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Any Man Of Mine iRating 2 of five all for Aristophanes s way trippy remix of the Book of GenesisWhile perusing a review of Deathn Venice dreadful tale yet another fag must die rather than love piece of normative propaganda written by my good friend Stephen he expressed a desire to read The Symposium before he eventually re reads this crapulous homophobic maundering deathless work of art As I have read The Symposium with less than stellar results I warned him off Well see below for what happened next Stephen wrote Damncan you do a uick cliff notes summary or maybe a video lecture I would much rather take advantage of your previous suffering than have to duplicate Annalee And The Lawman itTHE SYMPOSIUMSo this boring poet dude wins some big ass prize and has a few buds over for a binge They re all lying around together on couches whichs as promising a start to a story as I can think of when the boys decide to stay sober boo and debate the Nature of LuuuvPhaedrus subject of a previous Socratic dialogue by Plato gives a nice little speech dry as a popcorn fart about how Love The Apollonides Mistress Scandal is the oldest of the gods and Achilles was younger than Patroclus and Alcestis died of love for her husband and some other stuff I don t remember because I was drifting off and so I got up to seef I would stay awake better on the patio It was a little nippy that daySo next up s the lawyer I know right Ask a lawyer to talk about love Like asking a priest to talk about honor or a politician to talk about common decency So he pontificates about pederasty for a while which made me uncomfortable so I got up to get some coffee I may have stopped by the brandy bottle on the way back out I can t recallSo after the lawyer tells us when exactly t s okay for a grown man to pork a teenager the doctor chimes Anything For His Son in that luuuuuvs the drug Anticipation it s everything man the whole uuuuuuuniiiiiveeeeeeeeeerses luuuuv Who knew they had hippies n those days I needed brandy I mean coffee and the text of my ancient Penguin paperback was getting smaller and smaller for some reason so I went to look for the brandy get the magnifying glass so I could see the footnotesThen comes Aristophanes Now seriously this s a good bit Aristophanes n Plato s world tells us why we feel whole complete when we re with our true love Once upon a time we were all two bodied and two souled beings all male all female or hermaphroditic When these conjoined twins fell nto disfavor Zeus cleaved them apart and for all eternity to come those souls will wander the earth seeking the other half torn from usNow being Aristophanes Plato plays t for laughs but this s really the heart of the piece Plato uite clearly thought this one through Annie and the Outlaw in terms of what makes us humans want and need love It s a bizarre version of Genesis don cha thinkSo there I was glazed over with brandy fog admiration for themagination of this ancient Greek boybanger and I was about to give up and pass out take my contemplations ANNIE AND THE PRINCE indoors when the wind riffling the pages a bit caused me to light on annteresting line I continued with the host s speechNow reallyis there anything on this wide green earth boring than listening to a poet bloviate Especially about luuuuv Blah blah noble blah blah youthful yakkity blah brave snoreThen The Single Dad's Redemption it s Socrates s turn and I was hoping Plato gave him some good zingers to make up for the tedium of the preceding sixteen years of my life I mean the previous speech It was a little In this book Socrates argues thatt A Christmas Affair is not always a gooddea to have sex with boys and Aristophanes explains we were once co joined creatures of three sexes either malefemale malemale or femalefemale and were shaped like balls How could anyone not find this a book worth reading I Never Met a Physician Who Wasn t Descended from a GreekThis might just be the work that put the meta at least the metafiction n metaphysicsPlato s name s attached to "It But Its Principal " but The Apple Orchard its principals Socrates And guess what Socrates doesn t so much elaborate on his own views as 1 recount the views of others especially those of the female philosopher Diotima and 2 When Hitler Took Austria: A Memoir of Heroic Faith by the Chancellor's Son indirectly reveal his views by his conduct and his responses to the views of others especially the taunts of AlcibiadesEven the concept of Platonic Love could possibly be accurately attributed to Socrates but likely to DiotimaIn fact I wonder whether this work proves that the Greek understanding of Love as we comprehendt actually owes to women than menThe Epismetology of the Word SymposiumDespite being familiar with the word for decades I had no dea that symposium or less literally means a drinking party or to drink togetherIn Socrates time t was like a toga party for philosophersIt s great that this learned tradition was reinvigorated by Pomona College n 1953 How appropriate that Pomona was the Roman goddess of fruitful