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3 3 3Ace It was a good read however at times felt as If I were reading a blatant copy of a classic Vonnegut Too lazy to post an example but ou read both authors works Un monstre dans les céréales you ll catch the glimpse of what I mean Interesting book that shouts atour ear read me again and again It s not easy to go through this novel because there are many characters details and parallel plots Also the characters are interesting peculiar simply unusual I found many interesting and motivating lines in this book thoughts that ought to be remebered But to be sincere I ve read many chapters at least twice just to catch the whole picture of the puzzle This is a good book It takes a while until the puzzle This is a good book It takes a while until find Nam yourself in the author s environment which makes the book s beginin very interesting However as the story progresses it becomes rather monotonous The ending however is wonderful Absolutely wonderful A deep reflection on pain loss and love A very clever story beautifully written You finish the book andou immediately want to start reading it again I ve "Gone Through Some Pages " through some pages and over again As with. A los cuarenta Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination y dos años Bonifaz Vogel empezó a oír una voz La voz ue venía de la tierraIsaac Dresner corría desviándose del destino ue silbaba a su lado Dobló varias esuinas dejando atrás al soldado entró en la tienda de pájaros de Bonifa. .
And feels so easy and poetic "THE WHOLE STORY IS A BIG " whole story is a big ou re trying to put together and in the end it does not disappoint I was amazed by how fast i read it and how I simply didn t want to put it downHe has become one of my favourite authors and I want to read every book he HAS WRITTEN FIRST I HAVE TO SAY THAT I written First I have to say that I extremely confused I loved the book couldn t stop reading it to the point to tell myself slow down Exactly because of the way I am feeling now the extremely strong feeling of for the way I am feeling now the extremely strong feeling of for I missed something in between This book is not to be read in a hurry Ok let s say a good book is never to be read in a hurry But this one really I have to start it again and taste it slowly because there are so much to keep I have so many images in my mind and still so many uestions Don t want to just put it aside and forget on the contrary want to keep it very present Ningu m vai uerer comprar p ssaros ue cantam em sil ncio Tem raz o sr Vogel mas ue fazer Eu sei umas can es preciso voltar a ensinar os p ssaros a cantarFantastic the idea of giving mister Vogel this name Vogel avi rio. Vogel sentado en su silla de rejilla afinó el oído Oía voces Fue en ese momento cuando empezó a oír vocesY auí empieza la historia de Isaac Dresner Bonifaz Vogel Chasing McCree Chasing McCree y de las personas ue encontraron de las vidas ue tuvieron de las ue dejaron atr?.

Summary A Boneca de Kokoschka

All Afonso Cruz s books read so far it s in the of the wording that lie the vivid imagery of emotions that Impossible Things you In this one to tell a story about stories of people entangled in destinies that are not their own but which they have a chance to make And all told as if it was one of those Matrioshka dolls with the possibility of secrets or fates undisclosed until we open them Or a house in which we open every closed door until we discover all the rooms in it It finds a way throughour heart and stays there The only thing ou sholud do with this lovely piece of literature Is To Cherish It Beautiful to cherish it Beautiful I love Cruz s ability to discuss very difficult and heavy topics with easiness and humor I laughed out loud I was exploring different ideas about the world and life I felt compassion Beautiful book I highly recommend this book and all of his other books I had absolutely no expectations going into this book It was a gift from my aunt and uite honestly I didn t think I was going to like itHowever it has became one of my favoutrite book ever The way he writes just flows. Z Vogel Su padre unos años antes había construido un sótano en la tienda Isaac writes just flows. Z Vogel Su padre unos años antes había construido un sótano en la tienda Isaac había acompañado había visto crecer auel espacio oscuro debajo de la tierra Jadeante entró sin ue se percatara Bonifaz Vogel como el agua en un coladorBonifaz. A Boneca de Kokoschka