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Wde s parts and Vikas Adam reads Raj s parts Then I m not exactly sure who does all the smaller parts in between I think I figured out a few but not sure on them all Anyway I think they were both a great fit for each of the main characters Klawde had this snootie uppity voice you would think of for a cat that wants to rule the world Raj s voice was a that fo a boy I loved how Vikas Adam changed his packing based boy I loved how *Vikas Adam changed his packing based Raj s emotions When he would *Adam changed his packing based Raj s emotions When he would excited he would really speed up the way kids do I loved all the voices in the book not to mention the array of cat noises I could see where a kid would love to listen to this book as he reads along with a physical book which probably has some great pictures I loved books with read along records as a kid yes I know I m showing my ageI like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review With a flash of light he was gone teleported to the horrible ravaged planet Earth I had a wonderful hilarious time reading this children s book It wasn t ust my love of cats that made this book entertaining it was Klawde and his witty descriptions that stole the show As Klawde described living amongst us carnivorous ogres he couldn t believe that Raj didn t realize Klawde was the greatest feline warlord to walk the universe Raj had problems of his own They had ust moved to Oregon and Raj didn to walk the universe Raj had problems of his own They had ust moved to Oregon and Raj didn know a soul When the wet cat showed up on his doorstep his parents told Raj that he could keep him if he went to Nature Camp Little did Raj know that Klawde was a talking warlord that had big plans which would involve him and that this Nature Camp was actually a survival campIt was Klawde the warlord and his supreme view that cracked me up throughout the novel When gifted with a scratching post Klawde wondered if it was a sculpture What was up with the fake fluffy animals that they tried to get Klawde to attack and kill was this their idea of military training or ust cat toys What about the human who tried to spear Klawde in the neck Klawde wants to return home to his planet and seek revenge on those who teleported him to Earth but first he must find a way to get thereRaj has always wanted a cat yet I don t think he was ready for Klawde Raj becomes part of Klawde s mission and tries to help him accomplish his task which of course is funny He thought he had a cool cat once he learns Klawde can talk but will he talk for anyone else Raj has some issues at camp and talks to Klawde about them but unfortunately Klawde behaves like a cat most of the time when Raj wants any kind of a response I really. Ke cats at his command But when he is stripped of his feline throne he is sentenced to the worst possible punishment exile to a small planet in a uiet corner of the universe named EarthRaj had everything A cool apartment in Brooklyn Three friends who lived in his building And pizza and comics within walking distance But. ,
Enjoyed this book I liked Klawde s imagination his wit and I liked his determination I liked the friendship the two of them had I liked how the author alternated the views from Klawde to Raj on each chapter as I believe that it allowed the reader to see both sides of the story and made the book wittier and amusing I *liked this book so much I picked up book 2 from the *this book so much I picked up book 2 from the last night It was a fun and entertaining A cat makes a perfect evil alien warlordof course Klawde s thoughts on Earth are very entertaining as he is constantly stumped by the stupidity of furless ogres and the limited language and abilities of earth cats The best scene in the whole book is when Klawde first experiences catnip It s outrageously funny His evil scheming keeps the story moving along with the alternating story of the the boy who found him Raj who s at a nature sleepover camp The camp counselor is insane which was a little bonkers and won t encourage kids to want to do sleepover camps But actually I think most of my camp counselors were insane too My son and I are looking forward to reading the next one in this series A fun read Short chapters and illustrations will make this story about Klawde aka Wyss Kuzz a cat from another planet and Raj his human owner who s sent to a summer camp view spoilerfrom h e double hockey sticks hide spoiler Cute middle grade title that mixes a fantastical story line of an evil alien cat banished to Earth and the humorous and relatable storyline of his new human ogre struggling to fit in within his new community Students started getting excited about this book at the end of this school year I always try to read the first one in a series The kids were right It was intriguing about a cat who comes from another planet and can talk He is actually an evil alien warlord cat One of the writers is from Oregon which happens to be the setting That makes it believable to my students next door in WashingtonThe summer camp was funny His parents thought it was a regular camp but it was a survival camp Raj is a believable character A boy from the city who wants a pet wants to make friends but is out of his league in the forest It was very enjoyable The illustration are funny because the cat always looks malicious and UNHAPPY AND HE IS I WOULD And he is I would read the next one I found out there is 3 in the series First in a series Klawde has come to Earth from outer space and he is bitter about it He wants to train neighborhood kittens as his soldiers and become a warlord again This is a cute uick read with lots of humor in it I borrowed the book from the school library. When his mom gets a ob in Elba Oregon and he is forced to move all of that changes It's now the beginning of summer he has no friends and because of his mother's urgings he has oined a nature campIt's only when his doorbell rings and he meets a furball of a cat that Raj begins to think maybe his luck is turning aroun.

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Klawde (Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat, #1)I was clearly not the target audience for this book In my defense I thought it was a graphic novel when I ordered it from the library I will concede that it had novel when I ordered it from the library I will concede that it had very cute cat insights that I enjoyed The rest I ust had to get through It did go fast though and I imagine younger readers would have a ball with it Klawde is from the planet Lyttyrboks A planet of all catsHold your breath he s an evil alien warlord exiled to Earth for his evil deeds while he was nappingHe looks like a cat and acts like a cat was nappingHe looks like a cat and acts like a cat lands on Earth in the rain Soaking and miserable cursing his lack of opposable thumbs he We Sell Drugs jumps up to ring the doorbell Poor naive and misguided 11 year old Raj lets him in and worse names him You OMG this book wasust toooo charming I laughed so many times AND HAD A BLAST READING THE VOICE OF AN had a blast reading the voice of an alien warlord cat to my son I mean the author definitely hit the nail on the head with how cats act and the reasons behind it made me want to shake with laughter I hope the next time I take my son to the book store he ll choose the seuel because we had so much fun with this one My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at HotlistenscomThis is a really cute middle grade story When I saw the title I had to pick it up I mean how could I not learn about an evil alien warlord cat Add to that that I ve listened to both narrators before and really loved their work I Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ just had to try itKlawde the evil alien warlord cat comes from the planet of Lyttyrboks He is exiled to Earth and finds refuge from the liuid falling from the sky with Raj a pre teen boy they never mention age but do mention middle school from Brooklyn who hasust moved to Elba Oregon He loved city life He had three friends in his apartment building He had pizza shops and comic book stories on his block It was his dream Then his mother got a new ob in Oregon Now he has nature and no friends Plus his mom is making him go to nature camp His life now sucks That is until a cat rang the doorbellThis is a really cute science fiction story There are many things that will make you laugh like the names Klawde s actual name is Wyss Kuzz Oh and the nature camp was actually apocalypse survival camp The counselor was nuts The story is really cute and you get both sides of the story with Raj and Klawde POVsMy biggest fault for the book was that Klawde went back and forth between calling them the humans or the ogres I would ve thought he would have one and stick with it Ogres was his original title for humansNarrationThe narration of this series is great We have two narrators Oliver Wyman reads Kla. Klawde is not your average cat He's an emperor from another planet exiled to Earth He's cruel He's cunning He's brilliant and he's about to become Raj Banerjee's best friend Whether he likes it or notKlawde had everything Sharp claws Fine fur And being the High Commander of the planet Lyttyrboks an entire world of warli. .