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My Every Breath is a fitting title for a mob story that made you feel at times your own breath is being stolen From the excitement to the non top action and unbelievably sexy encounters this was one of those stories that will have you on the pins and needles for future releases from this author Gia knows all about the business of the Irish mob After all she belongs to one and when they claim you as their own there s no way out But if it s one thing about Gia is that she refuses to be the property of one of the most dangerous man around With a plan in place and sheer determination freedom is now only a breath away Or so she thinks What happens when someone you Scouts least youeast expect suddenly changes the course of your plans Business man by day sweet charmer at night Cade knows just how far the Irish mob can go Eight years ago with a chance encounter and trying to save someone that was untouchable Cade is now determined to do things right But how far is he willing to go to protect a woman who might not make it out alive I The Organ Grinders liked that this was a somewhat fast paced story and it made us as readers excited to turn the page and find out The beginning for me was difficult because I wasn t fully invested in these characters and the connection just wasn t there But as I got further along in the book started to enjoy it a ot and I felt the underlying danger and sexual attraction so I m glad I stuck with this one If you re ooking for a sexy mob romance this one is for you When what was supposed to be a boys night out turns into a night of mayhem and impending doom what s a man supposed to do Oh wait you become entranced by not only the most beautiful woman you ve ever seen but the most dangerous Just breatheCade King is disciplined He controls his family s business his surrounding environment Until Gia Callaghan makes an appearance in his world She s unreal and unfortunately connected and tied to the Irish Mob But one The Complete Idiot's Guide to Detoxing Your Body look and their course was set They mustearn to trust and rely on each other something that neither can fathom doingCade is without a doubt an alpha He sets plans into motion controls hidden factors and makes the tough decisions Past relationships both family and personal guide Cade but heaven help him Gia is turning him inside out He s unraveled secrets that can destroy Silver in the Wood lives but being Cade King he s going to correct and conuer And our beautiful Gia a woman that sived a ife of fear still stands strong never wavering from her decision even if it costs her everything Each obsessed with righting a wrong both willing to put everything on the ine Sahin has created a storyline that will eave you obsessed with turning the page to finish this story Not only are the characters relatable but the storyline is very real in today s world Sahin s research and attention to detail allows a vivid and frightening picture of ife s reality Suspense drama a strong heroine scorching hot physical chemistry and an alpha that "WILL LITERALLY LEAVE YOU BREATHLESS AS YOU READ FRIENDS "literally The Second Cure leave you breathless as you read Friends and debts are about to be paid This is Sahin at her best Absolutely recommend this storyI voluntarily received this ARC This is an honest personal Review I was pretty excited to meet Cade King I already met the man in Someone Like you and well I never could resist such a mysteryike him Even if Corbin was the one I wanted a story for asap I knew Cade will be just as goodIf you want to read My Every Breath as a standalone you should go for it Even if Grace Noah make a small appearance you won t have to much of them You can still enjoy this one and then read the other if you want And I m usually not reading books out of order so if I say you can believe me you re safeMy Every B Cade King We met Cade King in Someone Like You he s Grace Parker King s big brother and not a nice guy or is heCade is the new owner and CEO of his family s business After Essential Andhra Cookbook: With Hyderabadi and Telengana Specialities living hisife under his father s control including a brief engagement for the sake of business he is making changes working to be ess of an arrogant asshole to people While at a bachelor party for a friend he meets Gia She is beautiful mysterious and apparently impervious to his charm Cade feels drawn to her which confuses an intrigues

Him He Is Used To 
He is used to in control and having women fawn all over him When Gia walks away Cade followsHe overhears a threatening conversation between Gia a man and feels compelled to intervene When Gia rejects him again he eaves the club Days Eagle's Gate later he is unable to stop thinking about her and why she seemed familiar to him What was it about her that ignites a desire for him to protect her After some digging he realizes Rory the man she was with is involved in the Irish mob and has ties to other deadly criminals Gia s mom went missing 10 years ago she was forced toeave her home in Rio to move to NY and World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi live with her dad who works for RoryCade tells himself to walk away only he can t Seems he is determined to right a wrong from his past and it. Businessman Cade King has fallen for the wrong woman She’s the daughter of a hitman and he’s the targetAfter ten years ofiving in the shadow of the Irish mob Gia Callaghan wants nothing than to escape the darkness of her ife Her burning desire for answers about her past has her constantly plotting new ways My Every Breath Becoming Us #2Ne to back down and Who Is Muhammad Ali? let others take over she will definitely fight along with you Brittney has really produced a gripping story one that definitely