[Obsession An Erotic Tale] Read à Gloria Vanderbilt

I won the book soI have TO SAY I LIKED IT I say I liked it I not expect Gloria Vanderbilt to write such a book but as for this book she did it with class Thumbs up What a horrible waste of time even for a book as short as this In fact that was the only positive it being mercifully shortI m truly paying it a compliment by saying it is a disorganized frustrating run on mess It has absolutely no structure It is the perfect example of what a book should not be on mess It has absolutely no structure It is the perfect example of what a book should not be shit was SO bad that if it were thrown into a raging inferno it would not catch because even the flames would try to avoid contact with it Mercy My poor BRAIN I WANTED TO LIKE THIS I wanted to like this if for no other reason than simply because of all the catty and immature reviews on this site Unfortunately though their grade school reactions were hilarious some had a point This book was terrible Think of an episode of Real Sex populated by the cast of Bridges of Madison County and narrated by a drunk horny Stephanie Meyer You d think it would at least be amusing by how awful it truly was and how awkward the erotica was but the writing was SO bad that it was simply annoying And contrary to popular belief the sex parts were not naughty In fact they were kind of lame and suburbankind of like imagining Awful It has a fragmented story a undeveloped main man and a naive leading lady Also the author needs to look up what Erotic means What I read was bland and at times disgusting skimming over erotic and going for explicit Not a good read If ou have to tell me than twice that someone has waxed their privates in a book that is under 150 pages that is not erotica it is just stupid YucK Only possible to listen to because I set the speed as fast as it would Her soul and spiritObsession explores the mysteries of the human heart and the nature of sexuality and obsession provoking uestions about whom we choose to love and why The reader is left to decide if the other woman represents another facet of Priscilla or if Priscilla her self has invented the other woman who completed the world her husband so recently inhabit. Wow That was awful I only read 5 pages and knew it was awful and I should have stopped after that but then I skimmed it to see if there were any good sexy bits as it was an erotic tale but it sucked And not the good erotic tale kind of suck was okay A little confusing as to who was narrating And the ending was kinda dumb Interesting story It just jumps right into the story of a wealthy widow woman that finds out through letters she finds in her husbands files of his other life He belonged to a club where he had a mistress that looked alot like his wife A well know architect built and maintained a house for his mistress through know architect built and maintained a house for his mistress through life of their marriage Hubby famous architect is dead Wife goes through personal effects Voila A cache of letters tied together with magenta grosgrain ribbonThe dirty secrets therein Despite all of the reviews here to the contrary this is actually uite well written and surprisingly thoughtful at times Vanderbilt writes about the kind of people she knows rich and beautiful and popular and about the sorts of expensive material goods she no doubt posesses in abundance It s kind of her erotic Gatsby The framework is not particularly original It s like Bridges of Madison County for the Hamptons set The book is short mildly dirty and for me cheap 1 clearance As erotica it has the set up down good and the dreamy poetic voice but is weak on the follow through It didn t make me all tingly and hard alas The opening chapter begins in an omniscient voice and then goes to a first person and ou re initially confused about who is talking at least for a few pages it s the wife fyi This change of voices occurs later in the book and the effect is awkward It s not confusin. The marriages of desire From the multitalented and versatile Gloria Vanderbilt comes a passionate sensual witty and puzzling tale of erotic obsession beauty and revenge told in tandem by two women obsessed with the same man and ultimately with each otherTalbot Bingham is a renowned architectural genius who with his formidable wife Priscilla creates an architectur. ,
G but detracts from the flow of the book because it sticks out as a distraction Anyway I did find the mistress Bee intriguing for her blend of submissiveness strength and erotic acumen I think any man would She is the sexual doppelganger Priscilla Talbot s wife mirror images outside only However a Persona like fusion awaits The flights of fancy and fantasies harbored by the rival women in the second half of the book are rather silly and florid but fairly inventive and fun The object of their obsession gone they obsess over each other It struck me Reading This That Vanderbilt this that Vanderbilt a pretty good sense of the needs of both men and women For spouses this might serve as a good cautionary tale about not neglecting or rejecting each others desires and fantasies There are obvious links in spirit between this novella and Arthur Schnitzler s Dream Story and its Stanley Kubrick film adaptation Eyes Wide Shut both of which I love I think if I handed this manuscript to a publisher I would be proud and pleased with myself Really I think a lot of the venom toward this book is just hoi polloi resentment toward Vanderbilt which is something I understand and why I was pleased to get this book on clearance for 1 and deny her royalties to make her even obscenely rich But come on when Talbot carries Bee and places her naked body on the open shell of the fountain sculpture and the water flows between her legs and he hands her a parasol ou gotta love it I didn t expect much of this book but derived enjoyment nonetheless The writing is far better than Twilight what isn t and the characters are adults caught up in healthy erotic perversions Your mileage may vary I do not read much erotic books but. Al community When he dies unexpectedly in the middle of their tenth wedding anniversary celebration the devastated Priscilla is left keeper of the flame of Talbot's genius Going through her husband's archives she comes unexpectedly upon a pile of neatly tied letters and the shocking secret of her husband's intimate life a discovery that shatters the foundation of. Obsession An Erotic Tale