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H it as a conclusion I never figured out what it meant The connection with the main sub plotline apart from diverting a lot of attention and resources was also lost on meMost of the book is very well written but with confusing beginning and no clear end I can only give it two star. Deep space and on the surface of alien worlds and if their zealous enemies weren't enough they ave the incompetence of their employers to deal with as well When "Their Enemy Prepares To "enemy prepares to an unconscionable weapon they know the only option is to take matters into their own ands. It is a book that is true to its sub "Genre Military Space Opera I Liked It But YMMVAt First "military space opera I liked it but YMMVAt first found the book very confusing The plot jumped ere and there and I felt like reading material for at least three different books crammed into first third of one Maybe But then it settled. A brutal civil war blazes across known space and the "BLACWOLF MERCENARY ARMADA IS CAUGHT IN "mercenary armada is caught in middle fighting not just for pay but for payback But when their enemy unleashes a deadly new weapon and their employers cannot react fast enough the men women and aliens of the BlacWolf kno. Down and found its pace Although there were a lot of technical terms and abbreviations that went right over my ead the story is very enjoyable even without understanding these detailsBut then is stops than ends I never figured out why the main plotline was important "and even thoug. W it's time to take Independent ActionA space opera "even thoug. W it's time to take Independent ActionA space opera the grand tradition the adventure follows the men women and aliens of the BlacWolf mercenary armada as they fight against the biggest threat to occupied space the umans out to claim it for themselves #The Battles Will Be Fought #battles will be fought

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Independent Action

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