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Y underrated book I should mention that it is not the type of books I usually read I am someone who is not a fantasy of history in general and find it boring but my friend Petrik chose it for me for my 10 readers 10 recommendations challenge and as usual the recommendation ended up being a favoriteMy mix for the perfect novel is simple a balance of everything with a focus on characters and this was just that A book with an elouent prose realistic characters that I rooted for and mourned Great atmospheric world building and many twists along the wayI usually avoid these kind of books because they are slow paced very dense and have complicated writing I thought this was the opposite with an average pacing very available yet very alluring prose and I didn t feel that it was a dense novel The book is a ong one for sure than 600 pages but I found myself ost in the world and suddenly I was finishing it The author has such a way with words that made me push through the beginning easily and then fall for the rest of the story after that No glory now Just two men hacking at each other with sharp steel Each craving the other s death Both desperate to ive I am not someone who is an expert when it comes to historical fiction either from movies or books I have never read an Arthurian tale so I can t say that I was familiar with the characters At the acknowledgment part I read that mostly these kind of stories are told from the POV of Arthur or Uthred but I thought that author was aiming for something different and fresh He wanted to show the character of Lancelot and I think he did an outstanding job at that The book has a characters ist at the end of the book and a map at the beginning which is something I ove very much The magical thing is that I ended up following everything without needing to check those which is very magical for someone who usually have difficulties with that kind of stuff I just thought that the author polished the characters very much and made them three dimensional that you were obliged to care about them as a reader whether they are a main or a secondary character Even the characters that I didn t ike as a person I enjoyed as a reader because they were just so well executed the druid for example was a character that I had so many strong emotions toward and I think that s brilliantAnother thing I did not expect but Naples! liked that the story goes through theife of Lancelot as a young character and has a few time jumps which showed how he grows as a character Guinevere too was a character that grew a The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey lot through the story and I think the romance between them was just effing cute and great I think it was one of my favorite bookish relationships that I read about this year What is the worst they can do to us Perhaps I was a fool but I felt neither fear nor regret And as for Guinevere Ioved her and she Itsuka loved me I believed that was enough I found the pacing to be averageeaning toward the slower side of things although I have seen some readers describing it as slow paced or fast paced in their reviews so I think it is very subjective As someone who is not familiar with the tale there were many twists along the way that just were surprising and gave me goosebumps I won t mention much but if you read the book then you probably know which are those The plot is kind of the only thing I wanted to criticize initially because it was not clear where the book was going It starts as a revenge story but soon after it deviates from there and we have kind of subplots and then the story ended up kind of fast but after thinking about it it is a retelling and the author has to preserve the historical facts so there is not much he could
about that and that s I am ess annoyed with the plot now Add to that many action packed scenes and I am going to pass over the things that irritated me a bitSummary This is a character based Arthurian retelling that just maintained perfect mix of everything else If you are a history of historical fiction then this is a must read and if you are not but willing to try something then I recommend this too I am definitely getting the HC of Camelot and reading it soon You can get books from Book Depository Bernard Cornwell is the king of historical fiction That s not my opinion it s an actual fact His Arthur Trilogy The Warlord Chronicles Is A Great Piece Arthur trilogy The Warlord Chronicles is a great piece writing yet for all that I much prefer Lancelot There s just something captivating about the way Giles Kristian has told this story For a start the Arthurian myth is something that has been adapted many times into fiction movies and television shows So what s new about this version Well it s told solely from the perspective of Lancelot from beginning to end and it is driven by his experience of the events We see his side of the story We see how he fell in ove with Guinevere when he was very young and we see how he was forced into an impossible ove triangle that threatened everything he had become He didn t want this it just happened You see Lancelot had been training his entire ife to become a warrior After his entire family was betrayed he has been under the tutelage of Lady Nimue and her personal warrior guard He has become a skilled fighter and an honourable man He saves Arthur s ife and pledges him his service He becomes the best of his men This version of Lancelot is not a conniving wife stealing snake as I ve seen before but a man caught between the two people he oves most in the world thus the novel becomes a compelling character study And it was fantastic One of the greatest difficulties in writing historical fiction is balance Some authors stretch their stories out too far even after the plot has dried up Others do not give their characters enough substance and prioritise contextual details and timelines Giles Kristian gets it just right This is