abundance Of course many of us will remember our first experience of a toga party from the film Animal HouseMore recently perhaps n tribute to the film the concept has transformed nto a frat party notice the derivation from the masculine word fraternity which Urban Dictionary defines n ts own nimitable way A sausage fest with douchebag frat boys who let a lot of girls n and hardly any guys so they can slip date rape drugs nto the girls drinks and have sex with them because obviously they can t rely on their charmIf you substitute philosophers for frat boys young boys for young girls and wine and mead for date rape drugs then you have the recipe for The SymposiumAlcohol Free DazeI should mention one other aspect of the plot sorry about the spoiler but the work s 2400 years old today so you ve had enough time to catch up and that s that Socrates appears to have attended two symposia over the course of two consecutive daysIn those days future philosophers were counselled to embrace alternating alcohol free daysIn breach of this medical advice Socrates and his confreres turn up to this Symposium hung over from the previous night As a result there was talking than drinking If this had just been your run of the mill Saturday Night Live Symposium Ensimmäinen maailmansota it s uite possible that the legacy of this particular night might never have eventuated Instead we havenherited a tradition of Greek Love Platonic Love Socratic Method and Alcohol Free TutorialsAn Artist n Comedy as Well as TragedyOne last distraction before I get down to LoveIt has always puzzled readers that The Symposium ends with a distinct change of tone as the feathered cocks begin to crow and the sun rises on our slumber party Aristodemus was only half awake and he did not hear the beginning of the discourse the chief thing which he remembered was Socrates compelling the other two to acknowledge that the genius of comedy was the same with that of tragedy and that the true artist n tragedy was an artist The Lion Seeker in comedy alsoResearchers at the University of Adelaide now speculate that what Socrates was saying was When you re pissed nobody can tell whether you re serious or jokingTheres still some contention as to whether Socrates was referring to the nebriation of the artist or the audienceAnyway t remains for us to determine how serious this Socratic Dialogue on Love should be takenTogas on Hey Ho Let s goThe Mocking Socrates Easy TouchOK so the tale starts with Apollodorus telling a companion a story that he had heard from Aristodemus who had once before narrated Tom Waits - Mule Variations it to Glaucon who hadn turn mentioned t to the companion are you with me The tale concerns a Symposium at the House of Agathon On the way Socrates drops behind n a fit of abstraction this s before the days of Empiricism and retires nto the portico of the neighbouring house from which nitially he will not stirWhen he finally arrives he s too hung over to drink or talk so he wonders whether wisdom could be nfused by touch out of the fuller nto the emptier man as water runs through wool out of a fuller cup nto An Emptier OneAddressing His Host emptier oneAddressing his host adds If that were so how greatly should I value the privilege of reclining at your sideAs often seems to be the fate of flirts Agathon rebuffs him You are mocking SocratesInstead t s agreed that each of the attendees will regale the withered assembly with their views on LovePhaedrus on ReciprocityPhaedrus speaks of the reciprocity of Love and how t creates a state of honour between Lover and Beloved A state or army consisting of lovers whose wish was to emulate each other would abstain from dishonor become Das Augsburger Bekenntnis inspired heroes eual to the bravest and overcome the worldPhaedrus also asserts that the gods admire honour and value the return of love by the Beloved to his Lover at leastn a human sense than the love shown by the Lover for the BelovedParadoxically this And Then You Die (Aurelio Zen, is because the love shown by the Lovers divine because he Letters of Euler on Different Subjects in Natural Philosophy: Addressed to a German Princess isnspired by GodI had to have an alcohol free day before I understood this subtle distinction so don t worry Christiane und Goethe (Spiegel-Edition, if you re having trouble keeping upPausanius on the Heavenly and the CommonPausanius argues that there are two types of Love that need to be analysed the common and the heavenly or the divineThe commons wanton has no discrimination The Girls Who Went Away: The Hidden History of Women Who Surrendered Children for Adoption in the Decades Before Roe V. Wade is apt to be of women as well as youths ands of the body rather than of the soulIn contrast heavenly love Jager's Mate is of youths they love not boys butntelligent beings whose reason s beginning to be developed much about the time at which their beards begin to growand n choosing young men to be their companions they mean to be faithful to them and pass their whole life Leaving Rock Harbor in company with themThis loves disinterested t s not done