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Well written superb research full of technical and Personal Details But With A details but with a for the big picture Many new findings but none as mportant as when Rochefort reviews the causes of the Pearl Harbor attack and realizes that the cultural mindset prevented americans to really believe Blühende Heide in a probable Japanese attack andts ensuing conseuences The book Alchemy and Arcana: an Urban Fantasy Novella Collection is full of similar observations Absolutely an outstanding book one of those historical tales that should have come to light 40 years ago Elliot Carlson did a masterful jobn pulling together the facts and stories about Joe Rochefort who was Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath instrumentaln bringing communicatoncrypto ntelligence nto the modern age and just George V's Children in time to predict the assult on Midway Island by the Japanesen June of 42 As has been said the Battle of Midway was not just a game changer for the outcome of WWII t very well may have been a game changer for the outcome of Western history as we now know t to follow this logic one must read the book and ts subseuent appendiciesThis book s not so much about the actual Battle of Midway there are other fine books on that subject but Brotherhood of Thieves: The Wardens it gives us annsight as to how "The US Navy Under "US Navy under Nimitz was able to foresee the coming battle and to be How to Become an It Architect in place to take advantage of an historic situation Of course theres far to this book than the breaking of the Japanese codes which was absolutely Shaking Behind the Microphone: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking insturmentaln preparing for the Battle of Midway Lamikorda its the story about a young naval officer who put his all nto every assignement he undertook throughout his Navy career Joe Rohefort was a uniue officer with strong convictions who was at the right place at the right time This book should become a classic to all students of naval history I m not normally a WWII history buff but I heard about this book on NPR thought t sounded ntriguing and decided to give t a shot What an nteresting read The book s a biography of the naval officer Complete Guide to the TOPIK (advanced) in charge of thentelligence team at Pearl Harbor that first missed clues about the mpending Pearl Harbor attacks and second discovered the upcoming Japanese objective Midway Their ntelligence allowed the US Navy and Marines to be prepared for the Midway attacks after which the Japanese were never again on the offensive You Come to Yokum in the Pacific The books paced well moving uickly through many parts of Rochefort s life and dwelling n detail on the time from Pearl Harbor through Midway The chapters on the days leading up to Pearl Harbor were particularly engrossing My *one uibble with the author s that he uses the term comedy of errors to describe the mistakes *uibble with the author Zbogom, dragi Krleža is that he uses the term comedy of errors to describe the mistakes before Pearl Harbor Perhaps a better term would be tragedy of errors considering the large loss of lifenvolved Overall though the book was an engrossing read An Firesoul interesting balanced and well written biography of Rochefort and a great history of US efforts against Japa. Thiss the first biography of Capt Joe Rochefort the Officer Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage in Charge of Station Hypo the US Navy's decrypt unit at Pearl Harbor and his key rolen breaking the Imperial Japanese Navy's main code before the Battle of Midway It brings together the disparate threads of Rochefort's life and career beginning with his enlistment You Are the Rain in the Naval Reserven 1918 at age 17 dropping out of high school and adding a year to his age It chronicles his earliest days as a mustang an officer who has risen from the ranks his fortuitous posting to Washington where he headed the Navy's codebreaking desk at age 25 then Cycle Style in another unexpected twist found himself assigned to Tokyo to learn JapaneseThis biography records Rochefort's surprising love hate relationship with cryptanalysis his joyful exit from the field his love of sea duty his adventure filled yearsn the '30s as the right hand man to the Commander Artscroll Children's Siddur in Chief US Fleet and his reluctant return to codebreakingn mid 1941 when he was ordered to head the Navy's decrypt unit at Pearl St. .

The Japanese navy left much of the Pacific battle fleet burning hulks at Pearl Harbor the Japanese navy ruled the western Pacific The Japanese plan was to lure the remnants of the Pacific fleet to destruction "Somewhere Near Hawaii We Were Grievously Outnumbered "near Hawaii We were grievously outnumbered only three aircraft carriers but due to Rochefort s codebreaking team *we knew where the Japanese fleet would be In the end the US Navy sunk four Japanese aircraft to *knew where the Japanese fleet would be In the end the US Navy sunk four Japanese aircraft to loss of one From that moment on and this was less than six months after the Pearl Harbor attack the Japanese Navy went on the defensive They never regained the offense And t was a tremendous gamble or perhaps a tremendous trust n the Rochefort unit It s a great story This Iron Cross is a biography of the military career of Joe Rochefort famous for leading the group at Pearl Harbor that was able to read enough of the Japanese Navy s code Excellent book Amazing the bureaucracy backstabbing and just staff red tape happened before during and after WW2 Unfortunatelyt seems this Zachary's Virgin is a time honored tradition thats just about the same as Pfaueninsel it was over 70 years ago just with better communication systems to stab othersn the back and torpedo pun ntended their careersNonetheless a great victory for his true legacy and am happy his merits were recognized though unfortunately posthumouslyHis brilliance was finally recognized and documented piece by piece n how he mastered analysis cryptography and fusion with his knowledge of the Japanese language and customsI hope I and others take these lessons to heart Brilliant biography of the man who Torah With Ramban's Commentary Translated, Annotated, And Elucidated: Devarim/Deuteronomy (Artscroll) is arguably The Battle of Midway s most unsung hero We all know the story of the epic naval battle that gave the US Navyt s decisive victory that ultimately turned the tide n The War n the Pacific but most have never
