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Ly smoke Dominick and Tim have had A Taste Of Lena And Are Not taste of Lena and are not to let her goLena is unsure if she wants the guys but a hot m nage soon changes her mindAnother short hot rotic read from BSM Stoneking Lena can t believe that she just had a hot threesome with two hunky security guards Tim and Dominick Now she doesn t know what to do She let them Cabaret: A Roman Riddle enjoy her body in the parking lot late at night and she ismbarrassed by her behavior and plans on avoiding the two menBut her friend and coworker Ann has other ideas Ann is happily married but she wants to live vicariously through "Her Friend And Hear All "friend and hear all her next threesome All of Lena s plans to leave arly are ruined when Ann leaves work arly because she s sick Lena has no choice but to stay late When she tries to slip out Tim and Dominick confront her and seduce her into another hot threesomeMs Stoneking once again writes a hot MFM threesome Lena heaves between the two men njoying both of their bulging passions penetrating her body The writing is hot and sultry building the xcitement and delivering the Naughty Goods Lena S goods Lena s day is hotter than the first Hot hot hotNote This is a short story and should not be read by anyone under 18 due to profanity and an All Roads Lead Home explicit sex scene The is a mfmroticaLena s Security Day 2 was ven hotter than the first book That Lena is one lucky lady Would trade places with her in a heartbeat This is a uick streams read More steam and sex Lena you little vixen Lucky girl gets both guys uick read but gets you hot and bothered. Own life to avoid them Tim and Dominick do than swap places with ach other their second day with Lena This rotic short story is an adults only read. ,

Just like Lena s SecurityWe have ROUND 2Oh yes Tim and Dominic are there waiting for their Lena and do such naughty things to her As the previous one yes this INDEED LITERALLY A UICKIE READ literally a uickie read but ll njoy very orgasmic page This book is for you if you want something super uick and like some MMF actionKinda wonder what day three "Will Be For Lena I Can Almost Bet She Ll "be for Lena I can almost bet she ll walking a tad funny lol Hot and SteamyLena s Security was beyond what words can describe I loved it and I LOVE the security guards who are super HOTI would recommend this book to all my ladies for 18 and up You will thank BSM StonekingShe s a great writer and I hope there is of Lena and her Security 5 scorching hot stars I need one of these books for very day of the weekevery girl doesOk so book one was off the charts Sexy but book two fml amazing I have never thought a m nage with two men was that xciting until I read this book Holy shit I felt what she was feeling The author made sure this was hot as sin Not only was it sexy as fuck and made you want to find these men in real life it had a cute loving little angel to it Omg I need Anyone who needs so sexy in your life jump on this now Shit ven if you don t need sexy you will after this bookI received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review Oh EM GEE That was HOT Well Lena s Security Day 2 is the next day after Lena s parking lot fantasy come true She s got the next day hangover regrets Maybe that wasn t a good idea I cant face them again I m to mbarrassed and so on Well. What was Lena thinking letting Tim and Dominick take advantage of her body the way they did last night They told her they plan to swap places with her. ,

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Thank GAWD for her fiend Amy Who pretty much forces Lenas hand In Lena s Security part 1 we get some super fantastic parking lot sex Well in Lena s Security part 2 we get some hot porn uality work place action Holy fuck me It SO good This book should come with a warning label WARNING May cause sudden arousal with potential for violent humping You have to watch Tim undress while I bury my face in that sexy pussy of yours He can t guarantee that no
one is going 
is going interrupt us She plans to tell him this but the moment his mouth locks around her cunt She Forgets What She Wanted To Say Oh I Don forgets what she wanted to say Oh I don think I can handle both of you inside me at the same time HOLT SHIT IS THAT A CHALLENGE OMG YES Please Yes I think she needs my cock secured deep inside of her at the same time Just look at me and only me Overall a fantastic little uickie Perfect to read over your lunch hour or right before you go to bed Purrrr Two is better than Onein ways that onelolJust sighLena is coming out of her shell sort of and totally takes the cake and ats it too in this second installment of Lena s SecurityDay one was no fluke and the boys will show her just how badly they want herLena and her Security guards melt the pages with their Just Cause explosivencountersJust as Yummy as before but a bit filling MFM action IwantSecurityGuards TeamTDWould love Lena Tim Dominic and definitely inf Another uick hot readLena is the perverable meat in the sandwich or the rose between 2 thorns She gets than she bargained for when it comes to to Tim and Dominick Day 2 Ho. Tonight but she's so mbarrassed by her own actions she's willing to do anything to avoid seeing them again Offended that Lena is willing to risk her. Lenas Security Day 2