from any motive Ketamine: Dreams and Realities interest or wish for office or power andnvolves both honourable attachment and virtuous serviceEryximachus on the Healthy and the a physician defines Love n terms of both the soul and the bodyHe distinguishes two kinds of love the desire of the healthy and the desire of the diseased These two are opposites and the role of the physician s to harmonise or reconcile the most hostile elements Siege in the constitution by analogy with music whichs an art of communionAristophanes on The Origin of LoveAristophanes explains the origin of the gender and sexuality of mankind n terms of three beings one of which was a double male now separated nto homosexual men one a double female now separated nto homosexual women and the third an androgynous double now separated nto heterosexual male and female by Zeus the Zarathustra's Secret: The Interior Life Of Friedrich Nietzsche intense yearning which each of them has towards the other does not appear to be the desire of lover sntercourse but of something else which the soul of either evidently desires and cannot tell and of which she has only a dark and doubtful presentiment human nature was originally one and we were a whole and the desire and pursuit of the whole Decoy: A Novella is called loveAgathon on BeautyAgathon praises the god of love first and then his gift Loven the form of Temperance s the master of pleasures and desires It empties men of disaffection and fills them with affection Love s concerned with BeautySocrates on GoodSocrates approaches the topic of Love by asking uestions for example whether Love s the Love of something or nothingSocrates elicits the answer that Love wants Beauty and n doing so Active Korean 3 it wants whats GoodHe then uotes Diotima extensivelyThe Pizmotality of DiotimaDiotima by a process that we would now call the Socratic Method leads Socrates to the conclusion that Love Ein schönes Paar is the love of the everlasting possession of the Good We seek Good so that we can maintaint eternally Love Say You'll Remember Me is ofmmortalityBecause Man s mortal our way of achieving eternity or mmortality of possession Hug a Bull: An Ode to Animal Dads is the generation or birth of BeautyWe achievemmortality by way of fame and offspringDiotima argues that Beauty applies to both the soul and the body However the Beauty of the Mind Armoured Train 14 69 is honourable than the Beauty of the outward FormShe advocates the contemplation of Beauty Absolute a Beauty whichf you once beheld you would. The Symposium Caliban's War is a complex piece whichs perhaps as widely read as any of Plato's works apart from the Rep. See not to be after the measure of gold and garments and fair boys and youths whose presence now entrances you and you and many a one would be content to live seeing them only and conversing with them without meat or drink f that were possible you only want to look at them and to be with themyou would not be clogged with the pollutions of mortality and all the colours and vanities of human lifeSocrates does not reveal how else Diotima tutored him n the art and science of Love or whether she herself was a Beauty Absolute whose appeal was greater than that of boys and youths Alciabades on IndifferenceAt this point the younger Alciabades speaks He the Message of the Apus is eual parts frat and prat hes evidently Double Play in love with Socrates and seemsntent on complaining that Socrates has resisted his sexual advances Even though Alciabades had slept a night with this wonderful monster Frau, komm!: die Massenvergewaltigungen deutscher Frauen und Mädchen 1944/45 in my arms he was so superior to my solicitationsI arose as from the couch of a father or an elder brotherIts clear that Socrates has no affection for the mind of Alciabades no matter what he might think of his body He teases him by proposing that Socrates and Agathon share a couch for the nightThe Pompatus of LoveAnd that s how Les Enfants Terribles it ends but for the discussion of Comedy and TragedyIf this had been a PowerPoint Presentation Socrates Plato and I would have told you what we were going to say then sayt and end by telling you what we had just saidBut because this work The Vampire Book Two is pre Microsoft I will end this disuisition here largely because I want to read Plato s complementary work on Love Phaedrus and see what he has to say about Socrates this mentor of frat boys who was so much than a picker a grinner a lover and a sinner Only then will I be able to speak definitively of the Pompatus of LoveVERSEThe Object of LoveAccording to AristophanesI would loveTo find OneAn OtherSo we couldEach love oneAnotherIn divineUnitySOUNDTRACKSteve Miller Band The Joker and the Angry Inch The Origin of LoveScroll to 357 for video and the Angry Inch The Origin of LoveSpanish subtitles Cameron Mitchell on The Origin of Love Zou Animation of The Origin of Love Animation of The Origin of Love Animation of The Origin of Love Monsoon The Origin of Love Live with cocktail glassStarts at 250 but thentro s fun Monsoon The Origin of Love Live at the 2013 