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S were moved to Northeastern Oklahoma on a patch of ground that was deemed worthless until oil was discovered beneath the reservation land in the 1920s those dirt scratching Indians became extremely wealthy The federal government due to the Osages inherent racial weakness deemed them incapable of managing their own affairs and appointed guardians to manage their affairs white guardians Guardians who controlled their money for their own benefit buying a car for 250 and selling it to their appointed dependee at 1250 for a healthy profit However the tale of Greed Escalates To One escalates to one murder and a devilish plot to murder its womenfolk one by one in a coldly calculated order as would gradually beueath their riches to white speculators in the end by the only viable means inheritance And here lies the macabre intimacy that marks this out from other stories of mass killing of American Indians inheritance of course entailed marrying Native women raising children with them while knowing the plan s murderous outcome Every effort is co ordinated by the wealthy and the institutions of white settlersto hamper investigations until the fledgling FBI steps inThis is a well written factual but in a flowing narrative which takes you on a ourney of first hand experience of how the First Nation people have been shamefully treated by the American s and their institutions and legal systemsDavid Grann has done a wonderful ob of investigating these murders Though some people were incarcerated for the crimes "back in the 1920s the Grann dug the threads he found that led to other guardians who should "in the 1920s the Grann dug the threads he found that led to other guardians who should been investigated thoroughly as well Good to know wakonda may be wrong spelling but still filthy negative habbit in writting Astounding that this genocide occured The research that was done was extraordinary A great read Recommend highly for historical murder mysteries Could not stop reading until complete Granns forensic research reveals a 1920s reign of terror against Osage for their oil head rights longer and deeper than acknowledged Merits wide readership with insightful detail into FBI inaugural success but premature closure with extent of murders for oil money not revealed or resolved Grann takes the reader on a ourney into a hellish but human world The calculated and accepted theft deceit and murder of a group of human beings is unspeakable but necessary to be told Even frightening than the conspiracy amongst a group of upstanding citizens to murder for greed is both the tacit and direct support for this hellish enterprise by representative the state political and udicial. Nt their children to study in Europe Then one by one the Osage began to be killed offAs the death toll climbed the FBI took up the case But the bureau badly bungled the investigation In desperation its young director J Edgar Hoover turned to a former Texas Ranger named Tom White to unravel the mystery Together with the Osage he and his undercover team began to expose one of the most chilling conspiracies in American history David Grann has a razor keen instinct for suspenseLOUISE ERDRICH.

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Well researched well written a flowing narrative with "little padding plus a riveting story One that dismays and shocks but also informs I agree that the "padding plus a riveting story One that dismays and shocks but also informs I agree that the is probably the precursor to a film but it is no worse for that in fact a film should be made based on this book Highly recommended particularly if like me you had a broad grasp of the
Way First Nation People Have 
First Nation people have treated by Americans but little detail about specific events A story that really opens ones eyes to the past and uite recent history of the Wild West of the USA This is a remarkable tale of the callous greed of the white settlers who proceeded to treat the local Indian tribespeople uite ruthlessly in order to benefit from the oil that was under their landThe story reads well and it was difficult to put the book down once startedThis is certainly a story to make you think and wonder ust how much of the attitudes of the white settlers continues to prevail in the modern USA Firstly I would state that this is a very well written book it isn t till you read such examples you realize what a difference it makes to your overall enjoyment I did not find it too ournalistic like some other reviewers though David Grann is a staff writer and the author as the footnotes and Appendices show has great command of voluminous historic paper dataSecondly the tale it tells works so well because while it is at heart a 1920s crime story it uses the backdrop of the history of Native Americans and their treatment at the hands of the US government and white settlers to provide a much wider panorama to the events and the crimes In this case the sudden growth of the domestic US oil industry at the turn of the century created the "Situation That One Of The "that one of the oil reserves was found on the reservation of the Osage Indian nation in recently established Oklahoma Ironically the tribe had only ended up there because of being forced off its original tribal lands by the government but had wisely in negotiating its purchase preserved its mineral rights This uickly led to untold wealth and inevitably attracting interest from numerous white persons keen to acuire a share of the new wealth given the historic approach in the USA to Native AmericansWhile the attempts by politicians in Washington early oil magnates and local business and financiers in such a corruptible frontier environment to acuire personal gain provides the backdrop the central story is the increasing use of cross marriage and murder to try and inherit family interests and ownership of such wealth which takes up the first two thirds of the book Add into. WINNER OF THE EDGAR AWARD FOR BEST FACT CRIME SHORTLISTED FOR THE ANDREW CARNEGIE MEDAL FOR EXCELLENCE IN NON FICTION SHORTLISTED FOR THECWA ALCS GOLD DAGGER FOR NON FICTION SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE DIRECTED BY MARTIN SCORSESE STARRING LEONARDO DICAPRIO AND ROBERT DE NIRO A riveting true story of greed serial murder and racial injustice JON KRAKAUER A fiercely entertaining mystery story and a wrenching exploration of evil KATE ATKINSON A fascinating accountof a tragic and forgot. That mix the foundling National Bureau of Investigation later to morph into the FBI under its first appointed head Edgar J Hoover Investigation later to morph into the FBI under its first appointed head Edgar J Hoover a scandal that in 1920s USA could not be tackled by openly corrupt local and state law enforcement was a heaven sent opportunity to prove the new national policing approachThe real hero of the tale is Tom White originally a Texas Ranger who had recently oined the Bureau and was in retrospect the wise choice by Hoover that by his team s success helped make the reputation of his Bureau in leading the investigation Sadly as with all such examples Hoover s autocratic approach reflected little subseuent gratitude but what moves the story beyond its crime plot is the final third where without giving the details away the proving of a wider conspiracy many years later after events had been forgotten is the real revelation this is an amazing story my american friend was really interested she had never heard of the osage indians and their remarkable story A fascinating story that of course adds weight to the term Only in America A classic who done it interwoven with oil riches and the disgraceful discrimination of native Americans
The FBI May Be Wonderful 
FBI may be wonderful but it "S History Is Anything "history is anything stellar led by the insidious Hoover It was a story I did not know and was interesting to read It was a hard read with the trauma of what happened to the Osage people I felt it umped around characters a lot so was hard to keep track of who was who and reading on an ebook hard to go back and check who was who The first chronicle I found the hardest to read but the tragic story captured me The second chronicle left me with uestions than answers and didn t really uncover for me the birth of the FBI The third was interesting but cut too short If you do not know the horrific story of the Osage people it is work reading I would recommend a paper version though A disturbing and excellent account of the plight of Native Americans who found themselves the unwitting beneficiaries of a financial boom in the 1920 after oil was discovered under the previously barren and worthless reservation they were moved toIt provides some fascinating insight into the early workings of the FBI not least Hoover s nascent megalomania for whom this was a celebrated case and a valuable reminder for folk who thought the persecution of American Indians ended in the late 19th century The Osage Indians lived in Kansas until the 1870s when the government decided that their land was too valuable for them to own and the Osage Indians were being forced off their land The Osage Indian. Ten chapter in the history of the American West JOHN GRISHAM From the bestselling author of The Lost City of Z now a major film starring Charlie Hunnam Sienna Miller and Robert Pattison comes a true life murder story which became one of the FBIs first major homicide investigations In the 1920s the richest people per capita in the world were members of the Osage Indian nation in Oklahoma After oil was discovered beneath their land they rode in chauffeured automobiles built mansions and se.
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Killers of the Flower Moon: Oil, Money, Murder and the Birth of the FBI