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Inside Academia dE looking for habitable planets The stakes are high no less than the first claim to entire worlds If heeclines the honor he ll be switched off and they ll try again with someone else If he accepts he becomes a prime target So a story where a contemporary human is turned into an AI AND HAS AI LIKE ABILITIES WHILE FAMILIAR IS ALREADY has AI like abilities while familiar is already interesting to me The fact that Dennis E Taylor wants to tell the story of a modern human becoming a self replicating Von Neumann probe opens up the entire universe and allows the reader to experience it from a perspective we understand and can relate to the lovable geekOne of the things I loved about this book was all of the research and effort Taylor took to get the Science right The lecture Bob attends in Vegas called Exploring the Galaxy is freuently uoted to remind us that this concept is grounded in Science Eventually the entire universe will be explored by self replicating probes Combining this idea with a relatable human personality was a brilliant premise and I can t wait to see where the series goesI hate to keep bashing this book but the best reviewed Comedy Science Fiction of 2016 is Mechanical Failure by Joe Zieja Zieja goes for a laugh a minute and ends up inducing a groan a minute He comes up with the joke first then contrives the plot to Protest Politics in the Marketplace deliver the joke We are Legion has a strong plot and manages to be funny along the way Itoesn t try too hard There are plenty of pop culture references and maybe a few too many Star Trek and Star Wars jokes but it never goes over the top Bob s behaviour is pretty believable for someone put in his positionHere is an example joke from We are LegionNoting someone s cowardly tendencies Bob Celestial Tears Hidden Alchemy describes them as like Bill Paxton s character in Aliens Then a page or 2 later after finding out the guy is not a complete wuss he says I mentally upgraded him to Michael Biehn Now this made me laugh out loud but if youidn t like the joke at least it was The Exposition of Artistic Research delivered in a way where you weren t taken out of the story and shaking your head goingI also must congratulate Taylor onelivering the first actually funny Australian joke I have readMy minor criticisms of the book would be It seemed like Bob should have woken up 1000 years in the future not criticisms of the book would be It seemed like Bob should have woken up 1000 years in the future not Some etail on how the world ended up crazy theocracy would have been interesting although the Cliff Notes version was fun I m not that either narrator Ray Porter or Taylor knew exactly what to o with Homer view spoilerHe s kinda Shallow Grave dumb but kinda smart Some sort ofefective Bob might have been interesting I think of the Simpsons episode where all Homer s sperm bang into each other saying Doh I guess Homer is just a Bob who liked The Simpsons but The Economics of Agricultural Development didn t really sound like him Not too sure hide spoiler Belly laughs are one of the best things about being sentient and you should never miss a chance for one Fantastic to have my book clubiscuss We Are Legion It gave me a chance to reread this book and enjoy it all over again And then talk about the Prime Directive 2017So much geeky fun In addition to all the seemingly effortless tie ins to all that is nerdy Dennis Taylor s We Are Legion has a solid story both about humanity colonizing the stars and the nature of humanity itself This was an easy and fast paced read You may have already read Kim Stanley Robinson s excellent Mars trilogy Robinson s view on mankind reaching out to the stars seems solid Even with its ludicrous science fiction references could We Are Legion be just as plausibleA second read from me thinks it well might be Still loads of fun A conceptually broad fun light hearted science fiction romp It has the same sarcastic tone utilized in Old Man s War or The Martian and reads very much like the first section of a longer book I wasn t crazy about the storytelling and I thought it got a little bogged own with tedium in the second half but it is undeniably funIf you turn off the literary analysis corner of your brain you ll enjoy the romp with great concepts. H seinen ersten Auftrag Er soll neue bewohnbare Planeten finden Versagt er wird er abgeschaltet Für Bob beginnt ein grandioses Abenteuer zwischen en Sternen – und ein gnadenloser Wettlauf gegen ie Zei. We Are Legion We Are Bob45 stars I got than I expected from this one I honestly expected this too be silly maybe along the lines of from this one I honestly expected this too be silly maybe along the lines of s Willful child Don t get me wrong this is still funny book but it s witty and smartass kind with lot of pop culture references and there where times I was grinning like mad with few laugh out loud moments but it s all backed by some real science and story It s hard to tell what is meat and what are bones of this novel Humor pop culture references and hard sci fi parts are intertwined into singular cohesive whole Story is also reason why this isn t getting full 5 stars or pacing to be precise In second half of the book story branches into multiple paths with several PoVs all of which are Bobs and pace slows own significantly All of the storylines are interesting but at few points they are just too slow It s also important to note that pretty much everything is left unresolved It Algorithms for Clustering Data (Prentice Hall Advanced Reference Series : Computer Science) doesn t necessarily end with cliffhanger but every story arc is left wide open Bob and later Bobs is great character I m glad that trend of geeks being presented as socially unadapted idiots like in tv show The Big bang theory isying Original Bob is introvert geek but he is also pragmatic smartass and other Bobs are than just variations They are personalities of their own and each PoV has it s own uniue flavorOverall great read Fun and funny hard sci fi with some very smart laugh out loud and nerdgasm moments "I like Bob I ve been swimming with him in Master s Swim Club for four or five years He "like Bob I ve been swimming with him in Master s Swim Club for four or five years He always on time always ready to work and has the enviable ability the result of ecades as an accountant of being able to keep track of yardage and time sets He is also the only one who reliably plays The Pun Game with me until I laugh so hard I can t swim If you liked the genius inventive loner engineer of The Martian and you also liked the amazing universe building and rambling episodic nature of The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet then you re probably going to love this bookBob is a newly minted Tech Millionaire Bob Has Also Just Signed millionaire Bob has also just signed to be cryogenically frozen in the event