for Survival each story were incredibleAah what heartwarming stories I m so glad such a bookxists now Though I really do wish such stories had been around when I was younger toobecause I barely Fragments ever got to see Muslim characters in such glory Thank you so much for putting this out in the world Full RTCHappy Book Birthday to this collectionHey guys Planning to read this over Eid Would be cool if this could be a buddy group readComment to let me know if your interestedif you re interested this is the link to the group we d be doing this Many thanks to Abrams Books for Young Readers for sending me a copy inxchange for an honest reviewPerfect by Jamilah Thompkins Bigelow Yusuf and the Great Big Brownie Mistake by Aisha Saeed Kareem Means Generous by Asmaa Hussein Don ut Break Tradition by SK Ali Just Like Chest Armor by Candice Montgomery 5 Gifts by Rukhsana Khan 5 The Feast of Sacrifice by Hena Khan Seraj Captures the Moon by G Willow Wilson Sara Alfageeh Searching for Blue by NH Senzai Creative Fixes by Ashley Franklin Taste by Hanna Alfak Eid Pictures Jamilah Thompkins Bigelow WE DID IT FOLKS I finally found an anthology I love from start to finish I read this in one day on Eid and that was the most perfect thing I could have done Every single story is so different but ultimately they all surround Eid and the spirit and vibe of Eid is so present in Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries each one of them no matter what type of story it is or the themes itxplored Each story surrounds a specific theme that pertains to the celebration joy gratefulness community hope generosity tc and I really loved that about them I also loved the fact that the scope of stories and communities it xplores is very wide because venthough we re all Muslim our xperiences can be very different There are stories about Asian Black Middle Eastern Muslims Sunni and Shia Muslim and not only that but not all the stories are happy Some are sad and hard but ultimately very single one of them nded with a hopeful note and left and smile on my faceI just loved how this anthology showed how differently we all celebrate and One Ticket To Texas experience Eid and it s not a happy time forveryone because of what they might be going through at the time This was just SO GOODMy favorite stories were by. Rs or maybe it’s the gift giving and holiday parties to come that day Whatever it may be for those who cherish this day of celebration the motional responses may be summed up in another short and sweet word joy The anthology will also include a poem graphic novel chapter and spot illustrationsThe full list of Once Upon an Eid contributors include G Willow Wilson Alif the Unseen Ms Marvel Hena Khan. .
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