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Democratic Art eAntasy world I reallynjoyed this BOOK IT WAS FUN ENTERTAINING AND It was fun Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths? entertaining and captivating I loved the chemistry between the two main characters and the plot was uniue and interesting Most girls get a car or an apartment on their twenty fifth birthday But for Marissa Maitland twenty fifth birthday she gets the family legacy She was a very talented pastry chef yet ordinary young woman one moment then a Kundigerin the next What is a Kundigerin Well it s a person a woman with red hair to bexact that has secret psychic powers Marissa has always known things since she was a child things she could never xplain And now she knows why And she knows that if she were to try to tell anyone about her being a Kundigerin she will suffer great painWolf Harper is named the xecutor of his grandmother s Codependent Forevermore: The Invention of Self in a Twelve Step Group estate But before he can sell thestate he must find something called a Kundigerin But for the life of him he has no idea what that is Everyone he asks wonders what it means too and the only definition that anyone can find on that word is an Conscience and Memory: Meditations in a Museum of the Holocaust expert But anxpert at what And how is he to find one Wolf is not only trying to fulfill his grandmother s wishes but also trying to keep his family s business afloat Both Marissa and Wolf s lives intertwine when they literally crash into Conscience and Memory each other Little do they know they are both connected in some weird way Together they will find the answers to the uestions they have But when Marissa says too much about Wolf s past things thatven Wolf doesn t know about Wolf doesn t know what or who she is Should he trust her Is she the Kundigerin he has been seeking And if so how much does he really want to know about his past or his future I really loved reading this book It was fast paced and really fun to read The characters were witty and Pansy Vol. 6 enjoyable to read about Ispecially loved Wolf The way he acts around Marissa the sweet and funny thoughts that go through his head sigh He was an awesome character I also liked that Marissa was a pastry chef like I might want to be in the future I connected with her character Overall I loved the plot the characters and the story development I recommend this book to veryoneSome of my Favorite PartsWant To Talk partsWant to talk it Wolf Scoffed Men don t talk about their feelings don t you know that And what was she supposed to say Oh sorry if I ve been avoiding you but I thought we could bring the new year in sorry if I ve been avoiding you but I thought we could bring the new year in a bang Marissa had not only gotten inside his head she d taken up residence in his heart Wolf crossed his arms Are you telling me you re a hacker Chuck shrugged Had to learn something in college This Adult fantasy romance is about a girl with a German heritage who turns twenty five and discovers she has inherited psychic powers She then falls in love with a wealthy man that rear nds her on the highway Through the book she unravels secrets about herself and her lover s familyThis was an Elizabeth I enjoyable fast read I would have found it helpful if the author provided an appendix at thend of the book with a pronunciation and definitions of some of the German words and phrases usedI won this book through a First Reads Giveaway from Goodreadscom From the first page Ms Brandenburg captured my attention and held it till the very Education in a New Society end This was an incredible book that didn t rely onxcessive sex scenes to carry the reader through although there were definitely Education in a New Society: Renewing the Sociology of Education enough in the book to spice it up She developed her characters given the. R of his grandmother’sstate Wolf Harper must find something called a “Kundigerin” before he can sell the place If he could sell his remaining family too he would Keeping the family business afloat is his priority in spite of his uncle’s bad management putting them in the red Wolf runs into Marissa literally at an icy in. Wolf has to find a kundigerin but It Might Help If might *Help If Knew What *if knew what was Still his grandmother seemed pretty sure he d bump into one when wrote the idea into her will And he doesn t plan to let her down But as one man grieves one young woman with a passion for baking is facing her own grief s coming The uncle she loves whose arrival is always heralded by magic is suddenly showing his age He s also showing some remarkable match making propensities and Wolf is his target for MarissaThey meet over a car fall in love over food and learn together about knowledge and food and learn together about knowledge and Meanwhile they share the love of a cat and solve the mystery of a failing company More importantly they strive to solve the mystery of ach other while one can t talk about what she is and the other can t understand But love gives meaning to it all releasing the claws of wrong relationships and the silence of secrecy and binding two people who just might have in common than they realize but only time and novels in the series will tell if breaking these rules is accident or intentGreat dialog fun characters romance and a catDisclosure I found a free copy and I The Baby Swap Miracle enjoyed it I bought book 3 Rising Mist on pre order because it sounded interesting and I d readxcerpts from Mrs Brandenburg s other books which I really njoyed Since the books in this series are stand alones I didn t think about getting the previous ones After reading a couple of chapters I had to stop Unlike other stand alones I ve ncountered this series has a story thread running through it that I had to xperience beginning to nd So I put that book aside and bought this one and the second book of the series Gathering Mist SO worth itThis is one of the better books I ve read The characters are wonderfully written including the minor characters ach with