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Lies Damned Lies and History

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Njoyable and well written Time travel Alternative History treat for the historically inclined And the characters are very very likable You guys have to check it out Now I wish you all Happy Reading and many wonderful books to come What to say By this point in the series you must enjoy the mad shenanigans uick wit repartee the way everything seems better after a cuppa and just plain FUN that these books are I did This series has really grown on me which is sorta amazing since at book 3 I was totally ready to give up on the entire thing Not only have the plot lines gotten significantly better but the author has figured out how to cause drama in the story without making the love interest characters have some detrimental communication driven catastrophe befall themThe best part of this story for me has always been the moments in time that the characters go back to and seeing a historic event in a new light The most significant thus far is the trip back to the time of Arthur and his nights For one I never realized the Author Excalibur and the Nights of the Round table was based on a real figure from history this is one of those times I feel like a stupid American in my utter lack of historical Talking to Dragons knowledge past the American Revolution Seeing a possible way that he could travel in and save the day for various communities was great and I was possibly the funniest solution to fighting in a battle that the St Mary s men have ever come up withThis series still suffers from some really choppy seuencing sometimes and I m a linear thinker so at times it is difficult for me to figure out the flow of the story when sometimes we are present day and other times we are in the past the past past and the freaking super far pastMax and Leon really are getting this whole marriage thing down and bravo to Leon for supporting a pregnant Max and accepting her traipsing through time with their unborn son Younow her really wants to lock her up in a room at St Mary s and make sure she is safe and sound forever But it seems that he has found a way to DEAL WITH MAX HIS MARRIAGE AND ST MARY S with Max his marriage and St Mary s think they will be okay As Chief Technical Officer I am angrier than I can possibly say That you could do such a thing beggars belief I unfolded my arms and prepared to disembowel him He continued As your husband I am mildly exasperated at your inability to stay out of trouble At this particular moment I am this unit s CTO Later tonight I will be your husband All right Wow to some of the stuff that happened in this book though I mean the stuff with Roland near the end was really heart stopping and I almost cheated and looked at the blurb for the next book just to get a clue as to the next book just to get a clue as to much trouble Max and babe were really inReally it has been some fantastic moments in time and I m loving the direction the series has taken What A total guilty pleasure that doesn t have much to do with romance vampires or werewolves One that reads so easy and so effortlessly and so addictively you might want to classify this as a class A substanceAnd OMG we re ALL able to abuse this shitYeah we are Just for the price of a book or a whole damn series Including short stories We can GET OUR FIXWhat s even better Oh yeah it s SF time travel and SO MUCH HISTORY for all us history buffs Total history pornOh and of course we ve still got our favorite characters just jumping blindly Nd is being used for ground breaking and daring historical research The series takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride through history from the destruction of Pompeii to the trenches of the First World War; from the Great Nto the past where they re able to get into so much damn trouble just because history isn t safe I mean is any time safe Of course not but we have to sigh and reconcile ourselves to the fact that Historians are idiotsSeriously IdiotsFortunately it s hard to stay angry at them even when they jump into several English wars get into serious trouble with Arthur become a pawn in Dr Bairstow s games even having Max think her last jump before maternity leave would be an easy Stonehenge reveal but no Of course no Any fan of this series is going to be sitting on the edge of his or her seat and wondering what dire andor absolutely horrible event is going to happen next and while I might be a pussycat in real life and wish to tell you what horrors await you in order to steel yourself to the tragedy well I won t I m mean on occasion Or often Who nowsBut this is where the tears start falling or do they This author is really really mean And AWESOME This is some great storytelling with really dry humor and great history and great characters and really mean and fast plots Why aren t people reading this It s totally entertaining as hell Rating 4 of fiveOh happy happy sigh Series book reading is a special corner of the larger literary marketplace A serial series book reader craves the comfort level of familiar faces but reuires that story still take place therefore tribulation and torment and so on be inflicted on our palsIt s a little like being married or as I recall that exceedingly unnatural institution anyway Fun is had in the schadenfreude of the moment of maximum chaos confusion and disorder before a new but very similar order emerges to give the world a spurious appearance of continuityI "Ve Had Pitchers Of This "had pitchers of this Aid and I m coming back for Buddy Read with the Honorary Historians of BBBThe way this started of this Aid