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Young adult debut Mystic City as Futuristic Romantasy if I had to be precise It takes place in a future but alternative version of Manhattan The plot relies heavily on its fantastic lements namely on the Calling Home existence of Mystics who are people who have magic which is used asnergy as the stuff which makes skyscrapers float high above the flooded landscape with its crumbling moldy buildings and as the basic ingredient of a wonder drug called Stic And the story definitely concentrates on the stormy and unuenchable forbidden romance between the offspring of bitter political adversaries than on the glitzy glossy Mafiosi mystery That tendency was transparent in the novel s working title which had been Your Heart Like uicksilver Like very other futuristic publication aimed at teenagers Mystic City comes pitched with a comparison to The Hunger Games which seems to be obligatory these days plot and setting nonwithstanding and which nobody takes seriously any My pitch would have been A cross between Gossip Girl Blue Bloods and ExodusI ve rated Mystic City three stars which means I njoyed reading it all in all There has been a lot of ye rolling a lot of Yes Buts and a lot of Do You Think I Am Dense which I will xplain shortly but the heroine was thoroughly likable and brave the hero attractive super powered and mysterious the romance although instantly there and super kitschy pretty romantic the villains villainous the action plenty and rapid and the world building although unbelievable vividly painted in rich sparkling detail and rather creative view spoilerI want a rebellious boy fetch me from my penthouse balcony on his magic motorcycle too Maybe that would heal my fear of heights hide spoiler 35 starsMystic City has just about The Structure of Soviet History: Essays and Documents everything one wouldnjoy in an scape It s has a uaint Romeo and Juliet story line a political background a sci fi flare and magic laced in very page Add conspiracy betrayal true love and tainted memory lost and how could you go wrongTheo Lawrence pens a brilliant imaginative and creative world It s set in a futuristic Manhattan and there are two kinds of people One are the Mystics who have special powers and forces of nergy They are meant to be dangerous and a nuisance to the Non Mystic folks Aria Rose just happens to be the daughter of I m ngaged to Thomas and yet I let another boy kiss me And I kissed him back The worst part He s not ven a regular boy he s a rebel mystic Oh no Of all the people suffering in the world all the injustice going on in the Depths of futuristic Manhattan THIS IS THE WORST THING EVERThat s great That s wonderful Good for you sweetie I just don t want your sort in a sci fidystopian novel Get the fuck outta hereThis book has1 A weak spoiled wealthy TSTL socialite heroine whose attempts to do good are as laughable as a pet kitten bringing me a half aten mouse2 A lovetriuadrhexathingamajig3 A poorly conceived and largely nonsensical setting4 A love interest with stalkerish tendencies5 A plot that s 90% romance and 10% story with not a single bit of subtlety6 Villains that stand around twirling their mustaches and cackling maniacallyThe Summary Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to fall in love The love you see on TV or read about in books where you find your missing half the person you were meant to be with forever and suddenly you re complete It s the future in Manhattan New York No idea when it is but uh global warming happened and the world the world meaning just Manhattan has gone to shit Yeah It s that kind of a premise Suddenly we have flooding and sweltering temperature and people with magical powers called MysticsAria Rose is about to have all her dreams come true She is Comfort And Joy engaged to the son of a rival political family Thomas Foster Except it doesn t really feel that great Why She s lost all her memories I fought for true love and I wonNow I just have to remember it Aria remembersverything Her family Her friends The time she ate all those oysters and puked her guts out It s just surprisingly specific that the one thing she can t remember is something that should have been the most important ThomasHmm HMMMMMMMMMMMHer upcoming marriage is a brilliant one Really her forbidden and forgotten love affair couldn t have worked out any better for her family and Thomas The Fosters and the Roses have been at political war for years but now they ve decided to team up against a Mystic politician who is threatening their political dynasties It s just the most amazing coincidence ver that Aria and Thomas has decided to fall in love at the time when it s most important that the two families ally together against a common nemy It s just such a shame that Aria can t remember a goshdarned thingHmm HMMMMMMMMMMMAria only knows something There s a mysterious boy who makes her heart beat fast Fitness for Geeks: Real Science, Great Nutrition, and Good Health every time he s near There s just something about himHunter He s a Mystic boy a forbidden boy who s as different from the patrician Thomas as night and day Hunter shows upverywhere her balcony her room It s just so amazing that he happens to be there very time Aria s in danger Like when she steps over a skyscraper railing just for fun and almost splats to death due to her own fucking stupidity I ve started to bring my leg back over the railing when my other foot slipsAnd just like that I m falling Ugh Thomas is SO handsome and SO rich and it would be really nice to be his wife and all her friends are like sooooo looking forward to their wedding The girls nod as if they understand That makes sense Kiki says Meanwhile I still don t have a friggin date to the wedding