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Mpany owner and part time race driver hero a determined sassy slightly annoying and a lot shallow at the beginning heroine steamy scenes galore great supporting cast and rather good pacing Yet though it was sweet and sexy it was nothing to write home aboutSolidly in the average slot 4 stars Contemporary RomanceYou can usually expect a good dose of steam and heat from a Harleuin Blaze read and Hot Wired certainly sizzles but besides that it s a surprisingly sweet contemporary romance to boot Racing bad boy with a heart of gold Beau Stillwell has been taking care of his mom and sister since his dad died when he was sixteen and he "S Not Too Crazy About "not too crazy about baby sister Caitlyn marrying up and coming country music star Cash Vickers is that a classic country singer name or what Beau owns a construction company and his sister wants him alone to do the renovations on the southern mansion Belle Terre her fianc bought her in order for them to hold their wedding there Beau figures if he drags his feet on doing the property renovations long enough his sister s fianc will have time to bail out or show his true colors thus saving his baby sister from what he deems as a big mistake And of course it s for her own good and not because he s an overprotective brother right His plan seems to be s for her own good and not because he s an overprotective brother right His plan seems to be like a charm that is until his sister s uptight hardworking wedding planner Natalie Bridges shows up at the racetrack determined to convince Beau to get with the programBeau and Natalie are opposites and aren t each others types at all but of course the sparks fly crackle and pop right from the ump A battle of wills ensues and Beau and Natalie soon engage in some heated banterand of course some smokin sheet action Natalie brings *out Beau s tender soft side and protective instincts and he unleashes her *Beau s tender soft side and protective instincts and he unleashes her naughty girl She might be serious classy and uptight on the surface but Beau taps into her personal freak in the bedand the floor the grassyou get the picture There s an enticingly sexy scene featuring a fireplace and cream cheese frosting that had me craving for yummy explicit details but it s still fairly erotic for a uick read Harleuin romance Hot Wired is a pretty satisfying contemporary romance with a sweet sexy racing hunk and a sassy heroine who fires up his engine 4 stars Real Men Do It With 105 Inches I need to buy this T shirtMelissa and Shawna have already written excellent reviews on this book so I won t bother Plus I m feeling kind of lazy today LOL Anyway I second everything Melissa and Shawna have said and I fully recommend Hot Wired to everyone who likes to see a fun and hot couple falling in love And I mean love not merely lust. S exactly how to get her engine revvedBut when Natalie finds out Beau's deceived her she hits the brakes It's time for a little payback And Natalie's going to start by driving Beau absolutely wild. ,


Normally Harleuin books are about a 25 for me but this one is definitely a 35 or 4 Not too much racing or construction lingo to alienate ust enough to make Beau that much hotter Lots of chemistry Here This Was A Fun Read I This was a fun read I absolutely entertained with Natalie s witty remarks and attitude and with Beau s sexy and playful charms It was really amusing reading their scenes in the story it was as if you re watching their live interplay I have to say for a contractor hero I was hoping for a little acknowledgment that restoring a nineteenth century great home is time consuming and difficult than like repainting your ranch house s living room but I get that it s a category romance and doesn t have a lot of time to focus on the world building Like most Blazes this one was a little disproportionate It seems like in all of these half the book is spent introducing the characters and getting a feel for their personalities and the other half has to fit emotional tension a conflict and a resolution in a very short span of time This one wasn t as noticeable as others I ve read but I would ve like to see this one expanded *into a longer manuscriptThe one thing that was nice was the way LaBrecue had us learn about the characters She didn *a longer manuscriptThe one thing that was nice was the way LaBrecue had us learn about the characters She didn tell us every aspect of their personality and expect us ust to believe we learned it as each one umped to conclusions about the other and had those conclusions tested We learned them as they learned each other This was a very short sexy read and a definite testament to LaBrecue s talent B Natalie Bridges is a wedding planner on a mission to get her client s brother Beau Stillwell to set up a schedule to finish renovations on the plantation house his sister wants to get married in Beau Stillwell has a different mission he is trying to delay his sister s wedding because he isn t sure her fianc is good enough for her so he is trying to make Natalie mad enough to uit He doesn t want to start remodeling the old estate for his sister because he thinks that will stall the wedding so he has been avoiding Natalie s phone calls for two weeksNatalie finally has enough of Beau avoiding her so she decides to track him down at the race track where he races when he is not running his own construction company Their first meeting is really funny they don t pull any punches about being annoyed with each other but they also both feel an intense attraction to each other Beau decides to string Natalie along and make her think he is going to do the renovations but he is really ust trying to waste her time and make her mad enough to uit His plan goes awry when instead of being mad at getting stuck at the race track then be. Bad boy Beau Stillwell was born with a need for speed The reigning champ of Outlaw racing Beau's always been a lightning rod for women but not one of them has ever sent a real sizzle his wayUntil. Ing tricked into going to dinner with his "pit crew she has fun and puts back "crew she has fun and puts back cold beer with his buddies Natalie is very attracted to Beau despite him not being the suit wearing businessman she always though would
be her prince 
her Prince and Natalie do eventually get to the plantation house where Beau comes up with the great idea of having Natalie help him do the renovations herself But of course when they start spending time together the attraction between them uickly ignites and they start a very passionate affair They both start to fall for each other uickly despite their differences *but what is going to happen when natalie *what is going to happen when Natalie out about Beau s trickeryI really enjoyed this story It was really funny and sexy There were a lot of great lines Natalie even manages to make a oke about how she thought Beau would have a mullet since he was a race car driver There is a lot of sexual tension and some great love scenes you can really feel the connection between the two I enjoyed both Natalie and Beau they were realistically written characters who I actually liked Even though Beau was being a little devious with Natalie he was such a great guy that I didn t really mind He was very sexy I loved the fact he was a tough guy who worked with his hands and drove a truck but he also took care of the women in his life Overall it was a fun story with a hot enjoyable romance The author did a great ob and I can t wait to try out by her This was predictable but funny The two folks bent on making each other s lives miserable of course fall for each other Rollicking good times ensue until the big reveal and they don t speak for a while Of course love conuers all Beau Stillwell was born with a need for speed and as the reigning champ of outlaw racing he s always been a chick magnet But none of those women have ever really gotten his attentionuntil he meets Natalie Bridges his little sister s wedding planner And she does In a big way This is a good story and Natalie and Beau make a fun pair And boy do they ever spark The reason why I only gave this four stars is because it says on the back cover and I uote But when Natalie finds out Beau s deceived her she hits the brakes It s time for a little payback And Natal Beau Stillwell would stop at nothing to at lest delay his sister s wedding with the hottest country crooner of the moment Even if that means driving wedding planner Natalie Bridges absolutely nutsBut his plan soon backfires and he s the one who ends up crazy For the lovely NatalieThis was a uick read fell good slightly tearjerker y toward the end cute little romance of enemies to lovers with a hunky all American yummy construction co. He meets Natalie Bridges his little sister's wedding planner Natalie's uptight Controlling But Beau discovers that underneath her cool classic exterior Natalie's a fiery little hot rod And he know. ,
Hot Wired