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Although this book is 10 years old many of those essays could take place today Reading I could see here and there details that have changed over the years in Canada at least but we are still far from being able to say most of these people could pass without performing an act that is not inherently themOnce again with books from the early

the words theythem seem to have existed to ualify a person whose gender is known even if that gender doesn t fit the society recognized binary Makes for a harder read she is ust awful to see grammar wise and reinforce the impression that people outside the gender binary don t fit in although they should This is a book of essays which started out as a work about gender and ended up including race religion sexuality ad a few other things All the works center around the idea of passing who can and can t feelings of whether one should or shouldn t and what do you give up in order to do so I m nonbinary and I will never be able to pass as what I am but instead often unintentionally pass for something else reading the experiences of others with these lines we blur was an interesting experience for me My first experience with Mattilda Bernstein Syca I appreciate her radical politics such as Gay Shame a way for ueer folx to distance themselves from archaic notions that the goal of ueer activism is assimilation that the be all end all should be gentrification of gay neighborhoods and legalization of gay marriage to illuminate that rainbow capitalism is no longer a risky decision of economic solidarity but rather contributes to the predatory of cycle of LGBT youth homelessness and obligatory sex work Huff Anyway that s the end of my spiel on her you see my 3 star rating Besides the anthology constantly eschews identity I really wanted to like this book I love the work that Mattilda does to fight assimilation and the erasure of an honest ueer culture I find stories of how people are read by others and how that structures and shapes interactions to be fascinating I uite purposefully don t pass as much and when I do I m always a bit amused at the interaction I ll be honest this book was A LOT OF WHINING And posturing I don t need to read pages about how you are rea Nobody Passes is about gender but it s also about all the many other ways that people can pass or fail to pass in their lives It s a collection of essays stories conversations and interviews by all sorts of people that Mattilda has brought together and it covers class race religion sexuality and gender It s uite specific to US culture but I found gaining a closer and personal insight into US identity politics really interesting especially as we in the UK import many of these ideas anywayImportantly Nobody Passes is one of those important books in my life that has given me a bit of extra space to breathe and be There s such a very great pressure to fit in in so many ways That pressure hits everyone not ust trans people Mainstream gender narratives alone do so much violence twisting us to be an ideal thing a symbol of something To be read in the thing a symbol of something To be read in the way This book shows identity as complex and slippery as something difficult to fit neatly and most importantly as something we get to make for ourselves even thought that making might come with a fightIf I ever read another guide to passing it will be too soon but this I will read again I m definitely going to look for of Mattilda s work From my blog As with many anthologies the essays here can be very good or bad depending on what s being talked about what the writer s experiences are and specific to this book how it relates to the concept of passing In my reading I feel there are about 10 good essays out of 27 total But those ten are mostly really fantasticFirst let s talk about the bad stuff The essays I didn t like were typically the ones written by self entitled name reclaimers missing the Nobody Passes is a collection of essays that confronts and challenges the very notion of belonging By examining the perilous intersections of identity categorization and community contributors challenge societal s and countercultural norms Nobody Passes explores and critiues the various systems of power seen or no. Oint For example in Passing Last Summer written by Dominika Bednarska the writer a wheelchair bound person says now I also say crle to refer transgressively to other disabled people who are wheelchair users It is not transgressive to use an ableist slur in this case and slurs in general toward people other than oneself It perpetuates the violence of those words and creates an element of imperialism in which a marginalized person takes on the slur saying duties that are usually reserved for creeps we need to identify and push out of society like a sliverThroughout this book there are other slurs people seem self entitled to reclaim for everyone else in that grouping I often came across the t word in reference to transgender people such as in Rocko Bulldagger s otherwise uite good essay about g criticism There also seems to be a perpetuation of binarism with Carole Mcdonnell using that ignorant phrase hisher again in an otherwise educating essay Dean Spade does some great things for our community but his essay was among the most intense For a community struggling with survival I think it best to be sensitive in our writings and in our recognition of the dangers of being variantFinally there were also numerous environments of hyper sexuality to the point of implying nonconsent and exploitation by other gender non conforming people For example in Rocko Bulldagger s analysis of problems within the trans community Rocko seems to not recognize personal analysis and criticism of Rocko s own hypersexualized behaviour toward minors In the essay the end of g Rocko says that among other sexually intense behaviours at True Spirit conference there were people incl Rocko who were gleefully exposing the underages to sexually explicit material and finally described all this as beautiful and conseuently could never last Rocko also mentions the conference drew homeless ueer youth Did they offer housing for these kids or ust show them pornography Would we as a community want hyper sexualised individuals such as Rocko to be housing our youth and potentially exploiting them like the oppressor class does I m beginning to consider sexuality as rather than something liberating and radical like these people seem to think as instead stifling distracting and perpetuating oppression particularly something liberating and radical like these people seem to think as instead stifling distracting and perpetuating oppression particularly youth without housing Now on to the good stuff My favorite essays and short reasons for them are in no preferential orderReaching too FarMattilda Bernstein Syca as focused and confidence building as usual but she uses a couple times the r word in relation to sexual violenceAll Mixed Up With No Place to GoNico Dacumos goes deeply into how gender and race defines our experiences along with internal divisions but at one point p33 makes creepy sexually violent comments toward the reader among other thingsFriction BurnStacy May Fowls an interesting introduction to her experiences trying to pass as the good girl character while balancing her personal life with her public feminism Discusses her connection with BDSM as a conseuence of her survival of domestic violence talk of nonconsent p45Who s That Wavin That FlagJessica Hoffman gives some perspective on the immigrant workers movements their homogenization of the movement s cultures by the upper class patriots Different Types of HungerRoxanne Dunbar Ortiz gives some excellent historical perspective on the long ongoing cycle of oppression by working and middle class white folks particularly those descended of the ulster scot imperialistsWhat I Learned From Being G Minus In The World of Homohop CommerceRalowe T Ampu DDS really well written critiue of the gay bourgeoisie which he witnessed personally in san francisco during his musical career there with the DDCNo Longer Just AmericaStephanie Abraham another really good essay by a mixed race gender variant who struggles with personal identity and public receptionThe End of Genderue. T seen in the act of “passing” In a pass fail situation standards for acceptance may vary but somebody always gets trampled on This anthology seeks to eliminate the pressure to pass and thereby unearth the delicious and devastating opportunities for transformation that might createMattilda aka Matt Bernstein ,

