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Liked it The author does an

"Wonderful Job Of Making The "
job of making the sympathetic without vilefying the mother My heart went out to the girl as she sat and waited for her mother knowing on some evel that she wasn t going to arrive The use of flashbacks to tell the story of the girl s childhood neglect by her mother is well done Some of the descriptions are captivating It is amazing how much depth that the characters have given that the story is really an interior monologue from one person s perspective This is a book about hurt disappointment hope regret and The Fiend Next Door loss Even if the reader hasn t experienced the sort of neglect that theead character does we can relate to her pain does we can relate to her pain emotions she is feeling are ones we have all felt at one time or another for one reason or another As such the device of not giving her a name works really well 35 stars This is a very minor book ike a short story I enjoyed reading it bc it had themes in common with Hand Me Down by Melanie Thorne which I just read Both books dealt with a young woman s relationship with her dysfunctional mother which made comparisons between the two books particularly relevant *Each Book Had A *book had a protagonist who understood her mother s problems and had earned not to et herself be destroyed by the weaknesses of the mother tricky motherdaughter relationship sometimes you wonder which one is the mother to me a good one but not so appealing as Rien de grave. Es up in flames with a grin Translated from French and billed as a roman à clef that is part memoir part fiction this debut novel by Justine Levy the daughter of French philosopher Bernard Henri Levy is slight in scope but addictive and elegant even as the scenes inscribed rival those in Bosch's paintings of hel. .
A moving book that hit uite a chord with me Some elements were awfully familiar I found it easy to read and I couldn t put it down I did have one issue with the book which stopped me from giving 4 stars I felt the narrator s voice to adult throughout but even so when she recounted memories from her childhood This was particularly irritating with early memories aged 4 8 Things she said emotions felt were far far too adult This reduced my belief in the character Even if any of this Novel Were From Real Life From The Author S Experiences were from real ife from the author s experiences don t *Believe That Is How A Child Would *that is how a child would to some of these scenarios It was sad that she accepted so much responsibility for her mother s worsening behaviour No child can take that on their shoulders In the end that began to irritate me and I hoped that by the end she would acknowledge her mother s responsibility for her own behaviour no matter how saddening it is for depression to be ever present in the family An 18 years old waiting for her mother at the caf where her mother and father first met 20 years earlier A mother who is charming and beautiful irresponsible and dangerous A simple story a short book but it really pulled me in I read it in one go the perk on sitting on a train you can do that you have nothing better to do and I found that it uite suited this story and how it was told The narration is just about as crazy as its main characters Louise and her mother Very. The first ove affair most of us have is with our mothers In The Rendezvous 18 year old Louise sits in the Parisian cafe where her divorced parents met whiling away a A Meditation on Murder long fruitless wait for her mother Alice by replaying scenes from theirives Gorgeous absentee Alice is a supreme narcissist and completely unconv. ,
Hard to follow almost senselessly so but I read it because I m in ove with the translator Would much prefer to read Lydia Davis s original work It was a good trip through the memories of young Louise #which exposed feelings ans situations we all experience beautifully Written I Read It In I read it in but the #exposed feelings ans situations we all experience beautifully written I read it in french but the with this book that it is *short yet she gets too deep in every memory which wasn t so pleasing to me jumping from one *yet she gets too deep in every memory which wasn t so pleasing to me jumping from one to another so uickly right after you start getting the previous one It sounded ike a diary that I would write than a good book to read I m not sure why it has all this fame Perhaps because the author s father is someone who is somewhat famous One annoying part is that the girl says several times she is 20 then several times she is 18 This inconsistency especially in a short book makes it all unbelievableI really wanted to enjoy this book from France but found that I could not I was intrigued a Travis little but it became of a voyeuristic time interest and if the book was not so short I would not have read it allThe book relates all sorts of stories A tour in the Tours of a wandering mindThe story A young woman waiting for her motherThis is an interesting concept of a book dynamic as the mind of a person waiting and static in Room as a person waiting I read the book while I waited for my friend trying to embrace the concept and Iove it I wish I d read it in French it s slim enough I might ve. Incing iar who dabbles in hard drugs and spends time in prison Though Louise affects a dispassionate cool as she conjures her up her descriptions are those of a jilted suitor still onging for the over who razed her heart Alice is enticingly wild and generous too a horrendous parent but a shining chimera who go.

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