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T few pages If the author s goal was to give us all whiplash She succeeded Markswoman was like one of those the istory of the universe in give us all whiplash She succeeded Markswoman was like one of those the Picasso and the Mysteries of Life: La Vie (Cleveland Masterwork Series (1)) history of the universe in year kind of videos when nothingappens in the first 365 days and then suddenly you A Summer of Hummingbirds Love Art and Scandal in the Intersecting Worlds of Emily Dickinson Mark Twain Harriet Beecher Stowe and Martin Johnson Heade hit the last fewours and BOOM apes become people invent writing make Pyramids start the Renaissance go to spaceMOVING ON THE ROMANCE uite onestly I thought Markswoman would ve been better without the romance But if there ad to be of all the possible ways it could ve gone Kyra x a cute badass girl from the Order of Kali or Kyra x a cute badass girl from A Neighboring Order Or Kyra neighboring order or Kyra a cute badass guy from the order of Khur who actuALLY TREATS HER WELL Divine how did we end upereWithout giving anything away right before the descent into romance some other asshole assaults Kyra via Wichtige Steuergesetze: mit Durchführungsverordnungen. (Textausgabe) her mind and after savinger the first thing Cut Loose: Jobless and Hopeless in an Unfair Economy her male romantic lead does is pull some aggressive tsundere romantic bullshit oner and WHY There was no chemistry and then suddenly we re told they Alani Was Here have all the chemistry and the guy is this close to being unable to keep it inis pants any I m paraphrasing of course but that was very much the sentiment and I was very much put offAnd then it gets even worse because I actually kind of admired Kyra s spirit and tenacity before even though it wasn t as delved into as it could ve been the thing with The Recruiter her dead family s only brought upere and there and in CEO Muscle her goals against Tamsyn she seems fierce at times but oddly emotionless and forced at others BUT BUT BUT so she s in for the fight ofer life Her work over the past few months The Mad Wolf's Daughter have been building up to this moment SHE MIGHT DIE SHE S THE YOUNGEST MARKSWOMAN PART OF A HIGHLY TRAINED SISTERHOOD OF ELITE WARRIORS IS ARMED WITH A TELEPATHIC BLADE IS ABLE TO WALK THROUGH DOORS NO ONE ELSE CAN AND HAS THE STEELY MIND TO SHUT OUT THE LURING CREEPY SUGGESTIONS OF AN EVIL SENTIENT GUN which was a super cool idea I d definitely be down for reading about ANd then some guy who can t read the atmosphere or spare consideration forer mental state comes along and all she can think of is Why Hawkes Prey Sonny Hawke Thriller hade kissed Get Over It Fab Life her Whyad it No Prisoners Star Wars The Clone Wars hurt so much whene stepped away from Husband for Hire her and left the roomKyra maybe not now YOUR LIFE IS ON THE LINE DAMMITAll in all Markswoman wasn t a terrible read The writing was nice I liked a lot of the ideas that went into this novel and Kyra was at most times pretty cool to follow along But with the pacing the shaky characterization the romance itad potential but ended up slipping to the lower end of okay This book is a fast paced YA read with solid characters and a good storyIt An Egg Is Quiet has a uniue setting it s a post apocalyptic middle easternIndian inspired world The world is full of forgotten technologies that people do not understand the physics of them but use themKyra is the main protagonist which is the newest markswoman of the oldest order in the Asiana She is not the best andas lots of doubts about what she should do due to Cinque indagini romane per Rocco Schiavone (Il vicequestore Rocco Schiavone Vol. 6) her tragic past but she is theead of Order s favorite and makes Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey her life in danger when theead is found one day suspiciously dead and one of the deadliest ambitious markswoman becomes the new leaderKhur Squash Basics - How To Play Squash hosts the newest order of Asiana the only order which is of men Rustan being confused afteris latest mission is all but doubt about What Is a Googly?: The Mysteries of Cricket Explained his order and world Whene is instructed to watch one of the portal doors which Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic has not opened in many years the last thinge expects is to see some markswoman emerges from it When Khur elders know Kyra s story they appoint Rustan to teach 竹光始末 The Bamboo Sword And Other Samurai Tales her everythinge knows to Bloodleaf helper prepare The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle herself for what could be easilyer deathThe story itself is not anything new but it flows and doesn t bore you That s the reason I gave it 4 star I d definitely will read the next book 35 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum s really not much to say about Markswoman beyond the fact it was a thoroughly engaging and straight up good read I blew through this book in a little over a day and I loved ow what started off as a typical YA ish premise eventually developed and grew into a enigmatic mature and interesting storyOur protagonist is Kyra a Markswoman in the Order of Kali a sisterhood of elite warriors trained to protector and enforce the laws of this unforgiving post apoca. N Among them is Rustan a disillusioned Marksman whose skill with a blade is unmatched He understands the desperation of Kyra’s uest to prove Tamsyn’s guilt and as the two grow closer training daily on the windswept dunes of Khur both begin to uestion their commitment to their Orders But what they don’t yet realize is that the line between justice and vengeance is thin as thin as the blade of a knife. ,

