[Münchhausens Zopf oder Psychotherapie und Wirklichkeit] EBOOK / KINDLE

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Münchhausens Zopf oder Psychotherapie und WirklichkeitEms conforms to the free will vs determinism uestion From there we move to the following alternatives about reality There is no order to reality only chaos and "CONFUSION WE RELIEVE OUR EXISTENTIAL STATE "We relieve our existential state inventing an order to make sense of things and call that reality Or there is an order created by

some higher being 
higher being independent of ourselvesFrom there we launch into an extended description of the book Flatland A Romance of "Many Dimensions first published in 1884 What happens when a two dimensional world is visited by a three dimensional figure etceteraThe "Dimensions first published in 1884 What happens when a two dimensional world is visited by a three dimensional figure etceteraThe said this woodblock print is either medieval or apocryphal In the book it s untitled but I call it The Breakthrough Paul Watzlawick is a constructivist In the field of psychology that means he was allied with the systems therapists Unlike Freudians who believed something in the past causes problems in the present he thought some pretend reality in the family or other system was causing the problems Hence therapeutic paradoxical interventions A mother thinks her young adult son s schizophrenic behavior is incomprehensible He wants enough of an allowance to buy a car but she won t throw away money on him The therapist prescribes schizophrenic behavior for the son as a form of protest Thus the son takes responsibility for what he was doing as the therapist reads it anyway This messes with the mother s head Now she doesn t now whether he s really crazy or instrumentally protesting her refusal to let him handle some of his own disability money She eventually gives him some of it he saves it gets a car and eventually does establish greater independence breaking the vicious circleNow we go way beyond therapy In fact we don t spend much time here at all on therapy If you want amazing stories of paradoxical therapy the likes of which couldn t be done in today s cautious reality oriented world with its insurance strictures check out Uncommon Therapy The Psychiatric Techniues of Milton H Erickson MDThe author complains that philosophy and science have long ago given up the concept of an absolute independent reality and that only psychiatry demands reality adaptation and insists on normalityIn a 1973 experiment a re. His pigtail Watzlawick uses this collection of essays and lectures to ultimately ask does our choosing to see the world in.

review Münchhausens Zopf oder Psychotherapie und Wirklichkeit

Searcher had eight collaborators voluntarily check themselves into psychiatric wards claiming to Hear Voices Etc Upon voices etc Upon the collaborators then reported the voices had stopped and adopted their normal everyday behavior They were ept seven to 52 days and all of them were discharged with the diagnosis schizophrenia in remission None of them were recognized as pretending Instead their diagnoses rather than the objective fact of their behavior created a reality that reuired and justified their treatment and the only people who recognized they were notschizophrenic were a few of the other patients If the facts do not agree with the theory so much worse for the facts uoted from HegelIdeologies political or religious that "Claim To Point To The "to point to the can t explain themselves They are hoist on their petard From unhealthy family medical and corporate environments we take on revolution and totalitarianism To rescue all the oppressed we must respect the needs of everybody which then justifies the most extreme violence The perfect as the enemy of the good No heresy allowedThe idealist with disgust for any compromise is Miss heresy allowedThe idealist with disgust for any compromise is Miss Those who won t go along must be eliminated Or at least treated for what is their refusal but difficulty in adaptingYet change and evolution emanate from the imperfect exactly what totalitarian systems suppressThe years of Paul Watzlawick s life overlapped my father s give or take a year or two He not my father was born in Austria in 1921 completed high school in 1939 his doctorate in philosophy in Venice in 49 and he then studied psychology in Zurich before emigrating from Europe to El Salvador and eventually Palo Alto California I don t now what he did during the war There was no anti Judaism in this book Munchhausen s Pigtail was published in 1990 25 years ago at which time the author was the age that I am now Through the magic of books time travel did occur and we engaged in a conversation He did come from another era OK so back then we did have R D Laing blow out centers and all that but today we have gone to the opposite extreme psychiatrists and mental health professionals worship at the alter of reality They don t make them like him an. A particular way blind us to viewing it in another way that might help resolve our seemingly untenable situations Photograph. ,

Uno de los libros m s tiles ue he le do ltimamente Por principio de cuentas me llev indirectamente a descubrir ue existe una ciencia llamada cognitive science Elegido m s o menos al azar en una librer a de Barcelona este libro captura muy claramente la soluci n a temas como el libre albedr o y la distinci n entre LO UE ES REALIDAD Y LO UE O LO ue es realidad y lo ue o lo Demasiados conceptos interesantes pondr la rese a en la secci n Cognitive Science Bible cracking is an old tradition of opening the bible at random to find the answer secci n Cognitive Science Bible cracking is an old tradition of opening the bible at random to find the answer a uestion or solution to a problem What is it then when one pulls a book off the shelf and starts to read it a book that s lingered there over 20 years The stimulus was Munchausen Syndrome the subject of a friend s recent review I remembered that years ago I had acuired a book I thought had to do with Munchausen Syndrome because of its name and when it didn t I lost interest For no clear reason and in a spirit of curiosity I read it nowFor the first little while I was reading along with a ho hum attitude until I came upon something called Newcomb s Paradox Imagine you re in communication with an imaginary Being who from past experience can predict human choices with nearly total accuracy The Being now gives you two choices Box 1 contains 1000 and Box 2 contains either nothing or 1 million The Being has arranged two outcomes You can take what s in both boxes or only Box 2 If you decide to take only Box 2 the Being predicting your decision goes ahead and puts 1 million in it but if you decide to take both boxes the Being predicting that leaves Box 2 empty You understand the conditions the Being Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America knows you do younow the Being nows Which choice do "YOU MAKE AND WHYTHE PARADOX IS "make and whyThe paradox is either of the two decisions taking only Box 2 or taking both boxes can be plausibly justified It seems one explanation is based on the immutable and timeless logical meaning of if then Contrast that with its other meaning that is the causal temporal meaning of if then In the latter case the Being has already made its prediction so that the 1 million is there or not without your subseuent decision having any sort of time travel influence on the prior placement of the moneyThat it se. Citing the mythical Baron von Munchhausen's method of rescuing himself and his horse from drowning by hoisting himself up by.