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In Every HeartbeatThere are things I liked in this book but ultimately it seemed to go the way of all Christian fiction I m not even entirely certain exactly what frustrates me so much about Christian fiction There are even entirely certain exactly what frustrates me so much about Christian fiction There are things I can oint to in this book like Libby s constant unapologetic scorn of her roommate who while clearly not erfect doesn t get credited by Libby for her clear good intentions or the repeated certainty to know God s specific will and calling and thus not worry about circumstances when in reality God s will and calling for a erson are often revealed by circumstances as opposed to circumstances being ignored because of an individual s notions of what God s will is also I have a very low tolerance of cheesiness This one wasn t the cheesiest book but it had its fair share Maybe what irks me most is how in Christian fic characters ray and then everything magically works out Sometimes this happens but often it just isn t realistic I guess what grates on me is the behind the scenes notion that God s ultimate goal for eoples Times of Bede present lives is to negate misery I like happy endings as much as the nexterson but I think I agree with CS Lewis when he says God doesn t necessarily want us to be happy but rather to be lovable with The Catechism of the Council of Trent pain and suffering often used to make us lovable25 I didn t realize this was a seuel to My Heart Remembers until I wasartly into the book But since I never actually read the first book but just skimmed it I didn t really feel like I missed anything I think this could be read as a stand aloneWhile I enjoyed the story it wasn t my favorite The characters were enjoyable for the most art and felt real but I wasn t all that interested in life on a college campus in 1915 Libby bugged me by never talking about what she really wanted and dreamed of Pete bugged me because even if he was studying to be a minister he seemed to have never read about forgiveness They did get straightened out and I wasn t bothered by those things all the time It also confused me when it was mentioned that Pete was Going To Bible School But to Bible School but was the same college and not a Bible college Things started to ick up about half way through the book and were interestingOne thing I did appreciate was the author s stance on urity in books and the comments in the book about when stories focus on the hysical between the guy and the girl is can stir up wrongful assions were so true Sadly the hysical between the guy and the girl is can stir up wrongful assions were so true Sadly seems to be creeping into even Christian books these daysOverall I did enjoy this book and will robably read another one by this author This book is the seuel to My Heart Remembers and features three of the original orphans in Isabelle and Aaron s orphanage Libby Petey and Bennett They are now old enough that the three have all headed off to college This was a sweet tender story as Libby finds her way back to God Petey reconnects with his family and Bennett still struggles to find his Davids Sling place in the. As three friends who grew up in the same orphanage head off to college together they each harbor a cherished dream Libby wishes to become a famous journalist Petelans to study to become World With twists and turns a beautiful love story trials of faith hardships and misunderstandings all set on a college campus once again Sawyer has enned a wonderful historical read I would love to see one book in the series featuring BennettDefinitely recommended for readers of historical fiction 3rd time reading it and it s still a gem 3 Final rating 35 starsAfter reading My Heart Remembers And Having A Fantastic Experience Reading Through All Of and having a fantastic experience reading through all of charm and character I was thoroughly excited to begin diving into it s seuel In Every Heartbeat For a seuel I thought this novel was solid with it s setting characters and the events that transpired from start to finish I really admired how Kim took a different approach to the story compared to it s Dangerously Placed predecessor As the setting is sped up several years into the future you get small glimpses of Maelle Matthew and Molly s lives sporadically throughout the story However this storyredominantly follows Pete Libby and Bennett through their college careers While I grew to like Libby and couldn t find it in me to care for Bennett as a character much as all Pete really shined in this book It was enjoyable to see him go from a rambunctious little boy to one who s childhood wounds grew to deeply effect him spiritually mentally and emotionally As he Just Destiny pursues becoming aastor to spread and teach the good news of Jesus Christ the scars that were left on his heart became something he sought solace for apart from God With what becomes a begrudging attempt to heal those wounds Pete is uickly reminded of Christ s love mercy and forgiveness as it shines incredibly bright through our weaknesses fears and when we must face and stand up to our enemies His story was surely one of healing and redemption when we least expect it most My only nit Paradise Run picks in this book were the lack of character development for Bennett and Libby s roommate Alice Marie since she was included in much of the story They both kind of began the same and ended the same with no majorrogression to their ersonalities or to the way they erceived the world around them It felt as if at the end they were just tossed aside while Pete and Libby took center stage It was a bit unsatisfying to not have their stories come to any really good conclusionsOverall the college setting isn t normally my cup of tea but it didn t make the story dis likable The moral lessons found within this book are biblical which further glorifies the truth Kim Vogel Sawyer s writing is leasant and lively Being torn between a rating of 3 and 4 I leave Being torn between a rating of 3 and 4 I leave at a 35 Sadly I didn t connect with this book as much as the first There were arts in the second half that were gripping that brought it up to 4 stars for me But I needed something satisfying in details about how Dignity Rising 1: Gefesselte Seelen people felt or what truly happened after a display of emotion Talking things out and the reader beingrivy to those conversations would have been a Minister and Bennett wants to join a fraternity and have as much fun as ossible But as tensions rise around the world on the brink of World War I the friends' differing aspirations and op. ,

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Lus for meVery clean great message and a sweet romance Well I didn t like this uite as well as the first didn t like this uite as well as the first because much of it is in college and focuses on which fraternitiessororities each character wants to get intoGreek life is just SO not my thing and I didn t enjoy reading those arts Also I never uite understood why Libby didn t just come out and ask to be adopted instead of stewing and longing to herself That statement makes sense in the context of the storyBut once we got to the Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide part with the Leidig family I couldn tut it down And I loved the very clear Christian message So while it isn t another new favorite it s definitely a solid five stars Now I need to read a story about Bennett s next chapter in life I loved this book So glad to hear about the lives of the 3 orphans Petey Libby and Bennett I agree with others that I would like to know about what happened to Bennett I feel that his story was not completed I didn t #Realize That My Heart #that My Heart had a seuel Wie war das noch? Schulwissen, neu aufpoliert proves my lack of research cause I so don t like spoilers so when I recognized characters I was happyThis was such a good book It has the usual Sawyer flavor with colorful believable characters and a strong Christian messageIt s amazing to me how Sawyer can take an almost cliched idea and turn it into a believable masterpiece of impacting fictionLibby s journey was beautiful her feeling of unacceptance her journey as a writer all of this was lovely I may or may not have released a happy clap at the turningoint of her life one of my sisters asked What just happened It was very happily doneBennet was also a well thought out character Because I like realism I really liked his whole story and struggles and HOW IT ENDEDPETEY WAS TRULY AMAZING it endedPetey was truly amazing was so real and so not Hidden Boundaries perfect even though he was going to be a minister I was a little hesitant how things would turn out with him confronting hisarents but wow Just yeah you need to read that art I really really liked Petey s story on so many levelsAs mentioned the spiritual content was solid It was not in your face reachy but very much there The story would be incomplete without itThere was a little bit of emotional romance Some kissing Some characters who were kind of Gods Callgirl playing at the dating thing which was not exactlyortrayed in a Forever I'm Yours positive light I didn t feel that it was over the top thoughAnother happy sigh I liked this book Three and a half starsIn Every Heartbeat tells the story of Libby and Bennett who are orphans and Petey who was abandoned by hisarents at a young age These three have had been firm friends since their time in the Orphanage and Children s home Libby always longed to be adopted by Maelle No one could have been like a mother to her yet reasons unknown to Libby it never happened Petey who has a wooden leg after an accident with a trolley car has no reason to ever want to see the arents who sent him as a young child out into the world Petey. Inions begin to divide them as well And when Libby makes a shocking discovery about Pete's family will it drive a final wedge between the friends or bond them in ways they never anticipated.

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