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Ned and then have a good wine together while all the rest f them finish the evening by planning a vacation to Capri It would have been so much fun Ian is way way too rigid uite beyond the emotive and mental war legacy to go with the flow Brodsky Utkin of his job IMHO All this murdering beatings mayhem burning downf cottages etc isn t being done by 4 fashionable ladies with perfect hats to match Come Manuela Color Canela = Manuela, Color of Cinnamon on Guido would have know that without all the interviews and could have slept late at the same time before his morning cappuccino hitLastly Ian better get a lucky and jolly girlfriend soonr he is going to become monkish And a better criminal case with some stylish Art Deco in it would not hurt either Give him a weekend at Downton Abbey r Highclere Estate at least No vicarages r pig farms 35 stars The Ian Rutledge books make up a superior series The impact Why Not Call It Cow Juice of World War In English society is always apparent within the individual books in the series The challenge My Side of the Story of hunting murderers in a pre CSI world is always interesting The descriptionf Rutledge s personal challenges deeply rooted in his wartime experience are freuently moving I look forward to each book eagerly Having said all that I have issues with No Shred After the Flood of Evidence that won t lower its 4 star rating but explain why it s no a 5 star book The descriptionf these issues must be preceded by a Spoiler Alert The crime that Rutledge is sent to Cornwall to investigate sets up well Four young women who are boating go to the rescue Open Secrets: Stories of another boater a young man known to twof them at least whose boat appears to be sinking When their efforts prove to be a physical challenge a farmer dives into the river and swims to their assistance The rescued boater is in a coma however and the farmer accuses the young women Stop Bullying Me! of attempted murder Enter Rutledge So far so good The authors argues from the beginning that the farmer s word counts for than the collective testimonyf the four young women apparently because the accused would automatically lie if guilty What happened to the assumption that the English system assumes innocence and reuires the hard proof Maddie Inherits a Cowboy of guilt Whatever the naturef rural life in England in the 1920s however insular Cornwall might have been compared to London the authorial assumption that eight hundred years f English law don t apply in rural Cornwall seems absurd To make the point even strongly the four young women are from the privileged class served in volunteer posts in the war and ne is the daughter Rasputin of the largest landowner as well as the chief magistratef the district If anything they would have gotten Royal Heirs Required off without muchf an inuest Why does everyone assume that they are in line for hanging in the absence Hag's Nook of eye witness testimony to the contrary Granted the assumption makes Rutledge s efforts fraught but it seems an artificially contrived assumption There are twoverlapping maybe maybe not crimes under consideration One is a product The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare of the farmer s charges and the recovered man s ultimate death Thether revolves about a mysterious young woman whose presence in the town seems the focus A misteriosa chama da rainha Loana of a dangerous person whose identity like hers is not clear This second crime nexus is introduced effectively and developed well enough until suddenly rushed to a melodramatic conclusion There is a scene when Rutledge realizes that he is underbservation by a malevolent presence that is uite effective until Rutledge allows the stalker to move around the area without attempting to stalk him The stalker uses the boat that had sunk and been raised and apparently repaired unless it s the boat used by the women and rows back and forth across the river The boat isn t placed under 年下彼氏の恋愛管理癖 [Toshishita Kareshi no Renai Kanriguse] observation Rutledge could have used the local constable a bitf a dunce to do that Slippery When Wet or staked itut himself and why doesn staked it Julius Caesar: The Life and Times of the People’s Dictator out himself And why doesn anyone recognize the presencef the stalker as he moves around at night Given that he is physically fit unlike the Die Schnapsstadt other possible midnight walker would make it easy to tell them apart The usef a costume La fortuna dei Wise once seems pretty thin stuff as a distraction And the many references to the Cornish belief in spirits that go bump in the night by people from the area doesn t begin to explain why people don t notice a stranger at night The stalker could have been fleshedut better and Rutledge could have stalked him See Watcher in the Shadows Thunderbolts: Justice, Like Lightning... or Kill Claudio for examplesf what a master writer can do with that kind By Pike and Dyke :A Tale of the Rise of the Dutch Republic of situation If I were Inspector Ian Rutledge I wouldn t leave my revolver in a trunk under my bed in London not when I spend my life tracking homicidal maniacs He s had to use his service revolver in at least