I want some cute guy to dance with during the slow songs and make out with in the bathroom Time is tick tick ticking away Bennie says clapping her hands together But it doesn t FEEL right Thomas is like soooooooo cold And Hunter is like SOOOOOOOOO HOT And then there s this pesky little thing about giving the poor downtrodden Mystics their basic human rights Which Hunter and Aria will TOTALLY get to Once they stop admiring ach other and going to carnivals From here I can see the ntire carnival the colors and the lights the Magnificent Block ignited with festivities This is gorgeous I find myself sayingI think I hear "Hunter say You re gorgeous under his breath Yeah Once they get their minds into the game and out "say You re gorgeous under his breath Yeah Once they get their minds into the game and out ach other s Working Windows: A Guide to the Repair and Restoration of Wood Windows eyes Hunter and Aria will change the world How Love Hunter asks hisyes wide Could the things you re feeling be love I gulp and nod at the same time I think so I say I hope so Me too he says More than anything in the world Then he leans in and kisses me Not on my forehead or cheek but on my lips A real kiss A kiss that feels like it can change the world The Plot This is the first major The Game of Love event inighty years that all the young Manhattan lite are attending together Everyone will be here regardless of allegiance Foster or Rose kids from BOTH SIDES OF THE ISLAND THE PLUMMET PARTY AT sides of the island The plummet party at American pales in comparison Come on I say shoving through a crowd of paparazzi Because the best way to celebrate the union of two rival houses is to PARTY PARTY PARTYTHERE IS NO PLOT The book SHOULD have been about Hunter and Aria working together to free the Mystics instead Aria spends 90% of her time going to parties thinking about Hunter hating her parents thinking about Hunter going to parties wondering what s up with her memory loss talking to her BFFs thinking about Hunter wondering what s the big deal with Thomas going to parties and thinking about Hunter some The Setting The heat they say is because of the global climate crisis the melting of snow and ice around the world and the rising sea level that swallowed Antarctica and all of Oceania Global warming is also to blame for the canalsfilling what used to be low avenues and streets with seawater Welcome to another global warming dystopian premise With magicIt s the future We don t know how fucking far in the future it is but it s gotta be pretty fucking far in the future in order for global warming to get to such an xtent to almost immerse Manhattan in water The upper classes live in the Aerie high rise structures while the lower classes live in the Depths where crumbling buildings and shit falls on them all the fucking time We now use gondolas to get around and for some fucking reason the subways still xist but unused and sealed but aren t flooded since people still use them as hiding placesbut why aren t they flooded since they re underground How did the waters recede in the tunnels anyway I glance around at what must have been a waiting area for people to board the subway The ground is slick with grime and roded from where at one point it must have been completely flooded Ah logic Fuck logic Who needs logic anywaySo in this magical mystical future we have technology that can specifically rase memories but there s a surprisingly lack of technological advancements Hell it s likethe 21st century We have iPod like music play. Ntación ahora la ciudad va ser testigo de un acontecimiento inaudito Aria Rose y Thomas Foster los primogénitos de cada familia van a casarse y su matrimonio simbolizará la unión inuebrantable de los dos lin. Everyone around me is applauding wildly overjoyed by how uickly something can disappear Am I the only one who wishes things could come back Meh This could have been better and the potential was all there The book begins with a really impactful prologue that made my jaw drop only to completely change direction when the story acrually started Theo Lawrence can write if he wants to and that prologue proves it Unfortunately for him the weak rest of the book also proves that his writing despite having its peaks l Amnesia Tragedy Tampered memories Political ruses Controlling and manipulative parents who treat their daughter as an asset to be traded to the most profitable buyerThis book is interesting Not really in terms of the plot itself but the author s goals Lawrence was attempting to create an original plot by twisting the storyline all over the place And an alarming majority of these twists were xtremely predictable and foreshadowing was prevalent throughout the ENTIRE book Lack of The Lady in Pink emotion was a frustrating approach that had been intentionally unintentionally taken by Lawrence though for a reason I cannot fathom If the narrative voice is going to be that of a female teenager s perhaps she should have slightlyxaggerated feelings than that of a brick s She had indifferently told a lie which had resulted in view spoilerher father shooting an innocent man for supposedly helping her traverse the canals of the Depths hide spoiler This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic Nerd MY THOUGHTS I ve been wanting to read this book for awhile so I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found this book and it s seuel at my local used bookstore Overall this book did not disappointThis book take place in a futuristicdystopian New York City There are two ruling families the Roses and the Fosters and Eyes everyone in the city has to choose sides between them Aria has just recovered after ODing off of Stix a drug and is now to marry Thomas Foster whom she supposedly