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I read this novel in two days Two busy #DAYS AT THAT AN AWFUL LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE #at that An awful lot of people have that this book is nigh impossible to put down once you begin reading and I can confirm that this is indeed the case The author pulls you in to the story and then simply doesn t let o The narrative drags you along with uiet but inexorable tension It s merciless and uite brilliantThe story revolves around an ex pat American couple living in London and I don t think I can be accused of spoiling anything King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies given the title the affair that the wife Georgie has with the director of a play in which she is starring If that all sounds somewhat humdrum don t be deceived This is an all too human and utterlyripping story The author marshals her characters expertly and creates an almost intolerable sense of inevitability about the disintegration of their marriage Watching this self absorbed woman s fall from matrimonial Rescuing Gus grace was a little like watching a car crash in slow motion It s brutal but one can t pull one s eyes away for a momentOne of the things that makes the book so memorable is that there is a secondary narrative deftly woven in with this very modern fable the intriguing true story of Dora Jordan a famous eighteenth century actress I knew nothing about Dora Jordan before reading the book and her own tragic story provided a telling counterpoint to Georgie s own trials It also served to ramp up the tension deliciouslyAnd then there s the endingI ve read some very heated debates online about the merits of the ending I confess I am still in two minds myself It is awful shocking When I finished the book I put it down numb and wandered about for a while trying to make sense of it At first I felt angry about it Over time I slowly came to terms with it It s difficult to discuss the ending in any meaningful way withoutiving away what happens and I certainly don t want to do that But it speaks to the power of the novel as a whole and to Nancy Woodruff s ability as a writer that she was able to make me care so deeply about her charactersHighly recommended Well written and for the most part held my interest The story is told through the voice of the husband and the author is able to weave a tale that captures your attention from the start The parts I found at times odious were when the book would slip into the dialogue of Dora Jordan the actress that Georgie was portraying in her play I understood what the author was trying to do drawing parallels between the Georgie and the actresss she was portraying but it Class of 92: Out of Our League got a little too much at times for me The rest of the story held my attention and I went through a lot of emotions about Georgie from understanding the tediousness of being a stay at home mom to feelings of disgust at her selfishness at throwing away her family She had a husband who was devoted to her and who really wanted to make her happy but she just wanted and was really just plain selfish and self absorbed The ending was a total shock and surprise and it did leave me reeling I would say this is a must read and I would ofiven it 5 stars except I thought the Dora Jordan dialogue was a bit tedious at times If you ve Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story got a hot work project with an overdue deadline a soccerame that you simply must attend or any must do commitments in the next couple of days whatever you do DON T pick up this book It will How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead grip you entice you and place you under its spell And in the end it just may break your heartThe book narrated by Peter a wannabe novelist turned businessman focuses on his wife Georgie a mother of three who has become unmoored with the day to day drudgeries of an ordinary life A promotion to London puts a world of possibilities suddenly within reach Peter ponders Shouldn t I have told herthat everyone s life had flat ordinary parts Thatrowing older meant moving on closing chapters in your life and opening new ones But he senses Georgie s boredom and is on her side when she reignites her acting career taking on the prestigious one woman role of the true life preeminent 18th century comedic British stage actress Dora Jordan As she throws herself in the role she discovers that she and Dora the long time companion of the Duke of Clarence later William IV and the mother of 10 of his children have a natural affinityGradually Georgie twins herself to Dora a kindred spirit whose struggle of motherhood versus career so mirrors her own And as any reader can uess from the title of the book she enters. Peter accepted his fate as a failed novelist turned semi successful businessman but even after three children his wife Georgie always held onto the actress inside her When Peter ets a job in London the move sets Georgie

