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Mation from the past novels to appropriate advantage Again I cannot emphasize enough that the author elegantly used scientific theoryprinciple to combine with the events which unfold in the novel to explain why the story moved from one issue to another I sure hope the upcoming books in this series move just as fluidly Onward ExcellentTotally enjoyed reading this book 2 of a modern Yankee in King Tuan s Court Not usually a fan of time travel but this book is GOOD So I picked up a stack of these Warlock books for 025 each At A Local Used a local used store Zia Records on Thunderbird in Phoenix AZ mostly because they looked very Appendix N like and because I needed some light reading The series is oofier than I expected but fun the basic premise is that in a spacefaring future a colony was founded on a distant world by a sort of SCA Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story group that wanted to have a medieval society The kinds of colonists who were attracted to this were mostly latest psionicists and a few centuries of breeding from a population that self selected unknowingly for this trait in a medieval world bred witches and warlocks with uncanny magical powers psi powers Worse there is a native fungal life form which they dubbed witch moss which reacts to psi power by reshaping itself into other forms the subconscious projections of a world of psi wielders created fairies and monsters and such out of witch moss So it is a complete fantasy world a lost colony of humans in space until Rod arrives on the planet He represents aovernment agency tracking down lost colonies and trying to prevent them from being manipulated by shadowy enemy organizations They and he realize that the concentrated psi powers. NaturallyRod Gallowglass dubbed High Warlock in spite of himself is stationed there as an agent of the intergalactic DDT Decentralized democratic Tribunal to protect the precious esper colony from its primitive fellow Gramaryans and to insure a radual integrationThis al. Missing pagesI had read this book years

ago so certain 
so certain I really looked forward to reading again Imagine my unpleasant surprise when at that very place the page is blank As if that weren t bad enough several pages were also blankabout one every two to three pages to the end of the book If I am oing to pay money for something I fully expect to et what I paid for Second in the Warlock series Still fun although the cold war themes from the 60 s doesn t shine in the one as well Like many readers here I ve read both versions and actually preferred the original I don t think it was nearly as flawed as its reputation makes it out to be was nearly as flawed as its reputation makes it out to be s uneven in places and a touch slowly paced perhaps but there is a lot reat stuff in it The original is a valid entry in a series that Was Just Getting On Its FeatRevived Itself Is Also Good just etting on its featRevived itself is also ood it s not often readers Moonrise get two different distinct versions of the same story so fans will definitely want to read this version in addition to the original It also provides some insight it how authors themselves can view their own older works as imperfect and attempt to fix what they see as mistakes This is much like it So much better than the first two books in the series and I credit this to the rewriting of same by the author in the 80 s after letting it sit in the old form since 1971 You can see that this story was well thought out blending a combination of science with magic particularly with the deductive reasoning of where and why the Neanderthals appeared on the main continent and brought war to the island The plot moved in a fast paced linear fashion the characters were better developed and the story used prior infor. Completely revised by the authorthe new second book in his warlock SeriesHere's Gramarye aentle planet where in the Thirty first Century people choose the life style of medieval England; except they're prejudiced against and persecute their witches and warlocks espers. Of this planet may be just what the democratic future Of Humanity In Space Needs Instant Communications Between Worlds Via humanity in space needs instant communications between worlds via So Rod is safeguarding the world for humanity s future but in the meantime he needs to fit in and uses his technology including putting his ship s AI into a robotic horse body disguised as an unknown form of magic to become the High Warlock All is Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi going well until the island kingdom the planet s only settlement is attacked by Viking raiders from afar who are Neanderthals Something is very wrong here And so itoes I have actually read both Versions Of This Book I of this book I the 1st version in tune with the tone of The Warlock in Spite of Himself and Revived closer to that of the rest of the series His editing was a little spotty but reading the 1st version will also explain a couple other things such as what Brom was doing in Beastland even though Galen is mentioned in Warlock UnlockedEither way not his best work though Baby Magnus is awfully cute An old book recrafted by the author I enjoyed the tongue in cheek telling of the story But you really should read the Warlock in spite of himself first Far understandable now then when I first read it in junior high Where I did indeed really enjoy this novel it is not a reat one It does indeed suffer from several problems The prominent being telling rather than showing The action of the novel is skipped over through out which is somewhat annoying I would rather see Rod do these things than here about them after the fact Yet the characters are still wonderful and charming especially rod and wen s baby magnus I plan to read the whole sereis but this one is on the silly side of life. Ready whacky society is stirred up with a batch of paranoid esper Neanderthals led by the strane King Kobold brought in by alien futurians to destroy those espers so vital to DDT's futureWhen this unhealthy mess starts brewing our warlock cum everyman is the one to watch. King Kobold Revived

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