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Tremendous pictures from the entirety of the great plains Dan O Brien also does a terrific ob on the writing end Cathy saysThe Great Plains were once among the greatest grasslands on the planet But as the United States and Canada grew westward the Plains were plowed up fenced in overgrazed andotherwise degraded Today this fragmented landscape is the most endangered

And Least Protected Ecosystem 
least protected ecosystem North America But all is not lost on the prairie Through lyricalphotographs essays historical images and maps this beautifully illustrated book gets beneath the surface of the Plains revealing the lingering wild that still survives andwhose diverse natural communities native creatures migratory traditions and natural systems together create one vast and extraordinary whole Three broad geographic regions in Great Plains are covered in detail evoked in the unforgettable and often hauntingimages taken by Michael Forsberg I loved reading David Wishart and understanding about local geography and history Dan O Brien is an entertaining personality and great plains advocate Michael Forsberg takes some incredible pictures Would be a cool coffee table book A visually stunning book that explores some of the mythology and allure of the Great Plains Indeed this book is a photographic homage to this vast acreage and terrain but at the same time it is filled with lots of interesting written content The book is divided into various geographic sub divisions of this expanse with engaging text as provided by several author voices of different backgrounds The love of the land shines through in the writing and a image of how immigration and industry have forever changed the landscape is explored The celebration o The first I stepped out of a car in western Iowa and saw the sky of the Great Plains above me my eyes widened and my breath caught and not because of the bitter Iowa cold nor because of the bitter Iowan who was to be my hostess Standing in a place where you can see a day s worth of weather all at once is to my mind the best way to internalize your understanding that Earth is a big spherical THING And once you really get that that one simple fact the idea that stuff lives on that big spherical thing is nothing short of preposterous Ok grass maybe But the rest of us crawling and swimming and tunneling along the surface of a giant ball of rock surrounded by a skinny packet of vapor naw manThis book in pictures both intimate and sweeping captures my sense of the astonishing unlikeliness of our planet Regardless of what the authors say about the Plains being full and rich full of vascular plants topography migratory animals history there s a lot of space here Puts the things that you can see into deep perspective things that might be overlooked elsewhere Patterns colors small thingsAnd here is another observation I would like to see the picture that Mike Forsberg can t take After sampling this book with it. Best E Book, Great Plains America's Lingering Wild author Michael Forsberg Th.

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Great Plains America's Lingering WildEciation for a uniue landscape and causes one to consider the ways we thematize open space This book presents compelling arguments for protecting the remaining landscapes and wildlife in the Great Plains Striking photos throughout
The Book Express The 
book express the s deep appreciation for the land Here we Great Plains Striking photos throughout the book express the author s deep appreciation for the land Here we Caroline he said Right here we ll build our house Laura and Mary scrambled over the feed box and dropped to the ground here we ll build our house Laura and Mary scrambled over the feed box and dropped to the ground a hurry All around them there was nothing but grassy prairie spreading to the edge of the sky AndThe American West was not the most miserable land I had ever traveled but it came uite near to it It was the scenery than anything that drove the spirit out of the body endless empty plains that did not so much roll as slump with varying degrees of hopelessness with barely a proper tree to be seen The late summer sun beat the ground into something like the bottom of an ovenFacts and feelings mingle and confront each other The Great Plains sometimes simply the Plains is a broad expanse of flat land a plain much of it covered in prairie steppe and grassland located in the interior of North America It lies west of the Mississippi River tallgrass prairie in the United States and east of the Rocky Mountains in the US and Canada It encompasses The entirety of Nebraska North Dakota and South Dakota Parts of Colorado Kansas Minnesota Montana New Mexico Oklahoma Texas and Wyoming The southern portions of Alberta Saskatchewan and ManitobaThe region is about 500 mi 800 km east to west and 2000 mi 3200 km north to southMany things have changed since the first settlers with European ancestry first arrived Now many large cities and towns are almost as freuent as the extensive cattle ranching and dry farming This oversized book allows us to see and experience much of the history and current remaining beauty of this heartland In addition to factual accounts of historical elements and present activities Ted Kooser a USA poet laureate shares his impressions The book devotes sizeable sections to The Northern Plains The Southern Plains and Tallgrass Prairies Forsberg singles out this tallgrass aspect which he says once waved across much of America s heartland from southern Manitoba to Texas Gulf Coast It comes as far east as Iowa and Missouri Though he notes that less than five percent of the original 142000000 acres of tallgrass ecosystem survives it is well documented here I was lucky for about 20 years to be able to lend a hand at the re creation of a 100 acre tallgrass prairie From gathering seeds to digging out invasive species I was able to appreciate the ecosystem and what it needed to thriveThis was a thoroughly satisfying immersion in a region that needs some vigilance to assure its preservation Development challenges the value of such ecosystems and the current federal Administration is indifferent to its value This book will stay near at hand to remind me to act when I can and support when I can 59 format Hardcover and others 256 pages and has a text language like English. S large sumptuous uiet photographs and considerably less uiet text By Heartbroken Rancherresearcher Dan O Brien I heartbroken rancherresearcher Dan O Brien I to count up the kinds of photos Forsberg takes well Aerial Intimate landscape gigantic landscape sky Wildlife camera trap motion shooting from a blind telephoto Plants He has a particular gift for spotting and shooting color fields in landscapes which he puts to good use AMONG THE CLOUD SHADOWS AND MIXED GRASSES OF THE the cloud shadows and mixed grasses of the there is really something to be said to get a good hard deep look at what Laura Ingalls Wilder was describing in all those books Very interesting read about the history of the Great Plains and beautiful pictures Makes me glad I live in NoDak This was the one of the most outstanding books I almost didn t read Goodreads suggested it to me probably because of my penchant for reading about westward expansion Indians and the Lewis and Clark expedition It languished on that suggested reading list for a couple of years before I finally ran a little low on other reading material and asked my local library to bring it in for me from one of their satellite branches When it arrived it arrived simultaneously with two other books that I had reserved It had a rather striking cover and it was big and glossy and I flipped through it and saw that it was filled with a lot of outstanding wildlife photos Basically it struck me as a coffee table book something that you put conspicuously on your nicest living room table primarily as a decoration that you hope your friends will comment on and maybe even ooh and ahh over as they flip through it looking at the photos I chose to read the other two books ahead of it telling myself that if I got bored or lazy I d look at the pretty photos and read the captions and what was written about themIt saddens me to think I nearly didn t do that and came perilously close to simply returning it as it s return date approachedThis was SO much than a picture bookThe book is only 255 pages and I d guess that at least 23rds are photos but when combined with the narrative it makes you absolutely ache for what once was and what has now become of that vast flyover area in the middle of our country known as the Great Plains As America tries to strike a balance between what defined who we were and who we ve become this book shows us what we ve gained and poignantly what we stand on the brink of losing This text nicely combines illuminating essays with appealing photos some focusing on the landscape others on the flora and fauna that inhabit it One thing I appreciated in the essays is the ongoing theme of hope vs pessimism in conservation Some of the contributors are optimistic than others and this helps point up the need for massive structural change hence the pessimism but also highlights stories where small scale acts of conservation strike a chord in many people and multiply the possibilities hence the optimism This book definitely increases one s appr. Is is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn 97802262572. ,