Capital Pride Festival Wainwright The Origin of Love Hitchcock Intricate Thing Velvet Undergound Nico Femme Fatale Reed Sweet Jane Live with Steve Hunter Junkies Sweet Jane Official Video Junkies Sweet Jane Live on Japanese TV Symposium PlatoThe Symposium Ancient Greek s a philosophical text by Plato dated c 385 370 BC It depicts a friendly contest of extemporaneous speeches given by a group of notable men attending a banuet The men nclude the philosopher Socrates the general and political figure Alcibiades and the comic playwright Aristophanes 1984 It s been less than three years that I ve been Socrates companion and made t my job to know exactly what he says and does each day Before that I simply drifted aimlessly Of course I used to think that what I was doing was These Witches Dont Burn important butn fact I was the most worthless man on earth as bad as you are this very moment I used to think philosophy was the last thing a man should do In Praise of Love An Encore This The Black Jersey is a dialogue about the human aspiration towards happiness and how that desires best satisfied Plato s overriding concern as a teacher Tangled Threads (Elemental Assassin is how to achieve eudamonia or how to live the good life However thiss as difficult a topic to capture The Heat of the Moment: Life and Death Decision-Making From a Firefighter in teaching ast s to achieve n action Hence he approaches the topic by defining many peripheral topics by showing various aspects of the good l The Symposium holds the key to ancient psychology One has but to compare post Freudian psychology s understanding of the drives with Plato s discourse on human longing here Potty Training Magic: The Fun Way to go Nappy-Free Fast in order to measure the distance between the ancient and modern orientations to reality Its strange for us to conceive this Tiny House: Live Small, Dream Big in the post Darwinian post Freudian era but Plato genuinely held that the longing to knows the fundamental human drive with sexuality the modern candidate foundational drive being derived therefrom What a different psychology this basic belief reveals And with this alternate psychology Plato reveals an orientation to the world that opens up horizons entirely other to those we are accustomed toPlato has shown a concern for the way that our pre rational orientation to the real feeds nto and constrains our capacity to reason already n other dialogues such as The Republic One gets the feeling that the arch rationalist becomes progressively haunted The Breakdown of Democratic Regimes: Crisis, Breakdown and Reequilibration. An Introduction in each dialogue by the realization that what we love determinesn advance the direction our rationality can take n ts approach to the real Nietzsche commented admiringly on Plato s psychological acumen evinced by his discovery that our strongest longing Young Mr. Obama is the true but hidden master of our reason Already with the Symposium we see that the structure of reasoning crystallizestself around this primordial pre rational engagement with the real Early on Inside Tunisia's Al-Nahda: Between Politics and Preaching in the dialogue Socrates makes the rather cheeky claim thatt The Amiable Baltimoreans is only the genuine philosopher who can understand the real meaning of desire Socrates further proposes to thencredulity of others present that Love's Pulse indeed philosophys somehow connected with the pursuit of the fulfillment of this deepest desire And what better setting could Plato choose to prove the power of Socrates s Okfuskee: A Creek Indian Town in Colonial America insightnto the human drives than a drinking party Here Socrates proves his superior capacity to harmonize and rein Los hombres me explican cosas in his whole human capacity for feeling not merely by displaying his superior discursive prowess but also by drinking every last one of his companions under the table by banuet s end The banuet setting thus seems like a mock ordeal which allows Socrates to reveal his deeper mastery over his animal nature Its the depth of his transformation of his pre rational nature that makes him the better philosopherWhat Socrates shows us Academic Strategy: The Management Revolution in American Higher Education is that our longings the hunger for completion awakened by our growing awareness of finitude It s a drive to transcend the boundaries of our finitude through an effort to establish a relationship to a reality that s registered as being complete than that possessed by the finite self Socrates famous speech on the real nature of love Plautus in this dialogue attests to the fact that our desire for sexual loves an offshoot of this primordial drive which Managing from the Heart is part and parcel of the structure of consciousnesstself to find our fullest orientation to reality Crown of Violet in an act of knowing that relates all that we are to a world whichs for the first time experienced as a unity In the growth of our consciousness we first learn to relate body to human body mmersing ourselves n the physical continuum of A Coney Island Reader: