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sentiments of the Lassie meet in her travels1 In this Kindle edition which is wonderful for students because it gives a extra materials history of the author analysis of the book and characters a The Hold Out (Brewer Brothers, uickiz and a glossary As I read this story I found a theme than just a dog s love for a boy but the author s commentary about World War 1 This was not going into politics but brought p the loss of a soldier and how loved World War 1 This was not going into politics but brought p the loss of a soldier and how loved has to deal with this grief and also how a soldier returning home is effected in his thinking and being different after that experience The older couple who takes care of Lassie remembers their son not being home because he was killed in action and the loss felt of his presence The scene where two men one younger having been in the war and one older who had not seen active combat The young man sees the dogs fight with Lassie and it brings The Gi War Against Japan up memories of what he saw in the war He had tried to tell his feelings about killing to the older man who did not see the difference in killing but to just kill without thinking because Lassie was there near the sheep and nothing else but that The young man wanted proof before doing away with a life These examples showed me that this author had in some way been effected by killing and the war I were thinking o March March i 1918 Andrew when they come overs and the regiment stood It were like that Andrew yon collie She fought the same way the Black Watch did Andrew I March back i 1918 When I finished and read the author s information this was confirmed and it told of this man s life which was very remarkable IMO The story had become a favorite enough for my Things Mother Used to Make ultimate favorite shelf in Goodreads but this section was a wonderful additionThese next threeotes are from the author s profile sectionThe coming of the First World War in 1914 changed all his plans America didn t take part in the war ntil 1917 but Canada being at that time a dominion of the British Empire was involved from the start Eric who wanted to serve travelled north to Canada and enlisted with the Canadian Light Infantry He saw extensive action during the war and fought in the Battle of the Somme a five month battle in 1916 *in which than a million men were wounded or killed In 1918 his brothers were killed while fighting *which than a million men were wounded or killed In 1918 his brothers were killed while fighting YpresBut with the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939 Eric was keen to serve just as he had done in the First World War twenty five years earlier By this time he was in his forties and deemed too old for active service by the British military but the American government recruited him to work in Intelligence But Eric would never know just how successful Lassie would become On 15th January 1943 Major Eric Knight was posted to Cairo The plane on which he was travelling crashed in Dutch Guyana now known as Suriname on the north eastern coast of South America killing everyone aboardSo we see how Eric Knight not only thought about life via his book but how he lived by a noble code which brought grandeur being in his actions2 The poverty and loss of a community source of wealth for its people is shown in the decisions made which would be tough on the whole family In the author s profile you see how Knight s life had experienced poverty and family troubles3 The learning of how a dog responds after life has been so changed and how his instincts had to adapt to the changing circumstances When he could trust all men but soon found out that there are men not to be trusted but avoided How some are kind and nderstanding to others both doghuman where others are not kind but mean and ncaring It shows how life effects reactions in dogs and humans4 The cruelty of man to not only dogs but other men The robbers attacking the peddler and the dog Toots helping his master during the alt. Hree times she escapes from her new owner and three times she returns home to Joe ntil finally she is taken. I have always wanted to read this book I ve seen the movie many times Now I finally read it as an adult However I didn t read it just as story but from the perspective of the Great Journey Home which we are all on My read was a Mental Math: Tricks To Become A Human Calculator (For Speed Math, Math Tricks, Vedic Math Enthusiasts GMAT, GRE, SAT Students) (Volume 1) uest forniversal themes and one in particular This ote had me in tears when I first encountered it and saw it as pertaining to my own journey back to Jesus there was no hesitation She was *Going Home Her Senses *home Her senses now aware of a great satisfaction for there was peace inside her being She was going home She was happy There was no one to tell her and no way for her to learn that what she was attempting was almost in the realm of the impossible that there were hundreds of miles to go over wild land a journey that would baffle most men going afoot This is a classic This book would be great for any animal loving child but adults like myself can find enjoyment too The writing style isn t too simplistic actually giving kids credit for having some brains The book also gives children credit for being able to handle mature subjects without going into any gruesome details view spoilerThe dog Toots is killed with a cudgel for instance hide spoiler This is a delightful and gruesome details view spoilerThe dog Toots is killed with a cudgel for instance hide spoiler This is a delightful and story that takes place right after World War I in England and Scotland The storyline centers on Lassie the Carraclough s pet Collie The family loves their dog very much but when hard times hit the family is forced into making a life changing and heart wrenching decisionThe town of Greenall Bridge could always depend on seeing Lassie trotting down the streets with her owner young Joe CarracloughAs the story nfolds you will discover how determined and loyal that a dog can really beThrough the experiences of Lassie you will meet many of the villagers some with thoughtful regards and some characters with bad