loves and had a great affair with The problem is that she has no memory of being with Thomas and has no love for him Shends of meeting Hunter a mysterious illegal mystic has magical abilities She knows that with he she will be able to recall her memories but what she will unlock will change verythingThis ntire plot was just so interesting I like the whole idea behind the two families and the mystics It s horrible how they treat the mystics they drain their powers but I thought the idea of adding magical Sinner's Heart elements to a dystopian society very uniue This book has the common theme ofverything I was told is a lie but it s so well done The lement of memory loss is not something you see ntirely too often with that idea Spirit of the Wolf either As for plotsome parts of this book were very predictable I was able to figure most of the plotarly on though I won t hate on Aria for taking so long to figure things out as it probably comes from reading so many dystopian novels Even though I still very thrown by a few plot twists near the A Vineyard Christmas end The pacing of the book was also fast paced You wouldn txpect that with a book featuring memory loss but there were always things happening and Aria did not just wait around for her memories to come backThe romance was very different in some I need to stop being lured in by blurbs that mention The Hunger Games and sparkly covers though it is one of most Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose enchanting covers I ve seen in a while A much accurate blurb would be a Romeo and Juliet retelling with magical people who are nowhere as cool as X men I didn t go into this book with highxpectations but I was xpecting a lot action that wasn t made up of aimless running around and a lot less love proclamations In the nd I couldn t get past the xtremely predictable plot flat characters and the main character s stupidityThis Couple Has OCD IssuesOn two occasions Aria finds these secretive letters in her house then instead of stuffing them in her pocket or locking doors before anyone sees her reading them SHE ORGANIZES THEM BY DATE WHUTAria s lover Hunter isn t much better When Aria and Hunter have minutes before the vicious armed bodyguards barge into the room where they are having their secret rendezvous instead of scaping they proceed to sit around and talkand talkand talk some And then Hunter cleans up vomit Y U NO RUN AWAY OR DEVISE SOME PLAN They get caught All because they were too busy talking and cleaning up vomit facepalmExtraneous WritingI often wonder if Lawrence forgot to remove his notes from the story since I kept coming across these jarring filler momentsOn one occasion Lawrence dedicates an Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) entire paragraph to telling us how Aria takes a bunch of clothes into her room take the letters from her missing friend s clothes then runs back to put the clothes back Ummmm girl you could ve just kept the clothes in your room and said you wanted to keep some clothes in memory of your friendor you couldven say the clothes would be a great addition to your closet instead of running back and forth between rooms suspiciously I get it you found these top secret letters NOW TELL ME WHAT THEY SAY I don t care about the itty bitty details about you covering your tracksOn the other hand she reads these secret letters she findsthen she Math Basics 6 eats dinner for a few paragraphs then goes back to reading letters No idea why that dinner scene had to be there unlessating stewed rabbit was a major turning pointFlat CharactersThis was the main fault of Mystic City I just wasn t compelled by the main characters who were all conveniently gorgeous Gorgeous must be Lawrence s favorite word Lawrence is much concerned with describing clothes than people you d be surprised how many times he talks about flowing dresses and stylish clothes There are no shades of gray in this story all the Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, evil people were all irrevocablyvil or suspiciously treacly Everyone in this story LOVES to over react and be drama ueens And Aria was the most gullible person The First Ghost ever she never came to her own conclusions instead she listened to people around her for confirmation The only character I felt mild interest to was Davida Aria s servant and would ve preferred the story from her point of viewThey Also Don t Know How To Write LettersAria happens to find these love letters in her room which sound like they are written by an insecure over dramatic creep The most hilarious one readsI have nothing to say tonight but thank youIf you have nothing to say why are you writing a letterOr the letters are so blatantly unnatural that they made me wince On another note if you want to keep your letters a secret you should burn them If your friend can find them in less than five minutes you probably weren t doing a goodnough job hiding themWHY IS IT SO PREDICTABLEAnyone would have guessed what happened to Aria in the first few chapters The most frustrating part was how long it took for Aria to figure it out Part of it was because the story is in first person so she s giving us all these hints that something is awry but ironically she s still completely oblivious The plot twists were once again VERY PREDICTABLE The foreshadowing basically handed us verything on a sliver platter from who were the vil people and what those mysterious gloves are capable ofActionWith X Men Bey Blade and The Hunger Games in the blurb I was Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential expecting ACTION And while stuff happened it was mostly Aria running around aimlessly in dark alleys trying to find clues to her past but stillnding up cluelessthen SHE GOES TO WORK where