Nobody Passes Rejecting the Rules of Gender and ConformityErRocko Bulldagger obviously offended by several things in this essay but the analysis of the term g what gender and passing mean when one of the term g what gender and passing mean when one identity is to break down the concept g what gender and passing mean when one identity is to break down the concept passing etc these are all great things to read Melchizedek s Three RingsCarole Mcdonnell some great information about how to simultaneously pass and express oneself effectively in a group of people different from oneself who may be silencing and ignorant of that person s existenceWhy Mahmud Can t Be a PilotNaeem Mohaiemen another sad story about cultural loss due to migration and assimilation but also an encouraging story of this person s striving toward learning about themselves through their culturesSo overall when moving past the bad stuff the essays I enjoyed I really enjoyed I will continue to evolve because of having read this book and will seek out many like it and hopefully even better than it as this is what we as a community of variant people must be striving toward Sometimes I have trouble reading non fiction at a decent pace I m far of a fiction reader and so it is usually very easy for me to take weeks to finish a book like thisExcept I read all of this one in less than three days because it was that awesomeLike all collections of this sort there were some essays that weren t uite as good as the others In this case though there wasn t a single one I thought was bad ust some that were vaguely incoherent in what they were trying to say But mixed among them were some truly outstanding and moving pieces It s a really diverse and interesting collection that deals with passing in all sorts of ways gender sexuality race religion and beyond No matter what your identity there s almost certainly something here that will speak to you Some of the essays affected me so powerfully I felt unable to put the book down even for a second until I was doneThis is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it Incrediblethere may be a few essays in here that are a bit dull and don t go anywhere but the majority are outstanding Such a variety of perspectives from different backgrounds and different issues the only thing I felt was lacking was a bisexual oriented essay but this is only a minor personal complaint The connection this gives To So Many Different Sexualities so many different sexualities expressions gender identities and races really reinforces the commonality in the issue of passing and the way in which our attempts cause us painCan t praise this book enough This books takes everything you think you know about ueer theory and feminism and identity politics connects it all rearranges it and spits it all out in a thought provoking never before seen way No one will hold your hand as you try to unde There were a couple essays I had to skip because of triggering content but overall this is a really good collection with a lot of sincere and very vulnerable parts I cried a couple times It was really interesting seeing all the different ways the authors explored the concept of passing and not ust issues related to being trans as well as how passing has affected the authors lives and their perceptions of themselves The essays by people of multiple ethnicities were often the most engaging especially when those people also identified as trans andor nonbinary There was this part in F2Mestizo by Logan Gutierrez Mock in which he mentions going to a meeting with the Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center LYRIC In one activity the people who showed up were separated into two groups white folks and folks of color in order to discuss race I didn t know what group to oin Logan writes so I asked one of the facilitators She was mixed and thankfully she suggested that we form our own mixed group she and I For the first time ever in my life I had a discussion about mixed race identities That was a part that made me cry they were happy tears though like a lot of the ones I shed while reading thi. Yca has a history of editing anthologies based on brazen nonconformity and gender defiance Mattilda sets out to ask the uestion “What lies are people forced to tell in order to gain acceptance as 'real'” The answers are as varied as the life experiences of the writers who tackle this urgent and essential topic.

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