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Amous English poet Lord Byron The story by large is fictional as the woman Leila never existed but Ahmed builds upon an idea I love so much giving historical women a voice In fact the author s note at the end of this book is really impactful In it Ahmed writes something very powerful When we say history is written by the victors w 35 starsI m honestly not sure what happened with this one It sounds like a book that I should have fallen in love with Dual timelines a mystery that connects them both exploring how history get written and rewritten by the most powerful I love all of that Not to mention the fact that the mystery somehow involves Alexandre Dumas As someone who used to love The Three Musketeers when I was ounger "that particular detail made me very excited to pick this one up So "particular detail made me very excited to pick this one up So did it all go wrong Let me start off by saying that I really wanted to see of the storyline from the 1800s that followed Leila and her struggles I felt like we barely got a glimpse into what was going on with her because all of her chapters were really short and as a result didn t really add much to the overall story in my opinion Her story was really intriguing to me and I wish we had gotten to see of it That said I did like the main character in the present time as well I thought Khayyam was well crafted and she was definitely a fun character to follow through all of her adventures in Paris I also really appreciated her love for history and thought that was written really well Stemming from that I really liked the way the mystery unfolded in this story and the way it all came together at the end I really liked how Samira Ahmed carried through the theme of erased and forgotten history over the course of the entire story I thought it was really well developed and explored thoroughly especially through Leila and Khayyam s connection to each other I also really appreciated the fact that it took place in Paris because the aesthetic Unmatched That said there were definitely some things in this that I found boring andor uestionable beginning with the love interest Firstly I just think it s kind of The Thing About Alice yikes that for a large portion of this book the main character who is a minor as far as I can tell is involved in a romantic relationship with a student who is definitely a fewears older than her That just made me uncomfortable And not to mention that the love interest was boring as fuck I can t think of a single personality trait of his Another thing that I found really annoying about this book is that despite it trying to make a point about the fact that women have the power to make their own stories a lot of the plot in this book revolves around Khayyam s relationships I just thought that was an interesting choice to make Also I didn t really care for either boy in this case and I was a lot interested in the mystery aspect so all of the romantic bits of this kind of dragged for me Overall though I think this was a decent book that just missed the mark on some things for me That said please don t let my review put Un lieu incertain you off of reading it because a lot of the things I mentioned in this review really do just come down to personal preference OH MY GOODNESSMy heart was soaring through the book with the amazing plot and fun mystery Khayyam is in Paris for her Summer vacation where she is ridiculed for her art essay for a Young scholar prize After stepping in dog poop and feeling like a total screw up Khayyam meets a cute french boy who might actually be a solution to her love life and her chance to get her Young Scholar PrizeWhy shouldou care read pre order Mad Bad Dangerous to know Lemme explainCharactersOur MC khayyam named after the famous Persian poet Omar KhayyamShe isFrench American Indian American Muslim American Biracial Interfaith Child of immigrantsShe s the best Indian American portrayal I ve seen so far granted not many and Khayyam roxxxx Khayyam is rightfully angry ARC Provided by NetGalley my review is unbiasedI m also a book bloggerWhile I loved slowly uncovering the mystery of this woman that had faded into the background of these lauded men I felt it was often to overshadowed by Khayyam s obsession with the guy she just met I found Khayyam to be a very frustrating character she s clearly flirting with this new guy while at the same time being mad at her boyfriend for posting pictures of himself with other girls Hello double standardsI loved the focus on identity Khayyam s identity as a Muslim FrenchIndianAmerican and Laila s identity as a female Indian Muslim in a world of powerful men They re very different people Khayyam is bubbly and awkward and obsessive whereas Laila is uieter stronger and speaks poetically of her lifeAlthough the title is a uote spoken about Byron he s little than a side character. Who has “gifted” her with favored status in his harem In the present day and with the company of a descendant of Alexandre Dumas Khayyam begins to connect allusions to an enigmatic 19th century Muslim woman whose path may have intersected with Alexandre Dumas Eugène Delacroix and Lord Byron Echoing across centuries Leila and Khayyam’s lives intertwine and as one woman’s long forgotten life is uncovered another’s is transform.

