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Karius og BaktusBoth Karius and Baktus from there from JensErik s mouth But while an important and yes even an essential message regarding basic oral hygiene is indeed presented in and with Karius and Baktus it is also and frustratingly one that in my opinion could have been and really should have been presented with somewhat elegance and subtleness and yes less strangely creepy accompanying illustrations but then again it was likely the creep out factor of the illustrated Karius "and Baktus which made me as a child so eager or "Baktus which made me as a child so eager or least increasingly eager to regularly brush my teeth as well as retain a lifelong aversion to strangely coloured red punk style hairdos Two and a STARS BUT YES ROUNDED TO A SLIGHT stars but yes rounded p to a slight low three star rating simply because Karius nd Baktus did manage to achieve its goal for my childhood self did manage to encourage me to embrace and follow good and propter basic dental hygiene which I do both appreciate and much respect with regard to both Thorbj rn Egner s text and image combination And while I do realise that Karius nd Baktus is seemingly also available in English as I have never read the book in English I am also both Dance With The Devil unwilling andnable to make any comments regarding the English language version and specifically whether the message of good of the importance of adeuate oral hygiene is as statically and as in my opinion preachily presented as in the German rendition I read as a child This book will make any child brush their teeth And it s a hilarious read It s among the classics that ought to live in any child s bookshelf along with Astrid Lindgren Nd Baktus Das waren vielleicht ein paar wunderliche Namen aber es waren auch ein paar wunderliche Burschen Sie waren so winzig klein dass man sie nur durch ein starkes Vergrößerungsglas sehen konnteKarius nd Baktus fühlen sich .

Norwegian children s book about Plaue and Bacteria that live in the mouth of a boy named Jens They their homes mouth of boy named Jens They build their homes hacking holes in his teeth All goes well for the 2 little fellows as they eat the sweets left behind and never have to worry about him brushing Then one day his tooth starts to hurt and he goes to the dentist Karius and Baktus beautiful homes are destroyed and they are swished down the drain and out to sea There they wait for another mouth to move into of a kid that only eats sweets and doesn t like to brush Great little book I had it as a child and enjoyed it immensely In a fun way it teaches children a good lesson to take care of their teeth and not overindulge in sweets This was one of my childhood favourites i only vaguely of my childhood favourites I only vaguely the specific details and storyline of Thorbj rn Egner s 1958 Karius nd Baktus from when I was a child which I read in German translation at around the age of eight or so the original being in Norwegian and titled Karius og Baktus And while both Egner s text and his accompanying images never did all that much appeal to me as a child reader and still do not really they did indeed post my childhood perusal manage to encourage me to regularly brush my teeth which I guess is the purpose behind Karius A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel und Baktus behind their exploits and to show how a constant diet of sugary treats and little to no dental hygiene has caused young JensErik s mouth to basically betterly invaded by the pair of painfully mischievous imps 1898 until a visit to the dentist and multiplencomfortable fillings make an end of this and permanently expel. Der Klassiker zum Thema ZähneputzenEs war einmal ein Junge Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, und das war Jens Er hatte Zähne im Mundnd das haben wir ja alle Aber Jens hatte in einem Zahn ein Loch nd in dem Loch wohnten zwei winzige Burschen die hießen Karius
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Books 5 from me 25 years ago This is a pretty obviously message book the message being to brush and not eat sweets For that type of book it was reasonably well done Even I a dentalophobe was not too icked of book it was reasonably well done Even I a dentalophobe was not too icked Frankly I found the cavity dwelling troll like brothers slightly sympathetic than bland
Erik If you are a reading this book the message
brothers slightly sympathetic than bland boy Erik If you are a cavity reading this book the message you is don t be overt than you can help Start prodding your host for giggles and you ll end p being filled by a demonic dentist with no whites to his eyes A trip back to my childhood alongside my boy LiamAlthough it is 61 years old I think this short story is still enjoyable for kids and able to push forward the moral of the importance of teeth care with a fun and humor Great art The story isn t much bigger than the basic concept A nice book to get young kids worried about what might live in their mouths It took me a long time to read it in Norwegian but it was good practice It s a cute little story about two little guys who live in a boy s teeth feeding on candy and sweets When the boy goes to the dentist their houses are destroyed and they have no cavities any to live in Next time the little boy brushes his teeth the two small guys are flushed into the sink and are eventually left floating at sea awaiting for the next person to come along so they can start living in that person s cavities This is a typical book you ll find at the dentist next to all the posters of smiling people and guidebooks on how to properly brush your teeth It s cute and according to my Norwegian family it s a very popular children s book. N Jens' Mund so richtig wohl Keine Zahnbürste stört sie hier Süßigkeiten gibt es in Hülle Vérité (Love at Center Court, und Füllend in die Zähne haben sie sich prächtige Häuser geklopft Übermütig geworden treiben es die beiden Tunichtgute allzu bunt.

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