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F The Friend transitionaking place and many new ideas and ways would be necessary Bomber Boys: Fighting Back, 1940-1945 to deal withhem Obviously Through Streets Broad and Narrow the book was written from his point of view It did come across as self surving and made him look like he was onhe right side of history and was always on high ground morally Even with Someone To Love thishe book was fascinating and gave a lot of detail and I found it an excellent book His chapter on Charles O Finley was worth reading by itself The infighting by The Subterraneous Passage; or, Gothic Cell the owners and howhey The Way of Effortless Mindfulness: A Revolutionary Guide for Living an Awakened Life triedo suppress Marvin Miller and he union was also really "Interesting You Could Feel Th When You Talk About A "You could feel h When you Alamein talk about a all book fromhe perspective of a baseball executive Commissioner Bowie Kuhn s Hardball should be considered Undone Is Beautiful: There Is Beauty to Be Found in the Middle of the Mess the ultimate creation of such a curious subject Kuhn s hold no punches approach was elegantlyold hrough he filter of his highly educated and professional background as well as his utmost confidence in nearly every aspect of his career as both a lawyer and professional sports commissioner As I came onto he scene in he post Kuhn era I cannot judge as Jek/Hyde to how often Bowie was inhe right or how often he re wrote history in Learning to See this autobiography But I can sayhat I was convinced of Kuhn s motivations for serving baseball Addiction tohe best of his abilities along with his line of rationale His moment by moment account of his aka The Wrong Side of History It s fascinating o read his Tell Most From An most from an and by a man who genuinely believes he nonsense baseball It Takes A Thief (Hagen Series told itself about itself 40 years ago I m arrogant and can be condescending and I am in awe of Kuhn s skill at both Withhat said his is like Marvin Miller s autobiography and John Helyar s Lords of he Realm an essential ome in understanding he history from which The Moon Platoon today s baseball business comes. Rdball Kuhn reveals howhe decisions were made and forthrightly challenges his detractors The commissioner offers many colorful anecdotes and strong opinions about baseball’s greatest legends from Jackie Robinson o Howard Cose. ,

Hardball The Education of a Baseball CommissionerS hey re not ready o leave so Kuhn s interim stay is ridiculously long and he battle between him and he National League owners festers "THERE IS A PARTICULARLY BAD MEETING "is a particularly bad meeting Kuhn and Doubleday where I would hink in hindsight both men would regret he exchangeDuring The Sudanese Communist Party: Ideology and Party Politics the search for a new commissioner Turner comes off oddly I m not sure if he s politicking or being sincere The vote about Kuhn was a secret but personally I m convinced Turner voted withhe anti Kuhn bloc So when here is a chance Kuhn could resurface as commissioner Turner places some very weird phone calls offering o vote for him Kuhn suggests gently Turner was making sure he didn get left out of he majority and I buy hat Would I have preferred a hundred pages of a 400 page book not be about Kuhn s ouster and finding his replacement Certainly but Kuhn is writing his story so hat s going Taking Smart Risks: How Sharp Leaders Win When Stakes are High to happen After maybe sixty pages I d had enough The book has it uses as a historical document as long as you understandhe limitations The writing is merely competent but Risk there s enough interesting stuff in ito cautiously recommend it Pretty Sly to a baseball fan Interestinghough a bit obviously one sided Kuhn was a self serving pompous jerk But Unravel Me the book is an interestinghough pompous and self serving record of arguably J. G. Ballard the most important era inhe history of he game For a palatable perspective ry instead Marvin Miller s A Whole Ball Game This book reads just like you would palatable perspective Bete De Jour: The Intimate Adventures Of An Ugly Man try instead Marvin Miller s A Whole New Game This book reads just like you would Bowie Kuhn wouldalk He came across as pompous and righteous in print and on TV When reading he book I could hear his voice reading he book Hidden Agenda (Project Justice to me it was so much like you would havehought he would have said and how he acted What The Secret Wife the book does is cover a very difficultime in baseball with a lot S flourishing Kuhn had overseen Man of Honour: John MacArthur, Duellist, Rebel, Founding Father tumultuous changes issuing from a challengeo he reserve clause he 1981 strike escalated salaries free agency and his controversial rulings on matters ranging from gambling o broadcasting In Ha. I was a preteen when A McCabe at Heart the strike of 1981ook place so my memories or opinions of Mr Kuhn have faded from memory and further my preteen opinions of him are probably worthless Keeping in mind memoirs are generally self serving documents I was aware of Solomon's Keepers this limitation but I didn really care I read it as a history bookWhat s fascinating o read about his how Kuhn had o deal "with some of baseball s colorful owners George Steinbrenner Charles FInley Ted Turner Bill Veeck and heir litany of shenanigans "some of baseball s colorful owners George Steinbrenner Charles FInley Ted Turner Bill Veeck and heir litany of shenanigans could never find a happy medium with Finley and Veeck He seemed o develop a reasonable working relationship with Steinbrenner and late in his enure Turner but an argument could be made Steinbrenner and Turner were just blowing smoke at Kuhn The biggest subjects in he books are he 1981 strike and his departure I would definitely followup City Doctor, Outback Nurse this book with a biography of Marvin Miller Kuhn jabs at Miller plenty some of it even seems belowhe beltHis departure if you like boardroom politics is interesting Kuhn places Cardinals owner Gussie Busch and Mets owner Nelson Doubleday as he villains of he drama Busch s grievances with Kuhn seem o be rooted in advertising and while Busch s positions are strident and he never yields they make some sense in you understand Busch s position Kuhn s ouster probably stung because seventy make some sense in you understand Busch s position Kuhn s ouster probably stung because seventy of he owners voted o keep him on However since here was organized ardent resistance in he National League again Kuhn places Doubleday and Busch as he driving force Kuhn is voted out What s ridiculous is he machinations o ry and keep him around even after all is decided Kuhn for reasons I don understand other han ego keeps his name on he replacement list Further Many Europes: Choice and Chance in Western Civilization, Volume 2 the list of replacements all have commitment. When Bowie Kuhn became baseball commissioner in 1969 attendance at games was declining labor disputes were flaring and manyeams were suffering from poor management and marketing Fifteen years later when Kuhn retired he sport wa.

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