eightr nine Medioevo «superstizioso» other cases I admit to being a bit in love with Inspector Ian Rutledge as damaged and driven and guilt ridden as he is Don t know how he can seem so kind caring soft hearted after what he endured Plus he s just so damned smart Yes yes I know I m goingn about a fictional character but he seems real after reading 18 books with him as the main character This is typical in that it involves many twists turns twisted love local dense policeman ther usual village folk Definitely a police procedural but always with a difference Set as England recovers from the war with all the class differences still in place in rural England If you enjoy good British police place in rural England If you enjoy good British police yarns the duo known as Charles Todd writes some doozies There is so much back story it s best to start at the beginning though Otherwise you ll miss a lot f references that add depth to the story This is a very nicely written may I say genteel mystery set in England just after WWI This is the 1st I ve read in this series it is actually 18 in this series but it works fine as a stand alone The author s bio says Charles Todd is a mother son writing team I do not know how that works as far as writing is concerned but they manage to portray a nice feeling The Beloved Scoundrel of the manners and tonef that era The Scotland Yard detective Ian Rutledge is a good hero and he Downcanyon: A Naturalist Explores the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon obviously has The village however Following in the shoesf a dead man he is told the case is all but closed Even as it takes an unexpected personal turn Rutledge will reuire all his skill to deal with the incensed families Il Barça of the accused the grieving parentsf the victim and local police eager to see th. NO SHRED OF EVIDENCE is book 18 in the Inspector Ian Rutledge series I have Italian Phrase Book only previously read the first book in this series but I had no problem getting into this book There are some mentioningf events from previous books but I don t think Lovesong (Green Creek one needs to read previous books to keep up with what s goingn in NO SHRED OF EVIDENCEREAD THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION Sigh I really really wanted to give this three stars but in all honesty I just can t One fine day four young women go boating The Countess on the river On the way home they encounter a man whose boat is sinking andf course they try to rescue him Or do they In the end the man is dead and the four friends are accused Gully Dirt: On Exposing the Klan, Raising a Hog, and Escaping the South of murder Inspector Ian Rutledge is called in to investigatenly to find a shocking lack Kelttiläistarinoita of evidence and great resistance from everyone he talks to There are blustering fathers an evasive eyewitnessld grudges unexplained night walkers and a mysterious young lady who cannot be found And bodiesThe plot sounds good but the execution was clumsy There were too many red herrings that u I used to read a lot mysteries than I do now when I ve gravitated towards thrillers and psychological suspense This book was a true mystery and a little too sedate for my taste It wasn t until two thirds f the way through this book that the story actually became interesting to me I have not read anything else by this author but this the 18th book in the series worked fine as a standalone I suspect however that the author s fans will like it than I didIn this book Inspector Ian Rutledge who has recently returned to Scotland Yard after serving in the First World War is sent to Cornwall to investigate an attempted murder Rutledge works alone except for an imaginary consciencecompanion named Hamish I gather that Hamish is a standard presence in ther books in this series I found it decidedly Uomini ad Auschwitz: Storia del più famigerato campo di sterminio nazista odd but not too intrusive I guess fansf the series like it I got no sense Roma Noir of who Rutledge isr why he has been the focus A History of the Crusades, Volumes I, II and III (Boxed Set) of so many booksRight from the start I thought that there were too many suspects and too many red herrings which padded the book and led to a plodding story In this case it was literally plodding as Rutledge trudged from house to house interviewing the same peoplever and Love is the Enemy over again Sometimes henly attempted to interview them because if a suspect Exhalation or sometimes their fatherr a maid told him they didn t want to talk to him he just went away It may be how real police work Galileo operates but it doesn t make for exciting reading The solution to the case cameut Oglinda salvata of left field and didn t seem at all realistic to me but there was an exciting though unbelievable scene near the end Ultimately I found this a pleasant read but better for people who like their stories tame I received a free copyf this book from the publisher For the last several months I have been reading through the large spate f psychological thrillers being published all supposed to be the new Gone Girl r Girl Nemico on the train Some are good some not but they have all become jumbled in my headne just blending in with the