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Of Marriageable AgeWhat a wonderful book By the time I d reached the last "Few Pages I Was "pages I was so slowly because I didn t want it to end It s a beautiful evocative book that interweaves the stories of different lives over time and continents with such memorable characters it s hard to believe that this is a debut novel One for my favourites list and I m definitely planning to read by this author This book made me crazy I loved loved loved the first 400 pages Interesting characters compelling story then for some unknown reason Maas shifts the book into a complicated et totally predictable over written soap opera I could not *Wait Wait To Be Done *wait to be done it My "FAVORITE STORIES OF ALL ARE INDIAN "stories of all are Indian and this one left me so frustrated It was so well researched it could have been so wonderful 25 This first novel of author Sharon Maas is an extremely moving account of lives moulded redirected and destroyed by prejudice cultural boundaries war and poverty I found the over riding theme to be one of forgiveness tolerance and a belief that it is never too late for changeHer characters in this novel span 2 generations and a multitude of religions beliefs and customs set in South America Singapore and England I found the author s sympathetic approach to the predicament of each character made the story believable enjoyable and poignantThis is a book I could recommend to any age group beautifully written interesting and thought provokingCarinya I really enjoyed most of this book specifically the fact that it had three different narrators living in different places and times I loved the vivid descriptions of India and it felt like I was experiencing it first hand especially in Nat and Sav s stories Unfortunately I thought the ending included too much drama and too many twists The Story Of Marriageable Age is the story of three different characters Savitri a servant girl growing up in British ruled India Nataraj the son of a small town doctor in South India Saroj a headstrong girl growing up in Guyana When speaking of the book Of Marriageable Age by Sharon Maas it is difficult not to use such words as tapestry intricate and woven Each thread of the story seems to be woven in such a way as to create an intricate tapestry which presents a delicate picture of the lives of the characters in this book It is true that author Sharon Maas believes that there exists a grand scheme to our lives and that if we are sensitive to in her words the magnetism we will indeed benefit This belief is aptly demonstrated in the bookThe setting for the book is on three continents India in Asia Guyana in South America and Britain in A spellbinding story of forbidden love spanning three continents and three decades Set against the Independence struggles of two British colonies Of Marriageable Age is ultimately a story of personal triumph against a brutal fate brought to life by a multicultural cast of charactersSavitri intuitive and charismatic grows up among the servants of a pre war English household in the Raj But the traditional customs of her Brahmin family clash against English upper class prejudice threatening her love for the privileged son of the house Nataraj raised as the son of an idealistic doctor in rural South India finds life in London heady with girls an. .

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Urope and the time span is from the 1920 s through the 1960 s The main characters are tied to each other in intricate and mysterious ways The older generation who grew up in India are David an English boy and Savitri daughter of his servants and the Nam younger generation Saroj aoung girl of Indian descent growing up in Guyana and Nat an Indian orphan For those of us who came of age in the 1960 s in the United States it is interesting to see that people of other countries and cultures were dealing with similar issues at that time For Saroj a Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination young woman from Guyana and Nat aoung man from Indian the issues of rebellion and independence from the older generation were part of their struggle for maturitySaroj grows to adulthood nurturing a hatred for her father who she feels is all things evil and who wants to control her and subjugate her When she is a Lippenbekenntnisse young teenager he arranges a marriage for her which she desperately fights against Her dream is to become educated in England and to achieve that dream she feels she must wage a successful battle against her fatherI would encourage readers to follow Saroj Savitri David and Nat in their journey through life to see what composite picture is finally revealed as their lives interweave This is the first book I ve read in a while and I was than satisfied to begin with this particular novel Of Marriageable Age spins a story about three people Savitri Saroj and Nat who are connected very intricately It is about their journey fromoung and innocent children to the adults that they mature into I realise that from the storyline it may appear to be uite dull and not so original undoubtedly this is not "the case From the first page to the last Sharon Maas had me swimming in the depth of the characters I "case From the first page to