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My Wifes Affair

Nancy Woodruff ✓ 1 SUMMARY

S a Duke rather than King and her descendants went on to become distinguished citizens of England In fact current Prime Minister David Cameron is a direct descendant of hers As Georgie increasingly finds herself drawn into the character she portrays on the stage she also finds herself leaving her maternal and wifely instincts far behindMy Wife s Affair was far from an easy read Woodruff writes her characters Affair was far from an easy read Woodruff writes her characters their story with ease but the subject matter is dark The effect of infidelity on a marriage and family is laid out with extraordinary honesty Woodruff splices Peter s narrative voice with scenes from the play Woodruff splices Peter s narrative voice with scenes from the play fiction to fiction based on real life in a decidedly creative manner In that way the reader sees not only Georgie s progression into a life autonomous from her family and Peter s complete heartbreak but also Jordan s decline following her retirement from the theaterWoodruff s masters Peter s voice in the novel A smattering of uotes so that you can see for yourselfOn their journey into parenthood Pity me for not recognizing that the path of compromise was easily traveled by one of us than the other 14 On Georgie and New York City She belonged to the city like the old man on the mountain that was her place in the world and we should have done anything we could to stay 44 On Georgia s bipolar relationship with the theater I was worried about the down at the end of the up the long descent when the show closed 123 On infidelity It s not temptation alone or chance And it is not a moment because it takes than a moment to find a place to o It involves momentum the strength of a moment sustained 155 My Wife s Affair wil be enjoyed by everyone but will have special meaning to those who are in the theatre It is a tragic love story that is unusual in that it is told from the perspective of the husbandGeorgie Connolly is happily married and has three boys She has forsaken her career in theatre for her family Her husband Peter is a journalist and is being transferred from New Jersey to London It is here that Georgie finds her way back to the theatre in a one woman showThe show is about the life of British stage actress Dora Jordan Jordan was famous in the 18th century She was not only a reat actress but was the mistress of the future King of England and the #Mother To His Thirteen #to his thirteen children Although their lives were two hundred years apart they are faced with the same struggles and tragic conseuencesGeorgie is swept ujp in the passion for the play and begins to neglect her husband and three boys Peter her husband is very supportive and tries to understand and encourage her Howeverf when he passion for her work also involves an affair with play s author their lives start to unravelA very uniue novel in both style and content that will be enjoyed by all readers Not only is it a Moonrise great story but everyone will be amazed at the surprise ending I was wavering between a 4 and a 5 the entire way through the book and then the ending brought it all the way up to a 55The book is narrated by Georgie s husbanditoes back and forth telling about the life of Dora Jordan also an actresscomedian who Georgie portrays in a one woman show and Georgie s life with her husband and three boysGeorgie left the stage in New York to be a stay at home mother but now that her husband has been transferred to London and the children are enrolled in London schools she wants to Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi go back to work in the theaterGeorgie lands the role as Dora Jordan on her first tryout The play is a hit for Georgie and she ends up traveling and leaving her husband and children for long periods of time and having an affair with the director Her heart aches every time she leaves her children but she still won tive up the touring The ending will haunt you long after you turn the last pageyou will enjoy the book and not want to put it down The only thing I liked about this book was that it was a uick readoutside of that I found the plot to be easy to detect and the ending rather meh I feel like the author really didn t capture the voice of a man whose wife cheated on him I don t think as a woman she could fully After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 grasp what meno through and it seemed kind of stereotypical how he handled all the events that happened Then to only make him in the end become the bad uy and the wife the victim I felt was actual rubbish It s readable and that is about it the kind of book either you really like it or hate it I am the latter. Thirteen illegitimate children ten fathered by the future King of England and develops an irresistible attraction to the show's playwright beginning an affair that will irrevocably change her life her marriage and her wor. ,
Into an affair with the elusive #playwright Piers brighstone that sets in motion a chain of that sets in motion a chain of with tragic conseuencesThere is much #Piers Brighstone that sets in motion a chain of events with tragic conseuencesThere is much this book that sets it apart from the chick lit designation it might have become in a lesser author s hands For one thing there s the strength of the writing Nancy Woodruff never resorts to overwrought obvious or manipulative sentences For another these characters and their pain are achingly real with enuine insights At one point Peter reflects When I looked at Georgie I saw two different people the one I loved and the one who had broken my heart and I had no idea how to dispose of one without losing the other But perhaps most compelling is the interspersed letters of Dora Jordan herself in a preface the author claims to remain faithful to both the facts of Mrs Jordan s life insofar as they are known and the warmth of her voice As Georgie states Two hundred years later and it s exactly the same thing This is an unsparing look at a modern and not so modern marriage a punishing limpse into the costs of the decisions we make yet it s never preachy or moral While I was reading My Wife s Affair I was totally enveloped into the world Nancy Woodruff created The new life rising from the ashes of Georgie s unhappiness is really about etting what you wantand still wanting If you are someone that I exchange presents with stop reading now because odds are very very ood you re oing to find this book as a presentFor the rest of you holy crap I wish I could explain to you just how brill I am always intrigued when people say they reread a bookthis was one that I too wish to reread and also wish I had read on my Kindle so I could have easily marked passages Full of intrigue and surprise this is a reat read that will stand up to the test of time The emotions are ones that men and women will both relate to My favorite line is this But now I was a father and being a father made you less of a man I could see It left you powerless to do what you really wanted to do because you had these children you loved these chidren you needed them and they needed you I could almost bring Myself To Despise Georgie to despise Georgie making me a father as much as I did for her infidelity Ok this one is oing to be a hard one to review and would have much rather reviewed it before I read the final two chapters It is oing to so difficult to explain what I didn t like about this book without iving anything away which is something I totally dislike in a review I will try my bestGood StuffBeautifully written but tragic The narrator s obvious love for his wife is so beautifully described The narrator s wife is wonderfully theatrical although uite the self involved tramp The character of Fergus is delightful with his wise comments and constant uestions Painfully uncomfortable and realistic portrayal of a marriage and of the tediousness of being a parent Portrayal of t Nancy Woodruff s novel My Wife s Affair is the story of exactly that an affair Told from the perspective of the cuckolded husband however it becomes so much than that It is actually the story of a marriage and could be titled as such were it not for the eventual fate the marriage inescapably reachesPeter and Georgie are two Americans living in the New Jersey suburbs after three sons born in uick succession forced them out of their brownstone in New York City Georgie a former actress feels herself withering away as she cares for three boys under the age of five Fergus the oldest and twins Jack and Liam Peter has made sacrifices himself forgoing a career as a real writer to take a position as an economic journalist He feels however as though the sacrifices he has made were worth it all in the end as they resulted in stability for his little family of five Georgie on the other hand not so muchThe family moves to London for a brief period of time when Peter Beautiful Ghosts gets a job covering the European side of things for his newspaper The move initially revitalizes their marriage and the family uickly settles in Peter in his new job the boys in their new school and Georgie in her first theater part since she became a motherWoodruff expertly blends historical fact with the fictional world she has created through thereat British theater actress Dora Jordan She is the controversial stage madam who Georgie has been chosen to play in a one woman show titled Shakespeare s Woman Jordan was the real life mistress of King William IV back when he wa. Own a seductive path to the life she always wanted Landing a one woman show she is drawn into the romance of the stage and begins to feel a kinship with her character Dora Jordan a famous eighteenth century actress who had.

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