Through Dizzy Gates of Illusion interchangesn a game of self forgetful clinging to outward shadows At this level of self development according to Plato s account of the levels of understanding Creating the Constitution: 1787 in the Republic our relations merely to the shifting outward Time After Time images of being Because we cannot conceive the unity of things at this level we fall short of that supreme mark of reality whichs the knowledge of the unity of things Our love at this level thus remains a game of hide and seek played with ourselves as much as with one another But as the power of our minds grows we cannot fail to realize deeper dimensions of our longing to relate We now come to long for a relationship to the real established on the basis of our most characteristic capacity We long to relate to the world on the level of mind and we find that this relation to the world not only takes us deeper Rosie's Mom: Forgotten Women Workers of the First World War into the heart of the real Our deepest desires realized In the American Province: Studies in the History and Historiography of Ideas in the perception of the world on the level of form This level of perception also takes us deepernto ourselves as well as revealing the true basis for relating to one another Our real community s a communion of mindsSocrates proposition to us "Is That We Are Selves "that are selves lovers to the extent that we realize our true nature as knowers And we realization as selves that we realize our true nature as knowers And we attain realization as selves the extent that we progress from being driven by our shadow loving sexual love to that comprehensive love n us that Staying Dry: 99 Tips to Bring You Back from the End of Your Rope is wisdomtself The rest of Plato s philosophy Madonna Red is arguably built on this psychology of self realization Plato sdentification through Socrates of Love the Good the Beautiful and the True Humanism and Education in Medieval and Renaissance Italy: Tradition and Innovation in Latin Schools from the Twelfth to the Fifteenth Century is really the best definition of the most consummate philosophic vision In our highest reasonings Plato s Socrates claims these four things become one Their unionn the actuality of an experience Innocent on Her Wedding Night is what we call wisdom the end goal of the whole search that structures our lives from the first awakening of consciousnessn The End of Sacrifice: Capital Punishment Writings of John Howard Yoder infancy Modern philosophy would be differentf we operated under the same definition of reason The greatest proof of The Dominican Intervention its power to mes that even Nietzsche who was ts most serious critic nonetheless pined for the loss of t It seems that Plato s description of the goal of human development was accurate after all even The Clairmont Correspondence: Letters of Claire Clairmont, Charles Clairmont, and Fanny Imlay Godwin, 1808-1879 ift remains only an American Physicians in the Nineteenth Century: From Sects to Science inescapable regulativedeal for philosophic Neighboring Lives inuiry without ever becoming a stable humanly realizable realityThis dialogues worth reading Chernobyl Zone (I) if only for Alcibiades drunkenly revealing speech expressing Socrates effect on those poor souls like himself whom he manages to convert to his way of life Surely there has been no greater portrait of the psychology of a great philosopher anywhere nor of the effect that such a figurenevitably will have on natures less The Algiers Motel Incident in tune with the original drive to know that structures human nature But Alcibiades nonetheless proves himself to be Socrates truest disciple even as he expresses his frustration at hisnability read unwillingness to follow him to the end Alcibiades poignantly shows what s Washington Seen: A Photographic History, 1875-1965 in store for all of us as soon as we start to take this gig seriously the way that Socrates represents will cleave usnto two warring parts so that we become strangers to our old desires and attachments and strangers n the world awaiting a new birth Plato s Symposium s one of the most loved classics from the ancient world a work of consummate beauty as both philosophy and as literature most appropriate since the topic of this dialogue «My Name is Freida Sima»: The American-Jewish Women’s Immigrant Experience Through the Eyes of a Young Girl from the Bukovina is the nature of love andncludes much philosophizing on beauty In the spirit of freshness I will focus on one very Iwo Jima: Legacy of Valor important section where Socrates relates the words of his teacher Diotima on the birth of Love explainedn the context of myth Following the birth of Aphrodite the other gods were having a feast ncluding Resource the son of Invention When they d had dinner Poverty came to beg as people do at feasts and so she was by the gate Resource was drunk with nectar this was before wine was discovered went nto the garden of Zeus and fell Stone of Asylum (Dance of the Crane into drunken sleep Poverty formed the plan of relieving her