distinct personalities Great growth and the characters are so asy to connect with to fall in love with While I m usually not keen on sex scenes in my books I never hold it against the author if it s Excommunication: Three Inquiries in Media and Mediation essential to the story and in this case i Injoyed this story because it was a new twist on psychics for me I had never read a German based story before The main characters were very real and believable I Gender Justice enjoyed they way they interacted together and fell in love Mist on the Meadow by Karla Brandenburg is about Marissa Maitland living in a small town on her 25th birthday she comes into her physic powers as a Kundigerin She is given the rule that she must not talk about her powers though she finds ways around this ruleShe meets her love interest Wolf Harper seemingly by chance though he has been charged with finding a Kundigerin So is it by chance or by design that they meet Her powers are soon revealed as she knows just a little too much about things that she shouldn tI like paranormal stories that revolve around other mythologies than the traditional Hollywood stereotypes This one revolved around a German tale and wasntertaining In some places the solutions to the issues put in their path seemed a bit too Generations and Collective Memory easy and I wasn t sure if the story was aimed at adults or should have been a YA taleDespite the formula nature to the romance it was done in an interesting way and I read the book in one weekend I m glad I read this tale it was a wonderfulscape from the real world that left me satisfied and happy I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a light and njoyable scape into a For her twenty fifth birthday a family legacy is passed on to small town pastry chef Marissa Maitland as a Kundigerin which means she has come into secret psychic power She will know things about people at the brush of a hand and use this to help them but she cannot talk about being Kundigerin without suffering pain Named From Notes to Narrative executo. M true depth as she showed us their vulnerability fears hopes and desires She also painted a vivid description of her scenery bringing the book to life for the reader Being of German decent I also loved her use of the language in the book but my only advice would be to have added the translation of the words in the back of the book for those who did not understand the language Great job and I look forward to other books by this author Mist in the Meadow by Karla Brandenburg is a 2013 independent publication I was provided a copy of this book inxchange for an honest reviewMarissa a pastry chef is celebrating her twenty fifth birthday when she discovers with a little help from her uncle Bart that she has inherited psychic powers Uncle Bart arranges for Marissa to adopt a very special cat named Hex Hex had once belonged to Wolf s grandmother and since Wolf is the legal xecutor of his family s company Harper Electronics he freely allows Bart to

the cat In the meantime has Bart to take the cat In the meantime Wolf has told that to unlock a certain codicil in his grandmother s will he will have to find a Kundigerin He has no idea what that is or how to find one But all the time there is a Kundigerin right under 35This was a pretty good read I really liked some aspects of it Marissa s family friends her work thic Wolf s self inforced control issues the writing I God's Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School especially liked the way Wolf s slightly crazed desperate behaviour countered the traditional masculine role without making him feel wimpy and the fact that Chuck may not have gotten his comeuppance but he didn t get off scott freeither if you look at the karma of his life However some things irked me Brandenburg DOESN T SEEM TO BE BOUND t seem to be bound her own rules One of the first things Marissa learns about being a Kundigerin is that she isn t allowed to talk about it However throughout the book she seems to speak fairly freely about it Granted she avoids the actual word but she still reveals herself on than one occasion Additionally it is uite Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) explicitlyxplained that females are Kundigerin and males are Secret Keepers but Wolf seems to have Kundigerin powers of his own Plus since Marissa doesn t seem to know much about her abilities the reader doesn t know much and as a direct conseuence there were times the final confrontation for xample where I only had a hazy understanding of what actually happened A personalised dislike was the fact that I thought that the whole misunderstanding with the x girlfriend was pat and trite I could have done without all of the resulting self doubt She knew how he felt about her so why feel so insecure And lastly After the mystery wrapped up a little too nicely if you ask me and veryone who deserved saving was saved there were still several chapters of just plain mush No romantic trope was missed Wolf systematically worked through very awww moment possible So much for Foraging for Survival everything in moderation Having laid my irritants on the table let me reiterate that Injoyed the read despite them Brandenburg is a talented writer who sculpts believable characters that readers can Fragments easily relate to I think the plotscaped the bounds of the story a little bit but there is still a gem in here that is worth looking at I received this book via the Goodreads First Reads programThis book was actually interesting than I Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries expected It s very well written and it contains a nice plot Ispecially liked that justice was ventually served. Tersection and is nchanted by her beauty One bite of her baked goods bewitches him and nflames a passion Marissa shares But Marissa blurts long buried details about the car accident that killed his parents and knows far too much about the problems at Harper Electronics neither of which she will xplain Should he be afraid of he.

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