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L terrible names and whatever fast forward 5 years later she s #Working As A Lawyer #as a lawyer her 3 babies at home so is the hero but it turns out he has spread nasty rumours about her so she can t find a ob anywhere like wtf does this author hate good people is there nothing even remotely redeemable about this guy I m screamingblah blah they run into each other at a gala she s dating his old friend from college and he wants to prove she s a cheater so he sexually assaults her in a bathroom and it s described as #a sex scene like I m gonna throw up I m so furious this isn t #sex scene like I m gonna throw up I m so furious this isn t first time the author uses sexual abuse in order to add unnecessary drama to the storyin the end he finds out her affair was all a lie shocker and he doesn t even apologise Instead there were a bunch of pages where he talks all about his man pain tbh I mostly skimmed but it was pathetic and now I want to hit my head against a wall repeatedly hide spoiler I only have myself to blame I was warned I take full responsibility for my own sickness I can t be warned off I need helpSPOILERS AHEADOh where do I start The premise was promising in a HP sort of way Hero has an eeeeeevil family who fabricate evidence against the heroine because she s working class and black He swallows the evidence and humiliates the heroine at the wedding Then he proceeds to try and run her down with his car ruin her career and later any hopes of her finding someone else And of course she turns up pregnant with triplets Take that Lynne Graham heroines As far as I recall the best you ever sueeze out is secret twins Although these triplets weren t exactly secret the heroine tried to tell the hero but he had her thrown out of his office for the lying whore she wasThe hero s family is lily white moneyed and sophisticated The hero is even named Ashley Hollingsworth A name worthy of a daytime soap I pictured him wearing a polo shirt with a sweater tied around the neck Although Ashley is so rarely used as a man s name these days that it threw meThe hero finds out five years is so rarely used as a man s name these days that it threw meThe hero finds out five years late that the heroine was pregnant and the evidence against her was fabricated by his loving sister We get no satisfying grovel Oh he s sorry but he has all sorts of excuses Don t you see He s always loved her but he was hurt and he turned that love against her He didn t understand his own feelings He had a horrible mother But he suffered too He had to sleep with a ton of trampy shallow blondes and still couldn t forget the heroine He had to rule his empire with an iron fist and be a dick to everyone because his heart had been turned to stone y all Friggin stone I tell you He clearly suffered most of allThe heroine did overcome the hero s efforts to destroy her life and she had a decent family but she was far too forgiving Once he found out about the kids she was far too unrealistically willing to share them I realize children have a right to know their father but these are four year olds and their dear daddy has proven himself to be emotionally on their level and has a cruel streak a mile wide to boot And of course she can t help feeling sorry for him and falling right back into bed with him when she learns about all his suffering Understandable obviouslyAnd there s no big comeuppance for the family The sister who did the most damage by paying some dude to drug and sexually assault the heroine on tape gets off scott free The snobby mom does get kicked out of the family when it s revealed she was never the classy Katherine but instead a redneck named Rhonda who likely crawled out of the nearest trailer park and tricked the hero s father by acting like the perfect society woman Her crime was clearly the greatest Yeah she was a snobbish racist hateful piece of work who hid her knowledge of the secret kids from the hero The hero had no responsibility to check things out for himself It was natural for him to take the word of the mother he hated and blamed for his dad s death Her word had never proved untrustworthy The sister on the other hand was ust misunderstoodThis was entertaining in a absurd sort of way but nowhere near worth 5 Despite the warning I know those of you who share my disorder will be unable to resist the pull of a crazed trainwreck I weep for us all 35 Angsty and a bit ok a lot of a soap opera Typical misunderstanding miscommunication evil side characters interfering blah blah But I enjoyed it so I can t complain that much really. ODevastated after being publicly dumped by the love of her life Skylar is left to pick up the pieces of her of her shattered world But what will Ashley do when he runs into Skylar again and learns that she wasn’t the only one he left at the alt. D used the dvd and the threat prosecution to force the H to forfeit parental rights Then she should have gone to the and had the lot of them prosecuted including the H for concealing a she should have gone to the police and had the lot of them prosecuted including the H for concealing a and obstruction thus getting his sorry rear disbarred She should also have taken out a restraining order against the H and when he broke it had his rear arrested again This H was no prize AT ALL he obviously had a lot of issues especially since everything was always somebody else s fault Sure he was sorry but that and 495 at Starbucks will get you a latte so frankly who CARES he was sorry but that and 495 at Starbucks will get you a latte so frankly who CARES sorry he is he is still a whiney loser who can t take responsibility for his actions and NOT a role model or ideal parent Really the only thing he had was money so perhaps a trust fund for the kids and then boot him off to SiberiaUnfortunately none of what should have happened did instead we get the usual magic pump and dump and all is forgiven all around with the h being sorry for being so standoffish for five minutes Not worth the price really but if it is free or under 100 the drama could be amusing DNF 60%I loved the bones of this story Strong and smart heroine is completely screwed over by a fiance easily lead by his stick up the ass family Let the action beginFast forward 5 years and maybe time for our gal to grow a backbone Do I dare hope MaybeBut that s not even my issue I uit before I could get the chance to completely ascertain that informationWhy d I throw in the towelThe editing I very rarely get pissed due to editing issues but you know what I paid five bucks for this book with the hopes I d FINALLY get to experience a wronged woman stand up to her asshole man The lack of editing completely ruined that for me5 Dollars That s my morning coffee and that little sleeve of nuts I always buy I realize it s not a ton of cash but so much oy can come from 5 hundred pennies I d hope any book I purchased on a whim for that amount at least involved a proof reader Nuff said Idiotic not celibate H who doesn t grovel and spineless h x This author writes very well I was sucked in from the beginning and my Nini jaw dropped couple of times There was drama angst and it wasust not a book you can put downI