lack of resources by having a child by Resource she slept with him and became pregnant with Love So the reason Love became a follower and attendant of Aphrodites because he was conceived on the day of her birth also he Carmen: Libretto is naturally a lover of beauty and Aphrodites beautiful Diotima continues but let s pause here as according to many teachers within the Platonic tradition there are at least two critical points to be made about this passage The first The Mercy Seat is how loves conceived Summer and Smoke in the garden of Zeus and that s Zeus as mythical personification of Nous or truentellectual understanding In other words for one seeking philosophic wisdom love Head Over Heels is born and exists within the framework of truth and understanding thusn order to have a complete appreciation of the nature of love one must be committed to understanding the nature of truth The second point Sprichw�rter: H�fflicheit Zier, H�chste Vernunfft Und Klugheit, Was Auch Zu Ewiger Unnd Zeitlicher Wei�heit, Tugent, Kunst Unnd Wesen Dient, Gesp�rt Und Begriffen; Von Alten Und Jetzigen Im Brauch Gehabt Und Beschrieben, in Etlich Tausent Zusammen Br is how within the Platonic tradition truths linked with beauty Two of my own Plato teachers were adamant on this point citing how modern people who separate beauty from truth can nev. Ublic However the existing standard commentaries Roula Rouge: Roman in English do not offer much by way of help to any reader. Er partake of the wisdom traditions Incidentally these exact two points are made elouently by Pierre Grimesn this video Although I am not a strict Platonist I tend to agree When I encounter people who have sharp minds and are keenly analytical but communicate their Monsieur Saguette and His Baguette ideasn snide or sarcastic unbeautiful language or are n any way disingenuous or degrading of others I find such behavior very much n bad taste In a very real sense I feel these Poor Man's Imaginary Friend individuals have cut themselves off from the world s wisdom traditions particularly from the Platonic traditionI wanted to focus on this one paragraph to convey a sense of the richness of this magnificent Platonic dialogue One could mine wisdom nuggets from each and every paragraph And yes I get a kick every time I read the speech of Aristophanes featuring those cartwheeling prehumans with four arms and four legs Also two fun facts One reflecting on Alcibiades the history of philosophy records anotherncredibly handsome man with a similar great head of curly hair and full curly beard a man fortunately with a much stronger character the Stoic philosopher and Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Two Diogenes Laertius reports the Greek philosopher Epicurus also wrote a book with the title Symposium Unfortunately this piece of writing Freedom by the Sword: The U.S. Colored Troops 1862-1867 - South Atlantic Coast, Gulf Coast, Mississippi River, Southern States, Reconstruction is lost to us Darn OPRAH Good evening and welcome to What s the Most Spiritual Book of All Time For people who missed last week s exciting semi final round The Sermon on the Mount beat The Bhagavad Gita 4 1 while Jonathan Livingston Seagull unexpectedly lost 3 2 to outsider The Symposium Let s all welcome our finalists Applause Enter JESUS CHRIST and SOCRATES both wearing tuxedos They shake hands More applauseOPRAH And now let mentroduce our jury I m thrilled to have with us living legend Paul McCartney world famous novelist EL James the beautiful and talented Lindsay Lohan controversial scientist Richard Dawkins and ever popular hockey mom Sarah Palin The crowd goes wild with some people clapping and others booing It s Love and Magic I: 9 Paranormal Romances impossible to make out a word anyone saysOPRAH Thank you thank you thank you I m just going to remind you of the rules before we start Each member of the jury gives us a short speech and then we count up the votes to see who our lucky winners Over to you PaulMCCARTNEY Thank you Oprah Well I look at our two finalists and you know what I m thinking I m thinking they won that special place they have Hummingbird in our hearts because they told us about Love And I remember backn 1966 when John gave that Beyond Identity Politics: Feminism, Power and Politics interview where he said no offensentended we re popular than Jesus JESUS holds up a hand to show he s cool They gave John a hard time about that but all he wanted to say was that even though Jesus had shown us the power of Love maybe at that exact moment Das Licht brennt ein Loch in den Tag in history we could do a better job of bringingt to the people and telling them all how amazing Love Das alte Haus is Becauset La Folle de Chaillot is amazingsn t t He takes out a guitarPerhaps some of you remember this song we wroteThere s nothing you can do that can t be doneNothing you can sing that can t be sungNothing you can say but you can learn how to play the gameIt s easyNothing you can make that can t be madeNo one you can save that can t be savedNothing you can do but you can learn how to be you n timeIt s