the last Sharon Maas had me swimming in the depth of the characters I near tears when moments of sadness came to be and I especially love the very relatable character of Saroj Her very realistic portrayal had me frustrated and disheartened however it was truly her development that made the novel a stand out piece The author leaves no stones unturned in justifying all the actions The author leaves no stones unturned in justifying all the actions all the decisions made by the three stars of the book Language was another praiseworthy feature Of The Book I Felt the book I felt was seeing exactly what was being described and that is something I have trouble in many other books The descriptive language is never ending and does not fail to connect the reader to what is being narrated Overall I enjoyed reading it tremendously The last uarter of the book had me flipping pages nonstop and a little saddened when it was finished The book is a journey where one can definitely learn uite a lot from its D grass easily available until he is summoned back home to face raw realitySaroj her fire hidden by outward reserve comes of age in Guyana South America the daughter of a strictly orthodox and very racist Hindu father Her life changes forever on the day she finally rebels against him and even against her gentle apparently docile MaBut Ma harbours a deep secret one that binds these three so disparate lives and hurtles them towards a truth that could destroy their worldReviews'A big book big themes an exotic background and characters that will live with Chasing McCree Chasing McCree you forever unputdownable' Katie Fforde'Beautifully and cleverly written A wondrous spellbi. Ages There are books thatou fall in love with books ou enjoy so much that ou do not want them to end Books that capture much that Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan you do not want them to end Books that capture imagination and do not let go long after the last page so that even thoughou are an avid reader Wachten op Apollo you do not want to open another book because no other will match the beauty the magnificence of the oneou ve just finished Books whose characters Criminal Juries in the 21st Century: Psychological Science and the Law (American Psychology-Law Society Series) you do not want to part with justet Sharon Maas s Of Marriageable Age is one such book Spanning three continents and five decades this is a colorful tapestry woven with words the descriptions so breath taking that they create an instant sense of place Maas s mastery over language is such that we experience each event along with the characters I reveled in the joy and bustle of Stabroek Market Guiana with Saroj and her mother I roamed the grounds of Fairwinds India with Savitri I despaired of the flood that "Almost Washed Away His Village In Madras With Nat I "washed away his village in Madras with Nat I for Savitri riled against the constraints imposed by a dictatorial father along with Saroj and I enjoyed life with Nat Three stories three lives coming together in a spectacular crescendo this book is an epic of vast scope A must read Of Marriageable Age is the first novel by Sharon Maas and tells the stories of Nat Saroj and Savitri The stories are set in British Guiana and England and India in time periods ranging from the 1920s to the 1960s and the lives of these three characters are inextricably linked but the mystery of exactly how only becomes clear as the stories progress Maas uses this enchanting love story to explore subjects like Indians living abroad arranged marriages prejudice cultural boundaries war and poverty There is laughter tears and heartache in this novel the characters are wonderfully complex and there is a brilliant twist in the plot that will take the reader by surprise unless they are paying attention to the smallest details This is the first reader by surprise unless they are paying attention to the smallest details This is the first I have read that is set in Guiana and I found that aspect very interesting This novel was a joy to read My favorite It s amazing I bought it abroad and haven t seen it in the states so it s not too popular et but absolutely worth getting from A great read TITLEAUTHOR OF MARRIAGEABLE AGE by Sharon MaasRATING 45BGENREPUB DATE OF PGS Fiction 1999 528 pgsCHARACTERS Savitri Saroj NatTIMEPLACE 1950 1970 s India British Guyana LondonUKCOMMENTS Chapters through each voice alternate a bit tedious in the beginning to have so many starts stops It isn t until almost 300 pgs where the characters allare linked and then the story flies Arranged marriagesin the Indian culture both in India abroad. Nding story which grips ou from the first to the last page I can't recall when I last enjoyed a book so much' Lesley Pearse'It's a wonderful panoramic story and conveys such vivid pictures of the countries it portrays I was immediately transported and completely captivated A terrific writer' Barbara Erskine'From the first page I was hooked with this enchanting book unputdownable' Audrey Howard'A vast canvas of memorable characters across a kaleidoscope of cultures her epic story feels like an authentic reflection of a world full of sadness joy and surprise' The Observer This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this titl. .