EBOOK or KINDLE (How Do You Go to Sleep?) í Kate McMullan

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Y showing examples of how other animals sleep Factual information is shared about each animal and a sleep routine for children is introduced at the end After providing information about how four different animals sleep the author asks readers if that s the way they go to sleep It s clear from the illustrations that animals and humans do not sleep in the same way as shown by the 12 examples here The book shares three different sets of four animals on its pages to contrast their habits with humans The best page is the one in which readers are directly addressed with a list of sleeping habits for instance a tuck sleep or heap sleep unpaged followed by several types of actions humans typically take when they are going to bed and a funny page with a snoozing child and adoring parents looking on The mixed media illustrations lend a sentimental feeling to media illustrations lend a sentimental feeling to of THE PAGES WHILE OTHER PAGES HIGHLIGHTING THOSE SLEEPING ANIMALS pages while other pages highlighting those sleeping animals realistic With its stuffed animal toys on the end papers all animals featured earlier this picture book is perfect as a bedtime story Just be careful that the adults in the "Room Don T Drift Off " don t drift off sleep while reading their offspring to sleep I liked the blending of science and information about animals with the reality of human behavio. Ho are portrayed sleeping in their natural habitats thanks to Sydney Hanson's charming illustrations Readers will recognize the way the human child eventually goes to sleep with stuffed animals a bedtime story and a iss good night. I liked the way this book showed how animals go to sleep and where they sleep and the vocabulary used to show different small animals sleeping Big soft illustrations to show the animals asleep A very cute book about going to sleep and learning about how different animals go to sleep My only complaint is the story is on the long side for little ids This book is absolutely adorable I wish I was still doing Books Bedtime just so that I could read this one during itWith fun rhymes and pretty pictures this is such a lovely book to read and pretty pictures this is such a lovely book to read little ones as they are getting ready for bed How Do You Go to Sleep By Kate McMullan illustrated by Sydney Hanson PICTURE BOOK Alfred A Knopf Penguin Random House 2019 189780525579441BUYING ADVISORY Pre K EL K 3 ADVISABLE AUDIENCE APPEAL HIGHDifferent animals and their sleeping habits are described and then the narrator pauses the informational text to ask the reader if they sleep the same way This pattern continues four times I loved reading this sweet book The text is rhythmic and the information about animals is fun The only part I didn t like was that when the uestions arrive it was sometimes hard to remember which animal they connect to Jen Wecker HS English Teacherhttpskissthebookjrblogspotcom20 sometimes I think. Discover how Different Animals Go To animals go to in this rhyming picture book from a veteran children's author Follow along as three children learn about the bedtime routines of suirrels parrots dolphins and many Meerkats sleep in a stac.

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The id lit world might be getting too full of bedtime books Do we really need another sleeping bookWell I love this one so apparently we did The rhyme is uite terrible so I m not going to put it in my rhyming category The illustrations are adorable and fit really well and the idea is fine ind of a How Do Dinosaurs thing but the rhyming is just not good Soft fuzzy illustrations help convey a sleepy mood Good bedtime story Good bedtime read the final composite of if bedtime story Good bedtime read the final composite of if don t page is much too long and confusing not as likely to promote imagerymemory as to lose the reader only plus is child I Headed To Bed Would headed to bed would and put the next two pages into four to have larger images maybe Also would revise the line Do you hug and iss iss iss Doesn t add anything sounds like it was just made to fit the timing length of other lines in the 4 phrases with that picture should have worked on that a little Overall the concept is fine and most of the story flows fairly well to read with preschooler or primary grade child but could revise and produce better for MUCH better book moving up to a possible 5 star Gorgeous illustrations in this cute picture book about how different animals sleep Good book for a night time routine as the author uestions the human reader K Is that how these The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl kids go to sleep Or do they hibernate in snow all winter long like frogs Or maybe they sleep the day away like skunks No that can't be right By the book's conclusion theids have imitated all inds of animals ,
How Do You Go to Sleep?