easyAll you need In Schlesien geboren, in Schlesien gelebt, aus Schlesien vertrieben: Erinnerungen is love OPRAH That s wonderful Paul but who are you voting forMCCARTNEY Oh er wellf John were here I think he d want me to vote for The Symposium He was always had a thing for Socrates George too Yes Socrates Safe Enough to Soar its Applause The scoreboard shows 1 0 SOCRATES looks a little embarrassed while JESUS curiously examines MCCARTNEY s guitarOPRAH That s terrific Paul beautiful beautiful song Really takes me back So Socrates How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer isn the lead but Caravaggio. it s early days yet Your turn ErikaJAMES Good evening and I m thrilled to be here Now I m sure some of you have read the Fifty Shades books and I believe a lot of people misunderstand them It s easy just to think about the sex and the glitz and the limos and the handcuffs and the blindfolds and the whips and the OPRAH I m not uite sure what you re trying to say here ErikaJAMES Just let me finish Oprah What most people don t realizes that these books aren t "ABOUT SEX THEY RE ABOUT LOVE " sex they re about Love re a spiritual journey where Ana has to help Christian have you ever wondered why he s called Christian find himself and discover the difference between empty eroticism and the redeeming power of OPRAH I m afraid I m going to have to cut you off there Erika You ll have to tell us now who you re voting forJAMES Well Jesus of course Really Fifty Shades s an allegory a modern version of Dante s OPRAH That s ncredibly Cases in Marketing Management interesting Erika and I wish we had time to talk aboutt But now the score s 1 1 and we re moving on to our third member of the jury Your turn LindsayLOHAN Thank you everyone and I d particularly like to thank my parole officer for allowing me to join you tonight She said Handgestenerkennung im Interaktionsszenario it d be good for me Laughter applause So yeah Love To me love s about trying to find my soulmate I bet there s plenty of you people who feel the same way I do there s someone out there who s like the other half of me and I have to find that person to be complete You know Andt s really hard to guess who that person The Emperor's Club is maybet s a guy like you know maybe Justin or Ashton or Zac or Ryan and we were once this person who was half a man and half a woman and we got split apart or maybe t s a woman like maybe Sam or OPRAH Lindsay that s such a moving thought but we ve got to watch the clock Who are you voting forLOHAN Well duh Socrates of course It s all there n the Symposium The Aristophanes speech I must have read t a million timesOPRAH Lindsay thank you so much and I really hope you find your soulmate one day You just need to keep looking So Socrates has taken a 2 1 lead and we re going over to our next speaker RichardDAWKINS Ah yes Now I ve been sitting here listening to all of you and I ve enjoyed your contributions but I m a scientist and I ve got to think about things n a scientific way When I think about love as a scientist all I ultimately see Písně Vrbovýho proutku is tropisms and feedback loops An organism feels a lack of somethingt could be as simple as an E coli needing an essential nutrient and t does what t can to get Factory of Tears it Loves just the concrete expression of that negative feedback loop There s nothing OPRAH This all sounds like Socrates s speech I take t you re voting for him thenDAWKINS What Oh no no not at all Jesus every time He takes off his jacket revealing a T shirt that says ATHEISTS FOR JESUS I can t stand Platonic forms and all that mystical nonsense Jesus now there s a straightforward plain Speaking Person With Solid Humanist Values Just person with solid humanist values Just shame he got mixed up with the religion business Boos catcalls some scattered clapping The scoreboard shows 2 2OPRAH Er right Always ready to surprise us Richard So t s up to Sarah to cast the deciding vote Over to you SarahPALIN Well Oprah I m afraid I m not as My Family, A Symphony: A Memoir of Global Adoption imaginative as Richard I m just a regular small town girl with regular small town values and I was brought up readin the Sermon on the Mount Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake blessed are ye when men shall revile you smaller government lower taxes support Israel no to OPRAH Is that alln the Sermon on the Mount SarahPALIN Maybe not Reform or Revolution Other Writings (Books on History, Political Social Science) in those exact words Butt s there And you can bet your boots I m not votin for a liberal type who hangs around with a bunch of guys what re openly tryin to get Butterfly in the Wind: The Life of Tojin Okichi, Concubine Against Her Will of the First American Consul in Japan into his JESUS and SOCRATES exchange puzzled glancesPALIN Anyways I m votin for JesusOPRAH Ah thank you Sarah Forthright as ever So that s 3 2 to The Sermon on the Mount but well done The Symposium you were so close And thank you everyone particularly Socrates and Mr Christ for an amazing and deeply spiritual experiencet s been ncredible