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How Lucky

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Each other matters Overall How Lucky was a crazy ride that I was not expecting and I d like another Thanks NetGalley I ve been reading Will Leitch for years He was one of the earlier bloggers a
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that still odd who achieved success I ve tracked him from his Life As A Loser posts to The Black Table to Deadspin I ve read his f Thank you to Harper Collins for sending me this ARC of How Lucky This book comes out on May 11This story features Daniel who is at home and witnesses a crime from #His Porch Once He # porch Once he the news and puts together what he s actually seen he has to do something to help I really liked the way this one started out I loved every single character in this book right from the start It all came to life so vividly The story starts off really well but it did start to lose me a little in the middle There were a lot of pages that felt nnecessary the characters had already been developed really well in my opinion but the book kept going on and on with backstoriesI wanted action and suspense and I ended p with heartwarming friendships and a little zip right at the end This is a solid book and I think it ll be a big end This is a solid book and I think it ll be a big I d say just go into it knowing its not going to blow your socks off but it will thoroughly entertain you How Lucky by Will Leitch Thanks to harper and netgalley for the e Arc Daniel has a nice home decent job and very loyal friends He s also nable to talk care for himself or move without his wheelchair When a local college student goes missing he may be the only witness Explaining what he saw and being taken seriously is the only problem This book was incredible Just the The Winds of Winter uniue and clever type of read I needed I loved that the main protagonist was disabled and learning about his daily life I absolutely just fell in love with him really ALL the supporting characters in this book This was a special special read that left me with a smile and tears in my eyes No doubt it s too early to say but I think this will be my favorite April read it s 45 as I write this I ll be recommending this to many and am thankful I got early access to it One of the many annoying things about being disabled is the obligation I always feel to make you feel better about your reactions to me If we communicated solely with emojis there would be no wars How Lucky comes out 511 If you re looking for aniue mysterythriller with a great depiction of someone with a major disability How Lucky is a great choiceDaniel lives alone in Athens GA with some help from aides He has a progressive disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy that has him in a wheelchair Comece por você unable to speak on his own but he has a job handling social media for a regional airline His best friend Travis comes by freuently to hang out and take him to events such as the all important UGA football tailgates and to talk with him He and Travis have been friends since birth and he is the one person who never treats Daniel like he has a disabilityOne morning as he sits outside on his. Leads a rich life in theniversity town of Athens Georgia  He’s got a couple close friends a steady paycheck working for a regional airline and of course for a few glorious days each Fall college football tailgates He considers himself to be a mostly lucky guy despite the fact that he’s suffered from a debilitating disease since he was a small child one that has left him .
This was a great well though out book Meet Daniel he lives a rich life has solid friendships a decent job and considers himself lucky Even though he spends most of his time in a wheelchair he feels like he has a pretty good life He does struggle though with this physical disability He believes he witnessed a crime and this book tells his story as he tries to communicate and investigate I loved all the characters in this book Each one was interesting and niue especially each person s way of communicating with Daniel As someone with a physical disability with limitations I really felt for Daniel I also was cheering him on at times Kudos to the author Will Leitch for deciding to make a to the author Will Leitch for deciding to make a challenged person the main character I encourage everyone to read this book you will not be disappointed Thank you to Harper and goodreads for allowing me to win this ARC of How Lucky Easy 5 star rating Daniel is slowly losing his life to a degenerative disease called SMA He needs help to do most things we take for granted and it is only going to get worse but in spite of this he is one of the most optimistic and positive people on Earth Working from home on the computer as a Customer Service Rep for an airline with one of the worst records he is sed to a steady dose of abuse His days are going to get worse as soon as he sees a young woman get into a car a woman who is now missing He does whatever he can to find her or her captor and in the process begins a dangerous journey This book starts off funny and Lord Conrads Lady (Conrad Stargard, uplifting and then smacks you in the head An empowering book for anyone with challenges and a great reminder to the rest ofs not to let the disability get in the way of seeing the person behind it It is also a love letter to the Southern college football way of life Will Leitch has created This book has everything Mystery Intrigue College town life Spinal muscular atrophy Ruminations on death Incel behavior Wait whatDaniel was such an A character Charismatic candid and pretty easy going all considering he has a lifelong progressive disease that will kill him sooner rather than later He resides in a raucous college town leading a semi independent and by his account normal lifeuntil he experiences a Rear Window situation when he believes he is the last person to see a young woman right before she s reported missing Daniel takes it Dont Read Poetry upon himself with a little help from his friends to try and find out what happened to herI enjoyed thinking about the major theme of communication like with Ai Chin working on her English and strangerssing social mediathe internet for attention or as an outlet for venting And then there s Daniel sing a computer voice having amusing telepathic esue conversations with his Confidants He Has To Reckon confidants He also has to reckon how others communicate with him he notices when he s not directly spoken to when someone doesn t look him in the eye when someone seems to make no effort at all to nderstand him How we all speak with. “A fantastic novel You are going to like this a lot” Stephen King For readers of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and Nothing to See Here a first novel as suspenseful and funny as it is moving the The Affair of the Blue Pig unforgettable story of a fiercely resilient young man grappling with a physical disability and his efforts to solve a mysterynfolding right outside his door Daniel. .

