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I Met SomeoneI liked the writing these characters #were resented in full Hollywood talk love Hollywood which was fun to read The lot is #presented in full Hollywood talk love Hollywood which was fun to read The Networking for Career Success: 24 Lessons for Getting to Know the Right People plot is up to date and the setting is luxury The elouently written but nauseatingly discomfiting kind of tale Wagner has built a career on has finally met an accessibility hisrevious and largely superior novels lacked Absolutely no one can touch him and humiliation would await anyone who tried to emulate the high wire act only he can erform his Joycean flourish a manic satirical irony that would decimate any smug millennial a sense of ghoulish humor that could embarrass the most hardened dark web dwellerThough his signature verbosity and stunning cadence is noticeably absent here and there there is a certain festivity in watching him tone down the linguistic yrotechnics in service to a Zheng Guogu plot driven black hearted calliope of a story Thanks to NetGalley for the ARCUgh Not good That s all I have to say So stereotypical so one dimensional so boring Just not good Avoid avoid avoid I wish it wasossible to give less than one star to this book The thought that kept running through my head about this book when I finally decided to abandon it was Free at last Free at last I have given up on erhaps two to three books in my lifetime of reading I tried really tried to get through this book but after reading 100 ages and skimming about 50 I just couldn t finish it The characters are Frںuhzeit Des Ostslaventums pretentious self involved name droppers whose italicized speechatterns are annoying to read The only redeeming moments in the story occurred in the two scenes I read in which Dusty returned to Utah to meet with an old boyfriend and a former neighbor There was no riveting suspense as Forbidden Knowledge promised in the description of the book and so I m happy to move onI received a review copy of this book from Penguin s First to Readrogram in exchange for my review I loved this book I don t even know what to say It is so fluidly written so intuitive describing the things many of us feel or have experienced but w a writer s fine understanding of the nuances and details that go behind all of our various and conflicting emotions It s rare to read a book and say yes THAT that is exactly how I felt that time when esp when one has nothing in common w the characters at least on the surfaceBesides that there are some Whose Life Is It Anyway?: Living through your 20s on your own terms plot twists that even I who is never ever surprisedsees everylot twist coming was stunned by Like WHOA stunned Total credit to the author his amazing writing and having a lot of originality As background this novel centers around a female celebrity who is like a modern day Liz Taylor type a grand dame well loved and critically

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who also happens be a lesbian and has a young wife She has a mommy dearest thing going on with her mother and has her whole ast history of her life In the meantime the other characters including her gay BFF an extra on one of her movies who is dealing with the repercussions of her divorce are trying to understand their desires for their lives as they evolve and change all amidst the Hollywood celeb life w celeb cameos which is fun to read about too I wasn t thrilled with the ending but it was a good way to end it I can see why this writer is a screenwriter The whole novel itself was better than any movie I ve ever seen My friends know Asma s 3 rules for a great novel This one actually only has met 1 of the rules maybe 15 And I wouldn t say that this is a great novel This is like something else altogether This is not a novel This is like An emotional thriller by novelist Bruce Wagner I Met Someone is the story of a fictional Hollywood marriage on the recipice of disaster and an enthralling meditation on the world in which we live Bruce Wagner’s I Met Someone is the story of Oscar award winning actress Dusty Wilding her wife Allegra a long lost daughter and the unspeakable secret hidden beneath. .
Graphic novel but without ictures The writing is so vivid and alive that calling it a mere novel is not right I know that sounds strange but read it and maybe you will see what I mean I m excited to read the author s other works and watch the movies he has worked on This review was originally osted on www125pagescom I Met Someone was so close to being the first book I have ever DNF d It was just so not for me I opened with a self absorbed star name dropping like it was her full time job moved to a young man who did things for the LULZ and then explained that LULZ were a step beyond an LOL and good lord the selfishness that abounded Then a bright shining spot Around 13% in there was a section that was just moving Full of emotion and depth I was hooked Then it got worse and then worse and then just so much no This is marketed as a suspensethriller and it is not It is a contemporary fiction about awful eople doing awful things to eople they supposedly love To say much would reuire spoilers and I am not about that So I will just say I just did not like I Met Someone if that one bright shining moment could have carried through I would have loved it Bruce Wagner has a uniue voice and he can connect with readers just not this one Favorite lines No if she was going to be unfaithful she d feel better about waiting until her spouse wasn t so miserable so vulnerable It was too easy Biggest clich I m sorry I appear to have dropped something Can you lease Genocide of One pick up that name for me Have you read I Met Someone or added it to your TBR Bruce Wagner s newest book I Met Someone tells the story of a Hollywood starlet who is searching for a daughter she had many years ago while also dealing with the emotional strife of losing an unborn child Admittedly this isn t a book that I would normally be drawn to but after seeing it surface over and over on lists of recommendations I thought I would see what all the hype is aboutMarketed as an emotional thriller I was expecting to need a full box of tissues and maybe a therapy session or two But it wasn t that sort of book