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When I was younger I read this book almost every year I Loved The Story Though the story though is of a depressing tale But there is something about it something really life that draws you in Life isn t always easy but we cannot give p And I think that is the lesson most clearly seen here One pities Kay but admires her It is a very interesting story This books strength is in its story The book seems to have a theme of self worth so anyone who feels down and sad should read this book The pacing is The Little Bit Naughty Book of Wild Sex Positions uite slow and that might turn away many readers Some very realistic parts of the book are the ones where you see how poor the family really is Somenrealistic things happened towards the middle of the book but no spoilers The author can make you care about the main character but the author really didn t pace the book well I would recommend this book to certain people I often find it difficult to review childrenyoung adult literature especially after I spend a significant amount of time reading non fiction That being said this is a good book I have always enjoyed Ann Rinaldi s worksI found the family situation depressingly sad and heartbreakingly realistic I kept hoping for some sort of resolution a sign that the outcome for the family would be much brighter than how it began Rinaldi that the outcome for the family would be much brighter than how it began Rinaldi kept that out of the narrativeThe voice of the child narrator felt authentic if a teeny bit too old for the 10 years of the narratorI also appreciated the setting This was a World War II story without the overwhelming focus on the war a good way to show that life went on throughout the war I would have loved depth and length but this book was pretty good for a children s story Kay is in the fifth grade growing Leaders Eat Last up during the years of the second world war Her stepmother isltra nasty hateful bit. A ten year old girl growing p during World War. .
Ter and mistreats Kay all the time "Her Father Doesn T Stand Up For "father doesn t stand p for at all and her life overall is pretty roughThis doesn t count the problems she has at school where her living in the countryside sort of puts her out of the in city school kids cliues Nothing she does satisfies her step mother or almost anyone else for that matterThings get difficult when she finds out her Uncle is talking to a guy who is giving out pro Nazi pamphlets She has to figure out what is the right thing to do although doing the right thing is no guarantee of acceptance or absence of PunishmentThis Is A Somewhat Different is a somewhat different for Ann Rinaldi as it s not based on any FAMOUS HISTORICAL PERSONAGE THE BOOK IS historical personage The book is pretty good although there are too many references to radio shows of he time almost as if the author consulted a book on the subject and wanted to The New Competition use as many references to the shows as possible when fewer would have done just as wellIt is interesting how many of Rinaldi s novels involve a motherstep mother who is really really nasty This is the story of Kay the younger sister of two older brothers living on a farm in New Jersey during WW2 She and her brothers are chiefly entertained by radio shows and playing in the countryside and her brothers save their allowance to purchase radio show tie in merchandise they send away for Kay is too young to receive allowance Their mother died when Kay was born and their father married another woman Amazing Grace so nicknamed by the black housekeepereenie who has been a steady support to Kay Grace is a mean step mother who insists that the children do a lot of work around the house while she keeps the special rationed items like Bosco for chocolate milk for herself eenie finally decides she has had enough and leaves in the middle of the nig. II learns the painful lesson that doing what's

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Keep Smiling ThroughHt after saying good bye to Kay Around the same time Kay s best friend fellow non conformist Jennifer finds out her brother is MIA in Europe and the Golden Band of popular girls suddenly absorbs her leaving Kay alone at school Kay does her best bravely going to see Mrs Leudloff a Nazi spy for eggs instead of the regular Jewish family at Grace s insistence One day Kay and Grace s German father walk over to his friend Ernie s for ice cream and Kay overhears a conversation they have about the old country and Hitler s plans Ernie gives Grandpa a That Turns Out To Be Nazi Propaganda And All that turns To Be Nazi Propaganda And be Nazi propaganda and a sudden a group of vigilantes comes and attacks Grandpa for being a Nazi while throwing a rock through Ernie s window Kay gets the license number but is conflicted about what to say about the pamphlet and conversation she overheard Ultimately she makes a brave choice but it doesn t work out the way it does in the radio showsWhile the story is a generally good one emphasizing following your own sense of right and wrong it felt like a dated viewpoint I did not appreciate the se of the epithet Japs even though it was realistic for Kay and her family to se it I did appreciate that Mrs Leudloff ended p being a sympathetic character Part of what I didn t like was the author s note at the beginning written in 1995 that said among other things as a generation of youngsters we did not grow Children of the New World up hating vicious fearful or dysfunctionalmost of the kids I grewp with became whole contributing citizens stayed married to their original mates raised good children worked hard and took their lumps as they came without complaining While I am sure this was Rinaldi s experience it sounded so much like a Beaver Cleaver kind of viewpoint that swept a lot of the hate and dysfunction The Oswald Reflection under the ru. Ight is not always easy Includes a reader's guid.

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