[DOWNLOAD] Good bye Marianne A Story of Growing Up in Nazi Germany AUTHOR Irene N. Watts

I didn t realize this was 1 of 3 books which is why it felt too short and unfinished An important story to tell but the poor lettering was distracting short and unfinished An important story to tell but the poor lettering was distracting the story a bit garbled I think the book is intended for a younger audience but there is very little exposition or explanation to actually teach *Readers New To The Subject About The Historical Period As *new to the subject about the historical period As as I am in the holocaust this book made me uite sad I will never be able to grasp how someone can kill people simply because of their religion let alone children This book gave a big insight into what it was like being one of those Jewish children This book is very small and uick to read but still heart wrenching all the same This is a very readable story perfect for elementary age kids who are learning about the Holocaust and World War II It is the story of how Marianne Kohn an 11 year old Jewish girl in 1938 Berlin ends up on the first Kindertransport to England That Kindertransport was taking orphans to new and safer lives in England but through a series of unexpected events Marianne s mother is able to secure a spot for her daughter The various restrictions and hardships that Jewish citizens of Germany had to endure in this time are seamlessly integrated into the story and you get a sense of the increasing danger and risk for these peopleThe format of the book is on the larger side and the panels are clearly drawn with lots of white space between and crisp lettering so it is easy to know who is speaking Good book but incredibly sad for a children s fiction I guess that s understandable given the topic Kindertranspor. The play opens on 15 November 1938 six days after the launching of the government planned and sponsored anti Semitic program called Kristallnachtthe Night of Broken Glass It is the day that German State schools closed their doors permanently to Jewish students Young Marianne's ,



Good bye Marianne A Story of Growing Up in Nazi GermanyA younger person could understand what is going on and how wrong it all was It s a well drawn and written story The art has a certain bleakness which adds to what the story is all about It would be a good starter for starting a conversation about the holocaust with children There must be two versions of this book because multiple reviews note it as a graphic novel The version I *read has this cover and is a slim middle grade novel based on the author s own experiences during the *has this cover and is a slim middle grade novel based on the author s own experiences during the era in Germany It s well written and hard to put down taking readers on a ourney they down taking readers *on a ourney they likely to find disturbing but highly credible *a ourney they likely to find disturbing but highly credible be great for generating discussions what if scenarios etc At the beginning of this sensitive graphic novel about 1938 Berlin eleven year old Marianne Kohn has no idea how much danger she is in First she is expelled from school for being Jewish and now she and her mother must find a new place to live Through a twist of fate her mother calls it a miracle Marianne has an opportunity to escape as part of the Kindertransport but how can she leave her beloved mother It can be difficult to find a book about this dark period of history that conveys historical facts without causing unnecessary anxiety in children Shoemaker s pencil drawings convey the narrative in fine detail and capture both the bravery and sadness of Marianne s situation Adapted from a children s novel by Irene Watts this graphic novel shines as an example of the delicate balance between words and pictures Recommended for ages 8 and up but may be appropriate for a thoughtful and inuisitive younger chil. T discovers Marianne is Jewish and she sees him in the uniform of the Hitler Youth Goodbye Marianne is documentary fiction based on the author's own personal experiences as a child in Nazi Germany and of other Holocaust survivors Winner of the Jessie Award for Best Children's Pl. T the traveling of Jewish childrenorphans to England from Germany in 1938 and 1939 but still I almost teared up reading parts of it Ms Watts wrote clearly about Marianne s experiences so that the reader could almost feel them for him or herself which is also understandable given that Ms Watts lived through this time and was part of the KindertransportDefinitely recommend this to anyone who wants to A Very Uick Very Interesting Read About Kindertransport Something That very uick very interesting read about Kindertransport something that had not heard of until I read this book A good book for telling the story of an 11 year old girl s experience but it is a very sad *book for children of that age as well *for children of that age as well recommend that parents read the story with their child in order to answer any uestions that may come up The text and the art are spare which is in keeping with the tragedy and loneliness of the time And while Marianne s story is compelling I d be hard pressed to find a Holocaust narrative that didn t move me in some way I found this was sorely lacking An author s note would have been nice or even an end note about the historical context of Kindertransport We bought this little graphic novel in a recent book sale at our local library It s described as being a heartbreaking story of loss and love which basically it is being the story of a young Jewish girl growing up in Germany ust before the outbreak of World War II It s aimed at a younger audience so it doesn t have too many of the raw elements that other stories based on events during this time have Having said that there is enough drawn and written to show the sadness and pain of the times so that. Orld crumbles; hostility surrounds her every step Her father is in hiding from the Gestapo and her mother surrounds her with over protectiveness Then Marianne meets Ernest a boy staying in her apartment building while on holiday in Berlin They have a lot in common but then Ernes.
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