Cannella e polvere da sparo other and I grew tiredf them It was so nice to return to straight ut detective procedural r historical novels Need to catch up Every House Needs a Balcony: A Novel on somef my series f which this is neTwo years after the war ended Rutledge who is emotionally scarred from the Battle at Somme has returned to police work He carries some excess baggage with him the ghost DOGA AST or spirit if you willf a man from his battalion that he had to execute for disobeying a direct Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) order His name is Hamish and he is Rutledge s constant companion I Thisuting four young well bred women are accused Bleach, Volume 05 of killing drowning a young wellf banker s sonThis period piece has such a great authentic atmosphere Slower paced detective work took time back in the days before the internet and social media they had to uestion witnesses sometimes several times travel which took longer and then uestion again Looking for a thread to pull and than following it with the hopeful end result Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition of putting them together to form a complete pictureRutledge is a likable character Hamish adds something a little special and a little different to this series Looking forward to the next case Having read this entire series this is thene I have enjoyed the least But I could not give it a 2 star because Ian is developing and there are portions Pentimento of this which were a progression to theverall psychological changes as the years after the Great of this which were a progression to the La maga delle spezie overall psychological changes as the years after the Great turnne and then another and then another And now the differences from that just punctured psyche are beginning to evolve It was the plot and the placements this time that I thought much less interesting and probable both than the usual Ian Rutledge For instance way too many red herrings and redundant testimonies which the reader knows are red herring The Last Testament or repeats for filler purposes from the get go Like an unconscious victim becoming audible suddenly and saying a name And you KNOW that it is NOT the namef the perpetrator just because Of When He Says It This Novel Became Tedious For when he says it This novel became tedious for pages in the middle exactly for those two reasons But what really was 2 star at core was the focal event f the 4 women trying to drown 1 man scenario as if that were a felony death sentence provable crime nly from the word Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear of another ONEman s differing and contrary to fact storyf what he saw them do Not knowing 1920 British law I still believe that the entire thingordeal The Art of Teaching the Bible: A Practical Guide for Adults of those 4 women could have been reversed with the money and highly skilled family lawyers within a couplef weeks at least a month tops There was no evidence and no definitive witness And not even a motive worth considering for three Gaudi of themThank God for Great Uncle s dear Elephant Gun is all I can add about this plotThree times during this read I wished Guido Brunetti would show up and rectify the misunderstanding Take all the women to dinner figureut which husband s brother s The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 2 or probable boyfriend s PTSDr evil nature was impassio. On the north coast Astrología para principiantes of Cornwall an apparent actf mercy is repaid by an arrest for murder Four young women have been accused Amen: what prayer can mean in a world beyond belief of the crime A shocked father calls in a favor at the Home Office Scotland Yard is asked to review the case Inspector Ian Rutledge is not the first Inspector to reach. Back story that loyal readersf this series already know about The mystery itself is nicely played ut and although a little too sedate for my taste was a pleasant read Eighteenth in the Inspector Ian Rutledge historical mystery series and revolving around an inspector suffering from PTSD This story takes place in Cornwall in the fall f 1920My TakeTodd jams us up in a hard twist right from the start Four girls enjoying a last row In Every Heartbeat on the river until they try to rescue a drowning man and encounter a lying witnessI gotta say from the start I did not like Victoria What a selfish little snob Her whole attitude about a man in troublen the water was so cold It was mean The Seraphim Code of Todd to leave us wondering for so long as to what really happenedn that rowboat She and Trevose would deserve each Sortemesse otherI do have some uibbles I don t understand what purpose was served by Todd goingn about Ian s past cases and his past women Why wouldn t the police have immediately had the boat raised I m not sure how Major Gordon is Kate s father if Kate is Jean s cousin and Jean is the major s daughter per events in A Fine Summer s Day 17 I don t appreciate the cousin not trying to do something to stop what s stalking her what with the evidence he s leaving behind And how is she supporting herselfIt s a different world then A class system that restricted friendships One that treated the upper classes uite differently from the