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Duenn Rating Delightful 45 starsAfter enjoying The Weaver Takes a Wife by Sheri Cobb South I was somewhat hesitant about reading her other works as I feared they couldn t be as good I needn t have worried Miss Darby s Duenna is dare I say even the thing The language especially is delightful and a pleasure to read a delightful and a pleasure to read A of research has obviously gone into this book in no other volume have I found the language both the dialogue of the characters and the actual descriptive prose of the story as close to the epitome achieved "by the truly gifted witty remarkable and undisputed " the truly gifted witty remarkable and undisputed of Regency Romance Georgette HeyerNot only does Mrs Cobb South capture the delightful essence of Georgette Heyer s works in her prose but also in her characters and the outlandishly convoluted situations they get themselves into While I m sure none of Heyer s heroines would ve gone so far as Olivia was willing to in order to save the man she loved she would ve schemed up some far sociably acceptable way of averting the impending disaster she ultimately wasn t forced to make the choice so it all worked out okay in the end anywayNor do I think Miss Heyer would ve chosen a premise uite so hair brained and unbelievable as that of Sir Harry masuerading as his Grandmother But then again she has on occasion had brother and sister impersonating each other so what can it signify if it s taken one step further and the sister is an elderly lady instead Particularly one with such a strong and unfortunately masculine family resemblance Anyway what I mean to say is this book has the charm wit delightful muddles and slightly eccentric characters so perfectly personified in Georgette Heyer s stories And although the setting may not be uite as realistic uite as sedate uite as believable it is a truly marvellous effort and the absolute closest thing I ve ever read that compares to anything written by that estimable woman Bearing in mind that Mrs Cobb South is of the modern generation and living in a world even further removed from the Regency era than the one in which Miss Heyer lived I say Very well done indeed Miss Darby s Duenna has wit humour romance and a dash of intrigue what could you ask for Well maybe a slightly longer page count for fear of comparing this marvellous tome once again to those of the sainted Miss Heyer I say it s not as long by far as any of hers but that is also part of its charm as it can easily be read in one day perhaps even in one sitting but in truth I don t think the premise could ve lasted much longer than it did all good things must come to an endPet PeeveI only wish the storylines for the secondary characters particularly Georgina Lord Mannerly and Colonel Gubbins could ve been tied up a bit neater and definitively I choose to believe in keeping with the light hearted feel of the story they all get their own happily ever aftersOh And the book deserves a much much better cover In no way does it do the book ustice I don t think the illustration on the front is even the right time period There are no specific dates mentioned in the story but I would estimate it to be set in the early 1800 s a time in which they didn t wear such fustian garb as that depicted in the illustration Is there a Happy Ending view spoilerIn the tradition of Georgette Heyer yes Did you really ever doubt there would be hide spoile. Did run smooth and among the obstacles Sir Harry must face are a love struck younger sister an elderly widower with an amorous interest in the faux “Lady Hawthorne” and a rival ruthless than Sir Harry ever imagined. Miss Darby's DuennaNow that Harry Hawthorne has inherited his father s title "And Estate He Feels It S High Time He Takes " estate he feels it s high time he takes wife He chooses his childhood pal Olivia Darby because she s a mild mannered girl who won t Stand In The Way Of His Pursuit in the way of his pursuit pleasure Olivia feels it s too soon to marry and wants to have a London Season before she settles down Harry isn t happy with that idea but he can t override her decision Harry s younger sister Georgina wants to marry the local vicar but Harry sensing this his sister is in the throes of a school girl crush decides she should go the throes of a school girl crush decides she should go London with Olivia and have a Season Olivia s mother accompanies the girls to London while Harry avoids the social scene and oggles opera dancers Harry s rival for a popular actress Lord Mannerly seeks revenge for his hurt pride and decides to make Olivia his prey Olivia finds Mannerly charming and insists on seeing him though Harry forbids it Harry feels he has no choice but to masuerade as his own grandmother in order to properly chaperon Olivia Harry s sister isn t fooled and Lord Mannerly is suspicious but Olivia misses the absent Harry and draws closer to Mannerly Harry s charade causes some gossip belowstairs and the faux Dowager attracts the attentions of an old flame This story has all the makings of a screwball comedy but for me it fell flat There wasn t any chemistry between Harry and Olivia and Harry was boring and rude I couldn t understand their attraction to one another and the reader is only told how Olivia used to worship Harry when they were children Their feelings seem to come out of nowhere The relationship between Mannerly and Georgina showed promise but the dialogue wasn t uite witty enough to charm me Overall this book failed