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Hold on to your seatbelts you guys I got an early peek and this book is amazing A deeper review closer to the pub date I promise This book was one of the YA reads that wasn t on my radar at all I ve never read any books by Nic Stone so this Wow Wowowowow I think this book made my brain explode a little bit but In A Good Way So Much To Think About After a good way So much to think about after this one I ll write of a review once I process my thoughts better but for now preorder this one Nic never disappoints but she REALLY did something great with Jackpot I love the concept of this one Two teenagers one rich and one poor are brought together as they try to retrace the steps of an old lady who may have ust won herself over a hundred million dollars It s also possible she may not even have realized itRico sure knows she could use the money Her family lives above their means in an apartment they can hardly afford Rico her mom and younger brother they can hardly afford Rico her mom and younger brother don t even have health insurance or healthy food half of the time yet her mom refuses to seek help preferring to work two obs To save face maybe She is doing her best to give her children access to good schools but what s the point if Rico can t even go to college She must help her mom pay billsSo finding that winning ticket is of outmost importance to Rico Her co pilot s reasons for tagging along on this adventure seem uite different because Zan s family is swimming in money and yet both realize that while they may be from two separate worlds they are not incredibly different after all Life can hit anyone hardThis was my third novel from Nic Stone and the third one I ve enjoyed too This author has a very uniue writing style I could have recognized her as the author of this book even if her name hadn t been writ. From the author of the New York Times bestseller Dear Martin comes a pitch perfect romance that examines class privilege and how a stroke of good luck can change an entire lifeMeet Rico high school senior and afternoon shift cashier at the Gas 'n' Go who after school and work races home to take car.

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Ten on it She explores social issues that are "critical to her like poverty racism stereotypes and I don t even have to read her bio "to her like poverty racism stereotypes and I don t even have to read her bio background to know that I could feel it as I read this book Another winner from Nic Stone BTW I really like her nameBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestJACKPOT is the story of a teenage girl living about an inch above the poverty line She works at a convenience store clerk which is how she ends up meeting the woman who bought the winning lottery ticket and also the rich young heir Zan who ends up playing willing accomplice to her heist to notify the woman of her good fortune and perhaps get a cut of that sweet sweet cashI haven t read anything by this author before although I do actually own her other book DEAR MARTIN and I had a lot of mixed thoughts while reading Ultimately I do think I liked this book with reservations which I ll list out hereWhat I liked Realistic portrayal of what it s like living paycheck to paycheck I think a lot of YA and NA try to romanticize being low income like you Have No Cred If You no cred if you t starving It s always for a sacrifice or a cause and I hate that because I think it feeds into the mistaken belief that people without money have done something to deserve that Rico s struggles to provide with her family and their sacrifices really hit hard I liked that a lot Diversity everywhere Rico and her younger brother are biracial and so actually is Zan There s a lot of interracial families in here and lots of discussions about culture and not a whole lot of bigotry while Don t pickup this book if you have things that need done I repeat DON T PICKUP THIS BOOK IF YOU HAVE THINGS THAT NEED DONE Even though I predicted the endin. E of her younger brother Every Single Day When Rico sells a ackpot winning lotto ticket she thinks maybe her luck will finally change but only if she with some assistance from her popular and wildly rich classmate Zan can find the ticket holder who hasn't claimed the prize But what happens when ha. Jackpot author Nic StoneG of this one pretty early on there is ust something about Nic Stone s writing that really does it for me and I Liked This One SO liked this one SO My favorite bits were the parts written in the perspective of different inanimate objects because I feel like they ust really gave this that little extra something and honestly y all this was Investir dans l'or : le petit manuel pratique just so fun and you need to read it Jackpot by Nic Stone is the YAewel I didn t know I needed Rico is tough and serious in her determinedly matter of fact way She knows all she will ever need to know about each of her classmates Without having an actual conversation Rico knows what their home lives must be She can tell what type of people they are Rico is so grown she even knows ex Haven t read this yet ust combatting an absurd rating from someone else who has certainly not read it Will update when I ve actually read it Alright I m a total Nic Stone fan girl I literally did football maneuvers in a ballroom to make sure I got this ARC But this one feltoffThe story is told from Rico s POV with side anecdotes from the winning lotto ticket her little brother s toy soldier and other inanimate objects in an effort to offset Rico s unreliability I wanted a deeper exploration into her partner in crime s thoughts I also didn t like the constant reminder of how poor she was It was redundant and often came across as melodramatic the constant reminder of how poor she was It was redundant and often came across as melodramatic coming from someone from a low socioeconomic backgroundThings I did love Jess as a character was phenomenal and exactly who Rico needed to help her put her life in perspective Also the bathroom scene with Rico and her mom was done to perfection All that to say I m still a total Nic Stone fangirl but I didn t love Rico with the same vigor and gusto that I loved Jupiter Charity Sanche. Ve and have nots collide Will this investigative duo uniteor divideNic Stone the New York Times bestselling author of Dear Martin and Odd One Out creates two unforgettable characters in one hard hitting story about class money both too little and too much and how you make your own luck in the world.