rest Easy to see as technically the four girls are under arrest but their parents wield enough clout that they arrange for the girls to be held in Grenville s custody under house arrest The restrictions placed La fabbrica di cioccolato on women thank god for women s libThen againur world is no different today from then The people Klara with A K of 1920 revile George for his appearance after what he suffered fighting for his country We forget so uickly whatur soldiers suffer to protect us What is with peopleWhen you think that if everyone had simply told Rutledge the whole truth when he asked for ithow many lives would have been saved With the trouble he s caused and he has the gall to ask What s an honest man to do As for Victoria s confession WTF How could she actually think she could get away with lying As for the Saunderses Jesus I understand the grief they re suffering so why not do what you can to help the police Why paint liesThere wasn t much Serving Sera of Hamish in this Is Rutledge coming to terms with his guiltIt s a seriesf nasty twists that have bound up this investigation Red herrings A misguided thirst for vengeance Lies The Story Inspector Barrington was the first Scotland Yard detective sent to Cornwall to investigate the murderous drowning Samurai! of Harry Saunders But that heart attackf the inspector s got in the way Rutledge is the second string sent with Markham s ill wishes to find it was a rescue that turns to murder for four young women One is the woman with whom Rutledge is falling in love Who faces prisonLuckily their fathers are men with influence and manage to pull in Scotland Yard when the local constabulary prefer to believe the worst and want the case closed NowUnluckily the ladies fathers are arrogant men don t see why the and the case closed NowUnluckily the ladies fathers are arrogant men who don t see why the should apply to themThe Characters Inspector Ian Rutledge is with Scotland Yard Corporal Hamish MacLeod is the Scottish ghost haunting IanScotland YardSergeant Gibson is a marvel with his information network Chief Superintendent Markham is Ian s boss Inspector Barrington is the first man sent to PadstowHeyl CornwallInspector Carstairs is investigating a murder in an alleyPadstow CornwallConstable Beddoes

Constable Pendennis he was lied are based in PadstowHarry Saunders is the son La meglio gioventù of a banker and spent the war agitating for the Americans to step in and help He loved sailing and had a small dinghy the Sea Lion for rowingut to his yacht Mr and Mrs Saunders have no excuse for their statements in spite f their grief Walter Poltruan and Sandy Wade were Harry s friendsBradford Trevose a farmer saw the incident Mrs Bronwyn Penwith is his housekeeper and had been his mother s housekeeper before that Paul Trevose was the brother who went away to be a footmanDavid Toup is the vicar with secrets at St Marina Mrs Par is his housekeeper Mrs Daniels is the woman who will nurse him Mr Daniels will spend the nights at the vicarage to protect them both The vicar seems to have had a cousin visiting him last summer Frances BinghamMr Penhale wns the Pilot a pub in the village Dr Carrick is the local physician Henry Kelsey Solea owns the boat salvage yard Frank Dunbar lets the cottages by the river A Terlew lad found the beaten body his family lives at Half Acre Farm Joseph Hayswns the innPadstow Place isthe home By the Light of the Moon of the Grenvilles Victoria is the daughterf the house Stephen Elaine s fianc is the brother and heir who died in the war Mr Grenville is the local magistrate Mrs Grenville has her Molly Fyde and the Darkness Deep own secrets that cause Trevose to hate the family The friends who are visiting include Kate Gordon Elaine St Ives is a local neighbor and Sara LangleyMajor Gordon who had been Jean s father in A Fine Summer s Day is now Kate s father Corporal Dixon is his driver George St Ives is Elaine s brother returned from the war badly damaged and refuses to see anyoneFowey Cornwall ishome to the Fowey Hotel Tolworthy is the manager Maisy was the maid who was assigned Miss Haverford s room Margaret Eleanor Avery Haverford is a very secretive woman and had been a guestBoscastle Cornwall isnear Wadebridge The sisters Ronnie and Patricia are the sheltering friends William is Alexandra Worth s ex husband Dr Learner is the local physicianDr Fleming was the psychiatrist Ian worked with who told him he d have to learn to live with the voicer go mad Mr and Mrs Wingate live in LondonThe Cover and Title The cover is soft with its hazy background Iconologia, Ovvero Immagini Di Tutte Le Cose Principali a Cui l'Umano Talento Ha Finto Un Corpo, Vol. 2 (Classic Reprint) of the river and a sharp focus in the lower right corner peeling back as it weref stile and fieldThe title is a mockery for there are scraps but not enough no proof No Shred Lambs of God of Evidence. Ese four women sent to the infamous Bodmin Gaol Then why hasn’t the killing stoppedWith no shredf evidence to clear the accused Rutledge must plunge deep into the darkest secrets Morte a credito of a wild beautiful and dangerous place if he is to find a killer who mayr may not hold the key to their fa.

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