hated Ashley seriously his cruelty takes the cake but what others did to the Skyler was even worse At times it was understandable but this was emotional read I even shed some tears due to what I came across it was certainly a roller coaster This reminded me a bit about susan Napier s mistress of the Groom in the books I read the things the hero in that book did I thought were bad but this one In ilted sits right on top of cruel heroes list but this guy redeemed himself at the end so it was believable HEA My only ualms were the lack of clarity at the start of the book it took me a while to work out where the skyler was from it was alluded to but it was a bit strange why it wasn t straight up stated Was a bit confused I m screaming have you ever read a book so bad it doesn t deserve any stars like not even 18 of a starI m actually shaking I cannot finish this book I got to 75% before giving up and throwing my kindle across the room because THIS BOOK IS SO BAD there is so much racism and misogyny i cannot breatheso what happens is a black woman falls in love with a white guy I m pretty sure that this is a romance but all I got was to stay the hell away from white men bc this hero is the devil view spoilerokay I have read dramatic romance novels before but this one really takes the cake so the couple is about to get married and she gets left at the aisle literally I mean this happens a lot in romance novels but this novel took it another step further so you know how typically when you ditch someone at the altar it sort of happens behind the scenes like they leave a note or something no this guy actually waited till she walked up the aisle stood in front of him then was like hmmm actually bye and called her a cheating slut basically in front of everyone i was screaming at this point bc this is ust too much also he physically touches her and calls her some pretty unforgivable namesanyway blah blah blah he runs off to Dubai with a blonde bimbo and the heroine realises she s pregnant WITH TRIPLETSif you are still reading this review then bless you bc at this point in the book I d given up and we re only like 10% in so the heroine confronts him at his office he kicks her out calls her awfu. E The groom said noAshley Hollingsworth thought Skylar was the one for him until he receives a mysterious tip that says otherwise After hardening his heart against Skylar he leaves her standing at the altar on their wedding day A heart torn in tw. Jilted is an interesting book as it s not an easy romance but STORY OF PRIDE ANGER HURT story of pride anger hurt forgiveness It reminds me a lot of another book by the author Whatever He Wants in themes and tone While Skylar seems to have her head together both before and eventually after Ashley s betrayal he is a hot mess Jilted is not simply a book on miscommunication between lovers It s a book of what Flight, Vol. 7 jealousy pride and fear can cost someone And notust external factors contributing to the situation but deep seeded personal fears as a silent wrecking ball Ashley is a tough male protagonist to like for at least half the book Many a times I wanted to reach through the pages And Punch Him In The Face Until Reality Does A punch him in the face until reality does a ob of slapping him in the face about his past choices I liked seeing Ashley realize what a total ackass he d been in his handling of things and the steps he takes to make things right Skylar is a strong woman even though Ashley s betrayal breaks her initially and I enjoyed seeing her being prudent yet fair despite not being given a fair chance before things blew up It s a good read especially for romance readers who like their books with a lot angst plus the overall message of forgiveness and redemption works Not for meSkylar and Ashley are to be marriedon the day of their wedding Ashley shows up and tells Skylar he will not be marrying her a devastated Skylar can t believe it and tries to talk to her husband to be but Ashley tells her to get out of his life and stay out Skylar le GR friends say noIgnoring my better udgement as well as my GR friend I read it anyway and an uzi is needed to take down the H and his foul familyHeroine is an idiot and caves at every glance Make him work for it girl Oh well too latePlus bad parenting alert the H has a TV and DVD player in each room of his triplets Way to spoil them So the H in this one gets a dvd of the h with another guy days before the wedding it is a recent dvd based on the h s physical appearance Now this H knows that his family hates and I do mean HATES the hDoes he uestion Does he investigate He KNOWS how evil his family is and is supposedly so in love with the nice sweet h but he can t even be bothered to uestion this dvd Instead he literally dumps the h at the altar in front of everyone and uses nasty names tooHe knew about this dvd for a few days before the wedding plenty of time to call it off uietlyThen the h tries to tell him she is preggers he kicks her out of his office She is a new lawyer herself and graduated top of her class he gets her blackballed from the most of the legal community she has to take a public defender position cause they are the only one who will hire her Then he sees her out on a date with another man whom he knew in college and he decides he has to warn the other man off from he evil ways FIVE years laterThen he finds out that he has triplets his mum lied about investigating the h and her not being preggers the dvd was made by his sister and the h s sorta friend they drugged her and set her up for sexual assault and filmed it and his brother knew about it and did nothingThe h has spent five years caring for triplets establishing a career and moving on with her life there was a TON of angst pain and suffering struggle on the h s part she knew she was innocent and yet the H wouldn t even listen to herThe H meanwhile is whining cause he has to have sub par sex with a variety of lovely ladies he acts like a total erk to everyone and it is all about his pain and yet for some reason his friends still want to be his friend Then everything is all better cause he finds out the truth Who cares about the h and her trauma he gets to be with his children he gets the h into bed right away and even the h s own mum decides that since this POS supposedly loves the h he is okay to have in the family WHATHe loved the h at the time of the wedding too and it still did not stop him from doing his best to ruin her life The fact that he did not succeed is sorta immaterial and a testament to the character of the hThen there is the fact that his family participated in a first degree felony of kidnapping assault and sexual assault the h was VIOLATED yet nothing is done about it because the perpetrator is the H s POS sister and brother and they are kinda sorry and want to play aunt and uncle Again I have to say WHATWhat should have happened is the h once the truth was establishe. A beautiful brideSkylar Brown is set to marry the man of her dreams He’s everything she’s ever hoped for in a man smart intelligent sexy and madly in love with her Or so she thought When she meets her groom at the altar she's in for a surpris.

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