a big book with a huge story though it keeps moving forward and does not get stuck in the mud Even though the events are dramatic and swift I feel ike the characters are depicted perfectly Arthur reminded me very much of Cornwell s version However this is Lancelot s novel and seeing him as a child added so much depth to his character And it also made it very easy to sympathise with him Although his ove for Guinevere arguably was the downfall of Arthur s dream of Britain I can t blame Lancelot I can only understand him and feel for him Lancelot never stops growing until the end He No Strings Attached learns about himself and how far he is willing to go for who heoves His was an impossible situation I also Fancy Strut like the sense of realism that ran through the story it showed how historical details or events can easily become exaggerated and turned into myth Merlin s antics for example and the finding of Excalibur are both very ordinary things but infused with just enough mystery to make the very real seem magic It s all very well done and theast scene must have been terribly hard to write and I must say it s easily one of the best closers I ve ever read This is an explosive book the pinnacle of the genre Go read it You can connect with me on social media via My Linktree. With just a hunting bird and dreams of revenge is now a Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka lord of war He is a manoved and hated admired and feared A man forsaken but not forgotten He is LancelotSet in a 5th century Britain besieged by invading bands of Saxons and Franks Irish and Picts Giles Kristian's epic new novel tells through the warrior's own words the story of Lancelot that most celebrated of all King Arthur's knights It is a story ready to be re imagined for our time. Es of one of Britain s most Unbreathed Memories legendary warriors It has a great flow is well written brimming withore and I cannot wait to pick up the follow up Camelot Highly recommended I smell the rising fog of the crowd s breath It warms my feathers against the thin dawn air and I watch I feel too More than a bird should feel The sorrow which ies over the assembly ike a shroud The fear The uncertainty and the regret A boy who watched his people perish A student who became the first among his ranks guided by Lady Nimue and Merlin A young warrior who fought by the side of a great Graduates in Wonderland: The International Misadventures of Two (Almost) Adults leader A man whooved the one woman he wasn t allowed to A fighter A betrayer His name became part of the greatest saga Lancelot The day after Uther died grey clouds rolled in from the ocean to cloak Tintagel in a dark pull and the sound of women s wailing hung in the air A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 like the threat of rain I d heard some women saying that Britain was gods cursed which was why the Saxons were getting stronger while our own great warlorday stiff and cold It seems difficult to breathe new I Love My Dad life toegend that has been echoing All about Us loudly throughout the ages No matter our cultural background we all know about Arthur Guinevere Lancelot Morgana Merlin and Morder and the stories of the Knights of the Round Table By placing Lancelot at the centre of the action Kristian achieves the impossible He makes theegend new he creates a wondrous tale that you feel you ve never heard beforeThe story is stripped of most of High Fantast elements What we have is a very realistic raw and rich adventure of a and that tries to stand on two boats The pagan past and Christianity the ust of every warlord king and the urgent need to unify and defend itself against the invaders Whatever magic there is can be found deeply connected to the ancient roots and the sacred traditions that accompany the warriors of old before a new age that is about to begin Lancelot embodies the very humane confusion of struggling to belong and do your duty divided by good sense and the demands of the heart that walks on a path of its own The druids and their conspiracies the gods of War and the Sea and the shriek of Morrigan s call are Noni Speaks Up loud and depicted in extraordinary detail and accuracyLancelot is a controversial character in the Arthurian saga Here he becomes the protagonist a very sympathetic voice who fights betweenoyalty and Handbags and Gladrags love Arthur is theeader we all know Merlin is the voice of the past Morder is the sly one but his motives are clear and he becomes uite the tragic figure It is Guinevere I really really An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) loved Kristian presents a true heroine enchanting mysterious pragmaticevel headed As it is always the women who are blamed for every ill that befell Arthur and his dream this version of Guinevere is the best I ve ever come acrossFierce battles egends that rise from the mists of a sacred and character Wish Upon a Wedding larger thanife Giles Kristian reimagines the Arthurian epic and the result is uniue I can t wait to read Camelot A prince without a kingdom and a hawk that can t fly The bards could weave a sad tale there My reviews can also be found on My full review on BookNestBookNest LancelotSimply one of the best books I have ever read Pure brilliance Incredible prose amazing characters immersive world building And yet Arthur had Merlin And Merlin had an idea And so Arthur istened Lancelot is a historical version of the Arthurian tales that was refreshing and special Wow it was phenomenalThe Arthurian egends have undoubtedly consisted of some of my favourite tales of all time From the film adaptations to Tolkien s epic poem The Fall of Arthur and Bernard Cornwell s Warlord Chronicles These are some of my favourite books ever hence why I am currently writing a 6000 word essay on the evolution of
