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Izzie and the Icebeast (Alien Abduction #8)Ants het and will do what he must to have herIzzie is a waitress ollege student who has been abducted and is now a slave of the slave master Reglehi is a waitress ollege student who has been abducted and is now a slave of the slave master Reglehi owns the gladiators and many varieties of beings Izzie is one if Many And Since She Is And since she is New Race That Few Have Seen She Is Going To race that few have seen she is going to a special prize But she is not going to make it easy As Izzie and Baralt GRT together and plan a future that does not involve slavery it is a wild cold ride I thought this book was fun and it was good seeing past characters from other books in this series I love seeing what they are doing now I loved the descriptions and how many different minds of beings there are I am excited for the next book One of my favorite books in one of my favorite series Baralt is a Hothian and we ve heard stories of him since the book Faith and the Fighter came out He resembles a humanoid version of what we think the mythical Yetti looks like He left his home world after a tragic incidentHe became a well known fighter on the gladiator circuit After one of his rights he sees a female like any other and the attraction is instant He knows that she ll Newsweek he decides to fight for her Izzie abducted from her small college town where studying to become a lawyer Wakes Smitten up in a cage and she fights her capturesntil they hurt her bady and we ll her to the highest bidder While being taken to he. Ged to overcome all of the obstacles life has thrown at her But being abducted and sold by aliens may be the one challenge she can’t defeatWhen a massive furred alien comes to her rescue she has no reason to trust him And yet this strangely appealing warrior could be her only hopeDetermined to protect Izzie Baralt is forced to return to the one place he vowed ne. ,

characters Izzie and the Icebeast (Alien Abduction #8)

An addictive read that you ll lose sleep forI loved Izzie and Beralt s story I waited what seems like forever finally have it release then I ickly sped through the dang thing so fast that I m suffering a kind of fast reading remorse I m probably going to go back and read it again anyway but ohmybob what a fantastic part of the series this is The two protagonists meet at the fight club but she needs saving Beralt is a badash fighter but there are some shady characters that try to mess with his plans Izzie does not expect good things to happen for her that all aliens are out to either eat her or well eat her and she s totally not cool with that She well eat her and she s totally not cool with that she sassy i liked her right from page sassy I liked her right from page You will root for her and her fighter and their adventures will just make you love them I know it will be an interminable wait for Joan and Varga to make an appearance but you should totally read Izzie s story now Another winner Ready for the next This book was a magnificent journey to the ice planet home of the Hothians It kind of reminds me of Hoth the ice planet of the Empire Strikes Back from Star Wars All ice and snow and crazy beasts In thus book Baralt the Hothian is a gladiator on a slave planet He is good and has certain privileges On his way to his arters from a successful fight he comes across a female of a race that he has Never seen before He A jaded alien gladiator A heroine who won’t give in A battle worth winningAfter a fatal mistake drives Baralt away from his world he has to rely on his fighting skills to survive Despite his success in the arena he grows increasingly tired of violence 1898 until a soft beautiful human female gives him a reason to fightWith no one but herself to rely on Izzie has mana. R new owner she looksp and is confronted with an alien that all at once scares her because he looks like An ice beastYetti attracts
Her Because Of The 
because of the he show despite being a ruthless gladiator When Baralt wins Izzie thought he only wanted to share a few nights with her but soon realizes that this thought he only wanted to share a few nights with her but soon realizes that this fierce female means to him He wants her for his mate for forever Izzie soon realizes what a good male Baralt is and what he is willing to do to rescue her As they make plans too escape the slave planet they grow closer and closer and when they finally reach his home world the love between them blossoms and grows It an awesome story you ll love both the heart and the heroine and you ll be cheering for them through the whole story Passionate action filled adventure with forever love and a happy ending Highly recommend 5 Stars This author enjoys storytelling and happily ever afters Baralt is lovable and the steam is yummy We re 8 books into the series and it s still fresh and I m wanting for Awesome Loved it strong fierce warrior Baralt rescues Izzie from slavery and escapes from the fighting pits with her Onward to Hothrest Baralts home planet and the adventure continues Baralt strong huge fighter but oh so tender and loving to Izzie Loved this so much I m going to start reading the rest of the series from the beginning with Book Ver to go his home planet only to find it facing its own threat Can Baralt and Izzie work together to help his people make peace with the past and find the home they both wantEach book in the Alien Abduction series can be read as a standalone romance Warning this sweet and steamy HEA contains scenes that may be disturbing for some readers Intended for mature reade.

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