she serves coffee and arranges files in a cubicle yawn she doesn t in a cubicle yawn She doesn t a job she needs to get to school so she can learn some critical thinkingFinally in the last few chapters I get the action I wantedexcept it suddenly turned into a bloodbath with decapitated people and body parts slewed around Well that was unexpected specially when the story was lovey dovey up until that pointRomanceLawrence avoids instalove by maintaining the couple had a history before Aria s memory by maintaining the couple had a history before Aria s memory it just felt unconvincingBook TrailerOne of the cheesiest things I ve ver watched Why do both guys have douchebag hair And why do none of them look like teenagersWorld buildingAlthough I felt the story was lacking the world building is lovely and maybe that cover had something to do with it A mystical city amongst the clouds that s some lovely stuffNot sure if I m having bad luck or I ve turned into a nitpicker but I ve been on a roll with mehhhhh reads lately If you want a sweet romance about a girl getting amnesia and waking up to a perfect life read Sophie Kinsella s Remember Me instead I don t know if I will be picking up the seuel next year while I am mildly curious about the story I just don t care about these flat charactersview spoilerIf Davida s gloves allow her to take a different personality Humanism every time why does she need THAT many Won t one do the trick And the she has the chances she will get discovered no hide spoiler I would shelve Theo Lawrence Una ciudad dividida un amor destinado a durar para siempre y una mentira ue puede cambiarlo todoDos familiasnemigas los Foster y los Rose mueven los hilos invisibles de Nueva York Tras años de ardiente confro. Ers we have an iPhone like device called a TouchMe People still text and tweet in the future Twitter will be happy to know they re not dying out any time soon That stays between us though Okay Don t go texting it or tweeting or whatever it is you kids do We re still struggling to make paper records Smokin' Hot electronic The stack of manilanvelopes on my desk has piled so high I fear it will topple over Mental note Get on those They re copies of the draining reports from over ten years ago before Placing Memory everything was streamlinedlectronically It s not like we re not doing that RIGHT NOW OR ANYTHINGWhat the fuck kind of a future is this Chanel still Lasombra exists It s too hot if you step outside you re practically boiled but people still take vacation to Bali Despite sea levels people still seem to be able toat the same kinds of delicacy including seafood and oysters and stuff that might be impossible to get if the seas and the temperatures heat up This book s premise is a messThe X MEN Some mystics can take on the glamour of someone lse Hunter says navigating a flight of stone steps So you can look like a different person But ventually it wears off Other mystics can use their Wanton Nights energy to affect the weather orven the air surrounding them He waits for me to catch up I know a girl who can spin a tornado out of thin air he says and someone who can start a fire he snaps his fingers like that The Mystics in this book are fucking dumb Supposedly they ve While My Soldier Serves existed all along as witches persecuted for their crimes and came forth to help the US during WWII After which they became DANGEROUS AND ENSLAVED AND DRAINED Wut Fucking reallyOk first of all these Mystics are completely normal looking They re not X Men mutants They are humans with powers They re justhotter than others They feel hot to the touch And THAT S why they were caught Why can t they just fucking stay hidden If they ve been so fucking good at hiding in the past why can t they just do it again now Pretending to be something you re not sucks the life out of you Even worse than the drainings Are you fucking kidding me You d prefer to be almostnslaved your powers drained rather than HIIIIIIIIIIDE YO SELF What kind of a stupid reason is thatSome of these Mystics have pretty fucking amazing powers Why can t they just like get the fuck out of there Seriously migrate to another country or something Be Free like Willy Some not all have powers that can make them look like someone lse glamour they can control the weather they can manipulate fire they can walk through wallsSO WHY THE FUCK ARE THE MYSTICS JUST LYING DOWN AND TAKING THEIR TERRIBLE TREATMENT WITHOUT A FIGHTAria It was Hunter He s saved me twice in two nights I can t ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe even count the number of times Aria got her ass saved She s so fucking Too Stupid To Live that it s unbelievable Here you have a pampered girl one who is a celebrity recognizableverywhere she goes She s got the street smarts of a dwarf rabbit and she s sneaking around ALL OVER THE FUCKING SLUMS and is OH SO SHOCKED whenever she gets caught which is repeatedly Please I sayHe licks his lips with his thick wet tongue Please what Please don t hurt me I close my The Fiend Next Door eyes willing the pain to stop I am going to die here I am going to die for my stupidity Aria is passive to be fair she can t DO anything because of who she is Aria is a spoiled poor little rich girl without an ounce of common sense it s not her fault that she was raised to be a smiling and brainless socialite but I can and will hate her because I want a stronger character than thatAria doesn t DO anything She doesn t need to work so she halfheartedly holds a job at a local politician s office Her days are filled with nothing but shopping and friends and parties and thinking about how her life sucks Her nights are filled with sneaking out to see Tyler She can tven plan her own wedding all Aria does is whine and sigh over how life