intentions No matter what kind of situation someone is always there to guide Lassie on her wayThis book was originally published by Eric Knight in 1940 Only 3 years later the author died However the classic story of Lassie has been told again again since then in other revised adapted books and also in moviesI think almost anyone would enjoy this story The dedication and perseverance of the dog to the aint villages of England and Scotland and all the characters within along with their lovely British accents I savored every word I was looking for dog centered books and knowing all about Lassie via the TV show movies and the general public knowledge of this lass but I did not expect a story so meaningful and powerful I chose to end my yearly May reads celebrating our beloved dog Blondie with this book When I chose this book last year I had no idea she would not be near me as I read this but we did enjoy watching the 1943 Lassie Come Home based on Eric Knight s 1940 novel a couple months before her death I am not sure if she really even watched the TV because she generally fell asleep while we watched but I remember telling her look at Lassie on the TV Her first encounter with a TV some 15 years ago was seeing and barking at the people on the screen What makes Lassie extra important to me is though Blondie and Lassie are different breeds papillons have a similar face to collies The blaze and the muzzle plus both have sable coats which are similar but in
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degrees Look at Profile page nder photos to see what I am driving at I had many names for Blondie and Lassie Good Girl was one such nicknamehttpsmyoutubecomwatchvZnPor lMGM had an all star cast Roddy McDowell Donald Crisp Elsa Lanchester Nigel Bruce Dame May Whitty Edmund Gween Elizabeth Taylor and dog star Pal The movie stayed close to the book but as always you can get from written words than acting them out In the book Lassie never became like a human and talked but the narrator could see the reasoning an. Lassie is Joe's prize collie and constant companion But when Joe's father loses his job Lassie must be sold

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ErationEric Knight besides writing owned a farm in Pennsylvania he had collies which he raised and had a favorite named TootsThere was one collie above all that influenced Lassie Come Home his own dog Toots Speaking in 1972 Jere Knight said She was the most warm the most loyal the most loving devoted dog She simply would not leave where we wereAll these points had me loving this thoughtful and heart warming story which was grand enough being a dog lover that I am in the loving dog feeling the Jake Millers Wheel urgeneed to go home but it was much to me There are points not told but if you read this story you will see how wonderful Knight was as an authorThe story in short Lassie must be sold for times are tough and though someone s dog now his love for his boy needs him to go home despite any hardshipI enjoyed my May dog reads and how each othersed different ways to communicate their stories either with talking dogs or dogs where a narrator tells a dog s thoughts through his actions All forms are wonderful and I look forward to next year s pup reads I am hoping of Eric Knight s books come to Kindle SPOILER BELOW When Toots dies in both the movie and in the book I cried and it was one of the saddest parts for me I loved the father s honesty but skirting it a tad in changing Lassie to look different to confuse the Duke it seemed the only way to go besides the Duke was not fooled but amazed at Lassie traveling all those miles from Scotland to back home I take back every joke I ever made about Lassie The TV series has nothing on this bookI have never read such a perfect description of a dog The author described Lassie s actions without giving her the thoughts of a human The journey was super interesting and I loved getting to meet all the people along the way This actually made me cry I seem to be making a habit of that lately So don t judge by the book by it s movie This book is epic i was surprised by the emotionally maturity that the author gave to the soni love this book I think everyone and their mother knows the story of Lassie I mean there are countless movie adaptations But for some reason I haven t picked The Ippos King (Wraith Kings, up the bookntil now And I ve got to say this truly is a beautiful and heartwarming story from start to finish It was great hearing from a dogs point of view and the struggles she survived The story even had a few nexpected twistsSo in conclusion amazing *book and I ve got a feeling that it ll stay one *and I ve got a feeling that it ll stay one my favorite children s books for a really long time Lassie is one of those stories I thought I knew I finally got around to reading this 1001 Children s Book You Must Read this summer I was surprised to to reading this 1001 Children s Book You Must Read this summer I was surprised to the actual story is very different from my perception of the storyLassie is a strikingly beautiful collie owned by a poor family in Great Britain She is devoted to the boy in the family The father loses his job and decides to sell the dog to a rich man in the community The man takes the dog to Scotland but somehow though the distance is enormous Lassie finds her way back to her familyLassie is a genuinely heartwarming story without ever falling into sappiness and that s a difficult thing to do This is a book that a read and retread as a child as well as watched the movie The characters the Scottish countryside and the heart wrenching story of the loyalty of a dog and a family s poverty still stay with me 45 years later It is a testament to how a great book can become a part of our being and life experience as if we lived it ourselves I had to put this book on here because this was by far one of my favorite books when I was little I would constantly check Lassie out from my elementary library and read it over and over agian It got me into stories like Call of the Wild and White Fang But this book was one of the books that made me the reader I am today I love lassie. To the remotest part of Scotland―too far a journey for any dog to make alone But Lassie is not just any dog.