can keep you hooked definitely in my eyes deserves a 5 read and one that I would recommend to people whoove good mob story 35 4 StarsNice read with very Don't Worry, Eat Cake: A Coloring Book to Help You Feel a Little Bit Better about Everything little angst This is the story of Gia and Cade Gia is a girl stuck in the Irish Mafia with seemingly no where to run Until she meets Cade And believe me I would have run to him too With Cade s connections money and cocky confidence she may just have a chance She has one hope in getting away and that is to find her mom Gia s problem is putting all her trust in Cade and also putting him in danger I enjoyed the book and the secondary characters Wouldove to earn about Corbin Cade s reckless streetcar racing brotherI recommend this to mafia story overs but with very ittle descriptive torture or violence It was actually done very well in that regard I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley for an honest review ueen of the Super Advanced Review herePurchase on It started as a night out and ended with Cade King wanting to know about the vixen and her connection to the Irish mob She s everything he shouldn t mess with and everything he wants anyway The daughter of a hitman and with a desperate desire for answers Gia Callaghan et s Cade into her A Secret Kept life think he might just be able to help her They have to trust and rely on each other something neither of them is very good at but for once Cade wants to help not hurt and Gia wants toet someone else carry the oad It should be easy saving the girl but Cade discovers that not everything will always go his way especially if the girl he opens up to is willing to risk his ife for her own She s testing my imits My patienceI say it every single time but that s because it is true My Every Breath is Brittney Sahin s best work yet Her previous books have been amazing it s obvious the time and effort that goes into them but MEB has all the good parts from her previous books rolled into one There s engaging characters a multi faceted storyline angst drama and just the right amount of suspense MEB is really a perfect combination of romance and suspense there isn t too much of either genre and it kept me entertained In My Every Breath we travel to several places in the world running from dangerous men and seeking answers to the heroine s uestions We are treated to guns foul anguage the threat of death while also get some super smoking hot smut scenes and a heaping pile of emotions It s descriptive allowing the reader to see the ocations and the characters as well as really feel "in the moment i really enjoyed that my "the moment I really enjoyed that My Breath developed from just a man seeking to save a woman to a man allowing her to save him and together they help each other Of course none of it is that easy but it s the character growth and the storyline development that works so well All of the evil All of the hate I want it gone I just want himCade King is well a King If you ve read Brittney Sahin s previous standalone Someone Like You then you l remember Grace King and her need to control If you haven t you should Though MEB is a standalone completely for me I Tricycle (HISTOIRE) liked knowing the family completely Cade is definitely even controlling in business and in relationships He doesn t give up he doesn t trust easily and he certainly doesn tet go once he knows what he wants In this case that s Gia I ooooooveeeed Gia Loved She s naive which could have easily not worked out well but does in this book She s cultured in the way of mob mentality and being mature than one s age but when it comes to romance Girl is a hot mess It makes for s age but when it comes to romance Girl is a hot mess It makes for very interesting romance storyline though especially with Cade s well known experience Their connection is immediate and things do move pretty fast between them but not ike Brittney Sahin s previous romantic novels Though their chemistry is palpable there s hidden agendas a Let Freedom Reign': The Words of Nelson Mandela. Henry Russell lot going on and not a wholeot of time to really build something up It promises to be interesting though and it definitely was I Paper Crafts Magazine: Joy of Card Making (Leisure Arts liked them together I wouldove time with them but I think their story worked out perfectly How else do you think I blow off steam I m pretty sure there s than one wayFor me a good romance book isn t just about the romance I Path to Sanity: Lessons from Ancient Holy Counselors on How to Have A Sound Mind like there to be some depth to both the characters and to the storyline I need a plot a fairly thick one that I can t uite predict My Every Breath is fairly action packed and open ended enough that readers can imagine what is to come for Cade and Gia It surprised me was suspenseful and yes had just the right amount of time spent in the bedroom Iove Brittney Sahin s male characters and our hero in this novel Cade is no different He s got a past and a good heart he just needed the right woman And Gia I repeat I Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus loved her Definitely recommend pre ordering this one and reading it as soon as it releasesARC provided I just read it aittle early. Down and he must decide whether he’s truly worthy of redemption Can he protect a woman whose guard is even higher than his own or will she end up saving him from himselfAs the tension and chemistry heat up between the two they’ll discover that ife isn’t always black and whiteA sizzling and suspenseful roman. Involves helping Gia escape from Rory s clutches and find out what happened to her mom A couple of friends from the Stealth Ops world come along for the ride As usual the story is action packed and filled with