is soooooooooooooo HORRIBLEThe Romance Are you spying on me Spying has such a dirty connotation Hunter says running one of his hands up my back How about keeping watch Oh here we go again a boy who s a stalker but it s ok if he s stalking her if he s just looking out for her safety He shows up in her bedroom He s there whenever she s hurt He s there when he shouldn t be He s not who he seems remember Mystics can wear other people s faces Hunter shouldn t be trusted but the heroine seems to feel that it s ok to trust him anyway Something about him his asy attitude perhaps or the way he looks at me makes me feel I can trust him As for the romance A is ngaged to B who is fucking C while secretly in love with D but shouldn t be because D is secretly பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் engaged to E who graciously sacrificesverything because shouldn t be because D is secretly The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 engaged to E who graciously sacrificesverything because loves both A and Dbarf DNF No ratingBoring and predictable and I have far better books to be spending my time readingInsta love and love triangles I ve developed a zero tolerance policy and I can t stand for the bullshitI tried But no Just sorry but no Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty A girl tries to move on with her life after losing her memory but moving on means being a puppet in a political race with her parents Opening Sentence The party has begun without me The Review Aria knows she loves Thomas Foster At least that s what veryone is telling her loving someone what veryone is telling her Loving someone no memory of ver meeting them can be pretty tough ven if she does have flashes of memories sneaking out late at night meeting in the ghetto area of the Depths secret kisses But then she meets Hunter a rebel mystic that makes her forget her forgetfulness and the stress that comes with it With a rising rebellion over the horizon and a mystic political candidate that could change life in New York for the worst Aria has to decide which side she s on and which side she believes most Should she let her parents use her as a political puppet to win the Travis election Or should she follow her heartven if she doesn t remember who she gave it to This has the forbidden romance of Ally Condie s Matched adventure and mystery of Becca Fitzpatrick s Hush Hush and twisty plot of Beth Revis s Across the Universe all rolled into one Mystics are outcasts the ones who have the lower jobs and are never to be trusted Yet at one time they helped build the city that is practically floating on stilts But they became feared and thus the feuding Rose and Foster families took it into their hands to fix the mystic problems So mystics a This book had such an interesting premise and I was really looking forward to it but overall it was disappointingly just okay Predictable Sadly I was able to guess what was going to happen after reading the first couple of chapters I mean yes I had an idea from the summary but this book did not have any twists or turns or any surprises with one xception the kiss did make me think WTH but that was it I guessed what was really going on the whole romance thing who was related to who and whose side ach character was on so no the revealing of the spies did not surprise me AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 either Fuzzy World Building I really liked that Lawrence started tostablish a concept of the world of mystics the magic and the levels of sociology and The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? even where the lived BUT it was just the initial set up The world was sci fi ish but I had a really hard time picturingverything how the world was set up how people got around other than walk what Aeries looks like what the Mystics underground or whatever looked like Lack of Building on Magic Lawrence had so much he could have done on with the concept of magic but it he never really built on it It was just thrown in and accepted like it was always a part of history and other than the little anecdote about Hunter s grandfather and mother there wasn t much on how mystics contributed to the world and why they were not accepted into society other than people were afraid of their power And the powers themselves They were pretty lame and their users did not do much with them other than the ultimate traitor Unimpressive characters The characters in this book were just okay and honestly they re very forgettable Aria was kind of bland I m sure she was meant to be a rebellious feisty character but she really didn t do much other than show a little fight near the nd Hunter was kind of sappy and I m disappointed he wasn t built to be of a swoony worthy character I was unattached to any of the side characters I really wanted to know about Kyle who was supposed to be such a good brother or Kiki and Bennie who was supposedly Aria s really good friends or ven Turk who would have been a really fun character to get to know Lawrence did show us a glimpse of Davida but it was so uick and I think she would have been a really really strong supporting characterOverall I don t think this book was a bad book per se It s just that for a 416 paged book I just felt a lot of it was a brief gloss over and I had just The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online expected it to be attached to the story the characters and the worl. AjesMientras tanton las Profundidades un grupo de rebeldes trama una virulenta rebelión política ue podría hacer temblar los pilares de la ciudad y acabar con todo lo ue los Rose y los Foster han construido.

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Mystic City

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