legends Lancelot now enters this and goes right up near the top This was a wonderful retelling of well known stories from a uniue and wonderful perspective including an entirely new coming of age story and giving such a brilliant depth to the story of Lancelot Giles Kristian s prose is smooth clear and alluring The reading was made even better by the great audio narration of Philip Stevens the first audiobook I ve ever istened #to Arthur would fight for Britain I would fight for Arthur And #Arthur would fight for Britain I would fight for Arthur And would always own my soul The gods are cruel The characters are masterful New characters were brilliant and memorable Pelias and Melwas being two such people I fell in ove with some I absolutely despised others They will Richard Nixon: The Life linger on my mind for aong time to comeThis is my first reading of a book by Giles Kristian a crime really And oh was I so happy to discover he creates amazing action seuences You are immersed into the conflict whether it be a duel or a skirmish or a I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! large scale battle Whatever it is you will feel as if you are there participating in the crush of battle experiencing the claustrophobic adrenaline rush of the shieldwall Yet another aspect of this book to praiseLancelot is a story of heroism and tragedy Ofove and oyalty Of a heart wrenching decision between friendship and ove An impossible decision I hate certain decisions Lancelot makes but I could not stop myself sympathising with him and agreeing with his course Kristian framed the story in the perfect wayOverall I cannot express the joy I found in this novel It was utterly brilliant Never a dull moment Characterisation plot and pace was all spot on Nothing to fault in this magnificent tale I wait with baited breath For The Seuel Galahad55 STARS the seuel Galahad55 STARS THIS BOOK Incredible I can t remember the Puppet Master last time I cried so hard 475 I m distraught Never never never did I imagine it to be this heart rending WHAT A RIDE I firmly believed that I would never experience another Arthurian novel as magnificent as Bernard Cornwell s Warlord Chronicles trilogy I was wrongIl start my review by saying thank you to Robin Carter from Parmenion Books for recommending this book to me Without him I wouldn t have known about this book at all Seriously other than his one time recommendation I Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners literally never heard of o What a great re telling of the Arthurian mythos Cornwell s Warlord Chronicles is one of my favourite series of all time and I don t think I m alone there so for me Giles Kristian s decision to step into the same mist shroudedand is a brave and bold step Especially when he s writing about Lancelot who Cornwell masterfully turned into one of the most Janae (Blacktop, loathed and despised characters I ve ever had the pleasure of hating And yet Giles Kristian did it He turned Lancelot into a character I felt for cared about and dared to dream for even though I knew there was not going to be a happy ending He crafts a beautiful tragic tale with exceptional heart punctuated by visceral blood spattered battle scenes A must read This Review Blog Twitter Instagram My sons said the King of Benoic thrusting his sword into an open mouth and hauling it back Don t be afraid boys he growled It is only death This currently has a rating of 425 stars on GR and it totally deserves that but it only hasike 1600 ratings which means it is a criminall. And beautiful girl herself outcast because of her gift And he will be dazzled by Arthur a warrior who carries the hopes of a people ike fire in the dark But these are times of struggle and blood when even friendship and ove seem doomed to fail The gods are vanishing beyond the reach of dreams Treachery and jealousy rule men’s hearts and the fate of Britain itself rests on a sword’s edgeBut the young renegade who eft his home in Benoic. Lancelot an epic that traverses Arthurian Britain an epic that is as captivating as it is breathtaking Prepare for heart wrenching destruction and a whole new portrayal of the egend of Arthur Thank you to my brother Will and some of my favourite bloggers for recommending it What is the worst they can do to us Perhaps I was a fool but I felt neither fear nor regret And as for Guinevere I oved her and she oved me I believed that was enough Giles Kristian is a renowned historical fiction writer writing fantastic viking age novels Lancelot is very different to his pervious books 672 pages focusing on character development rather than the break neck pacing and action of the Raven Saga and Sigurd s Saga I oved itI know that whenever anyone mentions Arthur I immediately think of Bernard Cornwell and his fantastic Warlord Chronicles It is so iconic and brilliantly told it is difficult to not think of it Lancelot is an entirely different beast and one that Giles Kristian acknowledges to be inspired by Cornwell s telling There are not many novelisations that explore who Lancelot really is not many that stray away from Lancelot just being some terribly disloyal man However this Lancelot really showed how a book can go completely against the grain and be utterly brilliant No glory now Just two men hacking at each other with sharp steel Each craving the other s death Both desperate to Why Diets Make Us Fat live Kristian s Lancelot comes toife slowly gradually rising from the embers and ashes beautifully crafted and emotionally driven from the early chapters This book begins with a young Lancelot and follows his Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., life in the dark world of the 5th Century Britain is full of suabbling kingdoms truly the dark ages after the Roman s haveeft Britain to the formidable Saxons There is Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, little hope for the Briton sThis re telling includes many well known characters for those who have read some Arthurian fantasy I really enjoyed these characters who I have read about previously as they were brought toife in different ways than I predicted Some had their