and I m coming back for Buddy Read with the Honorary Historians of BBBThe way this started me chew my nails for about half the book And then just as I was taking a breath and despairing of what my manicurist is going to say next time I have an appointment things somehow managed to get worse By this time I should have nown better as to let my guard down If you ve gotten to this point of the series you re already familiar with the rather formulaic way the plot re already familiar with the rather formulaic way the plot jump disaster in the past disaster in the present caused either by what the historians did during the jump or King Arthur stealing swords a whole load of bad luck and time travel What could you wish for in a jolly good book This series continues to enchant and charm me and this book was just so much fun I found myself really getting into the story twists and there were many fabulous character moments which made me smile and even outright laugh which doesn t happen that often tbhOnce we re following Max but this time she and her team have just gone too far and the adventure that starts out so well uickly becomes a nightmare that means they may all lose their jobs max and her team are Historians they travel through time documenting and recording history to find out the truth behind the legends What I adore about these is the pure light hearted fun the characters have and the fact that even in the worst of situations there is ALWAYS time for a cup of tea These books delight me and make me smile and for me that is the sign of a very good read 4s Highly recommend the whole series to date and I am eagerly anticipating the next book to be released. Ire of London to the burning of the library at Alexandria; from Bronze Age Troy to the time of the dinosaursMeanwhile within at St Mary’s itself there are power struggles romances and intrigues worthy of a book in themselv. .
This rollercoaster event was proudly presented to you by Oscar the ringworm and carnivorous goats DInterestingly enough this book and the events therein reminded me strongly of book 1 What I mean is that there was uite a number of events leading the reader this way and that throwing us around not just through time and making it impossible to breathe or foresee where this was going In the beginning there is a pregnant Max wh 7 of her crazy series with the St Mary s crew I love these If you are looking for sense and seriousness you may these If you are looking for sense and seriousness you may allergic reactions If you want laughs time jumps through history and relationship momentary shots of adrenaline with eually uick resolutions you will like this It is a series with books shorts between actual numbers 35 275 etc and you make need to get creative to find them but it is worth the effort to read in orderThat said anything will result in a spoiler Read on McDuff Can t wait for the next one 444 This series is pure delight After all the horrors of the first several books the new timeline restart has really made a big difference especially when it comes to Max and Leon s relationship More precisely it has improved dramatically Max is pretty much the same old wild and crazy hilarious Historian but Leon has been transformed into the best husband ever He has developed the miraculous ability to be able to separate his personal and professional personas and I think this is what will save them as a couple because as a coworker Max is a wildcard who takes reckless actions and half baked decisions putting her life in danger at all times and Leon is a SAINT NOT HAVING STRANGLED HER WITH FRUSTRATION AND FOR not having strangled her with frustration and for own safety hundred times over And instead of The Drowning Man keeping her pumped up with narcotics andeeping her in a cage while at home and off the clock this wonderful man finds ways to be there for her crazy ass and do anything to make her feel better and safe I want a husband like Leon please In this book a young Historian gets emotional and Max and Peterson being the good and loyal pals that they are support him in a very bad and illegal plan which puts not only their jobs in jeopardy but the whole operation of St Mary s Institute comes under fire scrutiny and is threatened with being shut down How the heck are they going to get out of this mess On top of that they have couple of intense jumps in 6th century Britain some very sad details from the coronation of King George my heart broke for Princess Caroline and even a soaking
*during a crossing *
a crossing the thirteen century of King John And Max is pregnant throughout just making everyone uncomfortable with the idea that they might have to assist with delivery at any time Nothing ever goes right in St Mary s and if it wasn t for bad luck they would have no luck at all I find myself rooting for those screw ups and thinking of them as friends experiencing all the ups and downs with them even shedding some tears among the laughter There are the ever present bad guys who seem to exist just so they can make our gang s lives miserable But we also have some new teammates who seem to be made for life in the weird lane where St Mary s resides permanently Thank goodness for Dr B always plotting like a chess champion The Bride of Willow Creek keeping things if not regular at least still rolling I really hope I can encourage people to read this series because it is a very At St Mary’s Institute of Historical Research the historians don’t just study the past they revisit itBehind the strait laced façade of a conventional academic institution the secret of time travel has been discovered

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