to meet expectations and I was sadly disappointed This is my review of the audio version as posted on AudibleMs Sheri Cobb South never disappoints Her books are entertaining witty well paced and generally fun to read or listen to even if you have to suspend your belief to a point like in this caseI didn t think I d like Sir Harry so much at the beginning he takes Olive for granted without paying her a second thought But then as the story develops and he gets himself into and trouble with her and everyone around he turns out to be amiable funny and well loyal And really in love with his betrothed Olive is also a character you get to like very uickly and she has a surprise or two up her sleeve when it comes to her character and decision making The secondary characters of Harry s sister and the evil Lord Mannerly are eually well written colourful and ambiguous to a point which makes them feel realThe pace of the story is fast things happen uickly take a few unexpected turns and all this is accopanied by slighly satirical sense of humour which adds lightness to the bookNarration by Mr Froomkin is very good especially considering how many female voices of women of every age he had to do It s a ob really well done Also the pace of his reading is uite all right and the interpretation of individual characters greatDISCLAIMER I was given this free review copy audiobook at my reuest and have voluntarily left this review 35 stars rounded up An enjoyable regency romp Mayhem ensues when one of the main characters begins masuerading as a reclusive relative All misunderstandings are resolved at the end uit. A lady in distressA gentleman in a dressSir Harry Hawthorne thought he was making a marriage of convenience to a childhood friend until his fiancée captures the fancy of the dashing and dangerous Lord Mannerly Suddenl.

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E nicely but I WOULD HAVE LIKED THE CHARACTERS TO have liked the characters to been developed a bit as the ending felt a bit rushed Not as good as the weaver takes a wife but still worth a read I enjoyed This One All The Parts one all the parts Harry s disguise were hilarious but I think this is my least favorite South Probably because it made me mad haha Stories where the two main characters are confused as to the others feelings the whole time really frustrate me and I couldn t stand Lord Mannerly which was the goal his being the bad guy and all Also the ending was a bit uick I felt like all of a sudden SPOILER everyone was accepting Mannerly as a friend and acting like he hadn t ever been the villain of the story when the transition was never explained one minute Harry was dueling with him to the death and the next he was giving him his consent to court his sister The end ust moved a bit to fast for me My favorite character Sir Harry I liked that he was so loyal to Olivia the whole time Also Lady Hawthorne the actual Lady Hawthorne She was awesome and as usual I really liked the valet Higgins He was pretty funny especially as Lady Hawthornes ladies maid PI m glad I read the book and I did enjoy reading it I love Sheris writing style and I never seem to be able to put her books down but I very much prefer Paupers and Peers and the Ethan Brundy series Now to make a pot of tea and spend the rest of the day on French Leave I received this book for free I am voluntarily posting this review and all opinions expressed herein are my ownI am a fan of the John Pickett Mystery series by this author And I thought that I would love this farce However while I liked the premise of Sir Harry assuming his grandmother s identity I did not like the subplot involving Lord Mannerly Olivia and Sir Harry s sister nor its ultimate resolution There are some humorous moments and the dialogue is uite well written This book is not a favorite of the many books written by this authorThe narrator Joel Froomkin is excellent as always He does various voices for all of the characters making them distinct If you like Jane Austen type stories this is a great read Funny well written and light Nothing earth shattering but definitely entertaining Appropriate for teens to read This is a Regency Romance in imitation of Georgette Heyer and Cobb South gets a second star from me because she does the language uite well toning down Heyer s penchant for overdone period slang but keeping the voice from feeling modernI can also say that the book begins promisingly Unfortunately it soon turns ridiculous and a far worse crime for this brand of novel unappealing By the time the hero consents to let his sister be courted by the man who Aliens Bride Book just tried to blackmail the hero s fiancee into sleeping with him I was left wondering why I d bothered to read to the end Absolutely amazingSir Harry pretended to be his grandmother to keep an eye on his betrothed so the rake hell Selwyn doesn t steal her away The whole bloody farce turned on its head when Selwyn found out Harry s ruse and blackmailed Livvy Her virtue or her and Harry s ruin Well the real granny did show up and bet who gets the last laugh Duration 5 hrs 27 mins Publisher Sheri Cobb South BennetSistersScale Lizzie Charming and spirited with plenty of humour and women who must save prideful men from themselves Miss Darby Y Sir Harry’sealousy is roused to the point that he assumes the identity of his reclusive grandmother in order to keep the all too grown up Miss Olivia Darby under his watchful eyeBut the course of true love never.

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