Not reviewing this one right now but a few things to point to It as a south asian setting which is fantastic Cast is uite thoroughly has a south asian setting which is fantastic Cast is uite thoroughly world building is pretty intense and detailed very very slow and used a lot of tired tropes kinda about murder nuns the old ancient wise ones tell you diddly suat umslow This book was a big surprise for me Why Because I Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance had started off listening to the audiobook in the car while my kids were with me and they insisted that I could only listen to it when they were there too So I didence the lengthy time to completion I thought maybe they might get bored as this book is a bit slow in some parts and Test logiciel en pratique has than a few political machinations going on but no they LOVED IT What I liked about this were the uniue setting post apocalyptic but Indian inspired with the devastation so far in the past that thingsave essentially cycled forward into a brand new civilisation I liked that the main character Kyra was chosen to complete a task but isn t necessarily a chosen one in terms of Two Badges The Lives of Mona Ruiz her abilities Her struggles madeer real and likeable The romance if you can even call it that was extremely light A Queen's Spy Plus The Tudor Heresy - Mercenary For Hire Series: Tudor Historical Fiction Novels - Adventure Fiction (Tudor Mystery Trials) handed It s of aopefulness for the next book Overall I thought the worldbuilding was uniue the story interesting and any weaknesses are mostly due to the fact that this is a debut novel I m very interested to see The Structure of Biblical Authority how the story concludes in the second book and to see if Mehrotra continues to level up as a writer Note The 4 star rating actually comes from me My 9 and 12 year old rate this book 5 and 45 stars respectively tw selfarm I read a few chapters of this book but I m going to put it off for some time later It was good so far like the world building and characters were interesting but what bugged me was that the MC cuts Niebla her arm after a kill thisappens This was a fast paced fun read It was YA so it unfortunately it fell into some of the same YA pitfalls I tend to dislike most notably an instalove triangle Not to fear though the love interest doesn t even show up until Confederate Waterloo halfway into the book and the romance was in no way a central plot threadI loved the charactersere Kyra does not Beyond Words: Daily Readings in the ABC's of Faith (Buechner, Frederick) have special snowflake syndrome She is the youngest full fledged Markswoman in the Order of Kali ander skills aren t always up to par which was refreshing She makes a few bad decisions and really don t all teenagers make relatively stupid decisions now and again but what redeems it is that she was not a damsel in distress that needed rescuing If Kyra messed up Kyra dealt with it on The Eatonville Anthology her own I also really enjoyed Rustan s character and foundim very relatable His past is still a mystery and I m The TM Techniue An intro Transcendental Meditation Teachings Maharishi Mahesh YOgi Arkana hoping we get to read of it in the next bookThe world building was absolutely superb Even though there are several Orders of Markswomen and Marksmen that share some core traits they seem toave their own methods of doing things We get to see ow the Marswomen are brought up some of the rituals they partake in as part of their journey from novices to Marswomen their belief systems etc The world is sort of post apocalyptic This is set 850 years after an event known as the Great War and many many years after an exalted civilization known as The Ones who left behind some ancient technologies that the current people don t understand ow to replicate but are still able to use The world building was definitely my favorite part and I often marveled at the level of detail the author included without using excessive infodumpsThe setting was done really well too and I liked that we weren t limited to one part of the world The Order of Kali lives In A Cave System a cave system in a lush forest surrounded by mountains The Order of Khur the Marksmen reside in the desert surrounded by sand dunes that experience scorching Bodies in the Bog and the Archaeological Imagination hot temperatures by day and freezing temperatures by night My only real complaint was that for a novel about assassins there weren t many assassinationsappening I know I know I m a terrible person who likes Daughter of Moloka'i her fantasies bloody and dark All in all a standout in the YA fantasy genre This book ended with a lot of uestions left to answer and I can t wait to see where it goes nextI won this book in a GoodReads giveaway so thank you to the publisher and GoodReads Title MarkswomanSeries Asiana 1Author Rati MehrotraR. Kyra is the youngest Markswoman in the Order of Kali one of aandful of sisterhoods of The Santa Cruz Haggadah - Leader's Edition (Regular) highly trained elite warriors Armed with blades whose metal is imbued with magic and guided by a strict code of conduct the Orders are sworn to keep the peace and protect the people of Asiana Kyraas pledged to do so yet she secretly This Could Be Our Future harbors a fierce desire to avengeer murdered family When Tamsyn the powerful and da. ,
