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It was a uick read a pleasantly nice read and drew me in with all the drama and ups and downs Nothing Amazing nothing boring This book has cheating and I loved it I m starting by saying this because I read some maddening reviews saying I like this story but there was cheating so I m giving it one star because I don t approve of cheating Oo For me this is like saying you give a mystery you enjoyed one star because there was a murder and you don t approve murders Hello Reading and enjoying a story about cheating has nothing to do with your moral standing on the subject it s either a good story or not Sorry for the rant it was just to say that if cheating is a pet peeve of yours skip this book but don t give it one star because of itThat said The confusion and turmoil that came from a love triangle with the best friend were so real Already a love triangle is complicated but when you add a friendship of decades in the mix things get explosive I loved how we got all the prospectives in the book with different POVs Yeah Tyler Was Immature And Tyler was immature and indecisive And Rose made her fair share of mistakes but by the end of the book I couldn t help liking her and the she experienced Also the story totally didn t end how you d expectAnd "now to the part Ethan Yet another dishy book boyfriend He was dashing hot sexy and just "to the best part Ethan Yet another dishy book boyfriend He was dashing hot sexy and just right amount of alpha There was just to much he s sleeping with this one and she wants and does sleep with that onegoing on It was all very close too two best friends cheat on his girlfriend then one of the best friends starts sleeping with the girlfriends brother uite honestly I really hoped none of them got a happy endin. Cide if there’s to their relationship than being just friends And they must do it uickly as Georgiana is determined to do everything in her power to eep Tyler and Rose apart After all all is fair in love and warWill Rose make a leap of faith and trust Tyler with her heartWill Tyler make the right choice or will he be too lat. ,

The Alchemy of Night

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Lets Be Just Friends Just Friends #1Let s Be Just Friends Just Friends 1BackgroundI like rom com I like love stories I like them clean But every romantic book series that I have started in past three months and there are million mind you They all "Have The Same Basic Problem Romance Means "the same basic problem Romance means naked as soon as opportunity strikesAnyway this time for reasons I can t explain I got two books of the naked as soon as opportunity strikesAnyway this time for reasons I can t explain I got two books of the on same day And this is a combined review for both sort ofReviewPlot is about a few charactersRose and Tyler are childhood friends Tyler has a girlfriend Georigina Gigi Gigi s brother is Ethan Ethan is going out with Gigi s friend Alice Alice s roommate is Madison I am dozing off but wait let me finish this reviewProsCute fun romantic for all of two chaptersCons plot1 What the hell is wrong with Rose Her stomach flips when she sees Tyler and when she sees Ethan or Academia Nuts kisses them And the girl has no self control NONE WHATSOEVER2 Rose s problem is that she thinks Tyler is a playboy and cannot commit This is when she herself is having feelings about both Not just feelings she is acting on those too3 The BFF angle was overdone I had thought this would be friends falling in love cuz that is cliche but cute But no this was something elseCons writing styleThe narration is third person omniscient I don t understand the need to name the chapters and sections with characters names I mean readers would understand that there is a context switch between plots Very distractingVerdict25 stars DNF Didn t like it No explicit sex Just He took his shirt off I opened my eyes the next morning The writing style was okay but it disappointed me a lot No just noThey heroine bitched about Tyler cheating Rose Atwood has been in love with her best friend for years and she’s tired ofeeping her feelings under wraps for fear of getting hurt Being Tyler’s best friend is becoming difficult with every passing year and every new woman in his life especially Georgiana Smithson a snotty beautiful girl who’s in Law School with the. .
N ALL of his past relationships but the proceeds to be the other woman in his current one Um okay Then once he is interested she s like nope too late I hated this book well I hated the main characters in this book Also who falls pregnant on purpose to eep a man Honey that s so fucked up on SO MANY LEVELS UGH HELLO EVERYONELET S BE JUST many levels Ugh Hello EveryoneLet s Be Just has a new cover and a seuelEnjoy a Free e copy on me iBooksGooglePlayBNKoboLoveCamilla I really enjoyed this free short novel I liked how it all played out and that the story was told from all the different characters points of view I was sure I new the ending but I didn t which was greatI read this book in one sitting I was so engrossed I couldn t tear my eyes from the pagesThere were bits were I smiled cried a bit and got very mad or anxious It was so involving I really lost myself in the story And oh gosh I fell in love as Rose did A gripping story about best friends that struggle with deeper feeling Surprising development it didn t go where I expected it to and I like it better for itGood to read if view spoiler You don t mind cheating and you enjoy clean romances hide spoiler This novella was honestly one I really didn t enjoy I didn t care for the main characters their behaviour for the majority of the plotline was shocking The scenes of cheating I hated reading about it "was fast pacing due to the amount of dialogue used Sadly readers this definitely won t be one for re reading "fast pacing due to the amount of dialogue used Sadly readers this definitely won t be one for re reading stars 3 stars 2834 stars Conflicted Hated most of the characters Hated the fact that cheating was just so easy and normal and that marriage was seen as the right thing to do and not something you do out of love BUT. MWhen Rose dumped by her long term boyfriend moves temporarily into Tyler’s apartment tension spikes Georgiana wants Rose out of the house Rose wants Georgiana out of Tyler’s life And Tyler well he doesn’t really History of the Niagara Falls Power Company, 1886 1918, Vol 2 of 2: Evolution of Its Central Power Station and Alternating Current System; Construction and Operation know what he wantsAs an unexpected argument brings Rose and Tyler closer than they’ve ever been they must de.