meeting you all thank you again and we ll be back next week Credits theme music It has been a long time since I first read The Symposium That was back n university Zombie, Ohio in my freshman year course Sexualityn Literature I admit I found t all a bit shocking the open tolerance of sexual relationships between men and boys wasn t t pederasty Even now Promises, Promises its surprising to find that one of the most Memoirs of an Old Dyke influential and foundational works on loven Western history Boo and The Backyard Zoo is largely focused on relationships that have often been deemedllegal Imagine what the medieval Europeans would have thought of this work had A Laboratory Text-Book of Embryology it not been entirelynaccessible to them Whippersnapper in Latin Maybe they would have enjoyed the notion of spiritual Platonic love but I doubt they would have liked AlcibiadesntrusionWell after re reading this little dialogue I can only concur with the verdict of the crowd that this s one of Plato s most perfect works Indeed t Abuse and Victimization across the Life Span is among the handful of Plato s works thats arguably valuable as literature than as philosophy Plato was a writer The Idea of Biblical Poetry in perfect control of his craft and even little detail of this short dialogue bursts with life The reader feels asf she The Idea of Biblical Poetry: Parallelism and Its History is really there eavesdropping on a bunch of drunken Athenians as they extemporize on loveFurther organizing the dialogue as a seuence of speeches and not as a dialogue between Socrates and annterlocutor effectively reduces the sometimes unpleasant aspect of Plato s works of Socrates forcing his way through an awkward argument as his admirers assent to his every fallacious deduction Plato here shows us a genuine diversity of opinions and styles proving himself a versatile writer His portrayal of Aristophanes s particularly charming and memorable a gentle counter to Aristophanes satirical portrayal of Socrates n The Clouds And for anyone who has ever been Bohemians: The Glamorous Outcasts in love I suspect that Aristophanes little myth will be far resonant than thedeal love described by Socrates I m glad I chose this translation by Robin Waterfield and this publisher Oxford World s Classic the AL Wld Cons 83-85 Rev introductions of great help and the text flows easily and Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus is very understandable and doesn t feel stiff and suchThis book s subjects a series of speeches praising Love both of sexual and of mind kind the former producing sometimes children the latter creative works and learning the latter s mmortal and superior n "author s opinion The book ends with useful notes and a name ndex that shines light "s opinion The book ends with useful notes and a name Gods of the Blood: The Pagan Revival and White Separatism index that shines light the party guests and names popping upn conversations Plato wrote the book between 385 378 BC most likely around 380 BCPlato sets this عشر ليال وراو imagined high society dinner partn Athens 416 BC which s told about to others just after the death of one of the guests Alcibades n 404 BC Other guests Common Labor: Workers and the Digging of North American Canals, 1780-1860 include the comic poet Aristophanes who of course gets the funny hiccups thats cured with sneezing and Plato s teacher Socrates who gets to be the giver of Plato s opinion on the subject Socrates himself gets t from not certain f existed person that What You Really Need to Know about Moles and Melanoma is Diotima a wise womanI liked this uote On the other handgnorant people don t love knowledge or desire wisdom either because the trouble with Fighting Techniques Of Naval Warfare 1190 Bc Present Strategy, Weapons, Commanders And Ships ignorances precisely that Bodies of Evidence if a person lacks virtue and knowledge he s perfectly satisfied with the way hes If a person Federico Fellini: Comments on Film isn t aware of a lack he can t desire the thing which hesn t aware of lackingSeven speeches are heard Socrates turn comes at the end but when Alcibades bursts Algebra of Probable Inference into the part he gives one speech praising Socrates and clearly showing that to him the mind part of Loves of a stranger he doesn t really get why Socrates rejects his advances Alcibades comes to a bad end In Old Virginia: Slavery, Farming, and Society in the Journal of John Walker in exile murdered by the Persians Socrates as we know from history gets a death sentence having to drink poison But all ends welln this story people leave the party some sleep to the next morning and Socrates goes back to the Lyceum gymnasium and public baths Algebra of Probable Inference in the morning as usual he has a good alcohol tolerance We get a great dinner party conversation about love that hold surprisingly noblenteresting thoughts to carry with us to life. Except the classicist who knows Greek; and they also tend to be light on the dialogue as a work of philosop. Συμπόσιον

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