Elease date January 23 2018Cliffhanger YesHEAview spoilerHFN ide spoiler I was iffy about this one for the first 70 pages or so but I really enjoyed it There were times where it dragged a bit and could ve been condensed but overall it was better than I was expecting There are still some things that I m confused about with regards to THE WORLD BUILDING BUT I DON T KNOW IF world building but I don t know if ll ever be cleared up The only way I think we ll ever learn about the istory and the things that are confusing is if
There Are Some Sort Of 
are some sort of in the next book or insights into the war that kept being referenced or even before that I just want to know about the Transport Hubs and who the people in the past civilization were Personally I felt the romance wasn t necessary in this one I think I would ve enjoyed some bits than I did if the romance wasn t there It just felt kind of forced to me The odd love triangle ish thing was just weird to me It almost felt like the romance was there just to Interaction Concepts of Personality have a romance subplot and didn t add anything All in all I m looking forward to the next book I freaking love this cover I loved the summary of the book but it was just an okay read for me I m sure plenty will love it though Happy Reading Mel I AM HERE FOR SISTERHOODS OF BADASS WOMEN My reading interests fall pretty neatly into two categories books full of badass characters the characters I want to become and trashy romance novels for the trashy person that I am I was so certain Markswoman would fall into the former category but it ended up falling into neither My emotions while reading went something like bewildered confused uite frankly lost bored a little than slightly angry confused oh what the book endedLet s START AT THE VERY BEGINNING The map was charming the intro fairly interesting I liked the while weold a katari in our Entdeckungsreise in Die S�dsee Und Nach Der Berings Stra�e Zur Erforschung Einer Nord�stlichen Durchfahrt Vol 1 hands and the Kanun in ourearts a word from us can still raise armies and crumble mountains line But then we get to the opening chapters in Kyra and Rustan s POV and well It s not a bad thing necessarily no part of Markswoman was inherently terrible except for maybe that bit toward the end that I ll get to later and this is going to sound really bad at the beginning but please bear with me I ll explain I wasn t really feeling Lace Leather how the good majority of the good characters in the story seemed so uncertain about executing And the uncertain waffling didn t stop at killings it extended to practically all other aspects of the character s life But Markswoman and Marksmen are chosen and I find itard to believe that so many wafflers were chosen Kyra I can see Kyra makes sense Instrumentation and Sensors for Engineering Applications her first kill lefter uncertain and Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!) her character s brave and strong and fairly tenacious iner other actions But Rustan Rustan He waffles a lot on everything and avoids responsibility just as often and wow Les chatons magiques - tome 01 : Une jolie surprise (01) his character was frustrating A lot of the elders of Kali were the same as well as many of Kyra s friends and it didn t match with the narrative Markswoman and Marksmen are chosen on spirit y know all that good inner stuff and while that sounds nice and all you can t see a lot of it Tamsyn and Shirin Mamad balls of fucking steel if you ll forgive my wording but most of the other characters They left a lot to be desiredI did really like Before We Were Yours how the author used palindromic prime numbers as passwords for the doors Call me a nerd but little things like that make meappy The whole thing about Queer, There, and Everywhere: 23 People Who Changed the World how Kyra and Shirin Mam would pass on was also kind of eerie and unsettling but interesting at the same time especially Kyra ander dreams I d love to see that developed in the upcoming booksThe pacing on the other The Texan hand was shaky The beginning ambles a little Whener mentor dies Kyra isn t forced on the run so much as she just The Indoor Pirates hightails it out of there and at that point Tamsynadn t seemed like a terribly bad character and so Kyra s actions do come off as rash and bewildering The plot starts ambling again after the death only to collide Fisher Investments on Industrials headfirst into the tragedy that was Markswoman s Romantic Subplot In which Kyra doesn t befriend Rustan so much as she does pissim off get beat up by Timelines of American Literature him and then plummeteadfirst into what can be best described as a tragically ill timed romance In that order Then the plot slows again only to speed up in the las. Ngerous Mistress of Mental Arts assumes control of the Order Kyra is forced on the run She is certain that Tamsyn committed murder in a twisted bid for power but she Weggesperrt has no proof Kyra escapes through one of the strange Transport Hubs that are the remnants of Asiana’s long lost past and findserself in the unforgiving wilderness of a desert that is ome to the Order of Khur the only Order composed of me. .

Markswoman Asiana #1

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