Ween her multiple identities Muslim American French Indian and it was "fascinating to see her grow comfortable in her own skin as the book goes on But she is also a teenage "to see her grow comfortable in her own skin as the book goes on But she is also a teenage who is attracted to two boys and is conflicted about whom to choose especially because none of them are perfect I had to actually remind myself repeatedly not to judge her through my adult gaze Her parents are professors and I absolutely adored them and their relationship with her Total parental goals and these are the kind of adult figures we don t often see in YA so that was a nice change In the past Leila is a woman of the harem who is not allowed any freedom or privacy but she is a formidable woman who takes matters into her own hands and decides to carve her own path It s a story mired in tragedy but also immense strength and every step of getting to know her was a joy Her story also plays such an integral part in Khayyam s character development and I commend the author for the beautiful way she wove their narratives together In conclusion this was a powerful story of two Starman The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin young Muslim women across centuries trying to carve their own path in life despite all the obstacles and I thoroughly enjoyed it If like meou are a fan of books that combine an engaging story with historical elements or if ou are an artliterary history nerd I think this book is perfect for ou It has an interesting mystery flawed but relatable characters and a love of art that permeates the pages It gave me a lot of joy while reading and I hope it does the same for Edge of Chaos Sons of Chaos MC you too ok i m gonna admit some slight confusion that this isn t related to lord byron but this also sounds AWESOME OMG Isn t it enchanting idea to read a book about two powerful women from different time lines who want to raise their voices and tell their stories One of them is in Paris searching for the deepest secrets hid behind a remarkable drawing with a charming French guy carries his descendant Alexandre Dumas name And the other woman is a haseki leaving behind the walls of Ottoman Harem telling her secret love triangle story which resulted tragically Didn tou get excited and start to dance like me To get in the mood I added some Oriental belly shake moves to my dance but my friends laughed so hard and recorded me Vol au-dessus d'un nid de coucou yes after seeing my magical movies on their phone camera I decided they were combination of Gangham style and a hamster who tries to catch its own tail So I gave up in the meantime So I locked myself in my bathroom and kept on dancing of course I put blanket on the mirror not to see myself and started my reading Khayyam theoung heroine of the book named after famous Persian poet Omar Khayyam She is French "American Indian American and also Muslim American An immigrant biracial interfaith But she is not a blank page of "Indian American and also Muslim American An immigrant biracial interfaith But she is not a blank page of everyone gets to stamp a label of their choosing She wants to be heard she wants to leave her traces in the universe She wants to follow her own path to create her own story she s destined to do She wants ou to know her name Just like Leila who wants to take control of her own life and make her own choices but she lives at the world dominated by man power and she has no choice but keep her silence bow her head and patiently endure the hand life dealt to her Instead of some historical faults about the harem life structure I was planning to work on a documentary about the hidden face of Harem behind the closed doors so I read tons of researches for months but guess what I went back to work on thriller projects the book s story telling is pure lyrical fascinating The powerful feminism messages and intersected stories of two different women s lives and their challenging uest to raise their voices were remarkable It s memorable and heart felting poignant time travel story Not literally but the author takes our feet off the ground and helps to take a journey between different continents time zones cultures to tell us we re a part of different cultural lyrical mosaic and a note from a symphony and we deserve to heard understood and we can actually find our own tunes by our own life experiences I think I have to read the previous books of Samira Ahmed Especially Internment is part of my long time TBR list and I have to prioritize the best books and work on my pile if I don t want to be sueezed under them soonerSpecial thanks to NetGalley and Soho Teen for sharing this poetic book s ARC COPY with me in exchange my honest review Ahmed s Mad Bad Dangerous to Know has a really gripping synopsis a budding art historian heroine spends her summer in Paris investigating the role of a mysterious woman from the Ottoman Empire who features in works by Alexandre Dumas most notably the author of The Three Musketeers the Romantic painter Eug ne Delacroix and the Should be a dream trip for the budding art historian But her maybe ex boyfriend is probably ghosting her she might have just blown her chance at getting into her dream college and now all she really wants is to be back home in Chicago figuring out her messy life instead of brooding in the City of Light Two hundred ears before Khayyam’s summer of discontent Leila is struggling to survive and keep her true love