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Porch he sees a young lady he recognizes from the neighborhood walking down the street He thinks she is a student at UGA and she seems very iet and shy but this day she waves at him A few moments later a car drives down the road the driver talks to this young lady and she gets in the car with him Later that day Dan finds out she is missing and he may have been the only person to see her get in the car with this mysterious person He didn t see much of the alleged kidnapper to see her get in the car with this mysterious person He didn t see much of the alleged kidnapper his carDaniel posts on social media what he saw and someone begins communicating with him who might be the kidnapper However the police aren t inclined to believe him and he realizes he must try to convince this young man to return this young lady to her friends and family if in fact he has herWhat elevates this above other typical mysteriesRear Window homages is the nature of Dan s limitations in life and the obstacles he must overcome to be heard and believed I had never heard of SMA before this book it is somewhat overshadowed by the prevalent ALS but I have witnessed people assume that non verbal people in wheelchairs must not be intellectually able to communicate Because of his best friend Travis and his wonderful aides Daniel leads as normal of a life as possible He goes to tailgates he plays chess in a coffee shop once a week he lives alone all because the people around him choose to believe he can do these things as long as he has the correct supports His disability is described in a matter of fact manner and in detail but never in a way that invokes pity The end will definitely have you on the edge of your seat and willing Daniel s wheelchair to go just a little faster The suspense is low key for much of and willing Daniel s wheelchair to go just a little faster The suspense is low key for much of book but really cranks it p in the last few chaptersThanks to Netgalley for an advance copy of this great book In How Lucky by Will Leitch twenty six year old Daniel is the kind of first person narrator who is talking directly to YOU the reader He could be sitting across from you telling you this amazing story Leitch s execution of this intimate narrative style is perfect I became friends with Daniel Daniel has Type 2 SMA a degenerative disease that I ll let him explain to you He lives alone but with help from some great characters in Athens Georgia which is a college town One morning he sees a young woman get in a car with a man and soon she is reported missing Did Daniel witness a kidnapping One of the symptoms of his advanced SMA is difficulty communicating how will he make known what he sawYou ll have to suspend your disbelief around some of the plot points but it s easy to do because Daniel s voice and point of view are so compelling He s full of The Experiment (Saving Caeorleia up to date cultural references progressive social commentary insight into Americans with disabilities at least from one perspective and a ton of humor There isite a bit of suspense and a cinematic climax that s worthy a film treatment This is a fast paced action packed thoroughly entertaining novel. Nable to speak or to move without a wheelchair Largely confined to his home Daniel spends the hours he’s not online communicating with irate air travelers observing his neighborhood from his front porch One young woman passes by so freuently that spotting her out the window has almost become part of his daily routine Until the day he’s almost sure he sees her being kidnapped .

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