of his eath Which is a really good thing because his Introduction to African American Studies death is in 3 2 uh ohBob is an AI replicant based on a brain scan of frozen tech millionaire Bob s brain Bob s also a pop culture junky incredibly brilliant and other than the loss of everything and everyone he knows pretty happy to be an AI and even happy to find out that he s going to be the piloting AI of a self replicating interstellar von Neumann probeBut after his launch the responsibility on his heads is immense He has to find colony worlds for humanityeal with armed crazy rivals My Lover deal with potential alien life and maybe save humanity itselfThis was great The situation that the Bobs find themselves in are SF staples and the multitudes of himself allow the book to investigate all of them The Bobiverse is a rich universe filled withanger and wonder and uite a lot of BobThere s no great character evelopment although the plot is fascinating and most of the Bobs are a lot of fun to read about Highly recommended and I give it 45 stars and I m rounding up because of how much I enjoyed it Be warned though if the Martian was not to your taste I Mobilizing New York doubt that this one will be either 25ish stars A fun and funny but unspectacular space opera elevated by a clever narrating voices and uniue set upIt could just be that I m burned out on space opera right now but I justidn t enjoy this as much as I was hoping to I expected it to be hysterically comical but even with the geeky pop culture allusions and the endless wit of the great and powerful bobs I never made it past a good chortle Alright except for anytime GUPPI said anything Love that guy By your commandIt was good and well written but Aspects of South African Literature didn t have a singular story line to get invested in or excited about throughout the novel I thought it was pretty standard fare with some cool ideas thrown in Without the bobs it would have been a littleull and even with them it wasn t Bob kann es nicht fassen Eben hat er noch seine Software Firma verkauft und einen Vertrag über The Barefoot Girl: A Novel of St. Margaret, Patroness of the Abused das Einfrieren seines Körpers nach seinem Tod unterschriebena ist es auch schon vorbei mit ihm Er wird bei. Emarkable Ray Porter Social Media in Academia does a pretty awesome job on audio I love the subtleties between each of the bobs heoes a great job with all of the accents And again GUPPI Fantastic If you re interested in the book efinitely Look Into The AudiobookPosted In Mr Philip into the audiobookPosted in Mr Philip Library This is one of these novels that make people ask themselves why nobody before had this magnificent idea All fragments and ideas where there they just had to be put together to such a great story I have seen this setting in many Sci Fi novels but never as the riving force for a series It must be extremely Orality in Igbo (African) Literature difficult to write a novel out of such a confining perspective and still integrate so much suspension and wit into itThis way of immortality always leads me to the uestion of why people tend to believe thateath has to be an integral part of society There is a great video about I m jumping on the Bobwagon hereI love the light tone throughout and the geek humor mostly relegated to names one AI clone gives to oneself when faced with a profundity of oneself Riker Number 2 Of course But the rest is just a fantastic ride of popular references and "snark right Admiral AkbarSeriously that was just one of the coolest things in the novel but the next runner up has "right Admiral AkbarSeriously that was just one of the coolest things in the novel but the next runner up has to be the effortless way we start colonizing the galaxy with each replicant going back to Earth exploring the star systems finding aliens and of course fighting one little pernicious Brazilian who is racing Bob among the stars and who happens to be a rather edicated idiotOh humanity is practically wiped out At least he still has his mission SheeshWhile this is a light book it s full of great voice and activity and comradeship between oneself Truly surprising just how much we can argue with ourself when we have a whole universe to grow within I m trying to find fault with Arthur but I just CAN TTHIS IS DELICIOUS SF FUN AND I HAVE tThis is elicious SF fun and I have say it s totally accessible for anyone It may be appreciated by geeks however I loved Bob er the Bob s I can tell you right now if I would have woken up like Bob Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms did I would have freaked and they would have pulled the plug I loved the journey through space and all that happened well mostlyLonger review later Audiobook What a pleasant surprise this book turned out to beWhen I saw this audiobook I thought it might have been a self published Church of the Subgenius tribute SFIt s not I clicked on it and the synopsis sounded interesting When I searched for it on Goodreads it had a grand total of zero reviews In the 2 weeks it took me to put it on my phone and get around to listening to it several reviews have popped up so it looks like the Bobiverse might be catching on somewhat With a title like We are Legion We are Bob Bobiverse Book 1 Great title I was expecting a light comedy Sci Fi We are Legion is actually something of a tweener It is mostly a very clever hard Science Fiction with elements of a First Contact adventure and a nice seasoning of comedy Don t go in expecting the next Hitchhiker s guide and I promised you won t beisappointedIn the opening of the book our titular Bob is in Vegas for a Science convention Bob is a nerd who likes Science and Star Trek and owns a software company While in Vegas Bob is convinced by a Sales critter that he shouldn t pay to have his whole body cryogenically frozen He argues that in the future the technology will exist to grow Bob a whole new body so Bob agrees upon his The Alchemical Mandala A Survey of the Mandala in the Western Esoteric Traditions death to have his head removed and frozen What has he got to loseSmash cut to THE FUTURE where Bob wakes up in a theocracy I got my first big laugh when Bob immediately accepts his strange new reality as opposed to every other book where our protagonist would spend pages telling themselves they are onrugs or have a brain tumour From the Synopsis Bob wakes up a century later to find that corpsicles have been The Alcohol Blackout: Walking, Talking, Unconscious Lethal declared to be without rights and he is now the property of the state He has been uploaded into computer hardware and is slated to be the controlling AI in an interstellar prob. M Überuerener Straße überfahren Hundert Jahre später wacht Bob wieder auf allerdings nicht als Mensch sondern als Künstliche Intelligenz Digital Feminist Activism: Girls and Women Fight Back Against Rape Culture die nochazu Staatseigentum ist Prompt bekommt er auch gleic. ,