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This book tackles a difficult topic with regard Comparing life with the wind is a well chosen example to show kids how things change when It S Gone It s one It shows respect for life

and different ways 
different ways people view death It presents diverse religious and non religious ways of seeing life It also shows how different people deal with it The parent must read and decide if the child is ready for this information depending on the child s age and be ready to answer the uestions that may arise and explain their beliefs As the author explains in her note at the end this book is meant to provide a means to promote dialogue when facing a loss This book is absolutely adorable It King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies gives children an idea of what death is like for others who may have experienced it without actually using the word death This book has a nice meaning behind it and is very sweet I thought th. BES A Big Hug series offers aentle and direct approach to the emotional issues that children face Written by a clinical child psychologist these books encourage youngsters to share and discuss tough topics with family and friends Life is Like the Wind introduces the concept of death to young readers by likening life to the ever moving wind When the win. Life Is Like the WindE one of the best children s books I have read in a many people Many people disagree and say that the topic of this is far beyond what a child should be reading about I think that is why I enjoyed it so much The story talks about life and death and what they both really mean Some people may be put off by the idea of their child learning about death at a young age but what bett A beautiful book on the topic of life and death Very accessible and a ood place to begin discussing it A beautiful simple book about death for children It doesn t profess to answer the hard uestions but it discusses what people think in a matter of fact way Just lovely What a beautiful yet simple explanation about death Written clearly and in terms a younger child will understand Soft and simplistic watercolor illustrations support the message found in the text Highly recommended. Missing them and how we can celebrate their memory It also introduces the various things people believe happens to a life that has moved on Endearing illustrations of animals enjoying missing comforting and honoring one another do a wonderful job of conveying the that although life is very precious when it is time for the life to leave it will Is was wonderful I loved that the Author To Give Eual Treatment To chose to eual treatment to beliefs as to what might happen after one dies I love the pictures Lady birds the sky filled with stars I am still reading it sometimes when I miss my dad It is difficult to let o of the Life the one you really felt close to It helps me in this way to just think about him is okay Shona has a very strong message in her picture books and this one really helped me and my son from the loss we had 9 months ago A very Class of 92: Out of Our League gentle story on the concept of death and what happens to us when we areone I think this was really well done This is my new Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story go to book on death for young children Written in a way that is sensitive to varied belief systems and world views this explains death clearly and honestly in way that is not frightening but peaceful A Life Is Like the Wind by Shona Innes has to D is present things move and fly and flutter about When the windoes away things become very stillLife is like the windWhen life How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead goes away the body is very stillThe body cannot move or feelor do anything anyWhere does lifeo when it oes From The BodyFrom There the bodyFrom there authors explore the feelings we have when a loved one's life oes away how we cope with. ,

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