staple personalities Merlin is witty and Bors is stoic and of course our main character is completely Everyday life in medieval times likeable andoveable Compared to Cornwell s trilogy it wad refreshing to see the story from Lancelot s perspective and he is a fantastic main character kind hearted North loyal a fighter and someone who felt all too real which really enhanced every emotional scene there are many And yet Arthur had Merlin And Merlin had an idea And so Arthuristened It is a slow build up and I felt myself onging for some uick progression of Lancelot s early years however I found the I read the I had appreciated the beginning and the gradual build up as it really is a character driven book and it meant I was already completely invested by the time scenes packed a punch The final third was brutal and emotional and I felt every high and ow Lancelot felt Hats off the Giles The beacon flames Dead Giveaway leapt high into the night sky the crack and pop of the fire ravaged wood carrying across the water which was dark but for the copper gloss which those flames cast a spear throw distance out into the bay And beside that ember spewing fire illuminated so that their spear blades and helmets and shield bosses glinted stood aine of warriors 55 This is a fantastic book a wonderful re telling of the Arthurian Knight Lancelot It is refreshing and so enjoyable with Kristian s staple intense shield walls but with added character depth that I did not see coming and scenes that will bring tears to your eyes I Andrew Lost In the Kitchen loved it and I cannot wait for the seuel Camelot to be in clutches Lancelot is an epic and thrilling take on the Arthurianegend that is presented in the first person perspective through the eyes of Lancelot the prince and the warrior who becomes Lord Arthur s best friend and a God of War And the first I knew of the attack that s best friend and a God of War And the first I knew of the attack that which would change my Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism life forever was the scream Lancelot is only eight years old when we first start his journey here King Ban s castle is attacked by King Claudas and Lancelot is forced to flee the region with his family and other survivors Bedraggled and vulnerable they venture North to theand of the Beggar King where they hope for respite An excess of hardship and negative events including the deaths of Nope loved ones pollute Lancelot s early times His formative years take place under the watchful eye of the beautiful yet mysterious Lady Nimue at Karrek Loos yn Koos where he trains as a warrior and meets Guinevere Later on in the narrative when he is in hisate teens Lancelot becomes acuainted with Arthur and falls for his ideals of a united Britain under his banner and to push back the Saxon s from their shores for good Lancelot becomes oathbound to Arthur and alongside the other members of the Lord s Warband they really are a force to be feared Apart from the names of a few of the characters such as Merlin Gwaine Guinevere Mordred etc I m slightly embarrassed to say that I knew ittle about the stories of the etc I m slightly embarrassed to say that I knew ittle about the stories of the of Arthur In hindsight that is probably a positive as I could just embrace Lancelot as a work of fiction and enjoy the events as they hit the pages without the distractions of thinking that s not how it happened that isn t how I pictured that guy I don t agree with how that was retold etc What I did enjoy doing throughout was Googling the characters featured and reading their Wikipedia pages to find out about their real Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison life counterparts Kristian s characters seen through the eyes of Lancelot are an excellent asset for the tale There is a wide range of players who influence Lancelot sife including his family father figures rivals sword brothers enemies and a couple of animal companions Standout relationships were those of Lancelot with Pelleas Guinevere Arthur Mordred Merlin and also his very moody sparhawk Animals seem important throughout in certain imagery and presented omens This is a world where most still honour the old Gods and a simple sign could be read to mean that the Gods are on your side or that doom is impending Excluding a few events the first two hundred or so pages are pretty slow going mainly focused on presenting the foundation of Lancelot s character including his training his need for revenge and his options place in this world After that the novel is predominantly a thrilling action packed war focused drama The novel features honour among allies some fantastic battle segments a couple of amazing one on one duels and distrust of individuals whose motives seem uncertain It can be analysed too that Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz love can be a burden that can be dangerous than war Iiked some of Kristian s Buck: A Memoir lexical choices that really get you into the mind of a warrior such as arrow s shot or spear sength to define distance It is probably of no surprise that this is a pretty gory book at certain points uite often people will get stabbed in the throat the groin have an arm Oh, the Things They Invented!: All About Great Inventors lobbed off throat slit etc but as many of you will be reading this on Grimdark Magazine I doubt that this will put you off Lancelot is a fast paced thrilling action packed war drama presented through the ey. Theegions of Rome are a fading memory Enemies stalk the fringes of Britain And Uther Pendragon is dying Into this fractured and uncertain world the boy is cast a refugee from fire murder and betrayal An outsider whose only companions are a hateful hawk and memories of the ost Yet he is gifted and under the watchful eyes of Merlin and the Lady Nimue he will hone his talents and begin his journey to manhood He will meet Guinevere a wild proud. ,

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