hidden from the Pasha. Khayyam s life is finished "And She S Only Seventeen "she s only seventeen that may be a bit over the top but she truly is beyond bummed to have completely blown her chance to may be a bit over the top but she truly is beyond bummed to have completely blown her chance to her life long dream Admittedly her over eager attempt to get into the Chicago School of Art Institute was not as well researched as it should have been The needlessly harsh criticism of one judge plays on repeat in Khayyam s mind The hateful words aren t wrong but neither is Khayyam s theory A portrait must to be missing from Delacroix s series based on Byron s prose And there "IS NO WAY THAT A WOMAN WHO INSPIRED POETRY "no way that a woman who inspired poetry paintings was a fictional character plucked from a dark fairy tale Khayyam will use her month in Paris to do some proper sleuthingMeeting the adorable descendant of Alexandre Dumas and discovering that he too is conducting historical studies could prove to be beneficial And exponentially entertainingAs Khayyam gets closer to a truth from the past she begins to see that even in the present people are not being completely honest Going from a having a potential partner to wondering who to trust was unnerving but uncovering the constantly controlled life of a mysterious woman was absolutely infuriatingThis woman who had been talked about never got the opportunity to speak for herself Her name was Leila and her story matters In learning about Leila Khayyam s initial goal to rewrite her essay and prove her case grows distant She s no longer focused on her future but resurrecting Leila s past is imperativeTeenagers are completely capable of being many things at once Inuisitive determined and tenacious while inexplicably also reckless romantic and immature I ve not seen those traits so perfectly captured and conveyed before meeting Khayyam in Mad Bad and Dangerous to Know by Samira Ahmed Truly terrific YA Historical FictionThis review was written for Buried Under Books by jv poore with a huge thank ou for the Advance Review Copy to donate to my favorite classroom library Two teens unravel the mystery of a Muslim woman mentioned in letters from Alexandar Dumas Yes As a fan of Byronic heroes the title is Relevant to My Interests Despite following the author for a long time on Twitter I have actually never read her books before Internment has been on my tbr for a long time but it intimidates the hell out of me and I m just so scared to read it But when I saw the blurb for this one I just knew this was my type of book and I had to read it immediately And it was amazing Even though I mostly read fantasy or romance novels I am actually very fond of books which have a lot of archeological historical or artsy elements I usually find these favorite aspects in my adventure novels so it was actually very refreshing to see a literaryart history related mystery in a YA novel I ve never been to Paris but it s a dream destination of mine and the setting here in the book was so vivid and lush that I felt transported but also sad that i haven t been there already I also liked that the author takes us to those places in Paris which are not the main tourist attractions we only get a single mention of the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower doesn t even get that but we see the charm in the places which only the locals would know And the way the author interconnected the stories of Alexandre Dumas Eug ne Delacroix and Lord Byron with the plot of this book was genius and it s a great feeling to be exploring the lives of such great artists who have left indelible impressions on us The writing style is eual parts endearing and poetic and beautiful and I just found myself lost within the words it was a mesmerizing experience that I won t be forgetting anytime soon The main theme of the book is about stories how we all have a story to tell how the past and present and future are all connected and an examination into who finally gets their stories told and who are lost to history We get a very critical look into how women and their accomplishments have been forgotten or deliberately suppressed for ages now and how it s important to not let that happen any History is always being rewritten as we go along because we uncover new facts or alternate POVs which change the context and it s our responsibility to ensure that the women and marginalized people whose stories were lost get a chance to voice their truth And all these discussions happen very organically between the characters within the novel and I thought the author did a marvelous job highlighting the importance of giving women the agency to tell their own stories I will not say I was completely in love with our main character Khayyam I definitely admired her love for art history her desire to prove herself and the earnestness with which she proceeded to bring Leila s story to light She is also torn bet. Told in alternating narratives that bridge centuries the latest novel from New York Times bestselling author Samira Ahmed traces the lives of two Tales from a Pilots Logbook young women fighting to write their own stories and escape the pressure of familial burdens and cultural expectations in worlds too long defined by men It’s August in Paris and 17ear old Khayyam Mauet American French Indian Muslim is at a crossroads This holiday with her professor parents. ,

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