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of Joseph Rochefort nor about how crucial his ntelligence work was to America s ultimate destruction of the IJN s strike carrier force Sadly a victim of a power play that would see his role being downplayed and n his lifetime would not get the recognition that he so deserved This s an exceptional book wonderfully written and meticulously documented that tells key events hidden behind the history that most are familiar with Joe Rochefort was the cryptographer who s work nformed ADM Nimitz of Japanese ntentions and timing at Midway enabling the most mportant naval victory of WWII As a biography the story Time Capsule is as entertaining as a novel It providesnsight on the challenges of Hot Under the Collar intelligence work the unknowns the wrong conclusions the bureaucracy politics relationships with senior leaders the value of prediction the agony of being wrong and not seeing whats happening and the joy of being dead on This Horses is easily anntroduction to the art and science of the timeless aspects of all source Goblin King intelligence and cryptography Andt s a great stor. Sion of Japan The Epilogue narrates the postwar effort waged by Rochefort's Hypo colleagues to obtain for him the DSM denied The Luthier's Apprentice in 1942 a drive that pays offn 1986 when President Reagan awards him the medal posthumously at a White House ceremony attended by his daughter and son It also explores Rochefort's legacy primarily his pioneering role at Pearl Factories in the Field: The Story of Migratory Farm Labor in California in which contrary to Washington's wishes he reported directly to Commandern Chief US Fleet providing actionable ntelligence without any delays and enabling codebreaking to play the key role t did Villa Mendl: Leben und Schicksal der Ankerbrot-Erbin Bettina Mendl in the Battle of Midway Ultimately this books aimed at bringing Joe Rochefort to life as the rreverent fiercely ndependent and conseuential officer that he was It assumes his career can't be understood without looking at his entire life It seeks to capture the Schlechter Sex 2 interplay of policy and personality and the role played by politics and personal rifts at the highest levels of Navy power during a time of national crisis This bio emerges as a history of the Navy'sntelligence cultu. ,
Joe Rocheforts War

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Nese naval codesCarlson ably covers the achievements of Rochefort and his team how his uniue experiences prepared him for the job and how they led him to a mistaken belief that he was rreplaceable Rochefort would be demoted within months of the battle at Midway and would end the war n command of a floating dry dock Carlson does a fine job *explaining Rochefort s talent and dedication as well as his ndiscretion regarding his own opinions on colleagues and superior s talent and dedication as well as his ndiscretion regarding own opinions on colleagues and superior writing s engaging and the "time period shortly before Midway s particularly gripping Carlson does a "period shortly before Midway s particularly gripping Carlson does a job showing the long painstaking drudgery often nvolved n ntelligence work However there seems to be too much on Rochefort s feud with the Redmans and Carlson also writes about Ring s Flight to Nowhere as f The Riptide Ultra-Glide it were an established fact Some of the sections also read like Carlson tries too hard to find conspiraciesn Rochefort s feuds when they seem like bureaucratic screwups The narrative can also transition awkwardly at timesA comprehensive well researched work Like Rochefort s work this book Die Sanduhr is a rich well researched and detail oriented history of his life ast paralleled the genesis and eventual heyday of Naval cryptology radio and communications Mardi Gras intelligence Through a lifetime of effort and strugglet Ghetto is a shining example of how the right mann the right place at the right moment can have an outsized effect on history even f not well known or appreciated for years This ncredibly fascinating book was a follow on from my Pacific War read last year This s not a story of war at sea at least not specifically It s as the subtitle clearly That Yankee Cat: The Maine Coon indicates the amazing story of how code breaking led to one of the most significant US Naval victoriesn ts history Joe Rochefort was n charge of a super secret unit at Pearl Harbor whose mission was to try to read or even break the Fleet Officer s code of the Imperial Japanese Navy Rochefort s unit was not alone n this endeavor as Australian and Dutch cryptographers were all working on bits of the code Additionally there were other US Navy codebreaking units working on the Japanese diplomatic code as well as the main Japanese naval fleet cipher This was a classic bureaucracy and of course naturally the codebreakers n DC were reluctant to share with the Pearl Harbor group Despite these obstacles and failures Pearl Harbor was certainly a failure of cryptanalysis they kept at American Espionage and the Soviet Target it How they didt Luxuspreissetzung in Der Theorie Und Implikationen F�r Die Praxis is beyond summary butt s a mesmerizing taleThe great historical story here s how Rochefort and his team persevered extrapolating the most arcane bits of data they never completely broke the code but were able to read bits of messages and then use radio direction finding euipment to locate the Japanese fleet So why was t a famous victory If you don t know here s the brief version Six months after. Ation Hypo The book focuses on Rochefort's nspiring leadership of Hypo recording first his frustrating months The Thinking Beekeeper: A Guide to Natural Beekeeping in Top Bar Hives in late 1941 searching for Yamamoto's fleet then capturing a guilt ridden Rochefortn early 1942 mounting a redemptive effort to track that fleet after the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor It details his critical role n May 1942 when he and his team against the bitter opposition of some top Navy brass concluded Midway was Yamamoto's nvasion target making possible a victory regarded by many as the turning point Die vier Jahreszeiten in the Pacific War The account also tells the story of Rochefort's ouster from Pearl the result of the machinations of key officersn Washington first to deny him the Distinguished Service Medal recommended by Admiral Nimitz then to effect his removal as OIC of Hypo The book reports his productive final years Mituri, rituri, simboluri în societatea contemporană in the Navy when he supervises the building of a floating drydock on the West Coast then backn Washington finds himself directing a planning body charged with doing spade work leading to the nva. ,
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