twists turns Cade Gia s story is with plenty of spice and Cade is a powerful CEO dealing with personal and family mistakes that have haunted him for years One of those mistakes ultimately comes to a head when he meets Gia at a mob run club As soon as he sees her he knows he has seen her before but he can t remember where When he sees Gia being manhandled by Rory a mob boss he tries to intervene and unwittingly becomes the mob s next target Gia is not only trying to escape from Rory s possessive control and her hitman father s terrible past but is also searching for her mother When she hears of Rory s plans for Cade she ooks for him to try to warn him Cade a man with means and military help decides to help Gia escape from Rory and the mobThis is the first book I have read by Brittney Sahin and I thoroughly enjoyed this story From the moment Cade met Gia I knew the scenes between these two were going to be hot Cade was hooked on her from the beginning and could not et her go Gia was stubborn to admit her feelings for Cade but Cade was determined to win her over The story is definitely suspenseful and the discoveries that Gia and Cade made definitely shocked me This is a complete story even though it is part of a series and it has a wonderful HEAI received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalley and BookBuzznet for my honest review First person Dual POV HAE Standalone ARC rec d via NetGalley 35 StarsSuspense intrigue forbidden ove all great ualifiers in my eyes but I found this easy to put down and come back to KaBOOM!: One Entrepreneur's Quest to Build Community SAVE PLAY! later hence theower rating However I really enjoyed the action of the story Gia is knee deep in the Irish mob because her father is which makes it almost impossible to escape although she s tried When she starts digging into the disappearance of her mother years ago she begins to craft a plan for not only escape but a rescue of her mother in Brazil Plans go awry when a man walks into the club owned by the mob a man who definitely doesn t belong but neither can keep their eyes off the other Cade a business mogul by trade knows of the Irish mob and how much danger a girl ike Gia could be in in that world When she shows up to warn him away he realizes that he s got to get her out despite never doing something ike that before Sinner or saint I m beginning to think that when I m with Cade I can be both What follows is a race against the clock to not only get her out of NYC but to a safe ocation one where the head of the mob won t find her But Gia also has another "agenda one that Cade doesn t know about something that could risk everything they ve been "one that Cade doesn t know about something that could risk "everything they ve been towardIt was an adventure in foreign places and definitely tickled my danger bone "they ve been towardIt was an adventure in foreign places and definitely tickled my danger bone ending was satisfying so I m glad I stuck aroundCade was a great alpha hero and Gia was no simpering heroine either which I iked a Who on God's Earth do you 'think' you are?: A true story about TRANSCENDING the ILLUSION of SEPARATION lot Their connection toward the middle of the book was fiery hotI d be interested in reading the stories of the SEALs mentioned in the book too Til next time cuties Cade GiaShe s the daughter of a hitman and he s a millionaire business man who first meets her in a strip clubBut she s not a stripper she belongs to the club owner irish mob boss RoryCade is extremely attracted to Gia and does everything in his power to help her But of course Rory is notetting her go without a fightBut Cade and the ex Navy SEALs he hires can fight back Gia and Cade already met 8 years before just for a second He couldn t save her then but he will do it now even if it s the ast thing he l ever do But of course mobster Rory is not the only problem those two have to face Well that was an adorable and exciting romantic suspense storyI already iked Cade in his sisters book and now here he is with his own storyI don t know if I was in a weird mood or too tired but the beginning the first page and the first chapter wasn t my thing It didn t flow at all The sentences were too complicated to catch my attention And that s what a book should do catch your interest with the first wordlinepagechapter but it got a ot better the beginning just didn t should do catch your interest with the first wordlinepagechapter but it got a Judy Blume: Fearless Storyteller for Teens lot better the beginning just didn t enough flow for my reading tastes The story was really interesting Iiked Cade a ot and it was all very exciting and insta and sexy and sad and moving and I really enjoyed reading it once I got into the storyGreat Romantic SuspenseAnd now I really want to read Corbin s book I don t normally get on with mob stories but I honestly oved this one Throughout the whole story you was gripped and on the edge of your seat I What Am I Doing with My Life?: And other late night internet searches answered by the great philosophers loved the action packed storyline and the characters you could really connect withCade is just wow so dammovely and you just wish you could be in his armsI Jimmy: The Terrorist loved how he fought his feelings but deep down you just knew he wanted Gianow Gia youove the fight in her she isn t O flee When she comes face to face with the one man who might be able to help her she’ll have to decide exactly how much his How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle: The Complete Seminar life is worth Cade King’s past isittered with uestionable choices He’s made mistakes than he can count but he vows to be a better manWhen he meets Gia his structured ife turns upside.

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