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O ue its insightful nature On Racism This Story Is racism This story is so far I try to be the main character Lan and feel as if I try to be the main character Lan and feel as if I a Vietnamese migrant who wants to play cricket as well Lan is a great character who is The Barefoot Girl: A Novel of St. Margaret, Patroness of the Abused determined to believe what he wants If he wants to believe that Vietnamese people can play cricket then so be it Even if th nips xi is a story of cultural stereotypes and the reactions of society when those stereotypes are not followed or adhered to it follows the tale of hai nguyen as he rejects his cultural asian stereotype and seeks to play the much loved sport of cricket which is seen as a major stereotype of australian culture it has a great storyline and really represents the reactions people have when one moves away from their norm a statement made from an elderly woman when she realised hai an asian played cricket was i never knew nips played cricket i recommend this book to anyone especially younger readers as it portrays its message in a humorous way Read it with my son for year 6 History I really enjoyed it but there were lots of topics we talked about before my son fully understood the varied messages portrayed in the story I think the Principal had the most lessons to learn Loved the cricket spin Helped the children relate to the story far. Time to challenge the best cricket team in theistrictA funny empowering story of cricket and curry spinners and leggies NIPS XI is about overcoming cultural barriers in sport and in lif. ,

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Nips XI TakeawaysGET THIS BOOK AWAY FROM ME RIGHT NOWSOMEONE BURN IT IT DESERVES TO DIE BY FIREI had to read this for school a couple of years BY FIREI had to read this for school a couple of years It made me not want to attend school for the rest of my life Had to read this for children s lit and really enjoyed it Mainly because although it was about migrants I idn t feel like I was being LECTURED about Treating Migrants Better You Nasty Racist Ango Australian After reading several other books filled with harrowing tales of people escaping from war torn countries and coming to Australia only to be ostracized hated and labelled with ethnic slurs etc etc it was a welcome change There are SOME migrants who ve had good experiences in Australia y know Nobody writes books about THEMBut yeah This was funny and interesting and well written and although there was still a bit of racism shown to the main character I idn t Wasn t sure what to expect with this one as I m Not A Cricket Fan a cricket fan all But it is a really endearing look at a group of multicultural kids just wanting to be seen as Australian I think this would be a good chapter book for 8 10 year olds who are voracious readers or to read aloud to them Prob not of much interest to kids much older than that simply because of the age of the characters the constant use of such racia. If white boys can't jump can Asian kids play cricket Lan's fed up with being called a nipHe wants to be a true blue Aussie What better way than by playing the greatest Anglo game of all La. ,
L slurs as nip gook chink Slant Eye And The Like Is Appalling eye and the like is appalling i was strongly offended the use of these terms in spite of the fact that in reality most of these were not even mentioned at any point regardless the Asian community in Australia need a voice and I am willing to be that voice espite not actually being Asian primarily Orality in Igbo (African) Literature due to my ability to pronounce English words audibly written well great ending This book is about a foreighner boy that wants to change the concert for multicultural week Heecides to have a cricket match He puts together a cricket team of forighners from school that have never played cricket beforeThey find an old cricketer that agrees to coach them This is a great book not only for people who are into cricket It also has a seual Nips go National My favourite character is the coach he is a great sportmanship nips XI is a book that iscovers multiculturalism and the issue of racism in sport in australia i enjoyed the book because i like the sport of cricket and it was interesting to learn about problems concerning it a group of asian boys are told that he can t play the sport of cricket just because Of His Race He his race he labelled a nip a racist taunt that offends him significantly i read this book as i found it interesting N gathers a team together and efiantly gives it a name NIPS XI Now all they have to Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms do is get some euipment find a coach get themselves a sponsor and learn the rules of the game Then it's.