not to say it was a disappointment but it certainly wasn t what I was expecting What it was however was what I felt was a very humanortrayal of what this character was going through You see so often we read characters that are awesome in the book but would never be a real Nintendo Wii Flash Game Creator's Guide: Design, Develop, and Share Your Games Online person outside of the novel But with Bruce Wagner s writing you always get the sense that these very well could be realeople that we are reading aboutRecently I ve really been into books that are beautifully written There s something to be said for escaping into a world that is so elouently resented that you feel it almost sparkles #A BIT I AM IN AWE OF THE BRILLIANT #bit I am in awe of the brilliant that Bruce Wagner brings to this book Whether it s describing a beautiful day on set or the drab reality of losing a child the wording is simply stunningWhat did I think I liked this book but I didn t love it There were many things that I felt were done well the settings were erfectly explained the writing was beautiful and I felt that the character The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage presentations were very well done and accurate However I couldn t getast the name dropping or retentiousness that some of the characters seemed "to embody I know it s Hollywood and there is an expected sense " embody I know it s Hollywood and there is an expected sense self righteousness but it felt almost over the top and exaggerated in an otherwise fascinating storyWho should read it If you enjoy beautiful writing you will not be disappointed by this one But I think the erfect rea. The glamor of their lavish carefully calibrated celebrity life After Allegra suffers a miscarriage Dusty embarks on a search for the daughter she lost at age sixteen and uncovers the answer to a uestion that has haunted for decades With riveting suspense Wagner moves between the erspectives of his characters revealing their individual trauma and the uncanny conne.
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Der would be someone who finds themselves enad by the glitz and lifestyles of the rich and famousWEBSITE TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM I got an ARC of this book for a review I had a very hard time with this book and could not finish it which almost never happens The reason I was interested in this book because it starred a LGBT main character in a book targeted at the general reading ublic But as soon as I started reading that didn t matter any The first word that ops into my head when reading was Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set pretentious It feels like the author is trying toroof in the most obnoxious way Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals possible that he is educated and smart with a big vocabulary of fancy words The italics were also horribly annoying I assume they were meant to emphasize a word in direct speech but nobody speaks that way The reason why I don t talk about the story is because I got so annoyed with all the technical details that I really didn t care any whether the story was good or not It isrecisely Wagner s willingness to describe our world as it is that makes this book and his others so brilliant The critics often slam Wagner for wasting his formidable talent as a writer the man can turn a Robot Programming phrase on unworthy lowbrowop culture subject matter but this assessment misses the oint Distasteful as it may be to delicate critical sensibilities Wagner s universe is governed by TMZ and the citizens ledge allegiance to their inalienable rights to unfettered narcissism and the Our Fake Relationship pursuit of fame Wagner is a scholar ofop culture he does his homework he is fluent in the The Blitzkrieg Legend profane discourse He humbly accepts for better or worse we live in a Kardashian zeitgeist He uncovers depth in the superficial and meaning in the seemingly meaningless That said he is not a redeemer ofop culture he is simply an astute observer of the machinery It is Wagner s willingness to face the reality of our times and to understand it with scholarly anthropological rigor that makes him such a great writerno doubt one of the best of his generation In this way his is a bit like the Zizek of the fiction world #When I The Crown pick up a book by Bruce Wagner I know I will be staggered by the beauty of hisrose #I Über Nacht pick up a book by Bruce Wagner I know I will be staggered by the beauty of hisrose uote below laugh at his unfailingly wicked sense of humor and be left with unanswered uestions meaning I will Ad Astra ponder it for a long time after Iut it down I Met Someone delivers on all these countsHere s a favorite assageTo Dusty doubles brought with them an inadvertent whiff of the sacred that both charmed and mesmerized Like denuded dream statuary they came to represent Woman bountiful and bottomless and eternal Staring at the loop "of herself as the other as herself the actress zoned out and sunk deep in full "herself as the other as herself the actress zoned out and sunk deep in full of the immanent familiar that inscrutable almost sardonically knowing face that represented her own It was empty and serene riveting as an ancient bulletin or the light from dead starsLike his other novels that navigate the Hollywood terrain I Met Someone reads like satire but isn t Check out West of Eden by Jean Stein and you will see that Wagner s fictions are no stranger than fact But those who write his work off as merely insider riffs on the Hollywood scene are missing the gravitas that is resent in all his work This author always Everything But The Girl plays in the mystical and ineffable whether he s writing about the latest TMZ sensation or the tragedy of loss Like the Hollywood dream itself I Met Someone is at turnsoetically sublime and turn your face away crude This book will astonish confound and break your heart I strongly recommend. Ctions to each other's past lives I Met Someone sends the reader down a rabbit hole of the human syche with Wagner’s remarkable insights into our collective obsession with great wealth and fame and surprises with unimaginable lot turns and unexpected fate Alternately tender shocking and oetic I Met Someone is Wagner’s most captivating and affecting novel ye. ,