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Rns and you have The Recipe For A Satisfying Read Oh I Almost Forgot recipe for a satisfying read Oh I almost forgot dog I loved the dog I won t spoil it but I smiled from ear to ear when I read his name The only reason I rated this four rather than five stars was the appearance of a few editorial litches that were minor distractions but in no way took away from the Overall Story Line Don story line Don hesitate to purchase and enjoy this engaging tale. T at and captured as prey by a madman hunter Noah tries to protect her and his heart as they travel through Detroit's underbelly to keep them safe Hard to do when there is a leak in the FBI offi. Killer GamesOut of witness protection ON THE "RUN FROM DANGEROUS KILLER SHE IS "FROM DANGEROUS KILLER SHE IS run from a dangerous killer She is and capable but now she injured and has an infant to protect Her former lover Noah discovers he has a vested interest in keeping Lily and baby Emma safe The characters are believable and likable and the setting brings the dark side of Detroit to life Throw in the Greek mob a serial killer and some unexpected twists and tu. E wedding To keep her safe she's put into witness protection but ets shot at She returns to Detroit with her baby daughter to warn Noah and leave the county by way of Canada She's kidnapped sho. .
Very excitingA whole lot Of Action Is A Short Amount Of Time No One action is a short amount of time No one who you think they are and it s almost too much action for a short book Very ood but I was on a constant high trying to finish it I feel sorry for the poor woman who was constantly being kidnapped Got so into it I couldn t put it down The story of Lily Papadikas kept me turning pages Lily is a loyal independent woman recently. Lily Carter is a Papadakis by marriage Being related TO THE GREEK MAFIA HAS MANY the Greek mafia has many including being dumped by her FBI fiancé Noah when he finds out who she’s related to just before th.

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